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Marine Biology

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    Designed for use with Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, this set and includes a clam, starfish, and a dogfish shark (yes, a shark!) for you to dissect. Brine shrimp eggs, a natural sponge, a coral specimen, and dried sea fireflies are also included for you to explore. A glowing light stick is also included. Specimens are preserved in odorless, non-toxic Nasco-Guard® solution and stored in thick plastic bags. No need to refrigerate! Just keep them sealed until you are ready to dissect. No dissection instructions are included. - elise

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    Packaged to correlate with Exploring Creation with Marine Biology 2nd Ed., this set includes 12 slides: nematodes, rotifers, ctenoid fish scales, cycloid fish scales, placoid fish scales, radiolarians, foraminiferans, crab zoea, dinoflagellates, barnacle nauplius, hydra budding and diatoms. Set can be used with 1st edition course.

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    ISBN: 9780062737182
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    ISBN: 9781940110981
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    This title in the Wonders of Creation series dives into the ocean. Through interesting text and an abundance of appealing pictures, students will learn about the ocean and its many facets from a creationist point of view. The book includes eleven chapters, which include: introduction to the ocean, oceanic research; physical characteristics of the ocean; the composition of the oceans' waters; tides, waves, and currents; weather; harvesting the ocean; marine life; exploring the coral reef; oceanic vessels; and the Genesis flood.

    Now updated, a page at the front of the book explains how to use the content with three different learning levels and the page content has color-coded backgrounds for clarity. Text on white background is for 5th/6th, text on light green is for 7th/8th, and text on blue background is for 9th- 11th. An 11"x 24" poster of the ocean's depths is included at the back of the book. Hardcover, 96 pages.

    A study guide is available for The Ocean Book. It corresponds by chapter, summarizing the main ideas and providing short answer questions for students to answer as they read through The Ocean Book. Each chapter of the study guide also includes discussion questions, vocabulary, activities, and projects to complete for better understanding of the concepts. These activities may include memorization of scripture, labeling maps, or reading weather maps. The study guide is a supplement to the text and is very helpful as you strive to comprehend and retain the facts presented. Guide is 72 pages, paperback, includes answers, and is not reproducible. - Melissa/Donna

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    (165 days of plans)
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    ISBN: 9781477816790
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  • Item #: 069160
    ISBN: 9781946506016
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     For use with the 2nd edition of Apologia’s Marine Biology, this DVD is hosted by Sherri Seligson, author of the textbook. There is instruction for each module, diagrams of difficult concepts, presentation of every experiment, and over 20 hours of content. Files are mp4 format and must be played on a computer (Mac/PC) that has QuickTime or a comparable playing program.

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    ISBN: 9781940110950
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    ISBN: 9781940110967
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    ISBN: 9781613735367
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      Introduce water loving children to the mysteries of the deep. Beginning with a foundational understanding of the marine environment, learn about coastal communities, the open sea, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, and environmental challenges facing the aquatic world. They are also introduced to marine scientists, giving a glimpse into careers available.

      Discover why the ocean is blue, how animals survive icy waters. Meet various water creatures like sharks and rays, penguins and sea birds, whales and dolphins, squid and octopus. Colorfully illustrated with informative details written for middle school and beyond, this resource includes 21 hands-on learning activities such as making an edible coral reef and miniature tide pool, constructing a squid, composing a sea monster poem, transforming salt water into fresh water, testing methods to clean up oil spills and more. Glossary and Index included. Wonderful introduction to the marine sciences for all ages. 132 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 067965
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    Stunning in presentation, this collection of three full-length DVDs presents a wonderful alternative to the plethora of evolutionary-based science programming. Interviews with scientific experts, stunning imagery, and more compels viewers to view afresh life’s complexity on planet earth. Each included DVD is over 60 minutes. Includes the following DVDs:

    Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth, showcases the extraordinary ecosystem that makes ocean life possible. Be awestruck at the dolphin’s internal sonar system, learn of the magnetic compass embedded in the head of a sea turtle, and travel with the Pacific salmon to see up close the elaborate navigational aid that leads the fish back from years in the ocean to the gravel stream bed where it was born.

    Flight: The Genius of Birds, focuses on the marvels of the natural world, probing the mysteries and mechanisms of a bird’s anatomy, instincts, embryology, and metabolic systems. Learn the hummingbird’s abilities and its impact on a surveillance drone prototype.

    Metamorphosis presents the fascinating life cycle of the butterfly and the migration of the Monarch that defies natural selection and promotes planning, foresight, engineering. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 067038
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     Planning a trip to the lake or sea? Children can explore their under-water surroundings with this quality water-resistant scope with 5x magnification, LED illumination and built in ruler and thermometer. Shhhh! It’s our secret that they will develop their observation skills and learn a bit of marine biology! The publisher reassures us that the scope’s expandable length will ensure children stay dry, but really, what fun is that?! Scope measures approx.12” to 22” fully extended. Encourage love of water and exploration, and watch learning come alive! Requires 3 AAA batteries-not included. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781624726521
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