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    Similar to other titles in the Usborne Science Activities series, this book features interesting and easy-to-read science facts with an abundance of simple but exciting activities to demonstrate the concepts. Each two-page spread focuses on a different aspect of plants, including germination, growth, nutrients, light, flowers, trees, movement, useful plants, and more. The pages are filled with general information, interesting facts, and several fun activities to complete. For example, after reading about plant growth, readers can plant beans in a jar and watch them grow, investigate what plants need to grow, make a bottle garden, make a leaf rubbing, grow bulbs and carrot tops, and much more. - Jess

  • Item #: 012201
    ISBN: 9780794530488
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    Covers various things of the sea and ocean, including underwater life, all kinds of animals, boats and ships, pollution, seashore life, coral reefs, unknown seas, and much more. This book also supplies Internet links to approved sites with additional information, pictures, and activities.

  • Item #: 012202
    ISBN: 9780794528058
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    Rainbow Price: $9.99

    Provides information and statistics on the sky, telescopes, space missions, astronaut training, satellites, the sun, moon, stars, planets, and more. It also lists Internet sites for additional information.

  • Item #: 012200
    ISBN: 9780794528966
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    Rainbow Price: $19.99

    This 400-page paperback text from Usborne is a fantastic reference guide that provides an extensive overview of world geography. First, you get a general overview of planet Earth. Next, more detailed sections cover the geographical phenomena of earthquakes, volcanoes, oceans, weather, climate, and world ecosystems. The people and cultures of the world (North America, South America, Australasia and Oceania, Asia, Europe, and Africa) are then extensively discussed, followed by an Atlas of the World portion of the book comprised of various maps (60 total) of all seven continents. The text concludes with a Fact File section that provides a medley of information on topics including but not limited to geographers and scientists, world records, time zones, constellations, and types of government.

    To take advantage of the interactive component of this book, visit the hundreds of websites recommended throughout the text. These sites were chosen to provide further information about people and places of the world and are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure subject appropriateness and working order. Although it is internet-linked, the Encyclopedia of World Geography is a complete book that can be used on its own. ~ Enh

  • Item #: 052278
    ISBN: 9781600066245
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    While churches can be terrific places to find community and support, the way we live out our faith comes mostly from within our homes. With this observation as the premise, authors Tim and Alison Simpson present an un-ordinary devotional book one that aims to move your family to action both to affect your individual lives and to let your lives begin spilling over into the world around you. Each of the 40 devotional chapters are simple, but deep. Reaching In sections bring your family together in creative ways for discussion on a subject. Reaching Into the Word furthers those discussions by giving a scripture passage to read as well as questions (different sets for different age groups). Finally, Reaching Into the World challenges you to apply what youre learning And not necessarily in easy ways (the very first one challenges you to donate all of the non-perishable food you currently have in your house yes, all of it!). Are you ready to break out of passive life and into action for Christ? 181 pgs., pb. Chad

  • Item #: 022824
    ISBN: 9780679891154
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

    The Cat in the Hat takes kids on an exploration of the planets, what they are like, the order they are in, and how to remember their names. Also included in this adventure is a glance at some constellations and a look at the sun and moon.

  • Item #: 040230
    ISBN: 9781581341065
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

    This devotional book for young kids was written by Susan and Richie Hunt and it will help teach the basic truths of the Christian faith to children. The book is broken into 36 sections that you can use for daily or weekly devotions. Each section starts with about five questions for children to answer that have to do with the devotion (for example, Who made you?, What else did God make? and Why are you to glorify God?). The book recommends you have children memorize the answers. Then there is a story about two siblings, Cassie and Caleb, and their friends Angus and Daniel. Cassie, Caleb, and Angus all go to Sunday school, but Daniel is new to the neighborhood and not familiar with Christianity. As the easy-to-read story progresses, readers will learn along with Cassie and Caleb that Gods ways are best, and even kids can live for His glory. They discover along with Daniel what it means to be a Christian. After each section of the story, there are Lets Talk and Lets Pray sections. The talking sections provide a few discussion questions so kids can review what happened in the story and draw out any Biblical concepts. The praying section includes a Bible verse and a prayer prompt. The readable story, helpful discussion questions, and catechisms (questions with answers to memorize) make this an ideal resource for introducing Biblical concepts to your children. Repeatedly reading the stories will reinforce the application of Biblical principles, and answering the questions will ensure they know some of the big truths about Christianity. 160 pgs, hc. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9780970877055
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    A common marketing expression years ago was Ask the man that owns one, the idea being that someone who has lived with something over time knows it pretty well. Who better then to share their experiences with you than Rick and Marilyn Boyer, parents of 12 children who began their home education experience in 1980. They have experienced the rewards and challenges, highs and lows, kudos and questions that arose from raising and educating a large family.

    This book offers encouragement. The first section deals with making the decision to home educate and opens with the chapter Of Course You Can. Rick (the primary author) addresses teacher credentials, time constraints, financial limitations, and social pressures. Chapter 2 reviews the biblical principals involved concerning child training, with the third chapter focusing on clarifying your goals, motivation, and training methods for successfully educating your children.

