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    ISBN: 9781629820378
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       This great resource can be used at the PK-K level to teach simple science concepts connected with Bible truth. 34 easy-to-use lessons include colored illustrations and pictures and supply list. “What to do” gives the steps for the activity or experiment, an explanation of what happened or was observed, and an application with Bible reference. Lessons are short and age-appropriate and can be used in conjunction with the Christian Liberty Preschool Activity Book or as a stand-alone science program. 28 lessons are themed with a letter of the alphabet. For example, J for Joyful Noise (Music). Children use jars of water in varying amounts to create music by tapping on them. The Bible Application is about music as worship, David playing his harp for King Saul, and the angels singing at Jesus’ birth. The 2-3 page lessons are random science concepts with fun hands-on activities. Note taking pages are included at the back. Spiral bound, 130 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780890518823
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    ISBN: 9780890518694
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    ISBN: 9781556524561
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    With an excellent blend of informational text, relevant activities, and interesting tidbits about daily life and times, this book would make a perfect companion to any study of the Revolutionary War. A timeline at the beginning of the book sets the stage with a detailed coverage of the years between 1754-1791, explaining the status of the 13 colonies at that point in time. The following chapters flesh out the story of the Revolutionary War in chronological order, beginning at 1760. Events related to the developing war are explained in engaging text, and sidebars feature short biographies of key players of the time and interesting facts about daily life during that period. 21 activities are sprinkled throughout, so kids can get a taste of history by playing games colonial children played, making "Liberty Punch" or brown bread, dancing a minuet, participating in a minuteman relay, re-enacting a battle, creating their own fringed hunting shirt, and much more. The text itself is quite engaging; even just browsing through the book, I kept getting caught up in the details of battles, or even just in the fascinating tidbits about what it was like to be a woman or child during that time! The illustrations also capture the flavor of the period, and include woodcuts, portraits and other illustrations from that era. Musket or no musket - everyone is sure to enjoy this trip back through history! - Jess

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    ISBN: 9781930092310
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    At this level, it is assumed that children have a good grasp of phonics. Selections include real-life stories demonstrating godly character traits and poems about children, families and nature. New vocabulary is introduced prior to each selection, but there are no comprehension questions. 190 pgs.

  • Item #: 038553
    ISBN: 9781932971507
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    In May of 1844 the Stephen Company, made up of 200 pioneers, headed west from Independence, MO. Their destination: Willamette River, Oregon. The Oregon Trail would take them through pieces of 5 modern-day states in their trek to the west – as well as through many dangers and new experiences for every family member. Young cousins Jerry and Jim share many adventures and discoveries with the other children of this wagon train as they traverse the vast countryside. Their survival in the face of wild animals, raiding and trading Indian tribes, difficult topography, and weather is quite a tale. While a fictional story, the story creates an accurate picture of life for westward bound pioneers. By Christian Liberty Press. 266 pgs, pb.

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    ISBN: 9781629820408
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    ISBN: 9781629820415
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    ISBN: 9781629820439
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    ISBN: 9781629820422
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  • Item #: 019768
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    This 55 piece jigsaw puzzle is a perfect supplement to your U.S. geography lessons. The extra sturdy pieces are shaped as individual states (except for some combos of the smaller Northeastern states) and are labeled with state name and capital city. Puzzle pieces with Canada, Mexico and major bodies of water such as the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Great Lakes are also labeled. Small illustrations representing important landmarks or characteristics around the country like the Liberty Bell and Mt. Rushmore are also found on the appropriate puzzle piece. Puzzle measures 1.5 x 2.5 feet. ~ Enh

  • Item #: 000971
    ISBN: 9781930367524
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    Join Mr. Pipes, Annie, and Drew in learning about Christian music from the era of the Reformation. Annie and Drew are on summer vacation in Switzerland and Germany with Mr. Pipes. Each chapter covers one hymn writer, and, through a story of Mr. Pipes and the children, you learn all about the hymn writer's life, and the story behind his songs. More importantly, the story tells about the worship of God. This book encourages interest in the traditional hymns of our faith, one of the most expressive ways for us to worship God. ~ Stephanie

