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Job Chart

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    Same format as the Create-a-Chart except that the jobs are geared for younger children. Size: 8 1/2” x 11”. There is room at the top of this laminated chart for your child's name. Then a list of the daily jobs with pictures is given vertically on the chart with Sun-Sat across the top. The daily jobs are: Make Bed, Take Bath, Comb Hair, Brush Teeth, Pick Up Toys and Be Happy.

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    This 11" x 17" write-and-wipe surface reminds everyone who is responsible for each chore each day. The chart contains 14 permanent jobs plus 7 slots for doing dishes (one per day). List names above the jobs for the week. When a task is completed, check the space. Wipe-off marker included. The daily jobs include: Chef's Helper, Make Lunches, Set Table, Empty Waste Baskets, Family Room, Gather Laundry and Feed Pets. The weekly jobs are: Vacuum, Dust, Water Plants, Clean Bathrooms, Take Out Garbage, Sweep Porch & Steps and Yard Work. There is also a magnet strip included with this chart so that it can be hung on the fridge.

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    A personal “Daily Jobs” chart with 6 rows for jobs and 7 columns for days. Use a wipe-off marker to indicate completion of a task. “Jobs” stickers are also available below. 8 1/2” x 11.”

  • Item #: 003601
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    16 reusable, illustrated job stickers for use with the Create-a-Chart and a wipe-off marker.

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  • Item #: 062265
    ISBN: 9780976202486
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    When it comes to cleaning and organizing your home, keep it simple so kids can easily help out. This colorful, laminated flip chart uses clear illustrations and check boxes so children know exactly what is expected of them. When they are finished, they flip the page, a reward in itself! The zones include living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Each zone has steps to follow and check off, but also a place to write in specific chores to be done each day. In the living room, Step 1 is "pick up." Graphics show a laundry basket and items like shoes, books, & dishes with an arrow to place these items in the basket. This is helpful for children too young to read. A check box says to Grab a basket or plastic tub. Put items that do not belong in the living room in the basket. Step 2 Return items to their proper place in the house. Step 3 Tidy up. Neatly arrange items in the living room. Step 4 Day of the week job. Mon. vacuum Tues. Dust Wed. Wash off fingerprints Thurs. Vacuum Fri. dust. Step 5 daily job (that you customize to your home/family). When the chores are done, you check the box and flip the page. Boom! Done! Easy peasy! A 15 minute instructional DVD will clarify any questions you may have, but really, it is well laid out and easy to follow. 5" x 8.5", spiral binding across the top. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780545819220
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    Five poster-size charts come in different colors (red, purple, blue, orange, green). Each chart measures 18” x 24”, has 36 rows (alternating color/white) and 25 columns. They look like a page from a teacher’s grade book where you write the students’ names down the left side, assignments across the top and a grade in each square. In a classroom, you could use one a month to show homework assignments (useful when students are absent), good behaviors, class job assignments, books read and such. Use them in a Sunday School where students are to learn Bible verses or demonstrate behaviors. Homeschoolers can use them as chore charts, activities/schedules, behavior, books children have read, verses to memorize, etc. I like the large format: great for a visual learner to see their progress. Not laminated. ~Sara

  • Item #: 017288
    ISBN: 9781594418136
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    Add sparkly satisfaction to a job well done with these glittery gem stickers. Use them to keep track of completed tasks, reward good behavior, brighten up returned schoolwork, etc. Each pack of 400 stickers includes an assortment of blue diamonds, green emeralds, round red rubies, and teardrop amethysts. – Rachel
  • Item #: 057603
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    Chores are re-defined as commitments on this weekly chart. There are 4 categories listed down the left-most column: honor myself, respect my home, honor my family, and respect my school; days of the week are across the top. Three to five subcategories include things like: dress myself on time, put my things away, help clean and participate in class. Some categories have extra spaces for you to write in your own commitments. At the bottom is a place to write a memory verse and you can write your student's name at the top. Pad contains a 6-month supply. The pages are colorful (greens, blues, purples) and show a cross and a dove. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 057604
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    Here is a 6-month supply of weekly chore charts for your kiddos! Each page is 8.5x11" and has four categories down the left side: myself, my room, family & school. Each topic has 3-5 chores like brushing teeth in the morning, put my clothes away, help with dishes, and participating in lessons. You have 1 or 2 spaces to add your own responsibilities in each category. Across the top are the 7 days of the week. Write your student's name at the top and there is a space at the bottom to write a goal for the week. Place one of our scratch-off stickers (item 058960) at the top and write a reward under it. Your student gets to reveal their prize for completing all of their responsibilities! Charts have a purple border, red headlines and black/white text. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 052460
    ISBN: 9780966910797
    Retail: $25.00
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    Implementing a successful chore system in the home may be one of the greatest challenges facing today’s homeschool family. Most of us recognize the great benefit to our children in learning responsibility, productivity, diligence, and initiative, not to mention the excitement they experience in being a part of the family. In fact, a 40-year Harvard study found children given chores from an early age turned into adults who earned more, had more job satisfaction, better marriages, and lived longer, healthier and happier lives. Written by parents of eight, Managers of Their Chores begins with the biblical foundation for chores and the many benefits chores will bring to a child -- both now and in the future. It moves into key factors in parents’ lives that will affect a chore system. The book also provides pertinent information about what kinds of chores should reasonably be done in a home with children. Other chapters include working with preschoolers on chores, information for the home management challenged, how to develop a master chore list, assigning and scheduling chores, simple steps for putting together a chores system and the ChorePack© Chore System. Managers of Their Chores come with all the ChorePack© materials needed for four children, including the packs, chore card paper, and a holder. In the appendix, you will find a chore library with more than 180 chores listed, forms for use and future photocopying, and sample chore assignments from eight families. Whether you are chore challenged or a seasoned chore warrior, you will gain motivation and loads of practical advice on implementing a stress-free chore system. Spiral Bound. 199 pgs. Deanne

  • Item #: 063917
    ISBN: 9781441315731
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     A no-nonsense planner that allows you to “get the job done.” This classy, utilitarian planner has 45 undated, weekly two-page spreads with days of the week across the top, a subject column on the left side, seven rows of lined boxes (2” x 1¼”), and a generous notes column on the right side. Extra pages include 4 pages for seating charts, 20 two-page spreads for attendance or grades (35 lines), and 7 lined pages for notes. Lay flat spiral binding. ~ Janice

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  • Item #: 052504
    ISBN: 9780764147920
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    Providing a perfect introduction to our government and how she works successfully to make a great nation, this concise book includes an overview of the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial-including an overview of the agencies and departments of the executive branch, a chart summarizing "how a bill becomes a law" and the hierarchy of the judicial court system. "Your Job" concludes the book and stresses the importance of involved citizenship. Helpful glossary and index are also included. 48 pgs, pb. Three-color illustrations. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 004587
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    What a simple, but brilliant, idea - matching your interests to possible job options! After rating 84 non-work activities in terms of like or dislike, this self-scoring and self-interpreting interest inventory will help you pinpoint your career interest areas. An informative career exploration chart is also included in this consumable, 12-panel foldout. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 012709
    ISBN: 9780890518342
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.95
    Was there a Big Bang? According to the Astronomy Book, "Biblical creation and the big bang are exact opposites and cannot be reconciled." Learn about the universe and space from a Creationist viewpoint. Topics covered include the size and origins of the universe, eclipses, constellations, space exploration, the solar system, stars and galaxies, cosmic catastrophes, and other solar systems. This hardcover book contains 80 pages with color photographs as well as a pull-out poster.

    The corresponding study guide is a great tool for small group study and homeschool. Each chapter lists the corresponding pages from The Astronomy Book, scripture passages, and questions for students to answer. There is also a list of vocabulary words to define and suggested activities for each chapter which range from a field trip to the planetarium to making a chart of the planets. Some chapters include suggestions for additional reading. This 51- page study guide is not reproducible, and an answer key is included. 5" x 8", softcover. ~ Anh/Donna

  • Item #: 015340
    ISBN: 9780545479752
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.75

    Covering the seven years of the biggest war in history in 112 pages is no small task, but the folks from Scholastic have done an admirable job. Plenty of period photographs provide the "you are there" feel to the book, but equally engaging are the colorful charts, maps, graphics, diagrams, and timelines. Cutaway illustrations show the layout of some larger weapons: a Sherman tank, B-24 bomber, and U-boat. Text is concise, usually several short paragraphs and lots of bullet-point facts and figures on each two-page spread.

