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    Wow! Want to put your kids smart phone or tablet to educational use? This book provides a good summary of apps for all age ranges, grouped into school subject categories language arts, math, science, social studies, cross-curricular, logic puzzles, and you make it (i.e. movies, tunes, designs, etc.). Each one-page app summary includes the app icon, title, company name, suggested grade range, and key-feature description. Suggested uses for At School and At Home round out the page. Cost of apps is not included, but I did a random sampling of ten apps and found them to range from free to $1.99. 136 pgs, pb. ~ Janice
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    A common marketing expression years ago was Ask the man that owns one, the idea being that someone who has lived with something over time knows it pretty well. Who better then to share their experiences with you than Rick and Marilyn Boyer, parents of 12 children who began their home education experience in 1980. They have experienced the rewards and challenges, highs and lows, kudos and questions that arose from raising and educating a large family.

    This book offers encouragement. The first section deals with making the decision to home educate and opens with the chapter Of Course You Can. Rick (the primary author) addresses teacher credentials, time constraints, financial limitations, and social pressures. Chapter 2 reviews the biblical principals involved concerning child training, with the third chapter focusing on clarifying your goals, motivation, and training methods for successfully educating your children.

    Part 2 gets into the nuts of bolts of home education, starting with the curriculum and materials to be used. Next comes the structure of the training when and where do we work with the student, what type of learner is each student, which subjects should I focus on and at what age, what testing is appropriate. And, how do I make learning fun and interesting, so that the student really wants to grow in wisdom and knowledge?

    The last 6 chapters address peripheral but important issues spiritual training, appropriate discipline, where does Dad fit in if Mom is the primary instructor, socialization, preparing for a career and the advisability of college.

    Many books of this ilk are chock full of the authors personal experiences and cute stories about their kids. To their credit, the Boyers clearly present their beliefs and preferences without getting into a lot of family history. You will find many quotes from and references to the Bible, practical advice and a good summary of their home education experience, and the idea that ordinary parents can produce extraordinary children. 271 pg, pb. - Bob

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    Many people find it difficult to insert a real Physical Education into a homeschool setting; instead, children play to get the nervous energy out of them and take a break from their schoolwork. This book gives excellent ideas and lesson plans for making sure children get the exercise they need, learn valuable physical skills, and develop habits that will lead to lifelong health. It is broken down into eight chapters that deal with different skills and provides increasingly difficult exercises as the chapter progresses. The chapters cover Foot Manipulation/Soccer, Jump Rope, Volleyball, Body Coordination/Exercises, Hand Manipulation/Basketball, and Racquet Games. The book is easy to use and furnishes fun, easy, and inexpensive lessons plans that can be altered to fit your needs. ~ Rachel S.

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    So youve read The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise-Bauer and youre pleased by its information, guidance and practical curriculum suggestions. However, while reading it you may have thought, "I wish I had been educated this way, I guess its too late for me." In the Well-Educated Mind, Susan focuses on the adult, and her premise is that its not too late; you can have a Well-Educated Mind. Susans focus is on helping the adult learn to read great literature. This book is so much more than a list of suggested reading. In fact, the suggested reading doesnt come until after Susan presents significant information on why its important and how to go about it.

    Yes, the trivium - grammar, logic and rhetoric is presented as well. Would you expect anything less from this author? Susan discusses why it is important for children to be taught properly in all three stages and if you were not, how as an adult, you can compensate and learn to read great literature. Susans goal is to equip her readers to be able to learn self-education to train and fill their minds.

    For people who question their ability to read difficult material, the book states, "If you can understand a daily newspaper, theres no reason you cant read and enjoy Shakespeares sonnets or Jane Eyre." Susan says, "Reading is a discipline, like running regularly, or meditating, or taking voice lessons." Just like working through a training regimen to become proficient in sports or music we must learn technique and train our minds to effectively tackle the great books.

