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Life Skills

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  • Item #: 007497
    ISBN: 9780692283752
    Retail: $24.99
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    This instruction guide for teaching, learning, and developing the art of home economics is geared towards both boys and girls and was designed to be used by any teacher, regardless of personal experience. Lesson plans for each skill are laid out step-by-step, along with directions for the teacher, enabling anyone to use the course. If the teacher is unfamiliar with the lesson, they might feel more comfortable finding a friend or contact who has more knowledge in that particular area. For example, clear recipes are given for making jelly, but if you've never done this before you may find a friend who has. When discussing electricity and circuit loads in the house, it may prove useful to contact an electrician to give a short lecture. Let me reiterate that these suggestions are given, but the guide does contain enough information for any teacher to "pick it up and go." Because the course was written to be used in a co-op, as a unit study, or even just in a single classroom setting, it is thoughtfully laid out with lesson plans, supplies which should be provided by the students and those the teacher will provide, estimated length of time to completion, and any other relevant information for the lessons. Instruction sequences are provided for each subtopic lesson and include discussion questions, textual information, suggestions for activities and demonstrations, worksheets (reproducible for teaching purposes), homework (for upper level), and a comprehensive resource list. Answers are provided.

    The lessons cover herbs/spices, canning, gardening, bulb-growing, dough, pies & pastry, baking, beef, port, poultry, seafood, flower arranging, sewing essentials, automotive, energy & electricity, and knots. Inside each of these you'll find a nice variety of basic concepts and topics. Revised in 2014 and expanded, the manual now includes sections on gluten-free baking and numerous references to searching Pinterest and YouTube for instructional information and ideas as well as more thorough internet resources. 201 pgs, spiral bound. –Janice

  • Item #: 034857
    ISBN: 9780877884729
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Your kids may be involved in sports, music lessons, debate, and various other clubs, not to mention all of their schooling, but are they learning the most important skills? That is, have they mastered life skills - the ones they will need for their future when they leave your home and become independent adults? By Christine M. Field, this practical guide helps you incorporate life skill training into everyday life so you don't have to make room for yet another activity. Feeling as though she was not "life trained" when she was a child and wanting to prepare her own children for their futures, she decided to write this book to help all parents with this important task. There are fourteen chapters, each focusing on a different skill. Topics covered included responsibility, people skills, in the home skills, life navigation, time organization, space organization, maintaining and fixing things around the house, managing money, healthy grooming habits, using your brain, forming good spiritual habits, making decisions, creativity, and finding joy in everyday life. The personable, down-to-earth tone of the book makes it an enjoyable read for parents who want some useful ideas and knowledgeable help. The chapters are filled with valuable information, a variety of suggestions, relevant charts (both offering information such as the chart which portrays age appropriate chores and ones providing you with models you may want to utilize in your home like clothing records to keep track of everyone's wardrobes), and lots of encouragement. Each chapter concludes with a "Life Skills Checklist" with several points for you to read through so you can determine if you've successfully met the goals of the chapter. This is a wonderful resource encompassing the truly important life skills. 332 pages. - Melissa

  • Item #: 065724
    ISBN: 9781633321175
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  • Item #: 019855
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    Over 100 word problems that deal with ordinary situations such as ordering from a catalog, planning a family reunion, or estimating a grocery bill. Activities practice basic math skills. No instruction included. 28 pgs. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 022281
    ISBN: 9781773448121
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Learn benefits of volunteering along with vital skills for the work force: tips on filling out a job application and writing a resume; questions to expect at a job interview and how to prepare; skills to thrive on the job including communication skills to use with peers and supervisors; and employee rights.

  • Item #: 022287
    ISBN: 9781773448107
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Covers expenses associated with living alone; how to get around by understanding how to read a bus map; emergency preparedness skills in case of fire or who to contact in case of injury; and household tasks like using a plunger and defrosting a fridge.

  • Item #: 022267
    ISBN: 9781773448138
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    Includes Employment & Volunteering; Independent Living and Managing Money.

  • Item #: 022288
    ISBN: 9781773448114
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Create a monthly budget and identify ways to save money on purchases; understand how credit works and become familiar with the pitfalls before applying for a credit card; get to know how to open a savings account, and how to plan for the future; understand contracts and commitments of co-signing a loan.

  • Item #: 026403
    ISBN: 9781771673594
    Retail: $29.95
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  • Item #: 058554
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    A neat little tool to promote meaningful conversations with your children about things that really matter – building boundaries, forgiveness, honesty, or feelings, to name just a few of the 22 topics. Each card gives a brief definition/description on one side and on the other a number of discussion questions plus a couple of suggested activities to further your understanding and skill. For instance, the Empathy card has "Why does empathy play such a big role in our relationships with other?" as one of three questions. A suggested activity is to "See if you can feel how another person is feeling just by being with them." The 4.25" x 5.5" cards are graphically bold, laminated and collected together on a carabiner clip. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 012488
    ISBN: 9780825142581
    Retail: $23.00
    Rainbow Price: $16.95
  • Item #: 058523
    ISBN: 9781940129655
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $25.95

    The goal is to make the home inviting where its residents are comfortable and others feel welcome. The Girl's Complete Guide is thorough and has a lovely orientation the comfort of others and the model of the Proverbs 31 woman. The starting point is order and cleanliness; the methodology is clear instruction, reproducible checklists, and practice. Each color-coded section bathrooms, kitchen, living area, pantry, hospitality, bedrooms, closets, and yards/porches is covered in a similar fashion. A checklist (certificate of mastery) states what needs to be learned and accomplished and is followed by a listing of daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal tasks. These are then discussed with instruction and examples (interspersed with creative projects), and include insights from Aunt Sophie, the girls' homemaking mentor. Illustrations throughout are delightfully old-fashioned and entertaining snippets from vintage homemaking books (circa 1920s) are included (i.e. if the house has an indoor bathroom, then . . . . .). Well-organized and attractive, this is a guide for the serious homemaker-in-training, but not as overwhelming and all-encompassing as some. I'd be inclined to approach it as an on-going Life Skills class with the goal of mastering one or two areas each year while incorporating some of the basic skills into daily routines. If you're like me, you'll probably find that your ideas of housekeeping have been greatly expanded. 170 pgs, sc.~ Janice

  • Item #: 026434
    ISBN: 9781771673532
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    ISBN: 9781771673570
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  • Item #: 026444
    ISBN: 9781771673556
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  • Item #: 040250
    ISBN: 9780800722296
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    This manual delves into the wide variety of real-life skills young men will need as they move to life on their own in today's world. Guidance is given on personal care, social skills, food preparation, work and money management, sports how-to's, and vehicle and tool usage. Author Jonathan Catherman is an educational consultant and youth trainer specializing in character and leadership development, but he really focuses on practical skills in this book. His goal here is to help young men gain respect and avoid embarrassment.

    This self-help guide is divided into 10 chapters. Each starts with a two-page overview featuring tips from an expert in their field, then drills down to specific steps. Each step is only 2 or 3 sentences. Everything is to-the-point and clear. For instance, the Clothes & Style chapter starts with thoughts from Nate Retzlaff, an apparel design consultant who has worked with Nike, Adidas, Dakine, Reebok, X-Games, and ESPN, among others. Sections include how-to's like: Wash Laundry, Dry Laundry, Iron a Shirt, Iron Slacks, Shine Shoes, Tie a Tie, Sew on a Button, Treat a Stain, Fold a Shirt, Fold No-Pleat Pants, and Hang Slacks. The section on ironing a shirt breaks the process down into 9 clear steps.

    To make sure that he gets the reader's attention, the author starts out the book with a chapter on Women and Dating. Successive chapters include Social Skills and Manners, Work & Ethics, Wealth and Money Management, Grooming & Personal Hygiene, Clothes & Style, Sports & Recreation, Cars & Driving, Food & Cooking, and Tools and Fix-It. Every one of these chapters contains plenty of useful ideas that can be put into practice daily. Besides the easy-to-follow steps, each section ends with some expert advice.

    The author has obviously had plenty of experience working with young men, and distills his years of experience into this easy-to-follow guide. Let his experience be your guide.

  • Item #: 012489
    ISBN: 9780825142833
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  • Item #: 036878
    ISBN: 9781594760563
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  • Item #: 000905
    ISBN: 9780974218199
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

    This course would have been exactly what I was looking for several years ago when my own homeschoolers reached their teen years.  Instead of a comprehensive life skills preparation such as author Barbara Frank designed for her own children and now makes available to all homeschoolers, we had a hit and miss approach - a personal finance class here, some marriage and family reading there, with learning how to balance a checkbook thrown in for good measure.

      Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers is a curriculum that teaches the skills and values that teenagers need in the adult world.  Using a well-defined project approach, students research a place to live, figure out health insurance, come to understand credit and receive an introduction to basics like buying a car and setting up a budget. An attitude of prudence is encouraged with a stated goal of minimizing debt. The author also reviews concepts like getting along with family, friends, coworkers, and clients, finding a spouse, and living one's values - in other words applying the principles you've been teaching them since they were small. Now in its 3rd edition, this program features updates such as: new sections on borrowing money and bank accounts (each with three new projects), updates to the Financial Freedom Project and the Health Insurance Project (to reflect changes such as the Affordable Care Act), and a new section called "Work or College" to help you evaluate whether your teenager should pursue college and how to research potential careers.

      The book begins with the new "Work or College?" section to help you and your child evaluate the possibilities of each. Depending on which direction you are leaning, two different paths through the book's material are provided. Next is an excellent, annotated reading list, divided by topic. The Projects section follows. Starting with background information, each project continues with research and reading assignments.  These assignments are broken down into bite-sized pieces and often include the completion of various charts. Although the book is reproducible only for additional students in your family, they would be easy to replicate on any basic computer spreadsheet. Most projects include suggestions for further study and ways that parents can personalize the project by sharing from their own experience.

      Although a family could use one book for several children if each prepared his own notebook, the manual is so full of valuable information and checklists that around our house we would be much more comfortable with each student having his own copy. I think my "homeschooled" college students would profit from going through this course during summer break.  Revised and expanded; 160 pgs. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 062541
    ISBN: 9781594760624
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  • Item #: 026063
    ISBN: 9781452107752
    Retail: $16.99
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    Babysitting isn't just fun – it can also be a business venture! Budding entrepreneurs can learn how to manage kids – and a babysitting business - with the contents of this kit: an instructional handbook, twenty customizable business cards, and entertainment tools for sitting – activity cards, stickers, and reward coupons. The handbook focuses on successful babysitting tips such as how to care for babies, making food, breaking up sibling fights, etc., and also includes a section on safety and first aid. Everything comes in a kit small enough to throw into your bag and take along to gigs. – Rachel
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    ISBN: 9781594760648
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