  • Item #: 035693
    ISBN: 9781886930292
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    Many parents don’t know where to begin after making the decision to homeschool their young children. This book takes a very common sense approach with practical suggestions for getting started. Written from a Christian perspective, author Susan Lemons (a homeschooling mother of four) gives others the benefit of her homeschooling experience. She offers suggestions that fall somewhere between hands-off and rigidity by emphasizing relationships, simple daily routines, readiness, and reading aloud. Areas of development are covered in 26 chapters with a focus on ages 2 through 8. She offers an explanation of a variety of homeschool methods, resources, and curriculum options with an emphasis on spiritual and character-building. She cites Scripture and many well-known experts as she presents the information. Preschool is just the first step along the way to a fulfilling homeschool journey! 294 pgs, pb. Donna

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    ISBN: 9781935796299
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    ISBN: 9781935796305
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    ISBN: 9781886930254
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    This inductive Bible study of Philippians aims to get children digging their way through the Scripture for themselves. Much more of a guide-book than a "this is what it says, this is what it means" book, this one will help children discover the truth in the Word of God and how to apply it to their own lives. This course has a strong emphasis on those aspects important to any study: prayer, Scripture memory, and cross-referencing, while also having a more lighthearted side using puzzles, word finds, and other activities to reinforce principles and aid in the "discover for yourself" process. The course is divided up for twelve weeks of study, each week containing five sections and a new memory verse. Learn more about Paul and his ministry to the Philippians and how his message still applies to us today. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 063625
    ISBN: 9781935796282
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    ISBN: 9781932971941
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    ISBN: 9781935796275
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    ISBN: 9781629820521
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    ISBN: 9781629820507
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  • Item #: 059341
    ISBN: 9781481478878
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    Includes The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, The Rocky Mountains, Mount Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty, and Yellowstone.

  • Item #: 059440
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    Sculpture: Text 187pp &29 chapters. Topics include: Egyptian sphinxes, Assyrian cherubs, athletic looking Greeks (blurred for modesty,) natural human poses, miniatures, medals, busts, carved columns, reliefs, gargoyles, doors/gates, churches, animals, tombs, myths, Gods, heroes, symbolism, American Presidents, memorials & modern sculptures. Lesson manual has 54 activities such as creating a composite animal from salt dough, and cutting out silhouettes of family members. Art card folio has 25 images including the Colossi of Memnon, a bust of Emperor Hadrian, an ivory tablet from Syria, the Pieta by Michelangelo, Statue of Liberty and Winged Victory.

  • Item #: 033499
    ISBN: 9781499802412
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  • Item #: 053473
    ISBN: 9780983067108
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    Most of us know the account of how Daniel and his three friends were taken captive to Babylon; how they refused to eat the king's food, but requested vegetables instead. In this book, the true story (with some liberties taken) is used to teach a healthful lifestyle. An activity guide is included to bring children right into the story and learning experience. Color illustrations will also make it engaging enough for the little ones who can't read yet. 32 pgs., pb. –Chad

  • Item #: 026720
    ISBN: 9780823417841
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    Though not uncommon for children to learn about the history of our flag or to visit the White House, Statue of Liberty, or another national landmark, they may never learn their histories. This book shares the stories behind America's patriotic symbols, from the flag, eagle, liberty bell, and Uncle Sam all the way to the Thomas Jefferson memorial. Each symbol is discussed within at least two pages, and the interesting text is accompanied by lighthearted black and white illustrations. 64 pgs. - Melissa

  • Item #: 035523
    Retail: $16.50
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Wet 'em and stick 'em. All over the tub! This is a colorful toy/puzzle for kids to enjoy in the bath. There are 75 pieces shaped like states and other things (vehicles, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, the St. Louis Arch and more). They fit together to form a 21" x 11" map of the USA. Also included is a suction cup, mesh bag for storage.