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Merrill Reading Program

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    Motivating emerging readers is what it's all about! Published by Calvert School, everything in this course (formerly called Come Read with Me) is designed to ignite a student's love of learning – particularly the love of learning to read. The DVD format (40 video lessons) means both parent and student can learn from the systematic, phonics-based approach to reading that simultaneously provides a language-rich environment that optimizes learning. Designed for young children who are familiar with the letters of the alphabet and full of sing-alongs, stories, poems, field trips, and games, this hands-on course helps develop reading readiness skills and prepares young students to read a storybook written just for them.

    The DVD format allows the student to "visit" the National Aquarium in Baltimore, meet young people training for the U.S. Olympic Whitewater Team, follow a river from the mountains to the sea, watch a model rocket launch at the Goddard Space Flight Center, enjoy the performance of a children's jump-rope team and learn about volcanoes, quilts, dinosaurs, and airplanes – all experiences that reinforce specific skills.

    In addition to the DVDs, the course includes a detailed guidebook, interactive activities, a beginning reader, and finger puppets. ~ Janice

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    A workbook of pre-reading exercises for those first weeks. 64 pgs.

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    ISBN: 9780553380842
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    Many women today suffer from "unexplained" neck, back, and joint pain, and although they may take an abundance of pain-killers, visit a chiropractor regularly, or even see their doctor about this, it may not improve. Physical therapist Peggy Brill heard many complaints such as this in her practice, and it became her goal to find a way to help women with these problems. At the end of her searching and investigation the Core Program was developed. The Core Program is named for the groups of muscles on our torso; our abdominals, back muscles, neck muscles, and hip muscles. Peggy explains that these muscles stabilize our spinal cord, but when they become weakened, or one of a pair of opposing muscles becomes weakened, then they don't support the spinal cord properly, vertebral segments are not aligned properly, resulting in impaired nerve input to the muscles, which results in malfunctioning muscles, pain, and weakness. The solution to all of this? Doing exercises to strengthen our "core" muscles, tone our bodies, and end the aches and pains! Peggy has developed a series of exercises, designed to you to do 15 minutes each day that will help build and restore these muscles. She includes a self-test for you to perform, and rate the difficulty in holding a certain position. For any positions that may be uncomfortable, she pinpoints probable weak areas in your muscle structure. Depending on how easy or difficult this test is, you may spend a longer or shorter time working at the "Core Foundation" set of exercises, before moving on to the Intermediate Core, and then the Ultimate Core.

    Peggy guarantees many beneficial effects to working in these exercises each day. Core goals include releasing muscle tension, strengthening muscles, enhancing stamina and flexibility, restoring alignment, and reshaping your body. In addition, you're preventing future aches and pains, reducing the risk or relieving the symptoms of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, as well as reducing the chance of muscle injury as well as urinary tract infections. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I kept reading, and I read through the many, many contented, and even ecstatic responses to her program from women who have eliminated their everyday aches and pains, found more energy, feel healthier, and have lost inches from their hips and thighs as a result. The only catch is that you have to keep doing them, or else you'll eventually fall back into your old patterns. However, the exercises are easy to learn, and consist of a lot of stretching, and very simple but effective exercises that maximize results and primarily target those core muscles. Very quickly you'll have the routine down, and will be able to complete all the exercises in only 15 minutes. Obviously, even 15 minutes is a hard commodity to find in anyone's day, but if you have to, set the kids down with an educational video or something, and shut yourself in your room. There's no special equipment, no particular clothes you have to wear, you can do these exercises anywhere, and it's only after you reach the hard-core stage of the Ultimate Core that you'll have to use some 2-5 lb. ankle and hand weights. Besides the chapters on the exercises, Peggy also includes chapters on posture, a kind of "user's manual" to your musculoskeletal system, more science behind her program, her own story and how she developed the program, as well as motivation to get you working, and keep you to it. Now, I must admit I'm intrigued. Having recently taken up running, I've been working in abdominal exercises and some others as well, but I know I'm not isolating many other "core" muscles that she's talking about. I think I'm going to give this a try myself. I'm starting tomorrow - I'll let you know how it goes... - Jess

