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Italic Handwriting

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    ISBN: 9780876780916
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    This book is for anyone who wants to improve their handwriting or learn calligraphy. By the same authors as the Italic Handwriting series (see description), the format of this book is very similar. Throughout the pages, students will practice basic italics, numerals and punctuation, formal italics, chancery italics, cursive italics, and some variations and design ideas. After a short introduction to the art of italics, the pages thereafter are filled with letters, words, and sentences for you to practice on. The text is given on every other line, with the lines in between blank for you to copy the letters onto. Notes in the margin offer helpful tips and reminders for your calligraphic writing. By the time you reach the end of this book, you should have beautifully developed penmanship. - Melissa

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    ISBN: 9780982776209
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    ISBN: 9780964921573
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    ISBN: 9780982776230
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    ISBN: 9780964921580
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    ISBN: 9780964921566
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    ISBN: 9780982776247
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    ISBN: 9780964921559
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    ISBN: 9780876781050
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  • Item #: SSRWL1
    Retail: $264.87
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    Considering the approach, ease of use, content, child-appeal, benefits, effectiveness and cost of all the phonics programs we were familiar with, Sing, Spell, Read & Write was our choice for personal use. We have used several programs and read about many others. Although we didn't use this program in total with our children (because we extended the spelling, used italic handwriting instead of ball and stick, etc.) we did find it the most used and useful of those we tried. AND the results were wonderful! If you're looking for something to really lay it all out for you, something that works, is easy to use, and will have your child singing the letter sounds in days, followed closely by actually reading...this is what we recommend! Here are some of our reasons:

    The "raceway" theme is very appealing and motivating to children, who love tracking their success via race car around a track as they complete the 36 steps to independent reading.

    The songs are unquestionably contagious - children will sing and sing and sing and learn their letter sounds, long and short vowel sounds, blending vowels and consonants, and digraphs almost effortlessly - and enjoy it! That is, if you can bear to listen to it sung over and over, multiplied by x times the number of children using it throughout the years.

    The 17 phonetic, full-color storybooks cover all 36 steps, providing immediate, rewarding reinforcement for the decoding skill just learned. This makes good sense.

    The games are not just fluff, but real fortification of phonetic skills. They are more fun, however, if you can play with more than one child.

    The teacher training videos included in the set will greatly aid you in understanding/teaching the phonics program - and give you the confidence to do it!

    Included is a complete, phonetic spelling program dove-tailing with the phonetic constructs being learned and a complete handwriting program (if you use ball and stick manuscript).

    thick, four-color workbooks include grammar and creative writing

    phonics songs are contained in both cassette and CD formats

    The two workbooks and the assessment book included in the set are the only consumables in the program. Replacements must be ordered from the publisher.

    To be honest, we have just a few quibbles :

    1. Some of the tapes/voices are not as clear or distinct as a perfectionist might demand. Some may go a little too "fast" for your taste - notably the ferris wheel song used to practice blending sounds smoothly. For us, this was a plus, since we kept at it until we could keep up with the song, resulting in perfect blending!

    2. The "prizes" included are...well...rather cheesy at best and who needs 4 or 5 yo- yos, several plastic magnifiers, multiple thin plastic bracelets, and numerous plastic sack puppets? When using with one child, one of each would do nicely. To alleviate this, see our special offer below.


  • Item #: 010889
    ISBN: 9780876781067
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  • Item #: 007930
    ISBN: 9780982776254
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  • Item #: 044171
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  • Item #: 007744
    ISBN: 9780982776223
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    Many customers have asked us for an italic handwriting book for an older child or for themselves. By the same publisher as the Italic Handwriting series sold above, this is a one-book, self-teaching course for use by middle schoolers through adults. The 96-page workbook proceeds step-by-step and includes tips and techniques adjacent to the examples to be copied. It actually compresses the full instruction in italic books A-G, beginning with basic italic, learning joins, and progressing to cursive italic. The book finishes up with a special section on calligraphy, introducing the nibbed fountain pen and artistic lettering.

  • Item #: 061800
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    Lines measure 7/16”

  • Item #: 014779
    Retail: $6.75
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    This 13" x 6" desk strip shows basic and cursive italic letters for reference and tracing

  • Item #: 000477
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  • Item #: 061802
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    Lines measure 7/16”

  • Item #: 061801
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    Book 5 lines are ¼”.