    Susan does not lecture from an ivory tower, but shows she can relate her understanding of real-life challenges to making time for the pursuit of reading. Her references to her struggles help make me feel like she understands real-life. These include the lure of TV after a long day, "just to vegetate for a few minutes, before I try to use my brain," or the call of email (including spam deletion). She includes a whole section on how to create a realistic reading schedule on your weekly calendar. A helpful section is including on training our minds to move from light reading and skimming for facts to more serious reading which leads to understanding. This "how-to" section includes information on reading mechanics, journaling, questioning and literary terms, all with examples. The book then progresses to five literary genres: novels, autobiographies, historical writing (special interest for the author, as you can imagine!), drama and poetry with instructions on how to read each type. After each genre is a listing of literature with comprehensive summaries and the best versions of the books to get (with ISBN information). The selected reading lists usually have both a literary and a historical purpose. The Well-Educated Mind is a great resource that provides those adults who have a nagging sense of missing something in their literary education the practical techniques and guidance to regularly read and enjoy great literature. Jerry

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    ISBN: 9781591584469
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    When we talk about what students need to know for college, we usually think about subject content. This book is different because the focus is on the research skills, critical thinking skills, and the ability to think independently which are needed to be successful at the university level.

    The book begins by offering an explanation of the standards set forth by the ACRL (American Association of School Librarians) and the AASL (American Association of School Librarians) and how a student can achieve these standards. The author then offers lessons which correlate to 5 of those standards. Standard 1 is for the student to determine the nature and extent of the information needed with any given topic. This is done by taking the student incrementally through the steps of a research paper and actually doing the research. Standard 2 is how to access needed information on the web. Standard 3 is to evaluate information and its resources. Standard 4 teaches students how to use the information to accomplish a specific purpose and may involve note taking (Cornell System), paraphrasing, quoting & summarizing, power-point presentations and more. Standard 5 is for using information ethically and legally and touches on topics such as cybercrime, plagiarism, and internet ethics.

    Checklists are included in the book for each standard and can be used by an adult for evaluation purposes, and assessments are also included for each standard. The information and skills gleaned from this book are to be integrated into your curriculum for application purposes.

    Students need to be prepared for college in so many ways, and this book focuses on skills that will be useful in every area of study. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780971889514
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    Why is it that Charlotte Mason homeschooling manuals seem to ooze warm, fuzzy snugglies? Whenever I spend time with one I want to start homeschooling all over again and read a LOT more books. Real Learning is like that. I came away re-convinced that relationships and character are more important than academics and that academics are really best conquered in an atmosphere of inquisitive learning; in fact, a lifestyle of learning.

    Written by and for Catholic homeschoolers, quotes from the venerable Ms. Mason are placed alongside those of a much less well known (but equally wise) contemporary – Saint Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein). Amidst a companionable array of insightful observations from these two wise ones, our author gives us a tour of all-things homeschooling with chapters on each of the major subjects (language arts, math, history, science, and religion) as well as more particular topics – art, “special blessings� (children with learning difficulties), and sports. Interestingly however, I personally felt most blessed by the material on the practical side of living (er, I mean homeschooling) – chores, dealing with bad days, and character-building. The author recognizes that “education at home works so well because parent educators naturally dedicate their hearts and souls to touching the hearts and souls of their children.� However, that dedication can lead to burnout, and that’s where the practical suggestions found in the burnout chapter might just make the difference between the success and seeming failure of your homeschooling experience as you avoid or recover from “going down in flames.�

    Elizabeth Foss shares straight from the heart of her Catholic and homeschooling experience, but her book provides an ever broader picture as she includes the in-their-own-words advice and experiences of a number of homeschooling veterans. Designed to serve as an educational framework, the author takes the reader by the hand and helps her organize and orientate her homeschool. She makes the journey pleasant with vintage artwork as well as carefully selected pieces of the various artistic endeavors of her own and others’ children. She also leaves the reader with the “piece de resistance� – a lovely, age/grade-leveled booklist for “reading around the year.� There’s really nothing left to do but read, absorb, enjoy, and employ. Janice

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    ISBN: 9781401603373
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    The author of this book, Gregg Steinberg, PhD, is a sport psychologist, so it is no surprise that he uses sports analogies and figures to help parents prepare their children for success. He believes there are 6 key emotional strengths to personal successawareness, preparedness, connectedness, bravado, drive, and balance. Dr. Steinberg shares strategies and stories to help equip you, the parent, to train your child to be successful.

