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  • Item #: 031880
    Retail: $13.00
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    This Tetris-like puzzle features 12 different shapes of between 3 and 5 beads with thin connecting plastic. The puzzle board is a 5 x 11 region of dents in which you will configure your shapes. The object of the game is to fit all 12 shapes on the Kanoodle board, starting with the positions on the cards. As the cards get harder, you will start with fewer and fewer puzzle pieces. Each setup has hundreds of possible combinations but just one solution. It can get quite frustrating when you end up with one bead off the board and one open spot, but the more you try the closer (and farther) you can get. Once you master the 2D setup, you can play 3D Pyramid Kanoodle with the same key concept but one challenging twist - use all 12 pieces to make a pyramid. I hope you find this as fun and challenging as I did.

  • Item #: 067043
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

     Kanoodle Jr. is intended for PK-3 and includes 6 puzzle pieces, 72-page puzzle book with 60 colorful puzzles, and is packaged in a tray that snaps shut for storage and travel.

  • Item #: 037178
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  • Item #: 030611
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  • Item #: 013565
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  • Item #: 009927
    Retail: $21.99
    Rainbow Price: $17.50

    The fun of Kanoodle ~ now versus an opponent! Choose one of the 80 challenges, then race to match the card. If you're the first one to solve it, press the Kanoodle button to send your opponent's pieces flying! This unique version of the classic logic game includes 16 puzzle pieces, 40 double sided challenge cards, and a sturdy puzzle board that serves as storage for the cards and game pieces. ~ Laura

  • Item #: 009925
    Retail: $21.99
    Rainbow Price: $17.50

    This single-player game invites you to match the two-color grid pieces to the 5-row by 6-column color challenge card. Players place the magnetic pieces right on the card, and all colors must match without going outside the bounds of the card. Game includes 200 challenges to be completed using the 28 puzzle pieces, and it all fits neatly inside the plastic carrying case for easy transport or storage.

  • Item #: SFPGR5
    Retail: $142.80
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  • Item #: SFPGR3
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