  • Item #: 061799
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    Book 1 is in landscape format and has ¾” lines.

  • Item #: 061798
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    Book 2 is in portrait. with 1/2" lines.

  • Item #: 046931
    Retail: $17.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.50

    This title introduces 11 principles of science, with one introduced each week. Five days of copywork are provided for each principle, with a different related text to copy the first four days, then dictation on the fifth day. 40 pgs, quality spiral-bound.

  • Item #: 044172
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  • Item #: 044170
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  • Item #: 037818
    ISBN: 9780763626389
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $17.50

    If you have a child interested in Egypt, you can't pass up this amazing book. It is presented as a reproduction of a journal that was written by an explorer in 1926, with the actual author and illustrator taking no credit anywhere in the book. The oversized journal has a scrapbook feel. It's a hardcover book, wrapped in gold with red plastic jewel inlays to embellish the appearance. As you follow the course of the explorer, Emily Sand, on her expedition, each spread of the book tells you about different aspects of Egypt and exploration in the 1920s. Learn about pyramids, pharaohs, the Egyptian gods, hieroglyphics, mummies, and more. It is a compelling read and has a fun, interactive format. The book is mostly factual in content, with casual remarks from Emily to reinforce the journal-like facade of the book. Text looks like it came from an old typewriter, and italic handwriting describes the sketches and illustrations. There are authentic looking papyrus pull-outs, mini-books, fold-out maps, postcards, ticket stubs, and even a sample of mummy cloth Emily found on her trip. As Emily's expedition team searches for the lost tomb of Osiris, they learn much about ancient Egyptian history until they mysteriously disappear, leaving the rest of the journal blank. While other books may contain more information about Egypt, this one gives a great overview and is packaged so attractively that I'm sure many kids will mistake it for an authentic scrapbook from a 1920s trip to Egypt. Contains 30 pgs full of text, illustrations, and pull-outs, measures 10"x12", hc. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 030557
    ISBN: 9780964921535
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $22.85
    We also offer a 55-minute Write Now instructional DVD. In the program, the author herself demonstrates the writing strokes directly in the workbook. Corresponding book and page references appear on screen so the student can follow along. The viewer sees close-ups of the instructor's hand as she writes. She explains how she makes each stroke and provides tips on holding the writing instrument properly, maintaining a consistent slope, and so forth. The DVD is not necessary to complete the course; you can certainly work through the book without it. However, it's a great resource for those looking for audiovisual reinforcement of key italic handwriting concepts.
  • Item #: 013035
    ISBN: 9780974769554
    Retail: $67.95
    Rainbow Price: $65.95

    If you've used Carrie Austin's Little Hands to Heaven and have enjoyed the flexible framework and biblically-based lessons, you will want to take a look at her second offering in the series, Little Hearts for His Glory, aimed at 5- to 7-year-olds. The program is made up of 34 units, each divided into 5-day increments. The layout is like Little Hands, with each day thoughtfully laid out on two facing pages, making it easy to see the whole lesson at a glance. More subject material is covered here, but the presentation is very manageable, and the activities and lessons are designed to appeal to children of different learning styles. Another huge plus here is that lessons are tied to biblical concepts and stories. So, not only are you studying the Bible together, but the author has also made every effort to present other subjects studied in a way that ties neatly into the Bible topic studied, reinforcing the biblical topic all day long! I suspect this will also form a lasting "mental bridge" between these topics and their correlating Bible concepts for years to come.