    The author chooses sports figures such as Magic Johnson and Tiger Woods, famous folks like Teddy Roosevelt and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and stories from the lives of regular people as examples. This book would probably appeal to the parent who has a penchant for sports, and the basic idea of the book is good, 122 strategies to equip your child to soar into life with competence and confidence. After all, who doesnt want their child to be competent and confident? Although some of the characters mentioned in this book probably arent the most positive role models, look at them for just the character quality upon which is being focused. There were a couple of chapters by which I was perplexed Face Your Fears and Create Positive Superstitions. With so many people facing real fears and major obstacles, I felt the example he chose for the first was trite. Im not sure that Mel Brooks and the scenes of Blazing Saddles would be considered life changing, but evidently it was for him. In the chapter on superstitions, the author offers several examples of sports figures with superstitious beliefs about what makes them play well. He then goes on to explain how you as a parent should teach your child to avoid negative and create positive superstitions. Im not a believer in luck or superstition, so this left me a bit uneasy.

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    ISBN: 9781400024247
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    "The Basics - For Beginners or Anyone Who Wants a Thorough Review." This course is a no-frills look at Spanish utilizing the conversation building-block method. Everything you need is included in this handy little pack including a Spanish-English dictionary, a coursebook, and 4 audio CDs. The coursebook is divided into 40 lessons, which are fairly short and very do-able. All the words in bold faced type are pronounced on the audio CDs so you can learn the correct pronunciation. Notes scattered generously throughout the lessons explain pronunciation, rules and other information. Most lessons include one or two quizzes for you to practice what youve learned. The quizzes are generally formatted with matching exercises where you match Spanish phrases to English phrases and fill-in-the-blank with multiple choices of Spanish words to fill in a Spanish phrase (the English version of the word is next to the blank in parentheses). Answers are easily accessible at the end of each quiz section. The included Spanish-English dictionary is comprised of over 20,000 of the most frequently used Spanish words and the audio CDs contain over 3 hours of recorded material. This course has been recently updated and changes include the addition of 18 supplemental vocabulary sections and updated references including e-mail etiquette and Internet resources. ~ Megan

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    ISBN: 9780740334269
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    This 10-unit course for high school gives students the tools they need to practically apply Gods word to their lives. The units in the course are as follows: What is a Biblical Worldview?; Presuppositions; The Doctrines of the Bible; Gods Creation; The Family; The Bible & Marriage; Engagement to Parenting; Christian Education; Politics & Art; and the final unit which ties all these concepts and principles together. Minimum system requirements: Windows XP (Service Pack 3, Vista (Service Pack 2), Windows 7 or 8.

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    ISBN: 9780981809342
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    Primary Language Lessons is one of those engaging programs first published long ago that many have used and loved and said if only. If only the book would lay flat. If only the course had room for the student to write. If only I didnt have to explain why tomorrow has a hyphen after the o. If only there were some information about the authors and artists. If only this art print were a little clearer or a little bigger. This newest version will sweep away all your if onlys. And, the really good news is that none of the well-loved features of the original have disappeared. Content right down to all the high quality art and literature is virtually the same, except for those few updates and edits done to provide more clarity. Each lesson still introduces principals of grammar and word use through question and answer dialogue, composition, memorization, oral presentation, and dictation. Theres even a few added features you might not have thought to include in your litany of if onlys. Cute little icons have been added to each segment of the lesson to designate its purpose read, write, memorize, copy, tell/narrate, or study. Tear-out pages in the back provide copies of all the dictation passages. Lots of lined space for all written assignments is provided. My favorite feature is the fourteen pages of biographical notes on most of the authors and artists found in the back. 258 pgs, coil-bound ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780876285893
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    What do you call a unit study designed for the classroom? A ready-to-use interdisciplinary lesson and activity! While designed for the classroom, homeschool families will find the lessons and activities easy to implement at home with children of multiple ages or an excellent resource for a history focused co-op.

    Divided into three units, the 120 lessons immerse students in the history and culture of the United States. Beginning with the thirteen colonies, students will explore New England, the Middle and the Southern colonies before traveling into the Expanding Nation of the Midwest. This second unit covers the Midwest & Great Plains as well as the Mississippi Valley. The final unit traipses through the beckoning west as students explore the Southwest, Northwest and West. Units are formatted similarly and provide lessons in social studies, practical mathematics, language arts, music, art, consumer/family living and physical education. Extension activities are plentiful and include additional food experiences, research projects and reading suggestions.

