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Logic Puzzles

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  • Item #: 011311
    ISBN: 9780894558733
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  • Item #: 038305
    ISBN: 9781929645442
    Retail: $37.99
    Rainbow Price: $29.95
    Sudoku puzzles have exploded in popularity in recent years, and this product allows you to enjoy the logical puzzles with colors instead of numbers. Instead of using numbers from 1-9, Colorku uses nine differently colored wooden marbles on a large wooden board. The high-quality wood board measures 13.5" x 13.5" and is divided into nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3 x 3 squares. It has 81 wood marbles in 9 vibrant colors. The board and marbles are covered with a plastic tray that holds the balls on the board when storing, and flips over to serve as a ball holder while playing. The board comes with 100 different puzzle cards that come in four different difficulty levels and tell players where to place the first few marbles. The solution to each puzzle is achieved when the player ends up having one and only one of every color ball in each of the nine rows, columns, and 3 x 3 squares. Solutions are included. There's even a color conversion card that shows you how to alter any Sudoku puzzle from any book or news-paper and solve it using your Colorku board. Think the 100 puzzle cards that come with the game won't be enough? Luckily, there are a few Expansion Packs, which offer additional puzzle cards at a variety of levels. Each pack offers 100 puzzles with solutions. The Beginner Puzzles are fairly simple, the All Level Puzzles offer puzzles for four different difficulty levels, and the Advanced Puzzles will drive you crazy. The durable wooden game and fun yet challenging puzzles will be enjoyed by new and old Sudoku fans alike. ~Rachel
  • Item #: 005257
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    Rush Hour puzzles are wonderful for all ages, but once younger kids get through the beginning cards and a few harder, it can get too difficult for them. The solution to this puzzle? Rush Hour Jr! It has all the fun of the original, with minor changes. For example, their playing piece is an ice-cream truck they guide through the maze of fire trucks, police cars, and other vehicles. The game comes with 40 new junior challenge cards, and a bag to store the game in. A great travel toy. - Melissa

  • Item #: 048325
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    Condensing the most exciting part of chess into a puzzle game, Solitaire Chess gives you 10 pieces (a king, queen, and two knights, rooks, pawns, and bishops) and 40 challenges. Your goal is to have only one piece left, but there are some rules – you can only move in accordance with traditional chess rules, and you have to capture a piece with every move. Fast-paced and requiring an ample amount of forethought and carefulness, this game would be excellent for chess aficionados or logic puzzle lovers alike. ~ Mark

  • Item #: 012365
    ISBN: 9781580371643
    Retail: $13.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.25

    For some kids, the study of history can be well, dry. Spark their interest with Amazing Facts in U.S. History! This activity book contains a series of quizzes on strange, but interesting, facts about Early Explorers, Native Americans, the First Thanksgiving, the 13 Colonies, the Revolution, the Gold Rush, the Civil War, World War II, U.S. Presidents, and more!

    Prior to each quiz is a summary of the topic to follow, the actual quiz questions are not covered. The goal is to spark interest in a topic. These would be an excellent way to excite interest in a topic or use as a guide for a history based unit study or research project. Quiz answer sheets provide explanations for the more unusual facts. Several "mystery from history" sections, which involve logic puzzles and word games, are also included. ~ Anh/Deanne

  • Item #: 073095
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

    Thinkfun and Crazy Aaron's team up to bring you this one-of-a-kind logic puzzle! Each challenge card instructs you to place two dots of up to six different colors of putty on the grid. Now you must connect the dots by bending and stretching the putty, but you can't intersect with other colors. Bridges and blockers help you go over and around other colors without touching them. Sixty cards take you from beginner- to expert-level challenges and put your spatial reasoning skills to the test! Set includes a puzzle grid with a base for storage, 6 colors of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 4 bridge pieces, 4 bridge blockers, 60 cards with solutions, and instructions. Truly a mind-stretching exercise! ~ Megan

  • Item #: 071854
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.50

    An adorable 3-D sliding puzzle with a bit of a twist. The little squirrels in this puzzle are all holding their acorn stash in front of them, and the board has holes in it for your squirrels’ acorns to be buried. Rather than guiding the squirrels out of the puzzle, your objective is to help them all drop their acorns into the ground. When all the acorns have been buried, you’ve solved the puzzle! There are 60 progressively more difficult puzzle scenarios and a plastic traveling lid included. – Janine

  • Item #: 067841
    ISBN: 9781454918110
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

     You wait at the dock as a cabin cruiser approaches. Joining six other people (three men and three women) you embark on journey four miles from the mainland to Montague Island. Your mission is to solve a variety of murder mystery activities which leads you to learn more about the guests, the house, the island and even a secret about the mansion itself. A unique, thought provoking twist on the typical logic book. Solutions included. Spiral bound. 96 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 055486
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

    Not only is this little logic game fun to play, but it comes in a sturdy and compact package. Brightly colored plastic pieces fit together in patterns which you try to recreate from the directions booklet. 120 possible designs insure kids will have a lot of options in their play. The pieces look like little balls that are stuck together, but as you turn them around, the configurations change. You are fitting them into holes on a 5" x 10" grid. The entire game is a compact 5.5" x 3.5" x.75", making it a good one to fit in your purse for those times you need to entertain on the go. The game is hard enough to be a challenge, yet easy enough for kids to feel smart! ~ Sara

  • Item #: 042381
    Retail: $34.95
    Rainbow Price: $24.95
  • Item #: 039506
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.50

    This is not your average board game. Yes, there are cute playing pieces, obstacles and rules, but everyone plays the game until the end AND learns programming fundamentals along the way! The game is played by 1-4 "Turtle Masters" who are trying to get their turtle to the matching jewel on the grid-like game board. In the most basic game play, the players lay out action cards for their turtle, and the parent (or older sibling) acts as "Turtle Mover" and acts out the turtle's movement on the game board. As players get comfortable with the game, you can add "unlockables" to the game board – obstacles like ice walls, stone walls and crates. Turtles must work around each of these obstacles in a different way. As players advance, there are options for upping the ante, like having players lay out all of their action cards in a complete "program," then moving the turtle across the board all at once and seeing if he ends at the jewel. Created by a computer programmer and dad, this is a unique way to show kids how programming works in a fun and visual way! For 2-5 players. – Jess

  • Item #: 018671
    ISBN: 9781523502714
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    This collection of Mensa-sanctioned puzzles and brainteasers features 365 word, math, and logic puzzles designed to jump-start your brain for the day.

  • Item #: 049512
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Improve your spatial IQ with this fun family game! The game consists of 60 transparent cards, each containing color images of a small round ball and hoop. A Swish is created by layering two or more cards so that every ball fits into a hoop of the same color. Mentally flip, rotate and stack the cards to make as many Swishes as you can. A drawstring storage bag is included for playing on the go. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 043129
    ISBN: 9781402743962
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.95
  • Item #: 038893
    Retail: $26.99
    Rainbow Price: $24.25

    Encourage critical thinking skills with this logic puzzle that grows with children. The rules are easy: choose your puzzle, orient the game board, and place the little pigs (and big bad wolf with the 'night puzzles') to match the pictured challenge. Place the 3 puzzle pieces on the game board so that the houses fit over the pigs, but not the wolf - he must stay outside! 48 puzzles increase in difficulty from Learner to Master. Solutions are provided. Includes hardcover, wordless picture book of the Three Little Pigs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 037260
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  • Item #: 035684
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  • Item #: 031965
    Retail: $8.00
    Rainbow Price: $6.50
    A simple, portable 3D puzzle. Each colorful plastic square is connected to the next by an elastic string and hollowed out on several sides, allowing it to twist and turn in order to reshape the structure. The goal is to manipulate each segment to fit the picture in each challenge. This simple to understand puzzle is a great fidgeting toy, with 80 puzzles to keep your hands occupied.
  • Item #: 031045
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

    This unique logic game will throw you for a loop, literally! Choose one of 40 challenges (starting with easy and gradually getting harder) and set up the challenge according to the card. Using the pieces shown on the bottom of the card, you must connect the start to the finish by creating a usable track for the roller coaster car. Not only must you get from start to finish, but you must account for track height in 3D space as well. Includes coaster car, 39 tracks, 36 post pieces, base, and 40 challenge cards. Laura

  • Item #: 030927
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.75

     Take logic fun on the road with Clue Master. Help Tippy the dog return to his dog house by following the visual clues to form a specific pattern with magnetic bones, tennis balls, and food bowls on the 3x3 grid. Each shape has one of each color – red, green, blue. From the makers of Chocolate Fix, this game uses the same type of deduction to solve the puzzles, but is more of a travel game. 40 puzzles (10 each of beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert) with solutions are in a spiral-bound book with a foldout magnetic board at the back. When you aren’t playing the game, just place the pieces on the board and fold it in to protect your playing pieces until next time. 1 player

  • Item #: 023183
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

    Bust into a new dimension of IQ puzzle solving! This new addition features 120 new 2D and 3D challenges. The top of the game board features two separate grids, one for 2D puzzles and another for 3D pyramid puzzles, while the bottom serves as an entirely different 2D grid.

  • Item #: 021537
    ISBN: 9780486450742
    Retail: $3.95
    Rainbow Price: $3.50

    There are a lot of Sudoku books on the market; however, this one is geared towards children from ages 8-13. It contains 48 puzzles with interesting illustrations for hours of fun. No math skills are needed, just reasoning and logic. The first 24 puzzles use the numbers 1-4, and the remaining 24 puzzles use the numbers 1-9. The instructions are at the front of the book to get you started, and the solutions are at the back. 64 pgs, pb. - Stephanie A.

  • Item #: 021097
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

       Place one of the 48 challenge cards below the transparent cover of this card-deck sized box. Set up the grid to match the card and the challenge begins! Flip the weighted block side to side or end to end to get it from start to finish in the fewest moves possible. The easiest challenges take just a few flips; the most difficult take over 20. This 1-player brainteaser game is travel friendly.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 017632
    Retail: $16.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    Some crazy farmer has decided to stack his animals upright, sideways, upside-down, and even on top of each other to get them to fit perfectly in the pen! Based on the current challenge card, your job is to fit the specified animals within a rectangular grid. The animals are all different shapes, of course, so corralling them together requires an added layer of spatial reasoning. Includes 36 challenge cards and 9 adorable farm animals.

  • Item #: 017526
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    Rainbow Price: $10.50

  • Item #: 017520
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  • Item #: 017152
    ISBN: 9781933054384
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    They're the Logic Link Puzzles kids love but a more game-like form! This set includes 166 puzzles at various levels and 32 small plastic, colored game chips. Each puzzle is presented on a 5" x 5" puzzle card and uses a series of clues to instruct a player where to place chips to solve the puzzle, requiring deductive reasoning and determination. The cards are double-sided, with a puzzle on both sides, and while outlines show where to place the game chips, instructions tell where to put specific colors (i.e. the green chip is adjacent to the yellow chip, the red chip touches only yellow chips, the topmost chip touches the blue chip, etc.). Beginner puzzles form a single row of chips and usually have two clues; intermediate puzzles form a rectangle and require 4-6 clues; advanced puzzles form a square of three rows and usually have 7-8 clues; and expert puzzles form a circle of chips, with 5-8 clues. Cards are color-coded by difficulty and the game is stored in a cardboard box.

  • Item #: 015607
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.95

    Programming isn’t just for the computer in this game! The idea is to “program” your way through each puzzle, using a specific combination of movements. Included in the game is an avatar, a portal, various move tokens (actions your avatar can take such as jumping, sliding, or running), power crystals, and enemy tokens, along with a map book and guide book. The map book contains puzzles of increasing difficulty with color-coded paths, which indicate which movement you need to go down the path, numbered spaces for power crystals, your avatar, and the portal. The guide book is your “program”: you place movement tokens on the various slots available in that puzzle, and then “run the program” by moving your avatar based on what tokens you placed in the guide book. The goal is to program your avatar to collect all gems, fight enemies, and navigate your way to the portal. Once you have a successful program, you can move on to the next level! But be warned: though the early levels are simple, there’s only one solution to each puzzle. Later puzzles feature loops, one-way paths, and non-linear programming logic in the guidebook. While the main goal is to demonstrate how computer programs “think”, the game is also great for developing planning, sequential logic, and problem-solving skills. Code Master is a single-player game, but can easily be passed around level-by-level for some family fun!

  • Item #: 015606
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

    Combine logic and science for a fun, electrifying lesson in circuitry. Sixteen tokens snap into place in different combinations to complete the circuit and light the beacon. Challenge cards get you started by showing where to place your starter token, and then you figure out where to place the other tokens needed to complete the pattern (circuit). Three AAA batteries (not included) are placed in the battery receptacle, which is also your start token. The start and finish tokens are wired together and are the power supply for your circuit. You are to use only the tokens seen on the challenge card. There are 60 challenge cards divided into four levels beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. Light up your logical thinking with this twist on the Rush Hour game.▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 013922
    ISBN: 9781593630911
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95