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Learning Without Tears

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    New from Learning without Tears as an extension of My First School Book is this Transitional Kindergarten course, Kick Start Kindergarten, teaches capitals, lower case letters and numbers with developmentally appropriate lessons. Workbook includes space to trace and write letters and examples of letter building with manipulatives.

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    ISBN: 9781939814500
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    New from Learning without Tears, is the Transitional Kindergarten course which teaches capitals, lower case letters and numbers with developmentally appropriate lessons. The heart of the teaching is found in the Teacher Guide. While it may be possible to use the student book without it, children will not receive the depth of instruction.

    Beginning with the introduction, the Teacher Guide reviews the stages of learning and provides a scope and sequence for this level. Teaching guidelines and strategies, multisensory activities, and correct writing posture follow. Detailed lessons corresponding to the student workbook are included. Cross curricular connections and supportive instruction for ELL and Enrichment students are integrated for each lesson. Additional teaching support and activities are available online with the purchase of the teacher guide.

    At this level, manipulatives recommended include: Wood pieces set for capital letters, Capital Letter cards and mat for wood pieces, Mat Man, Rock, Rap, Tap & Learn CD, Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines, Little Chalk Bits, Little Sponge Cubes, Flip Crayons, and Pencils for Little Hands. SC. TG is 206 pgs. ~Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780679890522
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    Learn the history behind the Trail of Tears, including the struggles and hardship endured by the brave Cherokees.

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    HWOTKK includes: writing notebook regular double-lines, Draw and Write notebook w/wide lines, laminated capital letter cards for wood pieces, kindergarten teacher guide, Letters and Numbers for Me, slate chalkboard, mat for wood pieces, Rock Rap Tap & Learn CD, Big Sheet Draw and Write paper (100shts), blackboard w/double lines, wood pieces set for capital letters, little chalk bits and little sponge bits and mat man hands.

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    Includes Draw and Write Notebook w/wide lines, 1st grade printing teacher guide, My Printing Book student workbook, slate chalkboard, wide double-line notebook paper (100sht), Rock Rap Tap & Learn CD, Big Sheet Draw and Write paper (100shts), blackboard w/double lines, little chalk bits and little sponge bits.

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    HWOTG2 includes: 2nd grade printing teacher guide, Printing Power student workbook, slate chalkboard, regular double-line notebook paper (100sht), Rock Rap Tap & Learn CD, blackboard w/double lines, little chalk bits and little sponge bits.

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    HWOTG3 includes: 3rd grade cursive teacher guide, Cursive Handwriting student workbook, regular double-line notebook paper (100sht), and a blackboard w/double lines.

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    ISBN: 9781891627071
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    HWOT5C includes: narrow double-line notebook paper (100shts) and Can Do Cursive student workbook.

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    HWOT5P includes: narrow double-line notebook paper (100shts) and Can Do Print student workbook.

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    HWOTG4 includes: 4th grade cursive teacher guide, Cursive Success student workbook, narrow double-line notebook paper (100sht), and a blackboard w/double lines.

  • Item #: 036438
    ISBN: 9780195167542
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    "He's wired differently!" Hearing my friend give this explanation for the learning differences of her son made me uneasy. I was afraid she was in denial. However, Dr. Stan Goldberg in this 313-page book presents a similar theory. Rather than looking for someone to blame (bad parenting, poor motivation, or some sort of syndrome), recent brain research findings point to a neurological cause for many learning problems. More importantly, preliminary research shows that these brain functions can change when certain early intervention strategies are used. Noting that how we label something - in this case, "a difference," "a problem," "a disorder" or "a disability" - impacts our approach, it's not surprising that Dr. Goldberg chooses to ignore customary learning disability labels and rather focus on "differences" and how to prevent their becoming "problems."

    Learning has several components: attending, understanding, storing information, retrieving information, and usage. Parents are typically the first to sense that one or more of these components aren't functioning at appropriate levels. They know instinctively when their young child's learning "wiring" is different. Typical responses to this knowledge includes 1) worry without knowing what to do; 2) ignore it and hope it won't cause a problem; 3) assume the school is prepared to accommodate the problem; 4) seek professional help; and 5) try to do things now so differences won't become problems. While this book assumes that public school is in the child's future, it presents a thorough and very pragmatic collection of learning strategies, detours, and "new holes" designed to correct or minimize the "faulty wiring" at the earliest possible time - the preschool years. Starting from the assumption that parents armed with knowledge and skillful techniques can partner with their children in order to ensure ultimate learning success, Dr. Goldberg counteracts the marginalization of parents that routinely infects professional treatises on learning. And it's a refreshing change!

