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Mathematical Reasoning

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    At such an early age, mathematical reasoning begins with simple activities such as distinguishing between even or odd amounts and learning the ordinal numbers. The authors suggest working through this activity book page by page. The content spirals, which gives your child time to "digest" new concepts before moving on to more complex material. This series is correlated to the NCTM standards and accordingly incorporates topics such as patterns, number lines, graphs, fractions, probability, and problem solving, as well as basic addition and subtraction skills. The full-color activity sheets should especially appeal to the younger student. Not only are the illustrations eye-catching, but they do an excellent job of demonstrating mathematical representations and relationships. Although manipulatives are not required, a link to a virtual manipulative website is provided in case additional concrete-level reinforcement is needed. A wide variety of exercises and activities are utilized to keep your child both interested and motivated. For instance, Thinker Doodles and Mind Benders activities from parent company Critical Thinking are scattered throughout. 200+ pages. ~ Anh
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    ISBN: 9781601446459
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    Using a 5 step process, students learn to organize their thinking and understanding of mathematical problems. Every two-page spread is intended for one problem, and provides 1) space to write the question or facts; 2) 1 cm grid space to use one or more strategies to solve the problem; 3) lines to write math terminology; 4) a larger area in which to justify your solution by explaining your reasoning; and 5) space in which to apply your solution to another problem or situation. There are enough pages (80) to do 40 problems and makes a nice companion to your math curriculum. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781601444158
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    Geometry isn't treated with the intensity in middle school, in many cases, for high school success in the subject. This book follows the National Math Standards and presents an introduction to the basics of geometry. Students won't just learn the properties of geometry, but will learn the reasoning behind the properties and learn the basics of geometric proofs and coordinate geometry. A glossary is included in this 256-page book that can be used as a text in junior high and it is reproducible for family or classroom use.

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    ISBN: 9781601448866
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    The word 'Algebra' can strike fear into the hearts of many, but Critical Thinking Press has done their part to calm your math nerves and prepare students for higher level math in Understanding Algebra. The newest member of the Mathematical Reasoning line is a full one year algebra course for students at the junior high and high school level in a consumable format.

    The information in this worktext is a user-friendly format and presented in a step-by-step fashion. The text makes a connection between the arithmetic of the elementary years to the algebra they need to succeed in high school math. Twelve chapters begin with the basics and build upon each other Our number system, Evaluating Expressions and Solving Equations, From Words to Algebra/Translating and Solving Word Problems, From Words to Algebra/More Word Problems, Inequalities, Polynomials, Factoring, Working with Radicals, Linear Functions, Systems of Equations and Inequalities, Other Types of Functions, and Working with Algebraic Fractions.

    The author begins the book with a simple explanation of "What is Algebra," and then jumps right in. Each chapter is 20 to 30 pages in length and broken into topics. Each topic or lesson offers the student explanations and examples in a very visual fashion. Colored charts, illustrations, and graphs are incorporated for clarity of explanations. Within the lessons, students will be asked questions to assure they know the concept being presented and a 'more practice' section rounds out the lesson. Sets of 'Enrichment Problems' are scattered throughout the chapters to offer additional practice in higher-order thinking using plenty of word problems. There are no chapter tests in this book, so you would need to assess your student's understanding of the concepts by other means grades from the practice sets and exercises might be your best tool for assessment.

    New for the 2017 edition are chapter reviews covering and a final exam.

    A glossary that includes algebra vocabulary and an answer key are found at the back of the book. These are answers and not solutions. A helpful reference page is included. Students will learn about the history of math as they learn math strategies to help them with algebra and beyond. 378 pgs. pb. Reproducible for home and single classroom use. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781601446442
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    Designed for use as a basic math refresher, remedial practice, or for accelerated learners, this elective course does not have a prerequisite. It contains seven units including: statistics, data analysis, probability, algebraic functions, measurement, geometry, mathematical reasoning and algebra I. System requirements: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 & 8.1 / Windows 10; CD-ROM drive and printer (recommended).

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    Students will multiply and divide using whole numbers and decimals. They solve equations and problems using fractions and mixed numbers. Study of geometric formulas, data analysis and mathematical reasoning is included. Students will work with percent, ratios, and proportions. Probability and statistics is studied using data analysis and estimation. Geometry, symmetry and spatial relationships are taught.

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    ISBN: 9780012066836
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    Division (review of long and short hand methods), fractions (addition & subtraction with mixed numbers, multiplying and dividing fractions, solving fraction word problems), decimals (up to thousandths, parts of a dollar, adding & subtracting, multiplying & dividing, word problems, computational problems), ratios, proportions, & percentages (relationships, equivalence, ratios and triangles, the percent as a special ratio), algebraic relationships (order of operations, introducing a variable, writing equations, introducing negative numbers) and mathematical reasoning.

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    ISBN: 9781438005379
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    ISBN: 9781601445780
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      This colorful, straightforward instructional workbook from The Critical Thinking Company eliminates much of the “stuff” and the “fluff” found in many other phonics and early reading programs and focuses on individual letter sounds and how they are represented as letters. You won’t find pages of teacher tips and background here, just one introductory page and one teaching suggestion page, and then you’re off and running to the activities. Similar in format to Mathematical Reasoning, Fun-Time Phonics is softcover, with several exercises per activity page, brief instructions to the teacher, and full-color illustrated graphics.

