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    A full 2-year Spanish course in a box! Flip Flop uses 3 color-coded decks of picture/vocabulary cards, 4 audio CDs, a dry erase paddle with marker, and a teacher manual ready to put in a binder (not included), along with 2 card holder pages to save sentences in your binder. Students listen to the same lesson 3x per week. All instruction is in the manual, so it's as simple as opening to the lesson, laying out your cards, and playing the CD. Students will learn pronunciation, articles, ser/estar/ir/tener, regular –ar verbs, possessive adjectives, noun/adjective agreement, #0-50, commands, questions, parts of speech, syntax, prepositions and singular/plural. They will also learn lot of vocabulary such as: household nouns, colors, opinions, animals, clothing, food, family, manners, rooms, & places in town. The variety of activities in the lessons give your students a chance to act out words, play with the cards, and write on the paddle, making it a good option for various learning styles. Lessons take you about 8-15 minutes, 3 times a week. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 010713
    ISBN: 9781567047370
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    If you have used and liked Sing, Spell, Read & Write Level 1, here's the next step for you. Along with reviewing the phonics skills learned in Level 1, this program also integrates vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, grammar, proofreading, handwriting (manuscript and cursive) and reference skills. This level uses the phonics CD from the level 1 program; there are no CDs in this set. The Level 1 audio CD can be ordered separately if you didn't use the Level 1 program (see Level 1 materials). This is the kit for individual tutoring and it contains Grand Tour workbooks I and II, answer keys for each workbook, teacher's manual for cursive writing, a dry erase marker, and a miniature dry marker eraser. This program is easy to use, and there aren't a lot of cluttered plans to follow. Directions for everything except the handwriting are printed right in the student books, which are colorful and kid appealing. These consumable books are divided into 18 chapters each. Grand Tour I covers in order a short vowel review; two-vowel words; silent e words, 'c' as 's' words; 'āy,' 'y' as 'ī,' 'ge,' 'gi,' 'gy' as soft g and 'y' as 'ē;' 'ed' = 't' and 'ed' = 'd;' 'ed' says 'ed', silent e, double last consonant before adding a suffix; 'or' words; 'sh' and 'ch' words; 'er,' 'ir,' 'ur' words; 'th' & 'tch' words; 'ow,' 'ou,' and 'ew' words; 'qu' & 'wh' words; and 'ar' words. Grand Tour II includes: 'aw' and 'au;' 'ing,' 'ang,' 'ong,' 'ung,' 'oy' and 'oi;' 'ōō;' 'tion;' silent 'gh' words; 'ar' = 'or' and 'dge' = 'j;' 'ue,' 'x' = 'cks,' 'ie'='ē,' 'eā' = 'ā;' 'ea' = 'ĕ,' 'ear' = 'er,' changing 'f' to 'ves;' long 'I' & 'o,' 'u' = 'ŏŏ,' 'air;' 'ui' = 'ōō,' 'or' = 'er;' contractions, 'āre' = 'air,' 'a' = 'ŏ;' 'c' as 's,' silent 'w;' silent 'k' & 'l;' silent 'b,' 'g' and 'h;' silent 't,' 'qu' = 'k,' 'ph' = 'f;' 'ch' = 'k,' 'ss' = 'sh;' rule breakers & whacky words, 'ch' = 'sh,' 'ous;' and multi-syllable words. Lessons include a spelling and phonics rule, and a section on language arts skills. The concepts are accompanied by plenty of practice, which includes fill-in the blank, word scrambles, word searches, crosswords, proofreading, etc. There is no shortage of spelling words in this program. Word lists are printed on all of the pages except handwriting practice and proofreading pages. There are over 1400 spelling words in the level 2 program!

    The answer keys are black and white. They are small format student pages (4 per page) with the answers filled in.

    Block manuscript is practiced in Grand Tour I. Letters are presented and practiced in ABC order. The teacher's instructions are scripted so there is no room for error when teaching handwriting. Cursive is introduced and practiced in Grand Tour II. The back of each workbook has a high gloss finish and can be written on with the dry erase marker for practice. There are also handwriting practice pages in the lessons. This Homeschool edition of the program does a "grand" job of teaching the basics for spelling, reading and writing. Each workbook is 176 pages and is not reproducible. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 041584
    ISBN: 9780071463386
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    If you're looking for a simple but fairly thorough way to learn Spanish, this book teaches it in 15 straightforward grammatical steps. You'll learn Spanish the way people naturally acquire a language, with each step building upon the one before. First you learn the elements of a sentence with steps including: Nouns, Articles, and Adjectives; Estar, Ser, and Subject Pronouns; Hay, Interrogative Words, Days, and Months; Numbers, Dates, and Time; Regular Verbs; Irregular Verbs; Ir and the Future; Adjectives and Adverbs; and Negatives and Prepositions. Then you move on to more complicated steps like Indirect Objects, Direct Objects, Reflexive Verbs, Present Subjunctive, Preterit Tense, and finally Imperfect Tense. Each chapter contains clear grammar explanations and students will need to make sure they understand every concept before moving to the next or they may struggle to keep up. The book explains each component of Spanish grammar in an uncomplicated way, with plenty of examples to help students understand. After the explanations, varied written and oral exercises are included so students get used to reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish. While speaking with a native Spanish speaker is the best way to learn how to pronounce the words correctly, a pronunciation guide is included in the book that's very helpful in describing how words should be pronounced. Each chapter also includes Spanish readings with comprehension questions to help students learn new vocabulary and practice reading aloud. Some may find that there's not enough review or drills in this book to help them cement the language into their head, because it does move rather quickly from step to step. However, if students are willing stay with each step until they truly understand the section and have memorized the vocabulary words, this program will give them a working knowledge of the language and allow them to communicate in everyday Spanish. You'll need a Spanish/English dictionary to get the most out of this book because while some of the Spanish words are shown with their English translation (including over 300 of the most commonly used verbs), many are not and the actual number of vocabulary words (specifically nouns) is limited. Overall, this is a great book that can quickly give students the knowledge they need to comminute in Spanish with confidence. An answer key for all the exercises is included in the back. By Barbara Bregstein, 304 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 074283
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    Why get a robotics kit to build one robot when you can get one that builds five! The RoboMaker Kit contains the cybernetic brain, 3 motors, 2 IR sensors, touch sensor, speaker and 250+ interchangeable components to build five increasingly complex robots with different capabilities. Abilities include changing directions and speed of movement, producing sound effects, simulating behavior of a predator, following a line, scanning for intruders, and sorting objects by color. Programming is done manually on the robot or on tablet or smartphone via app. Truly learn how robots work with this flexible kit.

  • Item #: 071847
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    Includes 4 squares, 4 isosceles triangles (2 open, 2 panel), 6 short arms, 2 long arms, tube coupling, 3 tube connectors, 4 sprocket/axles, chain, 2 motors, IR transmitter/receiver.

  • Item #: 071846
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    Includes 3 squares, 2 diamonds, 2 panel diamonds, 4 long arms, tube coupling, 3 tube connectors, 4 short arms, 2 wheels, 2 motors, IR transmitter/receiver, 4 track wheels.

  • Item #: 068023
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     Construction areas seem to have a magnetic pull for children (and adults!) of all ages. My young kiddos spent hours observing and analyzing the next moves of those great construction vehicles working furiously. I often felt inadequate attempting to explain all the physics principles at work. This hands-on Thames & Kosmos kit makes it easy. An illustrated instruction manual contains directions for 8 different designs: Bull dozer, forklift, crane, skid-steer loader, dump truck, concrete mixer, backhoe, road grader plus a link to 2 bonus designs online. Included IR Remote not only drives your vehicle but also controls your work tools. Yes, the dump truck really dumps and the concrete mixer drum really mixes! “Check It Out! “Did you know?” and “Here’s How” explanations take learning to the next level. 225 pieces. Requires 2 AAA and 3 AA batteries-not included. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 067327
    ISBN: 9781936981496
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    Easy-for-Me Children’s Readers are a parallel program to SnapWords (and another sequel to Alphabet Tales) and provide the phonics aspects of this approach to reading. Each book includes a two-page set of teacher instructions; straight-forward, easy to follow and do. They are designed to help you keep track of what has been learned so far. Instructions in each little book build book by book and set by set. Sets contain 22-24 books, each with pleasant, colorful artwork and solid stories.

    Sounds oo, o, ew, o-e, oe, u-e, ue, ui, ou, u, oo, oi, oy, ar, ear, ur, ir, or, er, yr, or, ore, oor, our, ow, ou, y, are, air, ere, eir, eer, ier. Sight Words (SnapWords List C and Nouns 1) old, cold, told, hold, after, her, bring, giving, going, man, was, had, better, under, over, never, were, next, began, far, find, kind, soon, off, there, where, very, live, give, oh, think, made, came, ride, other, another, found, how, around, own, know, more, those, these, pick, much, which, before, first, walk, again, hard, some, does, day, long, gone, didnt, dont.

  • Item #: 047938
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    Includes 6 squares, 2 triangles, 3 square panels, 1 LED 6-color light-up panel, 2 tracks, 4 track wheels, 2 tube connectors, 4 short arms, 4 long arms, 2 motors, IR transmitter and receiver.

  • Item #: 041129
    Retail: $99.95
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    Use the pieces in this set in different configurations to create ten different remote-controlled cars, all with unique exteriors and mechanics. Car parts can be customized, allowing for high-speed race cars, high-power all-terrain buggies, or mid-range vehicles. This change is more than cosmetic—the gearbox in can be easily accessed and changed between four gears. These gears shift the ratio of speed to torque, allowing builds which emphasize either or a compromise between the two. Remote allows cars to go forward and backward and turn left and right.

    The set includes all the parts you need to make a super car, hot rod, dragster, high-speed race car, off-road buggy, hot hatch, SUV, pickup truck, semi-trailer truck, and go-cart. Decals and auto body plates can be added to enhance models with an added air of realism. Includes an 80-page, full-color manual to seamlessly guide kids from start to finish. Kids can also create their own designs apart from those outlined in the instruction book. If you want to take the kit a step further, you can also explore how different car builds are affected by acceleration, drag, and air resistance!

  • Item #: 021488
    ISBN: 9780975345504
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    Rainbow Price: $13.73

    This well-documented study teaches how, when, and why the U.S. government instituted a personal or direct income tax. The author skillfully reveals how the Federal tax policies have had a profound effect upon the economic and political life of the United States for well over a century. More Americans are becoming motivated to re-examine the morality and ethics of the tax policies that are currently in place in the U.S. This thought provoking history of taxation would be a perfect place to start. The text has larger print, but no illustrations. 162 pgs, pb. ~ Mike