    Part 2 gets into the nuts of bolts of home education, starting with the curriculum and materials to be used. Next comes the structure of the training when and where do we work with the student, what type of learner is each student, which subjects should I focus on and at what age, what testing is appropriate. And, how do I make learning fun and interesting, so that the student really wants to grow in wisdom and knowledge?

    The last 6 chapters address peripheral but important issues spiritual training, appropriate discipline, where does Dad fit in if Mom is the primary instructor, socialization, preparing for a career and the advisability of college.

    Many books of this ilk are chock full of the authors personal experiences and cute stories about their kids. To their credit, the Boyers clearly present their beliefs and preferences without getting into a lot of family history. You will find many quotes from and references to the Bible, practical advice and a good summary of their home education experience, and the idea that ordinary parents can produce extraordinary children. 271 pg, pb. - Bob

  • Item #: 032235
    ISBN: 9781581342598
    Retail: $18.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    This book was written to be a natural follow up to the much-appreciated For the Childrens Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. While that book has inspired (and continues to inspire) many parents and educators, it has also left them with a desire for an even deeper understanding of the Charlotte Mason philosophy and her teaching methods. This book was written in response to their requests for further help and guidance in implementing these techniques. The book was written by a handful of contributors, including Macaulay, all of whom are deeply involved in education and are Charlotte Mason advocates. The book holds six chapters. The first two cover The Value of Charlotte Masons Work for Today, and The Child is a Person. The third chapter discusses the Four Pillars of Education - atmosphere, discipline, life, and the science of relations. In the Distinctives of a Charlotte Mason Education chapter, a wide variety of topics are addressed, including living books, narration, poetry, history, mathematics, nature study, music appreciation, foreign languages, physical education, and many more. The last two chapters are entitled Broader Application of Charlotte Masons Teaching Principles, and An Applied Philosophy. This is a highly-informative book which takes the topic of education quite seriously. 254 pgs, pb. - Melissa

  • Item #: 044584
    Retail: $12.95
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    This book is a fabulous resource for learning about Earths many ecosystems and inhabitants. Its filled with beautiful full-colored photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams that showcase the wonder and beauty of the natural world. The content of the book is divided into four main sections covering everywhere from the harsh desert to the cold arctic tundra of the North and South Poles and from the depths of the Earths oceans to the tops of the trees of the tropical rain forests. Each section covers a wide array of topics ranging from weather and climate to living organisms in each ecosystem to preservation and protection efforts. Did you know that the largest herd of caribou is probably the George River herd of North American, numbering 750,000 animals? Or that only two flowering plants grow on Antarctica? These and hundreds more fun facts can be found in this book! sc, 128 pg. -Enh

  • Item #: 053532
    Retail: $21.00
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    If you have a creative child who likes lap-books, they will enjoy this project. Simply print the information from the CD-ROM, then the fun begins as your student constructs the Learn n Folder. Directions are clear about the cutting and folding you will have to do and how to make it all fit into the file folders you use as the base of this project (no paper is included.) In the end you have an interactive study tool. Topics include: 13 colonies, Betsy Ross, our flag, synonyms for freedom, Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, Treaty of Paris, National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, 5-point star, Continental Congress, fireworks, Lee Resolution, Intolerable Acts, Unalienable Rights, famous speeches, and Common Sense.

  • Item #: 019190
    ISBN: 9780152015459
    Retail: $7.00
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    I have to say, there are so many alphabet books out there that they normally dont catch my eye when reviewing products for the catalog. However, this one did, and reading through the sample copy was quite enjoyable. Its one of those books where you can hardly wait to turn the page and see what could possibly be next. Each page showcases a particular letter, but instead of just showing a picture of an object that starts with that letter, two words that begin with that letter are put together as an unlikely pair, and the colorful illustrations illustrate just that. For example, "M" is represented by a "Macaroni merry-go-round", and above is a lively picture of happy children riding noodles around a carousel decorated with macaroni noodles. "O" is shown with "Octopus overalls", and you guessed it - the clothesline is full of swaying overalls, complete with eight legs. Overall, definitely a delightful and amusing trip through the alphabet for you and the kids. - Jess

  • Item #: 049654
    ISBN: 9781585741373
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $15.75

    Immerse yourself in the character and culture of the men and women who conquered the American frontier! Reminiscent of the David Macaulay building and engineering books, the author successfully recreates life on the American frontier with engaging text and first rate, black & white illustrations. Beginning in Jamestown, 1607, you will be transported through the early life and times of America and be introduced to the history of the Germans and Scots in Pennsylvania, the flint lock rifle, building of log cabins, forts, medicine and witchcraft, and what childhood looked like. The author weaves the story of the Seven Year War, the Revolutionary War, Land Ordinances, the Louisiana Purchase and the Northwest exploration. We learn of steam boats, the cotton frontier, early railroads, fur trade, the Oregon Trail, the history of the Mormon Church, stage coaches in California, Civil War and the West, and the Cattle Drives. Each chapter provides abundant illustrations and maps, and interesting text to bring alive the early days of America, this book breathes life into American history studies. Pb, 161 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 031075
    Retail: $35.00
    Rainbow Price: $21.57

    Homeschool mom Sandy Strenkowski (author of the Charlotte Mason-inspired Living Learning Books science curriculum) found herself poring over a wide variety of history curriculums on the lookout for one that met all of her criteria, but try as she might, she didnt find one. So, she decided to put together her own, using many of the same ideas and methods she incorporated into Living Learning Books. If youve used and liked Living Learning Books science, you may want to check out Ancient History for your history studies. Just browsing through the program, it appears well-organized, engaging, and multi-faceted, incorporating a wide variety of subjects - particularly in the language arts area.