    The series is entitled Scholastic Discover More because you also have access to a download of 67 more pages from the Scholastic web site. A code in the book is required to access the 105 MB download. Include are videos, first hand accounts, encyclopedia entries, definitions, and references to other books and websites of related interest.

    The engaging images, to-the-point text and extra features would make this an appealing book to introduce World War II. Sc. - Bob

  • Item #: 000282
    ISBN: 9781887639095
    Retail: $28.95
    Rainbow Price: $15.64

    Need a little reassurance going into those high school homeschooling years? Barbara Shelton provides practical help, written in an uplifting manner, to chart a course through the uncertain waters of secondary education, all the while keeping in focus the goal of seeking God’s direction for each student. This 1999 revision of the book has a new full-color cover and has been reformatted adding new material, black and white photos, testimonies, more in-depth descriptions, 65 brand new forms and charts, and what the author has learned since the first edition of this book. This manual aids you in documenting the achievements of the student, both academic and real-life, then putting the information into a format that academia prefers. In practice, this means recording hours, working with a system for grading, and creating diplomas and transcripts. The manual includes eight sections: Out of Fear and Into Freedom, Requirements, College, Promotion, and Graduation, Record-keeping System, Potpourri of Curriculum Supplements, Grading Guidelines and Portfolios, Personalizing All This Stuff, Lifestyle of Learning Applications, and a Resource Section. You get plenty of helpful tips, some curriculum guidance, and a good selection of forms to use as is or to customize to taste. This guide will make your job easier and lift your spirits at the same time.

  • Item #: 014743
    ISBN: 9781627791113
    Retail: $12.99
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    Adapted from the NY Times bestseller, The Guns at Last Light (part of the Liberation Trilogy), by Pulitzer Prize winner, Rick Atkinson, this book offers a deeply researched but highly accessible account of D-day. Perhaps you think that focus too narrow for a history class. However, the amount of additional material explaining WWII impressed me. Sandwiching the author’s retelling of D-day’s events are over 50 pages of material (in chart and other at-a-glance formats): maps; WWII timeline; details of the Allied and Axis forces; lists of the greatest tanks, battleships and bombers of the war and more. With all this material, your student will have a good grasp of the main aspects of WWII and the context of D-Day is sufficiently set.

    And the historical analysis of D-day? Atkinson does an excellent job of retelling the events in a captivating, story-like format while maintaining accuracy. The narration propels you along and is enhanced by hundreds of period photographs. The photos, in their content choice and brief explanations, appropriately keep the audience age in mind and serve to reinforce and not detract from the storyline. A fantastic resource and study of the event which became the turning point of the war. Highly recommend! 6 ¼” x 9 1/4”, 202, hc with dustjacket. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 006644
    ISBN: 9780794518479
    Retail: $29.99
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    This book is not a science text, but it will help you with whatever science textbook you are using. It's a comprehensive science reference guide covering physics, chemistry and biology. Each area of focus features color-coded subtopics with significant detail. The chemistry section contains subtopics for general, physical, inorganic, organic, and environmental chemistry. The biology section includes ecology, botany, zoology, human biology, genetics and general biology. The physics section is divided into mechanics, heat, waves, electricity and magnetism, nuclear physics, and general physics.

    We've come to expect compelling color pictures, graphics and charts from Usborne, and this book does not disappoint. Every page has excellent visuals and concise explanations of scientific laws and principles. For example, the biology section includes a subtopic covering the nervous system. The book shows and describes the parts of the neuron including the cell body, the dendrites and the axon. The graphics do an excellent job of showing the interaction between nerve cells and how the chemical neurotransmitters work at the synapse between the cells. You learn the difference between association (or relay) neurons and motor (or instruction) neurons.

    With over 350 pages, a glossary, and complete index, this book makes finding information quick and easy. Use the book to review material already studied, or as additional explanation or clarification of current lessons. - Jerry