    The program includes history, science, Bible study, story time/reading, math, music, rhymes and finger plays, dramatic play, and schedules in handwriting/fine motor skills and phonics. The assignments and activities are clearly listed in each subject's box on the page, which often include "text connections" to required resources for the reading portions. Most often, there is a hands-on, active assignment described in the subject's box, followed by the recommended reading. A "key idea" for reinforcement is also clearly written in each box, so you can keep the lesson on track (not always an easy thing to do with young ones!). The history portion of the curriculum covers a broad span, covering Creation through U.S. history. While it sounds extremely ambitious, keep in mind that the history is covered in big topical "chunks," keeping the topic familiar to young students and omitting a lot of the "in betweens." This gives youngsters a broad view of biblical and chronological history, while keeping it focused so they don't get lost in topics they don't understand. About half of the units focus on biblical history, while the last half covers the Roman Empire, the Age of Exploration, and early U.S. History. The history readings primarily come from two sources: the Bible and History for Little Pilgrims, from Christian Liberty Press. The daily Bible study correlates with the history lesson, while the daily action rhyme reinforces the Bible/history concepts as well. The science portion of the lesson has its textual basis in Christian Liberty's The World God Made, and oftentimes, the hands-on activity relates to the Bible/history topic as well. (Our Father’s World and God's Wonderful Works by Christian Liberty Press are supplemental text connections noted in the Appendix for grades 1 and 2). The science activities are very hands-on, but simple, and require few and convenient supplies. For example, in one of the lessons on the apostles, students read (or listen to) the stories of Stephen’s stoning and Paul’s conversion. The hand rhyme for that day ("Where is Jesus?") reinforces the idea that Jesus is in Heaven and the Holy Spirit is here among us. The Bible study focuses on Saul's conversion and students memorize Matthew 5:16. The science lesson ties in with Saul's conversion and the blinding "bright light" with students making construction paper stars, studying the brightness of stars, and discovering how we can only see them at night because the light from the sun outshines them during the day. The music portion of the day also corresponds with the main idea from the Bible/history section and uses songs from Hide 'Em in Your Heart Volume 1. Occasional art and dramatic play activities are substituted for the science lesson, and these coincide with the topic studied that day. The second portion of each day's lesson focuses on the academic basics, and features instructions and lesson plans for handwriting, phonics, reading, and math. Like the boxed assignments on the history-focused portion of the lesson, these also often contain an activity, an assignment from a required or recommended resource, and a key idea for reinforcement. The reading assignments feature a read-aloud from a Thornton Burgess story, followed by a discussion section. The discussion often includes comprehension, vocabulary, tie-ins to the child’s life, and identification of story elements. For math, a hands-on activity is presented for each day, illustrating a math concept. The author recommends using Singapore Math’s Essential Math Kindergarten A & B for a text connection to the math concept studied. By incorporating her very visual, manipulative-based activities with Singapore Math, children receive a very well-rounded and understandable introduction to important math concepts. The fine motor skills/handwriting portion of the lesson requires the use of either early concepts books, (Do It Carefully and Finding the Answers from Rod and Staff or Going on Eagerly and Just Thinking and Choosing from Rod &Staff), and handwriting books (either Italic Handwriting or Reason for Handwriting are recommended). The one exception to the activity/assignment/key idea lesson plan rule is the phonics section. While the author recommends either The Reading Lesson, or Reading Made Easy for good, economical, phonics programs, she believes that phonics instruction is a personal decision for each family and is best left to their discernment. In that spirit, phonics time is scheduled in for each day, but the lesson itself is left to your judgment. An appendix contains recommended pacing for suggested phonics programs, a condensed list of readings for each unit and day from the required texts, an alternate math schedule using Singapore Math's Primary Math 1A and 1B (in case you have already covered concepts from Essential Math Kindergarten A & B), suggestions for additional reading that tie in with the history topic, and the action rhymes. All in all, this is a very well-designed course that has obviously been very thoughtfully designed. I love the fact that all subjects are covered in a very balanced way, and that the Bible, history, science, music, and action rhymes all correlate to form a very cohesive lesson. The author has also carefully chosen the required resources, and wisely tied the lesson into these, rather than trying to "reinvent the wheel," by incorporating all the material into this already very sizeable volume! Like Little Hands, the format is flexible and adjustable to your schedule, so portions of the lesson can be completed throughout the day in the order that you choose. Also, because she has done the groundwork in assigning specific lessons from outside resources, there is very little lesson planning left for you: always a huge help to anyone already trying to manage older children's schoolwork AND not short-change the younger ones. Even if you haven't tried Little Hands to Heaven, you'll enjoy discovering this program. Because this curriculum depends on additional resources, we have listed these below for your convenience. Items we do not currently carry are listed without item numbers or prices. ~ Jess

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