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    Most people agree that in this day and age, keyboarding is a "must-have" skill. And most keyboarding/typing programs do a decent job of teaching the skill. But, what if you could reinforce reading and spelling skills at the same time? Because it was developed specifically for dyslexics, this program does exactly that. A little old-fashioned (hard-copy rather than computer-based), nevertheless, the instruction is straight-forward and comprehensive; designed to take the student from just beginning to basic competence (ca. 40 wpm) assuming consistent practice. Lessons are typically two pages per day. After introducing the letters and their fingering, practice moves into word families which is where the spelling and reading reinforcement comes in. All types of document situations are presented (numbers, underlining, punctuation, etc.). An interesting little bonus to this course is a few study skills essays in the back of the book – taking notes, outlining, building a better vocabulary, the SQ3R reading formula, and writing compositions). 88 pgs, pb. Janice

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    Mavis combines award-winning typing instruction, animated teen instructors, and a fun learning environment to help your kids master their keyboarding skills. Features 3 skill levels, 250 lessons, 200 practice session topics, and 10 games; and it provides detailed tracking of your student's progress. Tech support is available 24 hrs if you have any trouble. Here are the system requirements: Windows: Windows 7, Vista, XP S3 (admin privileges required.) Mac: 10.5 or higher. You will need speakers, a keyboard and a mouse. ~Sara

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    Learn to type quickly and easily with this multi-sensory touch-typing method. You quickly learn the alphabet (often in less than an hour) and then go on to practice words, phrases, sentences, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. Very quick and efficient. - Megan

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    ISBN: 9780985723101
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    Learning the keyboard is imperative for today's student. Take your typing course to the next level with this 34-week course. Weekly lessons follow a similar format: a classroom or group lesson (parents can read through this lesson with their children) and four daily practice lessons. Practice lessons have the student review the material from the group lesson in daily increments followed by 10-20 minutes of typing practice per day. The author recommends a simple text editor like Microsoft Notepad®, Microsoft Wordpad® or Apple Textedit® (free with your computer operating system) for practice. These programs do not include spell checkers or auto correct features that will cover mistakes and prevent the student from learning correctly.

    The first weekly lesson in the textbook is critical to success. Covering the differences between typing and keyboarding, various keys, the QWERTY keyboard, correct typing posture along and more, the first week ends with a baseline 3-minute typing test. I appreciate the focus on correct hand position and sitting posture as a preventative measure against carpal tunnel syndrome. Lessons cover nearly every aspect of the computer keyboard. Here is just a sample of the skills learned: the space bar and enter key; home row, the letter keys, punctuation and special keys, shift key/caps lock key, practice with typing common words including articles, conjunctions, helping verbs, pronouns and prepositions, learning to use the numeric key pad, tabs/text alignment, typing a friendly letter or business letter, making a certificate of completion plus many others. Complete table of contents is available on our website. Keyboard shortcuts are covered in the appendix. Each lesson focuses on 3-4 letters before advancing to more complicated keys and skills which allows for mastery of material. Students needing more practice can review the practice lessons as necessary, as the suggested practice time is flexible to meet individual student needs.

    A timed typing test is included with every even-numbered lesson to assess student progress. Timed tests begin as one minute tests and progress in length to five minutes by the end of the course. A keyboarding speed progress chart is available at the back of the book to measure progress.

    You may wonder how this course compares to the author's Keyboarding for Homeschoolers -Summer Text? The complete content (13 lessons) from the Summer Text are repeated in this course. Additionally, this course provides more instruction on various special keys like the colon, apostrophe, question marks, brackets, tab key and text alignment, along with additional practice typing commonly used suffixes, helping verbs, pronouns, and prepositions and typing a friendly or business letter. This one year course provides more depth and practice, although some students may do well with a quick summer overview followed by time spent teaching themselves the additional keys and skills for keyboarding aptitude.