    The lessons begin with a For the Teacher introduction, which provides parent/teachers with material lists and necessary teacher preparations, as well as a list of lesson activity worksheets. These reproducible worksheets vary and include map activities, word searches, fill in the blank outlines/sentences, matching definitions to vocabulary words, craft/art lessons, etc. Answers are provided as necessary. Art projects and other hands-on activities utilize common, easy-to-find items. Folk tales and literature suggestions abound and provide exposure to a wide range of options to enhance the language arts portion of the study. Some of the folk tales have been adapted and are included within the pages of this comprehensive resource, along with other historical information for the student.

    Let me share from Unit 2, Getting to Know the Southwest. Students begin with a map of the Southwest and are called upon to locate and label Arizona, New Mexico and Texas along with their capitals. They also locate the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico. The next lesson covers the people of the Southwest, introducing them by name along with a one-sentence summary; a word search puzzle follows and then students are asked to write a report on one of the famous people from this region. A reproducible outline is provided to guide their research. A Life in Early Texas lesson follows. In this lesson, students are given a word bank and asked to fill in the blanks to complete the reading on Texas in the 1800s and today. Following this concise historical view, an assignment is given to plan a trip to the Southwest. The teacher prep notes recommend students make use of travel agency pamphlets and books, but it may be easier for students to discover this information on the internet. Following the trip to the Southwest, a worksheet of various story problems is given with the focus of determining the costs for a family of four to travel to San Antonio. Vocabulary, folk-tales, literature, pastimes and games, music suggestions, craft projects, and authentic recipes and dining activities conclude the Southwest study. Helpful information in the back of the book includes a glossary of terms and summary of the fifty states including the date of union entry, capital and largest city.

    As with any interdisciplinary study, you will want to add a comprehensive math curriculum at grade level along with language arts topics like spelling and grammar. Correlated vocabulary words are included as are writing assignments, although you may wish to provide writing instruction for students who may be weak in composition. You will need to add science as it is not covered within the text. An excellent way to immerse children in the culture of the lower 48 states. As I perused the abundance of lessons, I was quickly impressed with the content and easily understood why it is a recommended resource for the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. 365 pgs. Spiral bound, reproducible for classroom use. ~Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780865301603
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    If you enjoyed If Youre Trying to Teach Kids How to Write Youve Gotta Have This Book, then youll really appreciate authoress Marjorie Franks taking her approach one step farther. She has joined her creative ideas with writing instruction and laid out actual, easy to teach lesson plans dealing with most every imaginable writing form. There are thirty lessons in this book. A motivating, high-interest activity begins each lesson to get things rolling. Then, the lessons direct the teacher to assist the student throughout the writing process - collecting and organizing ideas, writing a rough draft, critiquing and revising, practicing writing skills, and sharing the finished product. As the book states, the basic idea behind them is "students learn the writing process best through teacher-directed writing sessions." The book covers questions, reports, paragraphs, explanations, directions, conversations, character studies, various kinds of stories, news articles and headlines, invitations, posters, jokes, advertisements, diary entries, and poetry. Fun, well-written examples accompany the lessons. Cathy Duffy, in her Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual says, This is one of the best books for teaching writing because it effectively teaches skills in an enjoyable way and is easy for teachers to use. This book is also reproducible, making it an even better value. 127 pgs.

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    ISBN: 9780805448443
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    As a veteran home school mom, I began to read this book prepared to refute views that were contrary to my own. However, a pleasant surprise was to be found within these pages! This book provides a balanced presentation of the four main options available to most Christian families. Whether you are considering homeschooling, public schooling, open admission Christian schools or covenantal (Christian admission only) Christian schools, this book will provide insights and information to enable you to make the decision that will be best for your family.

    Written by four different gentlemen who are living their perspective, each shares a bit of their journey and the benefits (and potential downfalls) of the educational choice they have made for their family. Following their individual narrative, an opposing view is presented by a proponent of a different perspective and an occasional counter view is added to respond to the opposite view. Each gentleman writes respectfully, intelligently, and passionately about their convictions, enabling you to form your own opinion about which option suits you best.

