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Journal Writing Grade 4

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  • Item #: 011990
    ISBN: 9780141305950
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    Widge, a poor orphan, is commanded by his frightening master to watch Shakespeare's Hamlet and write down the entire play word for word. Widge works himself into the theatre where Shakespeare's cast rehearses and performs, and is taken in by the actors, who treat him as one of their own. As he secretly copies the lines, he begins to wonder if pleasing his master is worth betraying his new friends. See how Widge discovers such things as friendship, family, and home while getting an inside look of the Shakespearean era. 216 pgs. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 067843
    ISBN: 9781454919353
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    Even the most creative writer appreciates a good writing prompt! This book writes like a journal. It’s not a fussy one with lots of curlicues and color, no, this one has white pages with simple black type and lines. The topics are current such as: what’s your favorite viral video? And what do you like about it? There is only space for a paragraph on that one. A longer prompt, where you are given a page to write would be: you catch a stranger stealing from your school. What do you do? What if it’s actually your friend who is stealing? Other topics include homework, music, and your perfect day. There are hundreds of prompts here. This would appeal to boys or girls, in both the topics and appearance of the book. 7x9”, sc. ~Sara

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    Offering everything you need for successful handwriting across the curriculum, this package includes the Handwriting without Tears (HWT) student workbook, writing journal and the newly released Building Writers workbook. Handwriting teacher guides are sold separately and the Building Writer's teaching resource is available as a free download on our website. Books are color-coded by grade, keeping them easy to organize if ordering more than one set. Conquer your busy homeschool day by having all the necessary components at your fingertips. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 071529
    ISBN: 9781452154756
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    This oversized journal has loads of clever writing prompts. Between 1 and 4 prompts on a page, with dotted lines to write on. Here are a few examples: Think of 3 things that are definitely bigger than you, then write a dialogue between these 3 things. Your house is a jar of sand and your bed is a lock with a key in it – what are you? Write about a squirrel that is trapped in a shopping mall. What is your favorite sound and why? Use the words you hear to create a poem. Lots of great ideas to get creative flowing and writing practice started. 9”x 11”, 304 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 068703
    ISBN: 9781536914443
    Retail: $36.50
    Rainbow Price: $29.95

      Targeting a slightly older crowd, this flexible curriculum resource may inspire delight-directed learning in your family. In this (mostly) self-study, children begin by choosing topics they wish to study and take steps to achieve their goals. Tips for wisely choosing resources while using these recommended resources: computer access and personal Minecraft world, audio books, Story of the World for the Classical Child, Classical music, Google Earth and parent-approved news sources, educational videos and movies, and a math curriculum (Life of Fred or Math U See suggested). Listed are also a few necessary supplies: pencils, colored pencils, gel pens, origami paper, and a ruler.

      The heart of this course is the gentle, guiding learning in an array of subject areas including reading, creative writing, spelling and vocabulary, classical literature and music, mathematics (open ended to use with your math curriculum), science, geography, current events and much more. Comparing this to the author’s Fun-Schooling Curriculum: Homeschooling with Minecraft, you will note overlapping activities but a different focus. The aforementioned course includes an animal and farm theme designed to engage younger learners, whereas the DIY Curriculum is written for a slightly older crowd and focuses on Geography and “world news today” events. Woven throughout the course are research projects to learn about mining in the real world, which provides a fascinating “rabbit trail” to a Minecraft study.

      If you are wondering which of the Thinking Tree Minecraft studies would best fit your child, younger children who thrive when working more directly with a parent, may find the Fun-Schooling Curriculum: Homeschooling with Minecraft (#068704) a better option. While the reading level recommended for this course is grade 2 and up, many of the research activities and world studies seem better fit for an older child. Other activities like the backyard science nature walk and study may work with all ages. Another consideration in selecting these activities is the student’s ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. While the author does not define computer time in this course, her general guidelines for daily study are 5 pages per day for 10 years and under and 10 pages per day for 10 years and up (2-4 hours per day). Repetition is also built into this curriculum guide allowing students to study various aspects of Minecraft in a similar fashion.

  • Item #: 059397
    ISBN: 9781940110578
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    A field trip can be just about anything: visit a museum, historical colony, recycling plant, ethnic restaurants, zoo, farm, or even a business. How do you get the most out of a field trip? This guide from Apologia helps you plan the outing from learning objectives to those practical details (logistics, safety, maps, etc.). After the first few pages, the rest is all for your student to record their memories. They are encouraged to draw pictures, collect artifacts, document sights, scents & sounds, and summarize the experience. What a great keepsake! Each 2 page spread (14 of them) is for a different field trip memory. Another section is called My Special Spot where the child is told to choose a place somewhere outside and write about it in during each of the 4 seasons. As I See It pages (17 single pages) are for open-ended expression for your student to draw or paste an image that is meaningful to them or include whatever the child desires. Spiral bound, laminated covers (that don't look too young for older students,) 64pp ~ Sara

  • Item #: 058652
    ISBN: 9781770788695
    Retail: $13.99
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  • Item #: 058383
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  • Item #: 054483
    ISBN: 9781931181488
    Retail: $5.95
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    Formatted like Book A (#54482), this 8 ½"x 11" journal provides blank space for writing out mathematical problems, 3/8" lines for describing or writing about the mathematical process, and a full page of ¼" grid lines for diagrams, graphs, and charts.

  • Item #: 054477
    ISBN: 9781931181419
    Retail: $3.95
    Rainbow Price: $2.95

    Children love drawing, so why not include it in learning how to write? Each page of this journal includes a half-page blank space for a picture and 20 lines for writing—be it a story, report, or whatever else. The lines are nicely spaced for beginning writers, including a dashed middle line for lower-case letters and light upper line for capitals and tall letters. There are 24 pages, so there's enough space for 24 stories/pictures. Inside the front cover is a spot for your child's name, school name, and special notes; inside the back cover is a list of the states and their abbreviations and capital cities. –Chad

  • Item #: 054473
    ISBN: 9781931181495
    Retail: $5.95
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

    This 7"x 9" journal is a handy tool for students working word problems. Space is provided in a 2-page format for students to work through the process of word problems. Students write the problem on the lines provided, use the ¼ inch grid section to draw or show their strategy for solving the problem, write an equation in the next space provided, and then solve the problem in the next blank space on the page. A second lined section is provided for students to explain how they solved the problem, and a bonus section allows students an opportunity to show an alternative way to solve the problem.

  • Item #: 033503
    ISBN: 9780736774680
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  • Item #: 033467
    ISBN: 9780736774659
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  • Item #: 033445
    ISBN: 9780736774734
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  • Item #: 033374
    ISBN: 9780736774642
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  • Item #: 033291
    ISBN: 9780736774727
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  • Item #: 033256
    ISBN: 9780736774697
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  • Item #: 030406
    ISBN: 9780972697705
    Retail: $55.00
    Rainbow Price: $52.95

    Maybe your girls have read some or all of the American Girls books just for fun. If they haven't read them yet, what's a better and more reader-friendly basis for studying American history? That's what Cindy Sotelo must have been thinking as she put together this curriculum for her girls. The idea caught on with their friends, and a girl's history study group formed, eager to participate in all the activities of the study. The study is divided into seven units, each based on one American Girl, and arranged in chronological order of their time periods from Felicity to Molly. Each unit is designed to take about six weeks to complete, less if you would like to fit all seven units into a traditionally scheduled school year, or more if you feel you would like to spend more time on each unit and fill more of the year with it or stretch it over into the next school year. The primary reading material for each unit is, of course, the six American Girl books for the featured American Girl, although additional reading suggestions are included and there is plenty of room for your own as well. The American Girl Teacher's Guides, Welcome to ______'s World, as well as the American-girl specific Cookbook, Craft Book, Paper Dolls, Theater Kit/Six Plays, as well as selected Childhood of Famous Americans are also recommended for each unit. Unfortunately, many of the supplemental American Girl items such as the Teacher's Guides and Cookbooks are out of print, however, you may be able to find them at your library. The Craft books appear to be coming back as Color & Crafts, and the Paper Dolls have been republished as well. Internet resources are also listed for each unit, each with a synopsis of what you will find and use from each site. Each unit begins with a list of resources, both book, video, and internet, followed by a content overview for that unit. The week-by-week unit plans include projects for each day. Necessary forms are included throughout the unit, as well as on the accompanying CD-ROM. The daily projects include the approximate time required, materials needed (mostly arts/crafts items and household items you have on hand) as well as the skills covered, followed by detailed instructions. Along the way, numerous samples of student work is included, so you can see some examples of what other students have done with the projects, or have added to the rest of the study.