    All in all, this is a fully developed, systematic typing course that will provide your high schooler an elective credit on his transcript. It is worth mentioning that the course focuses on memorization of the keyboard through practice on a covered keyboard. A mini-keyboard with color-coded keys is a recommended resource and the author has included a reproducible copy in the textbook. Unfortunately, the color-coded keys are not well distinguished in the black and white graphic. I would recommend printing a keyboard with color-coded keys (coded for finger use) from the internet rather than using the included graphic. Whether college or workforce bound, keyboarding is a valuable skill that our young people need for success and this well-organized, easy to use course may provide them everything necessary for success. SC. 284 pgs. ~Deanne

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    Knowledge of keyboarding skills is vital for today's students. Although many of our young people have a basic understanding of the keyboard, learning to efficiently use the keyboard may have great benefits. Containing short, easy to follow lessons, this book teaches the essential skills necessary to successfully type: alphabetic keys, symbols and number keys, and the number key pad. Other word processing skills are also taught: centering, enumerated lists, formats for envelopes, reports and business letters, bibliographies, basic proofreading, and MLA and APA formatting. Touch typing technique and timed keyboarding tests are also included. Exercises based upon Biblical content. All in all, this is a great resource for learning a variety of keyboarding skills. The only downfall I see is the book is not self standing for practice lessons; you may find a "Study Pod" (item #03188) the perfect accompaniment. Pb, 75 pgs. ~ Deanne

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    This fold out, two-sided chart is great for visual review. One side depicts the entire keyboard, with each note named and displayed on the grand staff; the other side can be used away from the piano for additional practice.

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    ISBN: 9780794539337
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      Don’t hunt and peck your way through keyboarding. This Keyboard Basics Learning Chart will help show you proper finger placement (home row), and the placement of other function keys. The chart measures 17x 22”, is printed on cardstock, and has a large computer keyboard in the center. Important keys are labeled with a simple explanation of the function – tab, escape, delete, return, caps lock, modifier keys, space bar, directional keys, shift and home row. Hang it up as a visual reminder for learners as they practice their keyboarding skills. The back of the learning chart has three 8.5x11”, black and white reproducibles – Fast Finger Workout and Show What You Know for practice and a small-format image of the front of the learning chart.

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    Keyboarding is now a critical skill that should be taught correctly from the start. When children are not given directed instructions on keyboarding, they will begin to develop their own techniques which generally limit accuracy and speed. Dr. Fry's Computer Keyboarding for Beginners is designed to teach your child to keyboard using the correct method. By the end of the 20 lessons, your child will know the location of the letters and symbols on the keyboard (and which fingers are used to strike which keys) and be able to accurately use the 10 finger touch type method. Enh

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    Play classical tunes with this charming musical book. Match the colored dots on the "sheet music" to the colored dots on each piano key, and your aspiring pianist can play tunes like Ode to Joy, Round the Mullberry Bush, Old MacDonald, and more. 22 pg, hc., with a replaceable battery. Laura

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    ISBN: 9781441327734
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    Includes DVD Video and Audio CD; along with free access to online video and audio for all exercises. 

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    Students of all ages will greatly benefit from learning how to type using their computer keyboards, but with a busy homeschool schedule when do you have the extra time available? If only there were more hours in the day! I think you will find this a resourceful addition to your summer schedule. The lessons are designed for four days per week, with a recommended practice time of 10-20 minutes per day, for a total of twelve weeks. This course will teach students and parents the basics of keyboarding. Beginning with an overview of keyboarding vs. typing, correct body posture and finger placement, the book transitions smoothly into teaching keyboarding skills with clearly explained instructions and easy-to-follow practice directions. The benefits of essential keyboarding skills abound whether it is as simple as being able to respond more efficiently to emails or to prepare students for the college level expectations where written work is submitted online or posted in classroom forums. Don't let the "Volume 2" in the title fool you; this is a stand-alone introductory course for those students seeking typing skills. An indispensable resource for homeschool and summer school students. PB. 96 pgs. ~Deanne

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    If you've enjoyed using Piano and Keyboard Method and are ready to take your piano skills to the next level - including blues improvisation – then you'll want to continue into the Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method. This installment contains 150 lessons, building on the basic skills taught in the first level. Lessons are similar in format and include instruction in pitches, key signatures, complete note and rest values, chord progressions, intervals and chords, closed and open voicing, blues form, swing rhythm, rhythmic and harmonic improvisation, rhythmic repetition, and plenty of finger exercises as well. As in the first program, lessons include video of a piano teacher playing, practice exercises, an animated keyboard with fingering guides, reviews, ear-training exercises, variable-speed MIDI song tracks to play along with, and a built-in metronome. If you're using a MIDI-compatible keyboard, you can even hook it up to the computer and get instant feedback and correction on your playing. Over 50 songs are included in the lesson content and feature works from a variety of classical and blues composers like Chopin, Irving Berlin, and Jelly Roll Morton. System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive; Mac OS X 10.5 or later, CD-ROM drive. Internet connection is recommended to activate software. – Jess