      There are 100 activities, or short lessons, in the book. The first seven lay the foundation by asking the student to identify beginning sounds, ending sounds, and rhyming words. Activities 6 and 7 challenge them to identify the three letter sounds in a word and to match that with the correct picture. Starting in Activity 8, students learn the short vowel sounds and identify pictures of words that contain that sound. Before moving on to the consonant sounds, students complete activities such as identifying a word out of a set of three that includes a different vowel sound than the other two, or swapping out one vowel sound for another in a word to create a new word. After students learn the five short vowel sounds, they learn the written vowel letters. One feature in the vowel portion of the book that threw me for a loop, however, was the depiction of a short ‘/ǎ/’ sound as ‘/ah/’ next to words like, “cat.” Most phonics programs are quite clear to teachers to take care when pronouncing the vowel and consonant sounds to not include other sounds (say ‘/b/,’ not ‘/buh/’). At first glance, you will want to read the ‘/ah/’ as the /a/ in “father.” Personally, I would probably just ignore these additional ‘h’s or cross them out and add a short vowel symbol as a reminder. Fortunately, as these only occur on the teacher instructions, it shouldn’t confuse your students as long as your pronunciation is clear. Lesson 20 moves on to consonant sounds, starting with ‘b’ and moving alphabetically through ‘z.’ As children learn each consonant, the consonant sound is blended with each of the short vowels, so they are learning to distinguish ‘da,’ ‘de,’ ‘di,’ ‘do,’ and ‘du’ with the letter D right off the bat. This may be a real benefit to students who are confused about how to blend the individual letter sounds together after learning them in isolation. The last five lessons ask the student to connect a picture with the beginning letters, ending letters and middle vowel wounds, stressing the letter representation of the sound. The last two activities ask children to read three-letter CVC words and identify a matching picture. At the end of the book you’ll find a double-sided sheet with short-vowel words that children should be able to decode at this point, such as ‘doll, ‘hen’ and ‘yum.’

      This approach would work well with logical children who do not need additional reinforcement activities or motivators in the form of games or songs. It may also work well for remedial students, or those who did not learn phonics initially. It’s simple to teach, but with an emphasis on identifying letter sounds, you will want to work apart from other distractions and enunciate the words very clearly as you work through the pages with your student.  Although students are led to associate the written letters with the sounds, there are no writing activities featured in the book. However, it is suggested in the beginning that if the student is older or able to write, you may consider having them write the answers under the exercises. For additional enforcement (and writing activities) you might consider a workbook like Explode the Code Book 1. You may also want to note that no sight words are covered in this volume. If you want to jump ahead to some very basic short-vowel readers, you will need to introduce any sight words in that reader. I’m assuming that a second book will be released as a follow-up which will introduce long vowel sounds. The book is reproducible for your student/classroom use, which makes an affordable resource even more budget-friendly if you use it with multiple children. 314 pages, pb. - Jess

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    ISBN: 9781596471269
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  • Item #: 011552
    ISBN: 9780740335624
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    Pre-Algebra. Units: The Real Number System; Modeling Problems in Integers; Modeling Problems with Rational Numbers; Proportional Reasoning; More with Functions; Measurement; Plane Geometry; Measures of Solid Figures; Data Analysis; Probability; and Course Review & Exam.
  • Item #: 013785
    ISBN: 9780740331909
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    Lifepac Set plus Teacher's Manual. Pre-Algebra - Real Number System, Modeling Problems in Integers, Modeling Problems with Rational Numbers, Proportional Reasoning, More with Functions, Measurement, Plane Geometry, Measures of Solid Figures, Data Analysis, Probability.
  • Item #: 013787
    ISBN: 9780740331787
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    Lifepac Set only - No Teacher's Manual. Pre-Algebra - Real Number System, Modeling Problems in Integers, Modeling Problems with Rational Numbers, Proportional Reasoning, More with Functions, Measurement, Plane Geometry, Measures of Solid Figures, Data Analysis, Probability.
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    ISBN: 9781937032234
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    For the dedicated math student who wants to push the envelope, here you go. Join Fred at Kittens University for the summer session – at least for the first five days – in which he lectures (from 4am-8am) on, respectively, Set Theory, Modern Algebra, Abstract Arithmetic, and Topology. Prerequisites for this course include more than a passing knowledge of algebra as well as a course in Geometry that taught and required proofs. Prior algebra instruction should have included:

    • • Union of sets
    • • Math induction
    • • Associative property
    • • One-to-one functions
    • • Inverse functions
    • • Multiplying matrices

    As you can see, this includes most high school seniors. However, final prerequisites I would add are an appreciation for math, an ability to think outside the book, ability for creative thought, and a willingness to take a peek at "real" math. I got this opportunity when I took some upper-level university math courses. There is truly a "magic" and beauty to math (which Prof. Schmidt alludes to in the introduction to this book) that most people never get to experience. If your student would like to experience the same, I heartily recommend this summer session with Fred.

    Unlike other LOF books, there is no real storyline outside of Fred's lectures. There are fun puzzles (which look suspiciously like proofs, for the most part) to solve - 139 of them that require thought, creativity, and, for some, dedication. Some are easily solved, others are going to take some time. Solutions to all exercises are in the back of the book. If your student loves math or just wants to get a glimpse of higher level math, this course is a great introduction to math beyond calculus.