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Language Smarts

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    How do you infuse vocabulary study with critical thinking? By looking at the relationships between words, of course. Utilizing the 1000 most common words of our language, Critical Thinking Press has constructed this course to give students a deeper understanding of those words and to improve thinking and writing skills. From a small set of words the student finds the two words that have a relationship, identifying the relationship from four defined classifications. He then writes a sentence using at least those two words from the set. So what type of "relationships" are we talking about? Past/present verbs, singular/plural nouns, rhyming words, antonyms, synonyms, contractions, compound words, homophones, and pronouns. Each two page exercise (about 50 per course) includes five sets of words, a mini-dictionary for all the words in these sets along with space to write the required sentences. The relationship choices are the same for half of each course and are defined at the beginning of these sections. Please note that Book 1 is out of print. 104 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 026850
    ISBN: 9780130449788
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    This is a ready-to-use spelling program for anybody who struggles with spelling difficulties from fourth grade through adult. Learning to spell through memorization just doesn't work for some people, and that is where this program comes in. Since approximately 85% of the English language follows consistent patterns and rules, this program focuses on its structural regularity. There are six basic concepts taught: sounds, syllables, word building, rules, generalizations, and compensatory strategies (for words not spelled in a regular way). There are two sections. The first addresses issues and concerns about how students feel about spelling, tests for checking student's knowledge in certain areas of spelling (like consonants, vowels, blends, digraphs, and sound/symbol correspondences), guidelines for assessing the student's needs, ways to teach irregular words, how and when to teach homonyms, teaching dictionary skills, and checking spelling with computers. The second section contains the 40 lessons. Each lesson consists of these same parts: getting started, introducing new information, practicing with individual words, practicing spelling in context, reinforcing activities, and extra interesting facts. Everything needed to present the lesson is given in the book. The philosophy and methodology of each part of the lessons are described in the introduction. Knowing this will help the teacher effectively present the lessons and activities to the student, helping them gain the confidence they need to succeed and excel. The activities are varied and interesting, and all 200 consumable activity sheets in the book are reproducible. This is a complete program for individual students or small group instruction, starting with the basics and working up. Each lesson takes several days to complete, though that pace can be determined according to the needs of the student. Answers included. 415 pgs, pb. ~ Zach

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    It's music class and P.E. rolled into one! The nineteen short songs on this disk include both classic childhood songs ("This Little Light of Mine") as well as adaptations of old favorites ("If You're Surprised and You Know It"). Lyrics are provided, as well as activity and reading suggestions for each song – all chosen to encourage language, thinking skills, motor, and social-emotional development. Total CD length: 36:29 – Rachel
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    This kit contains the following items:

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    Lists and defines 11 literary terms, including metaphor and simile, idiom, and cliché.

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    ISBN: 9780691154206
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    The Elementary Reader contains 30 lessons and is considered the textbook for the course.  Each lesson includes a dialogue or short essay with vocabulary lists and lengthy grammar notes, and a one-page cultural notes section. Stories are illustrated with full-color drawings. This course emphasizes basic grammar structure and principles while using conversations that represent real-life situations. Vocabulary is introduced below the dialogue in easy-to-read charts with simplified (at left) and traditional (at right) characters. Since either simplified or traditional characters are used and taught in different parts of the Chinese-speaking world, this combination is an added bonus. Please note that simplified characters, pinyin and an English translation are used to teach the main lesson. However, for those wishing to learn only traditional characters, the dialogue is written fully in traditional characters on a separate page.

      The listening components for the text, vocabulary lists and workbook are free and are available through smart phone with a QR reader or computer as a downloadable audio file.

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    ISBN: 9781932359299
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    A cross between Guess Who? and Wheel of Fortune, this is a word game where it pays to be observant and word smart. Both players select a word from a card, each having the same number of letters. Each player slips the card into their holder, so only they can see the word, and then they start shooting the questions. "Does your letter have an 'S'? "How about a 'B'? As you eliminate letters, flip them down on your board, and as you guess correctly, pull up a little tab on the flip-up letter holder. The first player to guess the correct answer wins the round. Players can play through all words on a card to finish the game… or just keep on playing. I can see how this could be addictive! Great game for early readers and kids as well to think in an abstract way about what letters make up words. - Jess

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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    ISBN: 9781523503360
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    This calendar gives a rarely-used word for each day along with its pronunciation, meaning, history and a sample sentence. The words have been selected by the editors of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, so yes, they're real words!

  • Item #: 038823
    ISBN: 9781425808471
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    Wow! Want to put your kid's smart phone or tablet to educational use? This book provides a good summary of apps for all age ranges, grouped into school subject categories – language arts, math, science, social studies, cross-curricular, logic puzzles, and "you make it" (i.e. movies, tunes, designs, etc.). Each one-page app summary includes the app icon, title, company name, suggested grade range, and key-feature description. Suggested uses for At School and At Home round out the page. Cost of apps is not included, but I did a random sampling of ten apps and found them to range from free to $1.99. 136 pgs, pb. ~ Janice
  • Item #: 069855
    ISBN: 9780996771337
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    Additional literature recommended:

    Much Bigger Than Martin, Arthur's Chicken Pox, If You're So Smart, How Come You Can't Spell Mississippi?, Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body, Please Say Please, Grumpy Bunny!, Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners, Raggedy Ann and Andy Stories, Are You Quite Polite?, D.W. Guide to Perfect Manners, Crippled Lamb, Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving, Parable of the Lily, Sheep in a Shop, Chair for My Mother, Just Saving My Money, Caps for Sale, Now & Ben, The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin, Ben Franklin's Big Shock, Little Sailboat, Rattle and Rap, Girl's Like Spaghetti: Why, You Can't Manage Without Apostrophes!, How Will We Get to the Beach?

  • Item #: 022455
    ISBN: 9781465414243
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      Unleash your genius! While having “natural smarts” is part of the genius equation, we are all capable of developing our minds to their full potential. In the pages of this unique resource, you will learn brain basics, differences between left and right brains, influence of our senses, how memory works, personality types and more. Intermingled are brain games to strengthen memory, verbal skills, creativity, problem solving skills and more. Optical illusions, brain teasers, pet intelligence and training activities and more round out the varied mental activities in this indispensable resource. Excellent way to show children that true genius is only part aptitude, and a large measure of determination, hard work, originality, and support. Colorful illustrations and engaging text. Includes index, glossary and answer in back. 192 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne