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Jump At Home Math

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    ISBN: 9780399528095
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    Resulting from his work with dyslexics, Ron Davis (author of The Gift of Dyslexia) has developed effective techniques to address other learning difficulties often associated with dyslexia - ADD, dyscalculia (trouble with math) and dysgraphia (trouble with handwriting). Coming to an introductory understanding of the learning theory behind these techniques has literally reoriented my thinking on the subject - and reorientation is what his methodologies are all about. It all has to do with whether we utilize verbal conceptualization (thinking with the sounds of symbols and words) or nonverbal conceptualization (thinking with visual images). Dyslexics are primarily picture thinkers; but this method of thinking is subliminal - faster than the person can be aware of - and therefore most dyslexics are not aware of what their minds are doing. When an individual becomes disoriented (such as happens when you look at an optical illusion), perception becomes distorted. Many picture thinkers learn to use disorientation very early in life and it seems to work - until the child starts school, that is, and tries to learn the symbols of language. A picture thinking child will encounter so many sources of confusion in a single sentence that disorientations spontaneously occur, one after another. If the main problem is with reading, the child is labeled dyslexic. If the disorientation causes his sense of time to distort and his attention to jump around, he has ADD. If it affects math, he has dyscalculia. If it causes bad handwriting, he has dysgraphia. By showing a dyslexic how to turn off the disorientations at the moment they occur, and then helping him find and master the symbolic information that triggered the disorientation (and the majority of this book is detailed instruction in how to do this), the reading, math, writing, and spelling problems begin to disappear. Janice

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