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    ISBN: 9781938700293
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    A record, a challenge, an encouragement! This little hardback reading log is all of these. The challenge is to read (and record) 1000 books to your young children. The first few pages provide a little nudge of “you can do this” encouragement along with space to record your child’s firsts and favorites. The log pages have numbered lines (the number per page varies) and tidbits of encouragement and quotes. The plentiful illustrations are young-child oriented and fun. (One father robin holds a brightly colored umbrella and his baby robin wears galoshes.) Sprinkled through the book are a few pages of preschool education nuggets. The book concludes with a list of kindergarten skills, a top 10 favorite books page and a congratulations page. A pocket on the inside back cover provides milestone (every 200 books) stickers and an accordion growth chart that links height with number of books “read.” What a wonderful resource and keepsake to build together over time! ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781579241759
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    ISBN: 9781888344165
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    Do you want a reading program without a reading curriculum? Or maybe a reading program in which the kids enjoy the "great" books, discuss them at the dinner table, and don't even realize they're in a reading "program"? If either answer is yes, this book is for you. And I do mean for you. Reading Strands is designed for the teacher to use. It shows you how to teach your children to appreciate fiction. Author Dave Marks wants our children to develop a love for reading, first and foremost. Reading should be fun for a child, something he/she eagerly looks forward to. They need to share their reading experience and enjoyment with others, also. Those around them need to express an interest in what they're reading and their opinion of what they've read. Through oral discussion, Dave shows us how to help our children get more out of reading and begin to read for deeper understanding. Reading Strands contains simple Socratic dialogue samples, based on Bloom's taxonomy, showing you how to discuss fiction with your children based on their age level. Literary components and terms are explained so that you can, at appropriate age levels, discuss these intelligently with your children. Mr. Marks also cautions us that, to some extent, "you are what you read." He wants us to become serious about selecting the types of reading materials we want our children to "consume" based on what kind of people we want them to become. To aid us in selecting books, Reading Strands contains numerous reading lists: suggested books based on grade level, a graded list of books popular with reading teachers, a listing of children's favorite books, Coretta Scott King Award Books, Caldecott Medal winners, Newbery Medal winners, Children's Library recommendations, and a list of Great Classics. Whew! Even if you didn't use this approach as your basic reading program, employing the ideas contained in Reading Strands would greatly enhance your children's overall enjoyment and understanding of literature. 138 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 044214
    ISBN: 9781420680577
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    This book provides practice for older readers to enhance their reading skills, using a variety of different texts similar to what they would come across in their daily lives. It is divided into two parts: Key Reading Skills and Reading Texts. The first part focuses on specific skills, including scanning, predicting, working out word meanings, understanding a writer's purpose, understanding complex sentences, interpreting graphs and tables, inferring, and reading critically. Each unit focuses on one of those skills, with a brief explanation on what the skill is, how to use it, and why you might need to use it. A follow-up activity provides practice in using the skill, with an example text to read, and a series of related short-answer questions to complete. In the second part, students are given a variety of texts, including excerpts from textbooks, articles, novels, web pages, film reviews and cartoons. Three groups of activities accompany every text, one to complete before reading the text, one designed to test recall, and one intended for a student's personal response to the text. All in all, the book has a very no-nonsense visual appearance, with black-and-white pages and few illustrations. If your previous reading comprehension program does not cover this age level, or you feel that your junior high student could use some additional reading skills practice, you might consider this one. 30 units (lessons) total, with answers included in the back. Reproducible for classroom or family use only. – Jess

  • Item #: 125641
    ISBN: 9781579244446
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  • Item #: 011589
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    Bearstone, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Lyddie, The Yearling.

  • Item #: LLCPBL
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    Includes LLATL Blue Program (3rd Ed.) and the Read Aloud Library.

  • Item #: 037828
    ISBN: 9781615386895
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    To provide more reading practice as well as experience with more difficult phonics concepts, First Start Book E provides the perfect preparation for transitioning into StoryTime Treasures, Memoria Press’ first grade reading/literature guides. Each of the eight lessons focuses on a particular phonics concept and each include a story.

