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Italic Handwriting Book A

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    ISBN: 9780876781326
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    ISBN: 9780982776247
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    ISBN: 9780982776230
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    ISBN: 9780964921573
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    ISBN: 9780876781333
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    ISBN: 9780964921580
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    ISBN: 9780982776209
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    ISBN: 9780964921559
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    ISBN: 9780964921566
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  • Item #: 028154
    ISBN: 9780876780916
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    This book is for anyone who wants to improve their handwriting or learn calligraphy. By the same authors as the Italic Handwriting series (see description), the format of this book is very similar. Throughout the pages, students will practice basic italics, numerals and punctuation, formal italics, chancery italics, cursive italics, and some variations and design ideas. After a short introduction to the art of italics, the pages thereafter are filled with letters, words, and sentences for you to practice on. The text is given on every other line, with the lines in between blank for you to copy the letters onto. Notes in the margin offer helpful tips and reminders for your calligraphic writing. By the time you reach the end of this book, you should have beautifully developed penmanship. - Melissa

  • Item #: 007744
    ISBN: 9780982776223
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $15.25

    Many customers have asked us for an italic handwriting book for an older child or for themselves. By the same publisher as the Italic Handwriting series sold above, this is a one-book, self-teaching course for use by middle schoolers through adults. The 96-page workbook proceeds step-by-step and includes tips and techniques adjacent to the examples to be copied. It actually compresses the full instruction in italic books A-G, beginning with basic italic, learning joins, and progressing to cursive italic. The book finishes up with a special section on calligraphy, introducing the nibbed fountain pen and artistic lettering.

  • Item #: 023268
    ISBN: 9780982776261
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $22.95

       You’re never too old, or young, to begin learning to write calligraphy, and this book is a great step-by-step product to get you started. You can use alongside the Getty-Dubay Handwriting series for K-8 (beginning with 2nd grade) or as a stand-alone program to learn the art of calligraphy. This 64-page book is the collaboration of Inga Dubay and a group of Portland State teachers over the course of 3 years and includes instruction for writing with edged pens, italic calligraphy, and the history of the art form. 13 introductory pages explain what you will be doing in the remaining pages. There are 20 worksheets for use with a 3.5 mm nib and 9 worksheets for use with 2mm nib. 17 historical charts show the progression of letter formation since the Roman era. Ruled line pages and blank historical charts are found in the back and are the only pages that may be copied. Pages follow a progression; students practice strokes, lowercase letter families, formal capital letters, then copy Hindu-Arabic numerals, poems, quotes, Greek & Latin root words, and 50 most used English words. Use what you have learned to make beautiful cards & letters to give as thoughtful gifts.

      There are some great resources at the author’s website, handwritingsuccess.com. Helpful videos will take you through the worksheets in the book and a worksheet generator lets you make your own practice worksheets in both the 3.5mm and 2mm nib sizes.  

      The author asks that you, “Slow down, enjoy the process of calligraphy, and fall in love with letters along the way!” ~ Donna

  • Item #: 044172
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  • Item #: 046931
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    This title introduces 11 principles of science, with one introduced each week. Five days of copywork are provided for each principle, with a different related text to copy the first four days, then dictation on the fifth day. 40 pgs, quality spiral-bound.

  • Item #: 010226
    Retail: $16.75
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  • Item #: 005826
    ISBN: 9780867349207
    Retail: $13.99
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    This book keeps going where many cursive writing practice books end; 128 pages of practice take students from the beginning steps to mastery all in one book. The first unit begins with individual letter practice. Letters are paired by similar strokes and for each letter the correct formation is shown, supplemented by letters to trace and space for children to write their own. After all lower and uppercase letters are covered, a few activity pages encourage children to practice through writing number words, days of the week, family names and filling in a fun information sheet on themselves. The next section offers more practice on specific letters, this time combining the uppercase and lowercase form of the same letter on each page. Words for each are given to copy along with a fun, alliterated sentence containing several of the relevant letters like "Two turtles trade toys." This section also ends with a few fun pages. The last two units are included solely for practicing cursive writing and are comprised completely of engaging handwriting activity sheets. In the first section, sheets provide fun sentences for students to practice on, such as tongue twisters, fairy tale characters, antonym sentences, and poems, or specific word lists like types of birds, odd-sounding cities and kinds of flowers. The remaining worksheets offer fun questions or challenges for children to answer - in their best handwriting of course! In the final section, students copy interesting paragraphs, all based on writing. Students learn about writing in history and other writing topics while practicing. Some examples are: prehistoric writing, cuneiform, Pioneer days, early pens, calligraphy, handwritten books and unusual notes. Several fun pages based on these passages are mixed in, such as writing a letter to a pen-pal, decoding rebus sentences, and collecting autographs. Steph

  • Item #: 065414
    ISBN: 9781517359911
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    ISBN: 9781591980711
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    With over 100 reproducible activities to choose from, you're bound to perfect your cursive handwriting. The first half of this book includes fairly straightforward practice with uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. Activities in the second half not only practice cursive, but also review topics such as states and capitals, compound words, parts of speech, alphabetical order, antonyms and synonyms, habitats, the solar system, and plants. An answer key for the activities in the second half of the book is included. Anh

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    ISBN: 9780876781050
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    ISBN: 9781939814487
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    ISBN: 9780876781043
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    ISBN: 9781583241882
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    ISBN: 9781583241905
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    ISBN: 9780982776254
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  • Item #: 062315
    ISBN: 9780880853798
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    Extra practice in both print and cursive that a student can work on independently. Your student will work on isolated letters, words and then sentences with arrows and written direction on how to form the letters. This workbook is a good option for an older student with messy handwriting that needs improvement. Each practice page has an instruction box at the top of specific notes to the student. Both right and left handers can see illustrations of how to position their paper and hold their pencil. Non-reproducible, 112 perforated pages, sc ~ Sara

  • Item #: 071644
    ISBN: 9780312522025
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  • Item #: 003735
    ISBN: 9780929223100
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    We try to be pragmatic at our house and in our business - whatever works well, whatever makes sense, that's what we try to do. I've not met Letz Farmer, the author of this book, but I'll bet she's a pragmatist also. Lots of practical, "that makes sense", ideas are included in this ball-and-stick method. For example, capital letters are taught first to minimize reversals that can occur in lower case letters (I thought Mark would never get "b" and "d" straight). Capital letters are taught according to "stroke families"; letters with only vertical and horizontal strokes are taught first; letters with slanted strokes are taught next; finally, letters which have a circular component are taught last, because these are the hardest. The first lower case letters taught are the ones that look exactly like their capital counterparts; next, the ones that look similar to their capital counterparts; and last, the ones that look nothing like their capital counterparts. Practice pages contain three lines for each letter; letters on the first line are thick and fully shaded, and show directional arrows for the starting point and direction of strokes; letters on the second line are thick outlines that allow for some "wiggle" as the child attempts to write his letter inside the outline; the third line is blank and allows the child to make his letters freeform. The book has a fold-flat plastic binding so that the student is not fighting a hump in the page as he attempts to print his letters. Each pair of pages is laid out so that the top of the pair is at the left-hand side as you open the book; when in its upright position, either right-handers or left-handers can use the book without disadvantage.

    Several other niceties are incorporated. A short story and cute illustrations help the child to remember each letter. The bottom of each practice page contains the alphabet, but missing some letters so the child can write them in the appropriate place. Phonics practice and (here's a first) sign language is incorporated if you want to use these along the way. Plus, Bible verses are used as part of each exercise.

    Where did Mrs. Farmer come up with all these good ideas? She credits her "child expert", daughter Laura. Nice job, Laura!