    I believe this book can also be a valuable asset on all family bookshelves. The gracious and thoughtful manner in which these opposing educational views are handled will allow each of us to better understand and relate to our brothers and sisters who have chosen a different educational path. Personally, I was challenged in my thinking and given a greater appreciation for the different educational options available to Christian families.

    Perspectives on your Childs Education is highly recommended to inform and assist you in choosing the educational direction for your family, and as stated by one of the writers, our choice is not permanent, God may call us out of our current educational path and into another one. This book will assist you in gaining the insights and information you need to respond to His call. Softcover, 130 pages. Deanne

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    (description by publisher - stay tuned for our own!) In today's world teaching Character Education in the classroom is more important than ever! We need to teach children from a young age the importance of caring about themselves, others and their community. Our "We Can Do It! Character Education chart can help you do it in a fun and rewarding way! Children thrive on praise and a little incentive goes a long way. This chart helps teachers incorporate important life lessons in the daily classroom setting. Unlike other charts, the 'We Can Do It!' Character Eduction charts are easy to use and has fun colorful pictures to go along with the tasks to help the children associate words with the task. There are 15 different, colorful tasks to choose from in your chart! The 90 sturdy plastic reward stars The stars and task squares attach easily with Velcro and can be used over and over! Colorful pictures aid young children in understanding the tasks. Our coloring and activity sheets included further reinforce each task. Supplemental chore packages are available so the possibilities are almost endless. Kids develop a positive self- esteem and sense of independence when they feel they are contributing to their community and making their own choices. Motivating instead of trying to control a childs behavior will help mold him or her to be the best they can be.The "We Can Do It!" Character Education reward chart helps affirm positive behaviors and promotes responsible, self-reliant kids.
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    ISBN: 9781590525722
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    The kids always get a chuckle out of how Linda and I sometimes communicate poorly with each other. Sometimes they act as interpreters: Dad, Mom is saying , or Mom, Dad means . Its particularly embarrassing when we are on the same side of a perceived disagreement. But poor communications in a marriage is no laughing matter, as the overall mood of the household may be determined by how well spouses understand each other.

    This book is the sequel to For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn and is written by her and her husband, Jeff. The Feldhahns are a successful and well-educated couple; Shaunti is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and public speaker, Jeff is cofounder and CEO of a tech company and an attorney, and both have graduate degrees from Harvard. Information for the book came from several sources: hundreds of personal interviews with women from every walk of life, notes taken at dozens of womens events, e-mails received after some of Shauntis speaking engagements, and a national survey conducted by a former chief of census design for the U.S. Census Bureau. The summaries presented here are based on input from at least 3,000 women and would be considered statistically valid.

    For the benefit of the guys, the book is relatively short (190 small-format pages) and to the point (a summary of the findings is given in chart form on the 7th page of chapter 1). If you really want to cut to the chase, a Quick Start Guide pullout section outlines everything covered in the book. I recommend actually reading the book, however, as you will probably identify with some of the issues and may have room for improvement, so consider the suggestions. Key areas discussed are reassurance, emotions, security, listening, sex, and beauty.

    The authors admit that these are findings of general consensus, not absolute truth about every woman. But men would be wise to consider this counsel in light of the particular woman in the relationship. That way, your kids wont have to interpret for you. hc, 190 pgs.

  • Item #: 041244
    ISBN: 9780977986040
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    Would you like to combine writing lessons with quality biographical information that inspires and challenges your students? The twenty-four lessons in this course take you systematically through the various structure-building and stylistic skills associated with TWSS. Each of the nine TWSS units has 2-3 lessons featuring source texts from the lives of Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, and St. Francis of Assisi. Also included are lessons on the key virtues of a strong character and the responsibilities of a Christian. Each lesson includes a checklist of the various elements to be included in the final written product. The lessons build upon previous lessons. Spaces for outlines (required for most writing assignments) are included in the workbook, but most students will find it more convenient to use separate paper. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780825100000
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    So, you want to provide art lessons for your older children, who are past the color and paste stage, but youre a little short on inspiration? This sourcebook presents 300 inexpensive, short-term projects thatll get you started. With so many options, youll be able to pick and choose those best suited to the tastes (and supplies) of your family. I wouldnt hesitate to use these activities with even younger children. Since activities are denoted by competence level (beginning / intermediate / advanced), it will be easy for you to select ones that they are capable of doing. Each lesson plan lists the purpose of the project, materials required, step-by-step procedure for completing the artwork, and a guide to help you evaluate the finished projects. Divided into seven chapters: drawing, painting, other 2-dimensional media, 3-dimensional media, unique spur-of-the-moment activities (author must have been homeschooled!), art appreciation exercises, and miscellaneous projects. 141 pgs with black/white illustrations.