  • Item #: 026329
    ISBN: 9780838851371
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    If you are looking for a very complete, well-rounded art program for the upper elementary and junior high grades that requires very little teacher preparation time, you might want to take a look at Discovering Art from Calvert School. One of the advantages of this program is that a large part of the instruction is on DVD, taking a lot of the stress of presenting the concepts off of the teacher. The program consists of 32 lessons, which are shared between the teacher's Guidebook and the DVDs. Each lesson in the Guidebook begins with objectives and a summary of the DVD lesson. Following the summary, the DVD segment corresponding to that lesson is to be viewed by the students. Then, we turn back to the Guidebook for several follow-up activities and discussion questions which complement the topics discussed on the DVD. Then it's time to break out the art supplies for the "creating" portion of the lesson. An introduction to the art project, approximate working time, materials, and detailed, step-by-step directions are all laid out in the Guidebook, to make things fairly simple for the teacher. Finally, a list of suggested titles for further reading is given for those who would like to learn more, or take the lesson further. While this sounds pretty intense for an art program, the lessons are designed to be completed within a week, giving you ample room to split up the different parts of the lesson as it fits into your week.

    The lessons themselves are designed to walk the student or group through a thorough introduction to the visual arts. We begin by discussing art in general and then progress to discuss lines and types of lines, shapes, three dimensions in art, space, pattern, texture, principles of design, composing space, perspective, light, value, color, seeing and mixing colors, the use of color, and more. While I've seen these topics discussed in a fairly dry way in many art books, the activities and the DVD lessons make the finer details of art truly "come alive" for the student who would rather be set loose with his paints than learn a lengthy lesson about perspective or value. The DVD lessons, each of which span about 10-15 minutes, center around several boys and girls that frequently visit an old mill, where two artists work. On every visit to the mill, the artists explain artistic concepts through their own examples, by visually showing the youngsters (and viewers) on paper, and through the use of well-known masterpieces that clearly illustrate a concept. The DVDs are very professionally done, and manage to bring a lot of enthusiasm to every lesson. One thing I particularly like about the DVDs are the small "field trips" the viewer takes every five or so lessons. Six lessons are devoted to visiting an artist's studio, and getting a glimpse of their work, how they go about making their artwork, and what is important to them in their art. This is an aspect you often don't get to enjoy in art class, where you learn about classic masters, but never get to see an actual "artist" at work, unless you are lucky enough to know one you can visit.

    The lessons that surround the DVD viewing expand on what has been learned in the video, and offer plenty of guidance and freedom to explore the topic to your heart's content. The follow-up activities offer students a chance to find examples of lesson content in the world around them, looking at things in more depth, discussing what was learned in the DVD as well as what they have noticed themselves, and looking closer at great masterpieces that reflect the lessons they are learning. The taste of art history woven into the program seems seamless as students examine great works of art in light of color, line, value, perspective, and more. Although these masterpieces are not covered in a lot of depth in the DVD lessons (due to time constraints), they are helpfully listed in the back of the Guidebook so that you may locate them and have them on hand for the rest of the lesson, if desired. Several of these masterpieces are included as small reproductions to be used in more depth in several lessons. Most kids should truly enjoy the art activities as well, as they are complex enough not to be trite and over-simplified, and give the young artist plenty of freedom and opportunity to practice artistic concepts through their own work. The students are not limited to pencil and paper either - they will get to create their own masterpieces through sculpture, collage, paintings, rubbings, drawings, and more. The art activities are both original and open-ended, for those kids who just "get into them." The "field trip" lessons where we get to visit with different artists in their studios present an interesting diversion, where the activity centers around creating art in the featured artists' medium, and using their normal subject material as well!

    One more timesaving aspect I've failed to mention as of yet is the inclusion of nearly all the materials the student will need to complete the art activities. The art kit includes over 30 quality art supplies required to perform the activities, including painting and sculpting materials, drawing tools, printing materials, paper and more, conveniently packaged in a carrying box to avoid the "scattering" of supplies that happens when tools are packaged only in shrink wrap.

    This format, structure, and substance of this program make it terrific to use as a whole family, homeschool group, or co-op. With the DVD presentations, the lessons are accessible to everyone, and the other components of the lessons are ideally suited to group work, especially as the suggested "finale" to the program is an art exhibition for the students to display the great masterpieces they have created during art class. Don't just read about art, study drawing, or aimlessly freehand - discover it in every aspect! Program includes spiral-bound Guidebook, art materials kit, two DVDs, and several art reproductions. - Jess

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