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    Beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas, many families set aside a few minutes a day to celebrate Advent and zero in on the true reason for the season. This wonderful story is designed to be used during Advent but really could just be read and enjoyed like a typical book. For each day of Advent, the book provides a short chapter of a story about a young boy whose family were shepherds during the time of Jesus' birth. Due to Jotham's poor attitude and a misunderstanding, Jotham is separated from his family and must travel across Israel in search of them. He faces many dangers but also meets many new friends. Ultimately, Jotham is reunited with his family on Christmas Eve, just in time for them all to witness the birth of Christ together. It's a charming tale, full of adventure and lessons, and is ideal for the whole family to read aloud. Each chapter probably takes about 10-15 minutes to read and usually concludes with a scripture verse that ties in with the story as well as a small, 1-2 paragraph devotional. Whether you use it to celebrate Advent in the traditional way or just read it for fun, this story is entertaining and a great reminder of what Christmas is really all about. By Arnold Ytreeide, 168 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9780825441738
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    From Arnold Ytreeide, author of Jotham's Journey, comes Bartholomew's Passage, another family advent story. The story follows Bartholomew, a young boy whose village is ransacked by Roman soldiers, as he travels through Israel searching for his family—through slavery, suffering, and adventurous escape. He finds his family one fateful night and introduces them to the Son of God born in the manger in Bethlehem. The book is divided into sections to be read one each day of the four weeks of the Advent season, with extra material and scripture for discussion at the end of each section. The story, meant to be read over the entire Advent season, is long with small two-color illustrations at the beginning of each section. It is not a picture book, but when used as a companion to Advent traditions, read aloud to the family by the light of the Advent candles, Bartholomew's Passage will be a meaningful reminder of God's great love and great gift to us in Jesus. A brief history of Advent customs and a chart of Advent dates until 2080 make this book easy to implement even for those unfamiliar with Advent traditions. Bartholomew's Passage includes violence and tragedy that may need to be summarized or skipped over for the youngest children, but it is the author's intent (as he states in his note to parents) that "the point is not to cover up the dark side of life but rather to show how the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ is the light of our lives." ~ Rachel D.

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    ISBN: 9781506400105
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    An excellent mapbook and companion to the Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History, the atlas contains a brief introduction, 30 maps, a gazetteer, key locations, and Biblical references to events for each major historical period in the history of Israel. 32 pp, sc.

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    ISBN: 9781683440772
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    When delivering linen cloths to the palace in Ramses, Jarah learns that pharaoh has visitors who say that Yahweh is at work in Egypt. What could this mean and who are these visitors? Could the time of Israel’s deliverance be coming soon? Follow Jarah as she sees the mighty hand of God at work! 193 pp, sc.

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    ISBN: 9780984187515
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    A colorful, comprehensive but complex supplemental resource for advanced study of the genealogy of O.T. Patriarchs. Small print and crowded layout of this helpful visual reference poster will make it difficult for children below grade nine to use independently. All the leading figures from old covenant Israel are referenced, including men such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses as well as lesser known patriarchs. Content and historical references support a conservative young earth creationist perspective. 36x 48". ~ Mike

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    ISBN: 9781548532246
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    ISBN: 9781628630046
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    ISBN: 9781846869310
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    ISBN: 9781930749443
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       More than half of the Bible is written in Hebrew. For Bible study purposes alone, this fact warrants learning the language. This text, originally intended for an adult audience at Bible colleges and seminaries, emphasizes pronouncing and reading Hebrew. Hebrew is complex and this text does not formally introduce grammatical concepts, nor does it follow a direct, traditional language learning method. The primary goal is to read and learn written text rather than communicating in Hebrew.

      The first 6 chapters introduce each consonant letter of the alphabet. Since vowels are not delineated in the Hebrew alphabet, the additional 6 chapters teach the vowels as classes. Then, starting as Jewish children do, students will learn to read the Shema in Hebrew and then work through the 10 Commandments, Sabbath and other blessings, daily worship prayers and blessings and then end with the Hebrew names for God.

      The author, Zola Levitt, a Jewish Christian, recommends following this pattern when studying the lessons: pray, review daily (30 minutes per day); use graph paper to practice the letter forms and make flash cards.

      Each of the 12 lessons in Part I should take one week per lesson for your motivated high school student. Lessons in Part II may be studied and reviewed for months to come. The readings in Lessons 12 through 16 provide the Hebrew writing with a transliteration and then an English translation below. Background information and cultural explanation elaborate on each text.

    Lesson 17 explains the Tanakh (the full Hebrew Bible) and the Brit Chadashah (New Testament), followed by Scripture samples in Hebrew with the corresponding Scripture in English KJV. While no transliteration or direct translation is included at this point, the student should be able to pronounce these. A good Strong’s Concordance would solve the word for word translation. Lesson 18 discusses the Hebrew names of God with transliteration and definitions, with an in-depth discussion on 18 specific names.

      The wealth of language, Biblical and cultural information here is astounding. Even if you do not wish to read full documents in Hebrew, this text would be an excellent source for Bible study—or in preparation for a trip to Israel. Additional resources include an in-depth Hebrew Glossary, an Introduction to the Hebrew Calendar; and a bibliography. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 065167
    ISBN: 9780892217403
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       Do you believe in miracles? I know I do, but I’m sure there are some who need scientific proof or a logical explanation for events that take place throughout history and in their own lives. This book looks at God’s hand in the lives of His people, and that out of His love for them has been with them throughout history. From ancient times to the present, God has kept His promises to His children, and that truth acts as a reassurance to us that He will keep His promises to us. This 187-page book begins with the early chapters of the Bible and tells God’s story from the beginning. The authors then take you through the years of Jesus and Israel today. Jewish people were scattered abroad but then returned to Zion during the 19th century, they have been hated and persecuted throughout history, but God continues to have a miraculous presence. God has blessed the nation of Israel as He promised and, today, is a strong presence in military and technology, among other things. Israel is still “despised among men” but blessed by God. And the miracles that have brought them to this place in history are of God. Some might say coincidence, but I believe in miracles. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 064862
    ISBN: 9780758644480
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       The Bible can be overwhelming, especially for new believers or those just starting out and trying to understand. This book tells 120 key stories (chronologically) accompanied by 134 prints of realistic art and 107 informational graphics and maps. Each story is two pages – the first page is a retelling of the story marked with the book and chapter reference, ‘Words to Remember’ is a memory verse from the ESV, and the second page is a picture or map that complements the story. In cases where there is a picture, two or three ‘Did You Know’ questions offer additional information about the history or culture or a reference to the meaning of certain words. Periodically, readers will find a two-page spread that offers informational graphics about a book of the Bible, a Bible character, an event, etc. – the kings of Judah and Israel, story of Jonah, and the book of Amos, just to name a few. The visuals give clarity to topics that might be confusing. This book is not intended to be a complete retelling of the Bible; several of the New Testament books are presented with just the two-page informational graphic pages. The topical index makes it easier to refer to specific stories.

      If you know someone who needs a simpler explanation of Bible content, the pictures and graphics found in this book will be very helpful. It could also be used as your daily family Bible reading, since it should have an appeal to multiple learning styles and age groups. 368 pages, pb. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781601783899
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  • Item #: 063681
    ISBN: 9781418543747
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     Originally part of The Open Bible, this standalone printing of the Bible Cyclopedic Index (BCI) is packed full, with over 8000 subjects including names, places, concepts, events, subjects and biblical doctrines. In addition, over 300 word studies (grace, church, pray, etc.) provide thorough definitions with expanded references, word variations and Strong Concordance numbers. A listing of these is included in the front. To study, look up the word of your choice
    alphabetically. You’ll find a brief definition, including both literal and figurative, its use and Bible location(s) listed in chronological order. One can also look up facts, such as a list of Israel’s Kings with their reign length and corresponding Scripture references. A valuable study tool combining concordance, topical study and Bible dictionary, coordinating with standard Bible translations. 5.5” x 7”, 534 pp, sc. ~ Ruth