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Lego Advent Calendars

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      Count the days to Christmas with this adorable, hand-crafted advent calendar made of quality fabric and embroidery that reflects a nostalgic, classic charm. Kids will be delighted to countdown to Christmas as they pull out each hand-sewn ornament character safely into its numbered pocket just waiting to be placed in the panoramic nativity scene. Each of the 24 ornaments features a fabric hook and loop fastener that attaches it to the colorful, soft felt scene. Start a family tradition as you discuss the true meaning of Christmas! The calendar has two sturdy dowel rods at the top for optional hanging and measures 29”x 20.5”. ~ Emily

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  • Item #: 020400
    ISBN: 9780692370988
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    Inspired by the ever-popular Elf on the Shelf, Star from Afar is a more appropriately Christmas-themed hide-and-seek game for kids. The idea is to hide the star each night leading up to Christmas, allowing your children to find it and place the Three Wise Men next to it the following day. This is repeated each night until Christmas Eve, when the star is placed atop the nativity stable. On Christmas Day, your kids can make their way with the Three Wise Men to the stable, finally finding the star and baby Jesus in his manger!

  • Item #: 042051
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    Don't just read the nativity story to your kids - let them act out this significant story with figurines of their own. This great set includes a small 8-page storybook and 17 adorable nativity figurines including three wise men, two shepherds, two angels, four animals, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, a stable, a tree, and more. The figurines are made from durable PVC plastic and are perfect for young kids. Figures are about 3" tall and the stable is about 5.5" tall and 10" wide. Not only is this is one of the cutest nativity sets out there - you'll have no problem letting your kids play with it!

  • Item #: 024278
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    We love Safari, Ltd. Toobs, so are excited that they created a Nativity Toob! The thirteen hand-painted figures measure 1.25”-3.75” tall and include: baby Jesus in manger, Mary, Joseph, donkey, three wise men, camel, angel Gabriel, a shepherd boy and shepherd, sheep, and ox. Although beautiful and detailed, it’s also a great non-breakable option for little ones!

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        Removable and reusable, these are not your usual vinyl wall decals. The material is actually printed fabric with a sticky backing.  They adhere to any flat surface and can be stored on the original backing. The cartoon designs are so sweet. They look like children dressed for a nativity at church! The manger sticker is 15x12”, people are 5-6” high, also includes animals & trees. 31 pcs

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    ISBN: 9780486435275
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  • Item #: 074270
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    Since 1963, the Springbok name has been synonymous with quality jigsaw puzzles. Pieces are 18% thicker than average, and unique die patterns ensure that no two pieces of a puzzle are the same. Lithography is colorful, with themes inspired by nature, art, or timeless topics. Springbok continues to make the puzzles in the U.S. and to use environmentally friendly practices in its production processes.

  • Item #: 069530
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  • Item #: 004857
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    This 500-piece puzzle shows a realistic painting of the Nativity, with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the three Wise Men, a shepherd boy, and sheep under a star-lit sky. Sparkly accents make the puzzle glisten. Measures 26.75" x 19.25" when assembled and includes a bonus puzzle in a free downloadable app.

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    ISBN: 9781414393551
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    ISBN: 9781620871737
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  • Item #: 068078
    ISBN: 9780761152507
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     Spend the holiday season learning the Christmas story! Each night starting December 1st, remove an ornament from the calendar. The ornament is actually a tiny board book that tells a small portion of the Christmas story, such as Mary, the journey, the stable, the angel Gabriel, Bethlehem, the manger, etc. This reminds me of one of my childhood traditions with a similar set – every evening, we would read the text on the ornament, and our parents would sometimes supplement it with scripture. This set makes it easy to create a cherished tradition with your family that preserves the Christmas story.  – Laura