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  • Item #: RBWKGN
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  • Item #: 047613
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  • Item #: 019808
    ISBN: 9781888659009
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    150 pgs covering 19 weeks (and 19 books).

  • Item #: 020317
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    Contains lessons for an additional 21 weeks. 200 pgs.

  • Item #: 020859
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    15 weeks of curriculum based on delightful children's books. 133 pgs.

  • Item #: 024181
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    Written for slightly older students, the format of Volume 4 is slightly different. This volume contains 15 lengthier unit studies that can be stretched to two weeks per book. Christian content is incorporated into Vol. 4 through related 'Christian Character and Bible Study Lessons.' FIAR Cookbook lessons are also provided for each unit, as are the laminatd story disks. So while this volume seems pricey compared to the rest, it's also more than twice the size of the other volumes and includes more additional content that you don't get packaged with Vol. 1-3. All volumes are spiral-bound with sturdy laminated covers.

  • Item #: 045347
    ISBN: 9780761149125
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    Rainbow Price: $9.95
  • Item #: 018088
    ISBN: 9780970181619
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $21.95

    If standardized testing looms in your child’s future, prepare him with this book covering the objectives contained in the five most widely-used national achievement tests. As you cover topics, check off the corresponding objective on the checklist, and whether the concept was merely studied or mastered. Items not covered in your regular curriculum should be studied using supplementary materials before the test is taken. Additional items included are evaluation sheets for Bible reading, character traits, spiritual fruits, social evaluation, work and study habits; glossary of common teaching terms; and Dolch sight words. Revised edition.

  • Item #: 000745
    ISBN: 9780345543738
    Retail: $22.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.95
  • Item #: 012252
    Retail: $21.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

    A four-book set for earliest readers. The first two books focus on single-syllable short vowel words. The latter two progress into two-syllable words and long vowels. Consonant blends are introduced throughout the four readers. Each book is about 60 pgs, with stories running from 1-3 pgs. Full-color, illust. by Vic Lockman.

  • Item #: 052538
    ISBN: 9781609968083
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  • Item #: 052529
    ISBN: 9781483813110
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  • Item #: MPCKPK
    Retail: $425.26
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    This package includes:

    Animal Alphabet Coloring Book

    Kindergarten Art Cards

    Primary Phonics 1 Set of 10 Storybooks

    Primary Phonics 2 Set of 10 Storybooks

    Primary Phonics 3 Set of 10 Storybooks

    Primary Phonics 4 Set of 10 Storybooks

    Book of Crafts for Kindergarten

    Kindergarten Enrichment Guide

    Child's Book of Poems

    Eric Carle's Animals Animals

    Compstn & Sktchbk I 5/8 Ruled Younger Stdnts

    Christian Studies Enrichment K-2nd Grade

    Beg Arithmetic Revision Gr.1 Practice Sheets

    Beginning Arithmetic Revision Gr.1 Tchr Man'l

    Beg Arithmetic Revision Grade 1 Wrkbk Part 1

    Core Skills: Phonics 2014 Grade 1

    Core Skills: Phonics 2014 Grade K

    Copybook I

    Addition Flashcards

    Subtraction Flashcards

    Nature Reader Book K

    Fun in the Sun (ALS Kindergarten Readers)

    Scamp & Tramp (ALS Kindergarten Readers)

    Soft & White (ALS Kindergarten Readers)

    Music Enrichment: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

    Classical Phonics: Child's Gd to Word Mastery

    Kindergarten Curriculum Manual

    Story Bible (Hardcover)

    Numbers Books 1 & 2 (2 Book Set)

    Phonics Flashcards

    First Start Reading Complete Package

  • Item #: 059285
    ISBN: 9781601598332
    Retail: $2.99
    Rainbow Price: $2.50

    The Kindergarten book focuses on rhyming words; story order; and addition/subtraction.

  • Item #: 035828
    ISBN: 9780740309373
    Retail: $282.90
    Rainbow Price: $240.47

  • Item #: 009503
    ISBN: 9781450800532
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

  • Item #: 068356
    ISBN: 9780829445886
    Retail: $265.34
    Rainbow Price: $249.95

       Kindergarten material in this series is new. Course components are two oversized “Big Books,” a large box of Writing Cards, and a Teacher’s Manual and are only available as a Kindergarten Kit. The Grammar Big Books, designed for the teacher to hold and show, cover 36 grammar concepts with clear definitions and examples. The Writing Cards are writing prompts - 90 cards in six different genres (personal narrative, friendly letter, directions, description, book report, and informational writing). There are three different levels of writing proficiency that allow students to start at their current level and grow. These two strands are woven together through the scripted Teacher Edition. Provided are materials lists, and reproducible blackline masters along with CCSS correlations. Lessons with both grammar and writing aspects are covered weekly.

  • Item #: 066206
    ISBN: 9780890519516
    Retail: $78.96
    Rainbow Price: $57.50

    Teach basic skills and Bible at the same time. This set contains the Teacher Guide for Biblical Basics for Kindergarten, Creation, Creation Story for Children, and Not So Super Skyscraper. The Teacher Guide includes lesson instructions, a lesson schedule, worksheets and suggestions for other fun activities. Lessons may include songs, scripture memory, character connections, math connections, science connections, and English word work. Circle Time is also included in the lessons, so you must adapt for use with one child. Also, included in the Teacher Guide are some short books for use with the curriculum Tiny Book, Big Book, Bombus the Bumblebee, Bombus Finds a Friend, Day the World Went Wacky, and Noah's Floating Animal Park. Build a solid foundation of basic skills, while building a solid foundation on the Bible. Donna

  • Item #: 030103
    ISBN: 9780887431463
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  • Item #: 033800
    ISBN: 9781483801056
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  • Item #: 024931
    ISBN: 9781483813059
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  • Item #: 038909
    ISBN: 9781411401129
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    ISBN: 9781483815657
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  • Item #: 038907
    ISBN: 9781411401051
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  • Item #: 024920
    ISBN: 9781623990800
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  • Item #: 066027
    ISBN: 9780545862578
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  • Item #: 010019
    ISBN: 9781939814432
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.00

    New from Learning without Tears as an extension of My First School Book is this Transitional Kindergarten course, Kick Start Kindergarten, teaches capitals, lower case letters and numbers with developmentally appropriate lessons. Workbook includes space to trace and write letters and examples of letter building with manipulatives.

  • Item #: 061928
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  • Item #: 066797
    ISBN: 9781425816193
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  • Item #: 059309
    ISBN: 9781425810962
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