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Janice Campbell

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    Emphasis on articulation and punctuation, with language arts lessons based upon character building stories, essays and poetry. Focus: reading and spelling (86 lessons).

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    Articulation, Rhetoric and use of the voice. Includes classic works by Shakespeare, Milton, Longfellow and others. Focus: rhetorical reading. (179 lessons.

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    Begins with articulation, covers stories, essays and poetry. Focus: reading and spelling (71 lessons).

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    Punctuation, editor’s marks, articulation, accent and inflection. Focus: vocabulary, spelling and articulation (86 lessons).

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    Begins with the alphabet and then moves quickly to spelling, reading, and writing short words, sentences, stories and poems (57 lessons).

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    Reading and Recitation as a rhetorical exercise. Focus: reading and spelling (101 lessons).

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       Subtitled, A Practical Guide for Teens, this is a straight-forward, expedient approach to college. Homeschoolers often take the alternate approach to education--why not in college as well? The author presents alternate methods to gain a college degree, obtaining credits early. Chapters cover dual credit, creating a degree plan, choosing and applying to a college, skills necessary to succeed at college, preparing for CLEP, and more. An appendix provides a list of CLEP exams available and reproducible worksheets to create your plan and track progress. 80pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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    The book to have on hand for high school essay writing. This is not just an attempt on my part at a play on words; its the best description of this book. A compilation of two books from a Canadian author that have impacted the authors writing (Janice Campbell, author of the Excellence in Literature series), this book has an abundance of guidance for correct essay (persuasive) and argument construction plus extensive sections on mechanics and usage.

    The author maintains that one of the single most important intellectual skills in an undergraduate education is learning to write an essay that clearly and convincingly presents a point of view. Students entering high school have usually written who (personal/autobiographical) or what (objective/factual) papers. High school is the time to focus on the abstract/universal papers to master the art of the why paper in a logical and compelling way. The first half of this handbook provides a step-by-step guide to arguments taking the student from simple first principles through defining key terms, deductive/inductive arguments, organization and paragraph structure. Multiple examples illustrate the covered skills.

    The second half of the handbook is devoted to usage and style and provides systematic coverage of sentence construction, word usage, punctuation, reference citing (MLA and APA), bibliographies and paper formats.

    Whether using one of the authors literature courses or completing any other high school writing assignment, this book will be useful and put to use. 420 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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    If you’re as insecure as I was in evaluating my children’s writing assignments, you will be thrilled with this small booklet which is actually a mini-course. If your child’s attitude towards writing is in the balance, it will be worth your time to go through the practical suggestions in this booklet, assimilating the information into a more confidant paper-evaluating mom. The “gentle art” of evaluation (author Janice Campbell’s term) involves understanding the purpose of evaluation as well as what constitutes good writing and, of course, learning the process of analyzing and evaluating good writing embodied in seven skill areas. Many instructional segments include assignments (such as reading Strunk & White’s Elements of Style). Topics covered include use of models in writing, effective use of rubrics, and evaluating both rough and final drafts. 32 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781613220047
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    Finally, a timeline created specifically for the high school student! Recognizing that most commercially available timelines are geared toward younger children and offer loads of space for pictures/illustrations but little space for textual information, Janice Campbell has created a timeline perfect for older students.

    How is this timeline different? First the main part of the timeline consists of a two-page spread with a five column grid on each page. Each of the columns represents one decade (AD) or one century (BC), meaning that each two page spread equals either one century (AD) or one millennium (BC). Below each grid section is a set of short lines. These lines are designed to record brief items of interest such as a discovery or battle. The author has included suggestions for using a special mark for the event as well as developing a color-coding system for quick referencing. Other differences include a note section at the bottom of each two page spread; special notes section and helpful suggestions for using 3x5 index cards to expand the timeline information.

    Timeline begins at 6,000 BC and ends with 2200 AD. Also included is a blank TimeFrame page for a special topic or period study or to photocopy to expand a specific time period. While sharing a variety of ideas for how to use the TimeFrame Timeline, creative juices will flow and it will quickly become a personal reflection of your teen's interests and personality. pb., spiral. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781613220481
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    …and transcripts aren’t the only thing made easy! Janice Campbell has a gift for taking each aspect of homeschooling a high schooler and showing that the task CAN be done and can be done with a minimum of vexatious worry. This new 4th edition contains the practical and encouraging content from the previous editions along with valuable new information including an overview of what students need to learn in high school, a chapter on college alternatives, tips from a college professor on what every college freshman needs to know, an updated chapter on record keeping and transcripts for special needs students and detailed step-by-step instructions for creating transcripts using software you own or that you can download for free.

      Starting at the beginning, Mrs. Campbell talks about when to start planning as well as the flip side of that question: what to do if you haven’t been planning and high school is almost over. What to study, standardized testing, and skills and habits to cultivate in high school all receive a brief but thorough examination. With the transcript as the focal point, Mrs. Campbell covers record keeping, naming classes, grading (including how to grade ethically), and assigning credits.

      Since transcripts aren’t just for the “traditionally homeschooled” (whatever that is), you’ll find information here for preparing transcripts for unschoolers and the chronically relaxed. This isn’t just general information, either, as she gets very specific in terms of transcript (and diploma) text.

     Samples of transcripts and diplomas as well as many reproducible forms (reading and activities logs, class profile, subject worksheets, and blank transcript forms) are provided. ~ Janice/Deanne


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    This picture book tells the incredible true story of Squanto, an English-speaking Native American. The book begins in 1608, when twelve-year-old Squanto is captured by the British. Squanto is sold into slavery in Spain, but a group of monks rescue him. The kind monks teach him English and about God. Squanto misses his family, so years later, he begins the long journey home to North America. Squanto is devastated when he learns that no one in his tribe survived a disease outbreak. But God has a plan for Squanto. When the Pilgrims arrive he acts as a liaison between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, and the groups work together to produce a bountiful harvest, which brings the first Thanksgiving. By Eric Metaxes. 40 pgs, pb.