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    With a staff on top and an actual sized piano keyboard segment on the bottom, this board opens up all sorts of possibilities. Comparing whole step/half step relationships are a breeze with this visual tool. Board size is 9"x 12". ~ Alysia

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    Proper fingering and keyboarding is a skill for life, not just for school. Everyone here at Rainbow Resource types every day, and proper fingering makes the work much easier and quicker. The Type Write Touch Typing is a CD-ROM with PDFs of exercises to help you learn and practice.

    Type Write Touch is a beginning typing program for upper elementary through high school. This is not software, it is e-books or pages for you to print out: students then practice typing in any word processing program Word, Notebook, etc. After printing the pages, put them in a folder or binder and use them in the order of the assignments listed and for additional review whenever you need it. There are two files on this CD-ROM Type Write Touch Typing e-book and Typing Practice Pages. Type Write Touch Typing teaches proper fingering beginning with the home row letters, then home row words, the letter e' and e-words, then i' and i' words, etc. Fingering is taught one letter or key at a time beyond the home row letters all the way through z'.

    Typing Practice Pages are intended for 90 days of practice (one semester). Most of them are in sets of two day 1 is a fact page and day 2 is review. There are also 17 pages of rhymes and one page of alphabet sentences. If using this for a five-day school week do two sets of facts pages per week along with one page from the rhymes.

    This program was written by a homeschooling mom, so you don't have to worry about questionable content safe for all ages.

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    With a similar mix of lessons, tests, practice material, and games as Typing Instructor, this version is more accessible to younger kids and offers a fun, motivating and effective way to learn typing skills. There are 160 touch-typing lessons which cover all the basic keys (letters, numbers, symbols) on either a standard or a split keyboard (except for the 10-key number pad). There are ten different typing plans, each geared to a different age group. Regardless of the plan they are following, each student learns the keyboard by taking a tour of "Typer Island" and visiting five different lands as they journey to the Castle. As students journey through Old West, On the Water, In the Air, Over the Edge, and Under the Sea, they'll learn new keys and complete exciting challenges (usually timed) like typing to shoot words out of the sky, racing a Viking ship by typing words as quickly as possible, and typing words printed on sharks before they eat you! The activities build upon each other so students can't move on until their skills are ready. The changes in scenery add a lot of variety to the lessons, but you can still rely on helpful features including visual instruction with the 3-D guide hands and keyboard. Accuracy and speed (WPM) are also tracked throughout, with students getting instant feedback on their performance, and earning rewards as well.

    Of course, the arcade-like games will be the most fun to the beginning typist! The further students advance in the program, the more games will be available to them. Once they make it through all five lands, students capture the Castle, which opens the Lost City, a new addition to the program that provides two new games. While capturing the Castle and exploring the Lost City are the ultimate goals of the game, students earn treasures and points all through the program, which keeps them motivated and entertained. Students can also visit Explorer Isle at any point to play their favorite games (except for Lost City games), using only the keys that they have covered already. They can also visit Story Lagoon and practice typing one of 40 familiar stories, including fairy tales and classic literature. With this program's careful progression, interesting storyline, high-quality animation, 30+ games, multiple skill levels, and English/Spanish instruction, it's no wonder it is the winner of so many prestigious educational awards. This one comes highly recommended, folks

    Please note that software comes in a paper sleeve, not a box. There are two versions available; one is designed for Windows or Mac and one that is only compatible with Windows. Both are compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 while Win/Mac version is also compatible with Mac OSX 10.4 or higher (including Snow Leopard). Rachel

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    A simple approach for learning to type on either the typewriter or computer. This 5" x 8" booklet covers the alphabet, numbers, and basic punctuation keys in 27 short and easy lessons. Each lesson teaches two keys and contains six lines of practice text. Initially, parents may need to help their child locate correct hand positions. 31 pgs. Anh