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Math Placement Tests

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  • Item #: 045226
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     Attack your mistakes with two pencils topped with medieval, axe-shaped erasers.

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 013666
    ISBN: 9789812714114
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  • Item #: 013670
    ISBN: 9789812732217
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  • Item #: 043033
    ISBN: 9780761470175
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  • Item #: 043065
    ISBN: 9780761469759
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  • Item #: 023977
    ISBN: 9789810184940
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  • Item #: 023991
    ISBN: 9789810184964
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  • Item #: 047797
    ISBN: 9780547428765
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  • Item #: 047798
    ISBN: 9780547428758
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  • Item #: 000685
    ISBN: 9780867179545
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  • Item #: 000688
    ISBN: 9780867179682
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  • Item #: 013285
    ISBN: 9781580958158
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  • Item #: 013286
    ISBN: 9781580958172
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  • Item #: 018399
    ISBN: 9781565770188
    Retail: $132.30
    Rainbow Price: $88.95

    Home Study Kit includes: teacher edition, meeting book, set of two student books and flash cards. No manipulatives are included in the Home Study Kit; those are a separate purchase with several different options available. 130 lessons cover: skip counting; ordinal positions; sorting rules and patterns; solving problems; mastering basic addition and most basic subtraction facts; adding 2-digit numbers without regrouping; measuring; comparing volume, mass and area; counting money; telling time to half-hour; identifying polygons; graphing.

  • Item #: 024422
    ISBN: 9781591413479
    Retail: $109.00
    Rainbow Price: $78.50

    This Homeschool Kit contains a non-consumable student edition textbook, consumable tests and worksheets for one student and a solutions manual. All three components are softbound. The Student Edition Text uses a two-color page layout. Tests and Worksheets include a significant amount of fact drill practice, course tests as well as various forms for recording student progress. The Solutions Manual contains solutions to all problems in the text and tests.

    Teaching covers review of 4 basic math functions, estimating, 2- and 3-digit computation, decimals, fractions, rudimentary geometry and word problems.

  • Item #: 039343
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    Rainbow Price: $157.50

    Includes lessons, worksheets, geared clock, cards for math games, tally sticks, 2 geoboards, colored tiles, abacus tiles, place value cards, Standard AL Abacus, geometry reflector, "Yellow is the Sun" CD and Math Card Games DVD (no book).

  • Item #: 039366
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $257.25

    Includes lessons, worksheets, transition lessons and worksheets, Math Card Games, cards for math games, Casio calculator, place value cards, abacus tiles, drawing set (Safe-T compass, T-square, 30º-60º Triangle, 45º Triangle, 11"x 13" drawing board), 2 fraction charts, colored tiles, geared clock, tangrams, centimeter cubes, Standard AL Abacus.

  • Item #: 060954
    ISBN: 9781419004339
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    Rainbow Price: $4.50
  • Item #: 060959
    ISBN: 9781419004346
    Retail: $1.93
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  • Item #: 015418
    ISBN: 9780941995375
    Retail: $22.95
    Rainbow Price: $18.25

    Here's a quick, proven, inexpensive way to measure the reading grade level of your student(s) privately. A one-time investment, this 380 word test is easy to administer and score, can be done in less than 15 minutes, and will tell at what grade level (1-12) your student is reading. Any reading problems are easily detected, allowing you to provide any needed remediation. Another 380 word test to use after your remedial work is administered is also provided, so you can check for improvement/correction. 5 copies of each test ("before" and "after") are included, along with information about the background of the test, an explanation of how it works, and how to score it. First and second graders can be tested using the beginning part of the test, but the overall test is intended for third grade and up.

  • Item #: 055202
    ISBN: 9781464400100
    Retail: $10.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.67
  • Item #: 032076
    ISBN: 9780838808511
    Retail: $22.45
    Rainbow Price: $15.95

    This placement test will help you discover the appropriate level for your student in the Explode the Code Series. This test would also be valuable for any parent wanting to assess their child's phonics mastery even if they're not using the ETC books. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 052655
    ISBN: 9781464400094
    Retail: $10.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.67
    (Description provided by publisher - stay tuned for our own!) Pre-Algebra and Algebra teaches you how to solve multiple choice, short-answer, and show-your-work test questions. Become comfortable with these skills so you're ready for your test! A great book for students to use on their own, or with parents, teachers, or tutors. Free worksheets are available on enslow.com.
  • Item #: 019549
    ISBN: 9780769685625
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Build speed and accuracy in recalling addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. This book includes explanation of concepts, strategies to improve performance, numerous practice pages, and approximately 150 timed tests. Reduced page answer keys make grading a snap. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 044876
    ISBN: 9781615386659
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

     Written to correlate with the Prentice Hall Algebra 2 Classics Edition (by Smith), this resource from Memoria Press contains 15 quizzes and 16 tests as well as a final exam. Designed to be consumable (no permission is given to reproduce pages), there is plenty of white space on each page for the student to work out the problems. Please note that there are no answers in this resource; they are located in the Algebra II Quizzes & Test Key, item #44877.