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Lightning Literature

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    The lessons in this Guide cover author's purpose, setting, vivid language in poetry, writing about culture, details in writing, character development, figurative language, conflict, symbolism, humor, meter in poetry, and writing a literary analysis. Mini-lessons cover taking notes, rewriting in your own words, free verse and ballad, rewriting your own words, citing sources, bibliography, fun poems, genre fiction, sentence structure, and more. The workpages give students the chance to practice the skills and concepts learned in the lessons along with composition skills (writing from note cards, rewriting in your own words, etc.), thinking skills (e.g., differentiating fact from opinion, identifying bias), and grammar review (e.g., capitalization, pronouns and antecedents)
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    Grade 2 Teacher – 340 pgs, pb; Grade 2 Student – 354 pgs, pb. Grade 2 Literature List(in order of lessons): Max's Words; Old Woman who Named Things; Bee Tree; Teedie, the Story of Young Teddy Roosevelt; Insect Detective; Three Questions; La Mariposa; Random House Book of Poetry for Children; Sequoyah; Anatole; Pop's Bridge; Patchwork Quilt; Sylvester and the Magic Pebble; Extraordinary Mark Twain; Polar Express; Enormous Crocodile; Snowflake Bentley; Many Moons; Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine; This is New York; Bears on Hemlock Mountain; Mouse Called Wolf; Boxcar Children; My Father's Dragon; 26 Fairmount Avenue; Mr. Popper's Penguins. ~ Janice
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    306 pgs, pb; Grade 1 Student – 467 pgs, pb, three-hole punched, landscape. Grade 1 literature List (in order of lessons): Harold and the Purple Crayon; Madeline; Snowy Day; Caps for Sale; Chickens Aren't the Only Ones; Umbrella; Important Book; Joseph had a Little Overcoat; Napping House; Tale of Peter Rabbit; Hello, Goodbye Window; Grandfather's Journey; Doctor De Soto; Frog and Toad are Friends; How the Grinch Stole Christmas!; Story of Ferdinand; Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Mother Goose Rhymes; Mabela the Clever; Make Way for Ducklings; Stellaluna; Chester's Way; Story About Ping; Mouse Soup; Bill and Pete to the Rescue; Best Friends for Frances; Always Room for One More; Tikki Tikki Tembo; Millions of Cats; Curious George Flies a Kite; Babar the King; This is London; Mike Mulligan and His Team Shovel; How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head; Big Orange Splot; and Wabi Sabi.
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    While the story of Hellen Keller may be familiar to you, it is something else entirely to hear her life described in her own words. Written in surprisingly simple text for a memoir of the early 1900s, Keller describes her struggles and growth in vivid detail that makes for a highly engaging read. Whether for casual reading or for scholastic value, this is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys stories of triumph in the face of adversity. 232 softcover pages. – Laura

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    ISBN: 9780141324524
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    Harold Bloom (originator of Bloom's Taxonomy, a hierarchy of learning) has selected the stories and poems in this anthology. Bloom does not accept the category of "Children's Literature" as he feels it implies stories have been dumbed down. He blends Kipling, Carroll, and Lear with Hawthorne, Gogol and Turgenev, all chosen to illuminate and entertain. He feels children often stop reading because they are not challenged by what they read. This anthology includes 41 stories (many quite short) and 83 poems, including 8 selections by Lewis Carroll. The writings are organized into four themed sections, one for each season. Most works are from the 19th century or earlier. Fantasy is represented in animal fables and fairy tales. Comedy is throughout. I loved reading Bloom's intro to the book. He is truly in love with the writing he has chosen for this collection. Some titles includes: the Wind and the Rain (Shakespeare,) A Crazy Tale (Chesterton,) the Remarkable Rocket (Wilde,) the Goose Girl (Bros Grimm,) the Stag Looking Into the Water (Aesop,) the Recessional (Saki,) the Red Shoes (Anderson,) the Eagle (Tennyson.) pb, 572pp. ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9780374416966
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    From Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer comes a collection of autobiographical stories about growing up in a ghetto during WWII. Although they are written from the perspective of a child, there is a depth to the stories to keep them engaging for older readers. There are some Jewish and Polish terms used throughout the book that might make this a little trickier for younger readers and might require a little bit of research if you wish to gain a complete understanding. Very in-depth and informative, written in an engaging manner. 227 soft cover pages with occasional black and white photographs. National book award winner. – Laura

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    ISBN: 9780141321004
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    ISBN: 9780142004418
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    Written by Gerald Durrell, this book is the first in a trilogy and tells the story of a family who escapes the dreary English climate and moves to Corfu, a Greek island. The youngest of the four children, Gary, begins to adopt many animals of all varieties including puppies, snakes, and birds. Life with these animals is documented in this enjoyable tale. 273 pgs, sc. – Laura

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    ISBN: 9780141321103
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    Tom Sawyer is the orphaned rascal who loves adventure and hates rules. Superstitious and devious, Tom gets into plenty of trouble on his own, but throw in a real-life murder, buried treasure, and getting lost in a cave during a Sunday school picnic and you've got real adventure. The unabridged Puffin Classics Juvenile edition has an introduction by Richard Peck, occasional b & w illustrations, a glossary, and historical background material. 320 pgs, pb.
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    ISBN: 9780141321073
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    ISBN: 9780140361216
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    It was this charming book that first introduced readers to Edward Bear - or, Winnie-the-Pooh as he came to be called. Written for A.A. Milne's son, Christopher, this book was the result of many bedtime stories about the bear and his friends - and even Christopher Robin himself. It is in this volume that readers will find the beloved stories in which Pooh disguises himself as a raincloud to trick some bees ("Tut, tut, it looks like rain"), Pooh becomes quite stuck in Rabbit's hole after a visit, Pooh and Piglet hunt for Woozles, Eeyore loses (and finds) his tail, Piglet meets a Heffalump, Piglet survives a flood, Christopher Robin leads an "expotition" to the North Pole, and more. Ten chapters, or stories, are included overall, accompanied by the original artwork of Pooh and his friends by Ernest H. Shepard. 161 pages, softcover.
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    ISBN: 9780545125086
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    ISBN: 9780486467702
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    If you're a fan of Aesop's fables, you've come to the right place. This book contains 147 of Aesop's treasured tales, including Ants and the Grasshopper, Fox and the Lion, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, and many more! Full color period illustrations appear on every page, bringing the tales to life. At the end of each fable, a brief maxim appears in italics, emphasizing the moral of the story. An hour long audio CD features narrations of 42 of the most popular tales from the book (with page references). Illus. by Milo Winter. 112 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa