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Logic Kindergarten

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    Young children will appreciate this hands-on approach to developing analytic thinking skills via an exploration of shapes, colors, and patterns. The activities require three types of manipulatives: attribute blocks, pattern blocks, and interlocking (or multilink) cubes. Like the Building Thinking Skills program, activities cover four key areas: Similarities and Differences, Sequences, Classifications, and Analogies. Simple activity instructions appear at the top of each page as a basic guideline for the teacher. The activity book itself is approximately 250 pages. Manipulatives are not included. Required manipulatives for this program are as follows: A) Pattern Blocks – set of 100 in six colors and shapes (triangle, trapezoid, rhombus (2 types), hexagon, square); B) Interlocking Cubes – set of 100 (plastic cubes that link on all sides, 10 cubes of 10 different colors); C) Attribute Blocks – set of 60 (pieces come in 5 shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle, hexagon), 3 colors (red, blue, yellow), 2 sizes (large, small), 2 thicknesses). ~ Anh
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    ISBN: 9780838826423
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    ISBN: 9781601841278
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    Word problems are a fun way to build logic and comprehension skills. These particular problems focus on language rather than math. Children have to pay close attention to the wording and details to solve the problems. Introduce a problem a day as a warm up activity. Because these are made for young students, the vocabulary and situations are relatable and familiar, built around a family named the Wordly's. There is a performance assessment after every 7 problems, and 77 total problems (not counting the testing opportunities.) Here is a problem from the middle of the book called Pajama Drawer:

    First is the word problem, "The youngest Wordly boy's dresser holds his pajamas, pants, & shirts. The dresser has 3 drawers. Each type of clothing is in a separate drawer. The middle drawer holds his shirts. His pants are in the bottom drawer. In which drawer are his pajamas? Then you talk about it, "Are his pants & pajamas in the same drawer? (no) How many drawers are there? (3) How many different types of clothing are there? (3) The next step is called picture it: (materials: paper & pencil) Draw 3 drawers. Draw to show where the shirts are. Draw where the pants are. Draw where his pajamas are. And finally, the solution: The pajamas are in the top drawer.

    The performance assessments have this same format, the students are just doing it without any help from you. In the back is a page index where you can look up a certain skill such as time, money, shape, sequence, etc. The problems are short and sweet, as a warm up should be, but are enough to get your little learners thinking critically and actively. Spiral bound, sc, 6.5x8.5", 90pp ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9781593630928
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    This book practices seven different thinking skills (sequencing, relationships, analogies, deductive reasoning, patterns, making inferences, and analysis) presented in a format designed for the pre-reader. You may well be able to use this book even for preschool children. Visual clues introduce and reinforce higher-level thinking.

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    ISBN: 9780838822838
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    ISBN: 9781892069467
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    For both readers and non-readers. Problems in the first half are illustrated, but problems in the second half use word sets only.

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    ISBN: 9780894558726
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    ISBN: 9781449418229
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    A logic and strategy puzzle for your earliest learner, from age 2 on up! This adorable game features 3 brightly-colored wooden blocks, a cute wooden rabbit and 60 challenge cards. Kids are invited to manipulate the blocks and rabbit to match the pictures on the cards. The full-color challenge card deck consists of 15 cards each of four difficulty levels. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 053432
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    While adults and older children have a menagerie of puzzles and games to use, younger children tend to be a less targeted audience. This challenge puzzle game gives them a variety to work with. Your goal is to fit together four colored right-angle wooden blocks in the frame of a car. The trick is, each block has cartoon "eyes" that act as the car's eyes when the puzzle is complete. This means they have to focus both on fitting the pieces and in arranging them properly. Being geared for younger kids, all of the puzzle's pieces are large and blocky for ease of grip and manipulation.

  • Item #: 039181
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    Want to work on logical thinking with your preschooler? Consider this IQ-building product from Smart Games. The object is to arrange the 7 wooden block-like pieces into the same structure shown in the color booklet. 48 challenges are included, in four difficulty levels: starter, junior, expert, and master. Correct solutions are provided on the back of each challenge. Great for developing a young child's spatial reasoning abilities.
  • Item #: 006248
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    This may look like a wooden stacking toy for toddlers, but it's really a logic game for preschoolers! Kids will develop logical reasoning, strategic planning, and visual/spatial perception as they select and stack colorful wooden blocks in various patterns. Kids arrange the 10 painted wooden pieces on 3 vertical pegs to recreate scenes from the challenge booklet. The first 24 scenes are "Day" scenes, illustrated in full color. The 24 "Night" scenes are illustrated in silhouette (so it's more challenging). Two blocks are smiley faces, two are cylinders, one is a triangle, and the rest are unconventional shapes that can represent almost anything (depending on the context in the challenge book.). The challenge book is spiral-bound at the top, stands up like a table tent, and has 48 challenges in 4 different levels. The "Night" challenges can be checked simply by swiveling the challenge book to look at the scene shown on the "Day" sideit should be identical to the silhouette. No matter what the challenge level, kids will have hours of fun with this hands-on game. And yes, it is a great stacking toy for toddlers, too! ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 027800
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    How hard can it be to put 3 shapes into the bed of the truck so that the tops are flush? Harder than I thought! This spatial perception logic puzzle from Smart Games challenges youngsters with 48 puzzles. For each puzzle, a page from the spiral-bound puzzle book shows a color picture of the puzzle pieces to be used and the truck to put the pieces in. The back of the page shows the completed puzzle. The book contains 12 puzzles for each age from 4 to 7, and each puzzle shows a gauge of difficulty within the age range. The most challenging puzzles have as many as 8 shapes going into 3 trucks. Included are 10 different plastic shapes, 3 cute little wooden trucks with rolling wheels, and the puzzle book. ~ Bob

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  • Item #: 023876
    ISBN: 9780982458624
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    Now your youngest players can play SET, too! SET Junior contains a colorful two-sided game board, 27 tiles, and 24 point chips. Each tile has a set of 1-3 geometric shapes in a variety of colors. Side 1 of the game board introduces kids to the concept of SETs, as they match their tiles to those on the board (by color, number, and symbols). Side 2 is more open-ended, with space for players to place their completed SETs. How many can you find? ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 007935
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    Explore sets, classification, and relationships using attribute logic blocks. Desk set of 60 plastic blocks come in 5 shapes, 3 colors, 2 sizes, and 2 thicknesses. Build "attribute" trains with only 1 attribute the same (or only 1 different), or 2, etc. Classify pieces based on common characteristics, build overlapping and intersecting sets. Helps children develop awareness of logical relationships. Comes with sorting/storing tray and instruction activities booklet. (Here's a handy tip from one of our resourceful customers... the lid for the blocks can also double as a stencil!)

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    ISBN: 9780894554377
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    ISBN: 9781941082522
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