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    ISBN: 9780838826997
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    Phonological awareness refers to an awareness of sounds in the spoken word and relates only to speech sounds, not to letter recognition. In other words, it is learning to listen for sounds, not look for letters. When a child has a strong sense of phonological awareness it can have a positive effect on both their reading and spelling.

    Phonological awareness skills are ordered from very simple tasks to more complex tasks rhyme providing, rhyme categorization, sound providing, sound categorization, blending, segmentation, deletion, and substitution. Literacy Leaders provides activities for every level of awareness. Rhyme providing is when you have the child say a word that rhymes with _____. Rhyme categorization is when you ask a child if certain words rhyme. Sound providing asks the child what sound they hear at the beginning, end or middle of a word, and sound categorization asks the child which word begins with ____ or has the same ending sound as_____. Blending incorporates compound words, syllables, and phonemes; segmentation deals with sentences, syllables, and phonemes; deletion deals with compound words, syllables, and phonemes; and substitution deals with the same.

    You can help your child improve skills in the area of phonological awareness in only 10 minute lessons. Choose one or two activities appropriate for a specific phonological skill determined by the skill level at which your child is ready to work. All activities are auditory and should never be presented visually. These 10 minute lessons should be done from 3 to 5 times weekly; a struggling reader should do them 5 times weekly.

    For the best results, this program should be used with a structured phonics program. For this reason, a chart is provided which shows the correlation between Literacy Leaders and 3 organized phonics programs Explode the Code, Primary Phonics, and TouchPhonics. These programs are all published by EPS (as is this Literacy Leaders program). The chart tells you which books from each program (and even which particular pages) correspond to the lessons in this book.

    This program can be used with at risk students of any age, but all children will benefit from use at an early age. ~ Donna

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    Subtitled Word Problems from Every Day Life, this supplemental math resource has been written specifically for homeschoolers. Offering three levels of difficulty, this book offers everyday math questions utilizing basic computation with no regrouping, basic computation with regrouping, beginning multiplication, double digit multiplication, and beginning fractions. Each level offers 80 practical word problems which incorporate a variety of real life examples. Here are samples from each of the levels: Level 1: Amanda got 3 answers wrong on her test, and 5 answers correct. How many questions were on her test? Level 2: Mr. and Mrs. Garrison have 2 sets of twins, one set of triplets and 2 other children. How many Garrison children are there? and Level 3: You bought 14 stickers, each costing a quarter. How much money did you spend?

    This handy resource will provide your kids realistic story problems allowing them to experience first-hand the importance of math in real life. (My only caveat: I noticed a few typographical errors. A minor distraction from an otherwise excellent product.). Black and White text/illustrations. Answers provided. Non-consumable. Spiral. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 052975
    ISBN: 9781576858912
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    Want a crash course review prior to taking a standardized test? Or a tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting holes in your students math education? Or maybe a refresher prior to starting an algebra course? Perhaps math has just never made a whole lot of sense or youve taken an unschooling approach and now need to have an idea of what your student knows or doesnt know. We get one or more of these questions almost daily. From now on, this little book will be my go-to suggestion. The 20 lessons in Practical Math take about 20 minutes each and provide thorough coverage of math topics up to and including pre-algebra starting right where things get confusing fractions. And theyre done in a way that will encourage the student and help her/him feel that they are finally getting a grasp on what math is all about. How? Well, they start with clear and minimal instruction interspersed with illustrations, worked examples, tips (helpful reminders), and cautions (pitfalls to avoid) and end with a problem set that is comprehensive but not overwhelming. A pre-test and a post-test can be used to assess weak spots and to see how well theyve been strengthened. Complete answer keys are included. Also available: additional online practice with immediate scoring and detailed answer explanations. 223 pgs, pb ~ Janice

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