    Starting early creates a bridge between the supportive home environment and the increased demands of institutionalized learning as well as lessening the emotional problems that often result from being a square "peg" in the round institutional learning "hole". Rather than addressing the question of whether to continue the child's educational experience in the supportive home environment (we have other books which do that), Dr. Goldberg provides step-by-step suggestions on how to effectively counteract the various types of informational processing problems. These strategies give parents powerful tools. While the targeted scope of this book is the preschool years, an astute homeschooling parent can easily see the applications to later educational challenges (i.e. elementary years). The strategies themselves read like a lesson in common sense - a good design, advance instruction, making learning positive, doing it often, using little steps, monitoring, and providing feedback. Nevertheless, an incredible wealth is contained in each of the three chapters that detail specifics for each aspect of learning - attention, understanding, and storage, retrieval, and usage. As one who prefers to have things translated from "here's the idea" to "here's what it looks like," I appreciate the many illustrating examples that are used.

    So, who will find this book useful? A parent who suspects that her child will face educational challenges because of the way she or he is wired and is looking for ways to be proactive during the preschool years. Or any parent who wants to prepare her child to be an active and successful learner. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781933573250
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    ISBN: 9781891627842
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    This fun sing-along CD is similar in concept to the Get Set for School Sing Along CD. There are 20 songs that use catchy lyrics and an upbeat tune to teach students about letters, and it even sings them through the process of writing some of them. This CD is a great addition to the teaching strategies that the program uses, and students will have a blast listening to it as they complete their handwriting activities. 59 min. Rachel

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     This kit is for the person who already has Arduino Uno (microcontroller board based on the ATmega328). Tools needed are wire cutters, soldering iron, and 9 volt battery to complete your gamer unit. You will learn to solder, code games, and more.

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    ISBN: 9781483831084
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    Subtracting within 1000, place value, visual models, unknown number equations,

    facts through 20, subtracting 2-digit numbers with and without renaming,

    subtracting 3-digit numbers with and without renaming.

  • Item #: 057003
    ISBN: 9781935502944
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    Subitizing. "What is that?" you might be asking. Subitizing is knowing how many of something there is without counting or performing any mathematical process. For example, you throw the dice and automatically know how many dots there are by the pattern or grouping of the pips (dots). Some researchers believe that subitizing is a necessary precursor to counting, but this is also a debatable point. What is known about subitizing is that it does have to do with visualization and that some patterns make it easier to 'know how many' than other patterns.

    These 8 ½" x 11" cards have large dots on them and provide a quick image for children to practice recognizing how many each group represents. There are really no instructions that come with the set, but there are games you can play using them. The set includes dot cards for 2 through 10, for a total of 38 cards. You can have children recreate or duplicate the pattern using manipulatives, play a matching game using cards with the same number of dots (not the same pattern), play concentration games. Hold the cards in different positions for a different perspective, use them with number cards and match the numeral to the quick image, or even say a number that is one less or more than the quick image of dots.

    These are a good tool for use with any math program, or just for a quick exercise in visual and spatial awareness. Use them like flash cards or create your own game to strengthen subitizing skills. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 059123
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    The official set of wood pieces from Handwriting Without Tears, this is laminated wood, smoothly sanded and ready for little hands. There are twenty-six pieces total – eight large straight lines, six large curved lines, six small curved lines, and six small straight lines.

  • Item #: 002720
    ISBN: 9781891627675
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    This is the Handwriting Without Tears method, being applied to Hebrew script. This book was written for children who know the Hebrew alphabet and are ready for Hebrew script. It is appropriate for all levels of reading comprehension, and is designed for children with all different learning styles.

    The book reads like traditional Hebrew, so the book will appear to work backward. The teacher section is in the back of the book and includes classroom set up, posture, paper placement, pencil skills, multi-sensory teaching strategies, and lesson strategies for the workbook pages. The student pages include letter pages, word pages, sentence, and other pages. The Hebrew alphabet is included at the front of the book. This book doesn't teach the pronunciation of the letters, just the formation of the letters.

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    Back in the old days, whittling was a relaxing pastime that would result in a useful wooden object. This kit will teach the skills used in this dying art. In the kit comes 8 blocks of wood of varying sizes, a whittling hints and safety guide, and patterns for 8 projects (knife not included). The guide and instruction sheet are quite brief, but the guide refers to You Tube videos for more instruction. (But then again, this is a learn-by-doing kind of skill!). Projects include a letter opener, birdhouse, pencil, twister, ball in cage, Santa, goldfish, and whistle. So sit a spell in your front porch rocking chair and start whittling.
  • Item #: 007752
    ISBN: 9781939814470
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    The Printing Power Plus Workbook Set includes the Printing Power workbook, plus a new workbook, Kick Start Cursive. In Kick Start Cursive, students learn beginning cursive using Handwriting Without Tears' simple, continuous strokes. It provides gentle instruction and practice to ease the transition into the Grade 3 program. The 2nd Grade Teacher's Guide includes a short chapter on Kick Start Cursive, if you decide to use it.