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Julie Of The Wolves

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    When Julie's father is drafted, Aunt Martha takes the motherless Julie into her home. Her father then disappears on a hunting trip, so she makes her home with Martha until she is thirteen and promised in marriage to an Eskimo boy. She realizes, however, that she is not prepared for marriage, and after her teenage husband, succumbing to peer pressure, threatens (and tries unsuccessfully) to force himself on her, she runs away to the tundra. (Please note that younger readers may find this scene disturbing.) As she adjusts to life in the frozen wilderness, she becomes dependent upon a pack of wolves for her survival. Confused because her world is changing and with it the customs of her people, Julie must choose between living in the past and facing the future. By Jean Craighead George; 170 pgs, pb. A Newbery Award winner.

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    Although most people can hear, listening is a skill that takes time and motivation to develop. Much information is given to us verbally, and it is essential to attend to these signals and pick out the vital messages. This book helps students build their listening skills as they are taught to recognize important information in a passage that is read to them, take effective notes on this information, and then write answers and essay questions to show their understanding. Preliminary listening activities such as "solve the mystery" and "which word doesn't belong" are provided to ready students for the content of the book. A list of key words signaling important information is included as well. Units are based on four different types of written selections: folktales, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and literature, to teach students how to understand information presented in a variety of different ways. Each unit offers an outline student guide and graphic organizer to aid the student in taking notes. For every unit, twelve different passages are given for the teacher to read aloud, each with a reproducible answer page for the students to complete. The first passage of each unit serves as a "role model," as teachers work through the answer page with the students. Students quickly learn to perform more and more of the process themselves throughout the next few passages, and the last 7 passages of each chapter are performed completely independently. Teachers read the story and allow the student to take notes, and then hand out the short essay questions to be completed from their notes only. Answers at the back of each unit provide aid in grading the assignments. Note - the passages in the "Literature" unit are from popular novels such as Julie of the Wolves and Sounder, and are not included. ~ Steph

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    Lincoln Noah Stonewright is sent on a trip from his native Boston into the icy cold of Barrow, Alaska. Lincoln is excited about being reunited with his Uncle Jack, who had left him and gone off to the arctic to convince the Inupiat that whale hunting is wrong. However, when Lincoln stops receiving letters, he begins to worry and is determined to clear up the mysteries behind Jack's disappearance. What Lincoln doesn't expect are the many people he meets along the way, and the many lessons he learns about the Eskimo way of life and humanity in general. Barrow has not had a whale in two years. They say that the whale will solve all the problems and bring happiness to the Eskimo people. When the people tell Lincoln that there is a whale that has chosen to give himself to him, he is faced with a very difficult situation. He must be the one to kill the whale, yet he cannot imagine doing so. By Jean Craighead George, who also authored the award-winning novel, "Julie of the Wolves."

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    Julie of the Wolves, The Giver, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Readings in Social Studies: Medieval Times to the Enlightenment.

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    Known for their original ideas, this Klutz book is no exception. Rather than your traditional paper doll book, this book holds 6 dolls (plus 3 babies and two pets) and 14 pages (front and back) of clothing items and accessories. The dolls are reversible, with a printed face on one side, and the other blank for you to fill in. A page of face ideas is included in case you have trouble portraying just the right expression. Then come the clothes! The 14 pages include male and female clothing, including everyday clothes, dress-up clothes, cowboy/girl clothes, gowns and suits, winter clothes, sports uniforms, swimwear, pajamas, and baby clothes. (The outfits allow the dolls to dress-up as wizards or witches, but you can easily remove these.) You can also expand this wardrobe by designing your own clothes by tracing, decorating, and coloring your own patterns. Also provided are tons of accessories, from shoes, hats, and eyewear to handbags, gloves, and sports equipment. Another two-sided page is devoted to hair - you choose the styles you want. There are 32 different styles, for guys and girls, long and short, in 6 different shades. Hair doodles, beards, and mustaches are included. These are neither sticker nor fold-the-tabs-down paper dolls. A page of special stickers allows you to put sticky tape on the dolls wherever necessary to accessorize them. You can dress and re-dress them as many times as you want, and if the sticky wears off you simply peel off that piece of tape and replace it with another. (264 are included, and if you run out, simply order more from Klutz.) Also included are six attractive backdrops (stage, ballroom, park, winter, beach, and bedroom scenes) and a fold out closet to store the clothes. - Melissa

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    ISBN: 9780843182989
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    Weekly pages have a vertical columns for each day, with subjects listed horizontally across the pages (Bible/Religion, Math, Social Studies, Science, English, Reading and Spelling). Space is provided for 20 spelling words and parent notes (at the bottom of each day's column). Includes pocket.
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    ISBN: 9780140507294
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    In the pioneering days of aviation, people were risking their very lives to try to accomplish new things. Here is the story of Frenchman Louis Blériot, a pioneer who was as keen about building and flying his machines as the Wright brothers were. While he was not the first to fly, he was the first to fly across the English Channel after experimenting with many different planes. This simple story, with large colorful illustrations, tells of his first encounter with flying machines and chronicles his successes and failures in the build-up to his triumphant flight across the channel. ~ Zach

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    There is something to be said for a simple, non-dated planner with cheerful colors. A few handy pages include a list of user names and passwords, a list of your student contact information, birthdays, a list of holidays, and an overall schedule for the year. The calendar’s main portion contains a 2-page spread of monthly calendars for July to June. The months have colored tabs and pretty, inspirational phrases. Each month has a pretty color scheme. The lesson pages have M-F in rainbow colors down the left side with 7 subjects/times across the top, and a space for the week number. Each space has 6 dotted lines to write on in a space about 4x5cm. It’s a generous amount of space for recording what you did that day or for planning out your year. A handy pocket is included inside the back cover. 9x11” (1cm thick) ~ Sara

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       Come and cook with the Berenstain Bears, using these kid-friendly holiday recipes. This collection of forty recipes are for six different holidays – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Fall Festivities, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The Bear Family likes to eat and they like to celebrate the holidays, so every holiday begins with a short Berenstain Bears story and a Bible verse – food is one way they show love for others. Parents and children alike will enjoy making heart-shaped pizza, Stars and Stripes Bites, Tricks and Treats Trail Mix, and Colorful Christmas Poke Cake. The recipes are tasty and easy to make. Join the Bear Family as they celebrate the holidays with food! 96 pgs., h/c. ~ Donna

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