    As far as subject content, the study covers quite a bit of social studies and history, some diverse science topics, biographies of famous people, U.S. geography through history, supplemental math activities, and character education. Language arts is also covered in some detail, including dictionary skills, literature, grammar/usage, general writing skills, creative writing and journalism. I should note the math included is not intended to provide a solid mathematical foundation but is included as a supplement. You will need to continue a complete math program during this study. If the child is an early reader, you may also need to supplement with further phonics and reading instruction, and unless you take an aggressive approach to the spelling/vocabulary found in the reading of this program, you will probably need to supplement a spelling program as well. That being said, the rest of this curriculum contains a solid social studies, literature, and language arts core that provides numerous avenues to more in-depth topics, available to you to wander through and research as you wish. The author has suggested numerous other ways to extend the subjects, including keeping a portfolio by time period and other projects her daughters and friends became interested in as they studied each era. She also arms you with lists of tips, helps, and adaptations for different situations (new or reluctant readers, children with attention difficulties, and older students), as well as multiple suggestions for using the study with boys. An appendix contains additional forms, along with suggestions for real-life writing, quiet/devotional time, and a sample schedule for a girl's history club meeting. While you can just pick up the book and use it with a set of American Girls books, a few supplemental books and a computer, the study will be much more well-rounded and beneficial if a little research and organizational time is put in up front. A great unit study that is sure to get your girls (and maybe even boys) interested in history and a variety of other subjects. This would also work well for a co-op class. - Jess

  • Item #: 029603
    ISBN: 9781933339634
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.75
    Reviews skills covered in Levels 2 & 3 and introduces new, more advanced ones. It spends 18 weeks on fiction and 18 weeks on poetry, as before, but the goal in this course is a story and poem polished enough to submit to a literary journal. This level does not have a separate section on guidance as it is assumed the student is ready to work on his own. Story instruction includes point of view, word choice, description, pacing, voice/style, and a look at genre and format. Poetry instruction includes description, word choice, revision, sound, forms, nonsense, and favorite poet.
  • Item #: 026831
    ISBN: 9781934649206
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $3.39

    "But I don't know what to write about." This fun book holds the answer to that problem, as the student will be writing about what he knows best – himself! The 78 pages are filled with tons of questions for the student to complete – physical and personality traits, talents, food and entertainment preferences, scary things, good books, travels, etc. Some of these are single word answers, some a sentence or two, some require drawing. The book is geared to help the student loosen up and start thinking about himself, his likes and dislikes, his preferences. After the student answers the questions, he has the outline for completing a writing assignment. Because of the large number of questions covered in the book, lots of writing assignments could be gleaned from the book. Although the suggested grade range is 4-7, I think younger children would really enjoy the project with a little help from Mom and Dad. When the book is done, you have a great keepsake about your child. - Laura

  • Item #: 021632
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    These 17"x 22", black and white, line drawing-illustrated posters have plenty of room for a child to personalize. In Gr. K-2 they color, draw, and remember how they grew, with special places for four big events, him or her as a baby, and him or her today. For Gr. 3-6, children can draw and record eight big life events, birthday, birthplace, age, grade and hometown.

  • Item #: 019923
    ISBN: 9781571106049
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  • Item #: 019922
    ISBN: 9780736796149
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  • Item #: 016812
    ISBN: 9780064405904
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    This sequel to the historical fiction book Sarah, Plain and Tall continues the story of Sarah and her new family on the frontier farm. Anna is moving into town and it is now Caleb's responsibility to keep a journal about the happenings on the farm. He complains that he has nothing to write about but weather and chores, but when a mysterious elderly man stumbles onto the farm, he finds plenty to write. An inspiring tale about love and forgiveness. 116 pgs.

  • Item #: 014328
    ISBN: 9781562343262
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