    There are 114 lessons in the study, spanning the period between Creation and 444 B.C. The "backbone" of the lessons is in the "three Rs" - reading, reflecting, and recording. For each lesson, the student will read assigned pages from one or several resource books. Additional assignments incorporated into many of the lessons include geography, Bible, handwriting, art appreciation, hands-on projects, timeline activities, and more. Although not every lesson includes every kind of assignment, each lesson includes the "Three Rs" and a selection of additional assignments so the workload for each lesson isnt overwhelming.

    The "command center" of the study is the Teachers Manual, which includes a lesson-by-lesson outline of assignments and activities, as well as a helpful lesson plan grid. The lesson plan grid displays the reading assignments and activities for every lesson in a quick, at-a-glance format, which should help tremendously with lesson planning. After a short section written to orient the user to the format and organization of the curriculum, the remainder of the Teachers Manual is devoted to the detailed lesson plans. Lesson plans contain all assignments and lesson suggestions, including reading, handwriting, enrichment activities, answers to the reviews (test) and more, as well as a list of required resources for the lesson, project supplies (if applicable), and the corresponding student pages. Please note that either the Usborne Ancient World OR the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History is required, not both. Jess

  • Item #: 001597
    ISBN: 9780689835681
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    A told B, and B told C, Ill meet you on top of the coconut tree. This rollicking rhythmic beginning starts a lively, tongue-tingling adventure as all the characters from A to Z try to climb to the top of the coconut tree. But will there be enough room? With an insistent, repetitive chorus of chicka, chicka, boom, boom, this book entertains while teaching the alphabet without even trying. Capital and small letters are both introduced. When all the letters get to the top of the tree, it bends over and all the baby (lower case) letters fall out. Then, each adult (upper case) letter comes, rescues its baby, and runs home to take care of their various (not serious) injuries. A very clever presentation of the alphabet.

  • Item #: 002450
    ISBN: 9780553214024
    Retail: $4.95
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

    Set in the French Revolution, when members of the noble class were considered enemies and executed by beheading. The Scarlet Pimpernel, a daring Englishman, becomes a hero to those condemned, saving them from the guillotine. Chauvelin has vowed to end his meddling, but first he must discover the identity of the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel. (Note: Some inappropriate language.)

  • Item #: 052471
    ISBN: 9781603425636
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    Learn all about the insects living in your own backyard with this fascinating book. Over 40 different types of insects are covered including ladybugs, dragonflies, stick insects, wasps, bees, monarch butterflies, moths, and much more. Beautiful close-up, color photographs let you see these tiny creatures in amazing detail. Captions and field notes explain the physical characteristics, behaviors, and other intricacies of the insects. Each insects unique growth pattern is explained with captioned photographs. For example, youll learn how some insects begin as eggs, hatch into larva, then grow into pupa before emerging from their shells as adults. Other insects progress from eggs, to nymphs, then adults. Still others hatch as caterpillars, develop into chrysalises, and emerge as butterflies. An introductory chapter provides an overview of the seasonal cycles, plant life cycles, soil life cycles, and life cycles of insects and spiders. The back of the book includes easy comparison photo guides to eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults; captioned photos of the top host and nectar plants for attracting insects; and an index. 127 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 019632
    ISBN: 9780890513774
    Retail: $13.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.50

    In this volume, students examine the earth in 16 chapters, starting with ecosystems and biomes, learning about biotic (living), and abiotic (non-living) factors that affect our ecosystem, such as population growth, energy flow, food, and light, temperature, water and minerals. The last several units focus on individual species and their relations with one another, and environmental problems like pollution.

  • Item #: 003721
    ISBN: 9780742416246
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.32

    This little kit presents a fun, colorful introduction to numbers. A thin write and wipe book invites students to count their way from one to ten. Each page showcases a different number, although the pages themselves are very similar. They contain a colorful scene with many different objects representing the number (three little frogs, three porcupines, three flowers, three dragonflies, etc.) which students can count. A guided line in the middle offers a place for students to practice writing the number. At the bottom of the page, children are encouraged to place the appropriate number of frogs (using the included frog counters) on the pond or log. Another couple of pages offer more counting activities, and the last spread in the book features a fun counting game. Kit includes the write n wipe book, a write n wipe pen, ten frog counters, and a 0-10 spinner housed in a sturdy box complete with a handle. Melissa

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