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Little Women

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    ISBN: 9781402712364
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    A mother/daughter devotional study to celebrate that special bond. If you can set aside one hour per week for sixteen weeks, you will both be enriched, and come away with a better understanding of each other. Each devotional time has a particularly appropriate topic and begins with selected scripture to read together. After briefly recording what you each think is the main point of the reading, you read the story (out loud or together) and its "moral". Discussion questions are directed to the daughter. These are followed by looking up specific Bible verses and having her record what the Bible has to say. After this background work, the two of you can have a deeper discussion of the topic, lead by questions directed to mom, daughter, or both, along with spaces for recording these thoughts. Each devotional time ends with a scripture to memorize, recording a goal for the week, and a short closing prayer.

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    ISBN: 9780486410234
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    This unabridged edition contains the original classic as well as "Good Wives", or "Little Women Part 2".

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    ISBN: 9780802429421
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    This book radiates love! As you and your daughter progress through the Bible study (designed to take 1-2 hours a week for 16 weeks), this pretty, spiral bound book will slowly transform into a keepsake. The two of you will be brought closer as you share thoughts about her birth and special moments in your lives. Engage in further discussions and search scripture on topics such as showing respect, making friends, obeying God, hospitality, apologizing, belonging to God, praying, doing what is right, and more. My favorite parts of the book are all the neat extra-special activity ideas for mother and daughters. Some are purely for fun, and others to commemorate life-firsts such as a first sleepover or camp. God bless you as the love and warmth contained in this study becomes an anticipated time in your week for you to disciple your daughter. ~ Genevieve

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    ISBN: 9780679861751
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    ISBN: 9780192737465
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    ISBN: 9781933486017
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    A deluxe hardbound novel by Louisa May Alcott. This is a Core Classics Plus study edition, which includes guided reading, discussion questions and suggested activities. This novel can be used in conjunction with the Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum, but can also be read by students on an independent basis. Contains simple black and white illustrations and vocabulary-in-context reference material. 264 pgs, hc.

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    ISBN: 9781607105480
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    ISBN: 9781402714580
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    ISBN: 9780974303109
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    This classic study guide is famous for giving a thorough exposition of every Bible passage about women. It may seem a little intensive to some, as it covers a wide range of Scriptures and topics, but those who have the patience to study it are usually rewarded with a deeper understanding of the Bible and women's roles. Promoting Biblical equality, the book studies passages in their original language and takes historical context into account while discussing women's place in the church and home. Written by a champion of social reform and the oppressed, the book shows how translation issues and possible misunderstandings of Scripture have led to the repression of women in the church. Her detailed dissection of each passage makes this book a must-read for those studying male/female roles. The book was written in 1923 and, as such may contain some dated language and views, but the explanation of Bible passages is still highly valuable. By Katharine C. Bushnell, 390 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9780553212754
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    ISBN: 9781932168709
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    Guide covers only Chapters 1-23

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    ISBN: 9781615389032
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    ISBN: 9781615389025
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    ISBN: 9781581306316
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    Features paper dolls of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy and 16 different mid-Victorian outfits to dress them in. Many of the outfits are based on scenes from the novel.

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    ISBN: 9780848112028
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    ISBN: 9780875527376
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    ISBN: 9781555760472
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    ISBN: 9781581306309
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    ISBN: 9781623412456
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    Subtitled "Historical Context for the Good and Great Books" from the Institute for Excellence in Writing this collection of book titles includes writings, biographies, plays, recordings, and films to portray a history of mankind. Created in a simple spreadsheet format, the columns represent: description/time period, title of resource, author, and approximate age/ability level of student. The material is chronologically indexed using Ancients, the Middles Ages, Renaissance/Reformation and the Modern World.

    The purpose of this resource is to save parents/teachers time planning out lessons. It can be used with any homeschool approach or teaching style. Use this guide to organize your history and literature studies from elementary to high school. Add a date to when your student completed a resource, and you can then transfer that to a transcript. Updated in 2016, this resource now includes instructions and samples for reader-response journaling as well. Literature for the Ancient period (5000 BC-400 AD) includes: Streams of Civilization, Book of Virtues, Adam and His Kin, Great Pyramid, Epic of Gilgamesh, D'Aulaire's Book of Myths, and many more. Some examples from the Middle Ages (400 AD-1450) are: Tales from Shakespeare, Story of the World Volume 2, Famous Men of the Middle Ages, Making of a Knight, Lantern Bearers, Beowulf, and several more. Books for the Renaissance/Reformation (1450-1850) include: America's God and Country, Leonardo DaVinci, Kite Fighters, Luther the Leader, Tempest, Under God, Along Came Galileo, Leviathan, and many others. Some selections for the Modern World (1850-present) are: Big Sky, David Copperfield, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Little Women, Old Yeller, Moccasin Trail, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Winston Churchill, Dracula, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Hobbit and more.

    Each page has a quote from a resource and many of these have Christian content, mentioning God, the church, Christ, faith, God's sovereignty and mercy, and prevailing with God's help. 92 pgs, pb, spiral-bound. ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9781717185464
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  • Item #: 069093
    ISBN: 9781545303122
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    The Commonplace Book (a place for copying poetry and passages from literature as well as other writings or information) replaces the copywork. Reviews and expands parts of speech, parts of a sentence, types of sentences, diagramming, literary analysis, descriptive writing, various types of narratives and adds sentence and paragraph construction, dialogue, introductions, and advanced punctuation.

    Enlightening Literature List: "Ransom of Red Chief," "Gift of the Magi," Emerald City of Oz, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Happy Prince and Other Tales, Little Women, Around the World in Eighty Days. Fables are Nasrudin stories from Middle Eastern folklore, retold by Rodney Ohebsion (and used by permission).554 pgs. pb.

  • Item #: MP6RAP
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    I, Juan de Pareja

    Where the Red Fern Grows book

    Little Women

    Across Five Aprils / Irene Hunt

    Oliver Twist

    Princess and the Goblin

    Tales From Shakespeare (Puffin Classic)

    Story of the Other Wise Man

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    ISBN: 9780763694500
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  • Item #: 040264
    ISBN: 9781587762529
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    Using classic and some modern literature as examples, this book introduces and reinforces literary techniques. The following literary terms/techniques are covered: connotation, dialogue, dialect, imagery, idiom, simile, metaphor, allusion, personification, hyperbole, understatement, irony, sarcasm, oxymoron, paradox, symbol, pun, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. Each term is defined and then one or more examples are given in the form of excerpts from classic/modern literature. Simple exercises then have students identify, explain, or use the technique. For example, when discussing idioms, the book defines it, gives three examples from Anne of Green Gables, and then includes four excerpts (one from Treasure Island and three from Little Women) that have idioms in them. The idioms are bolded in the sentence and students must write what the idiom means in standard English. Most literary devices receive 2-3 pages of examples and exercises. The end of the book has a few exercises that review all the topics covered in the book, along with a glossary of literary terms and an answer key. Inviting reviews, examples, and exercises make this a great resource for teaching literary devices. Reproducible, 80 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel