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Introductory Logic Answer Key

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    ISBN: 9781591281672
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    A supplement that provides 1001 questions (about 26 per chapter) for Introductory Logic. This would be a helpful resource if you were looking for additional examples for each chapter or material for creating tests. The questions are divided by lesson and numbered for quick reference. Answers are provided. Spiral-bound.

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    ISBN: 9781930953581
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    ISBN: 9781615648559
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    As in the other Novare science texts, there is a section written to the student in preparation for doing the course. Each chapter, then, includes objectives, information broken down into smaller digestible pieces, examples and illustrations, and wraps up with a chapter exercise. Green "Do You Know" boxes tell some interesting historical fact concerning the topic. Answers to computational questions are included with each exercise. The back of the text includes a glossary, reference data, chapter equations and objectives list, experiments with guidelines for keeping a journal, scientists to know, and accurate measurements. Chapters include nature of scientific knowledge, motion, Newton's Laws of Motion, energy, momentum, atoms/matter/substances, heat and temperature, pressure and buoyancy, waves/sound/light, introduction to electricity, DC circuits, fields and magnetism, and geometric optics.

    Five (out of six) of the experiments from the Experiments for Introductory Physics are found at the back of the student text. You can do just those five and still have very in-depth labs with lab reports. The experiment information found in the back of the student text is in addition to what is found in the Experiments for Introductory Physics book, so you will need both books.

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    ISBN: 9780997284508
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    The Resource CD includes a course overview with suggestions for pacing, assessments, grading, and more. There are 28 quizzes and two semester exams with answer keys for the computational sections and sample answers for the verbal questions, weekly review guides, and suggested daily schedule.

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    ISBN: 9780554001517
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    ISBN: 9780997284553
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    The Solutions Manual includes detailed solutions for all computational problems found in the Student Text. These not only tell you the correct answer, but how to get them.

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    ISBN: 9780982856888
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    ISBN: 9780991636907
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    ISBN: 9780996677141
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    Experiments for Introductory Physics and ASPC (Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry, for gifted students and available from the publisher) includes only six experiments. It is the author's feeling that fewer in-depth experiments with lab reports will deepen comprehension. His goal was to develop experiments that are academically solid, inexpensive, and interesting. Some of the materials needed may be more difficult to obtain, so the author has a resource on page 96 of this book that lists materials that will work at home and where they can be purchased. Each lab includes learning objectives, materials required, experimental purpose, overview, pre-lab discussion questions, how to score lab reports, student instructions, and illustrations.

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    ISBN: 9780030998430
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    ISBN: 9780030991394
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    ISBN: 9780974531571
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    Recently updated, the workbook edition provides students space to record responses to lesson exercises. Learn how to recognize bad reasoning and spot errors in others’ logic, and your own. The focus is on practical logic such as fallacies you might encounter in a newspaper. Learn to identify red herrings, circular reasoning, statistical fallacies, and propaganda. Each lesson presents several examples of poor reasoning (often illustrated by cartoons) and then provides a lengthy exercise set. Includes answer key and teaching tips for homeschoolers/private schools at authors’ website. Religiously neutral. Not reproducible. 262 pgs. sc.~ Anh/Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780030990359
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    ISBN: 9781593633400
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    I've always thought of homeschooling as less about the specific points of information and much more about teaching students how to think and how to solve problems by retrieving for themselves any information they want to know. This book gives you a road-map for doing that and specifically doing that in our technology-based culture. More than just methods of looking up information, this book provides problems – and shows you (the mentor) how to guide your students through and into the process of good problem-solving methodologies. Taking this approach will take some time and effort for the teacher/mentor – reading through and setting up the structure – but the benefits for our children are numerous.

    Starting with the basics of why (problem-based learning) and how (fusing the internet with problem-based learning), the coaching plans are outlined, session-by-session (engagement, investigation, solution building, and debriefing) – 14 sessions total. There is a wealth of how-to information here – you'll get an education yourself in problem-solving methodologies. It's very practical, right down to the problem logs and assessment rubrics. Problem Logs are a key component – the blueprints that "walk" your student through the problem-solving process. These are step-by-step reproducible worksheets that can be employed with any problem and are used particularly with the eight problem units provided with this text. To give you a better idea of what we're talking about, here are the Problem Logs:

    • Getting Started. (What do I know? What are my hunches? Fact or opinion?)
    • Searching the Internet. (Using web addresses to visit the web. Is the information relevant; reliable?)
    • Following links. (What's the answer to our question?)
    • Putting the Puzzle Together.

    • What is the Problem? (The big question. Rules to follow)
    • Planning Your Internet Search. (What do I need to know? Doing a search. Did I find new pieces to the puzzle?)
    • How Should the Problem be Solved? (What are the possibilities? Both good and bad things can happen. What is the best thing to do?)
    • Thinking Back.

    The eight problem solving units are where the "rubber meets the road" so to speak. This is where the student begins (by using the Problem Logs) and you begin your work as coach/mentor through the process. There are four units for grades 3-4 and four for grades 5-6; each representing a 14 session problem-solving process. Can the Food Pyramid Help? is an example of a younger unit while How Am I Going To Survive Until I'm Rescued? is an older unit. Each unit provides an overview for the teacher, problem definition, unit objective (in various subject areas) and then unique features of the investigation along with some websites specific to the problem.

    As mentioned before, this process will take some preparation work by the coach/mentor but the book – written for the teacher – is designed to hold your hand through the process. The very real-life benefits to our children can be counted as both problem-solving skills and research skills – a win/win. 150 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 030265
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    With the help of fun word searches, crossword puzzles, and riddles, you'll find that it's never too early to begin developing a child's deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills! The perforated grayscale pages and sturdy cardboard back of this book make it easy to take some – or all – of these 48 puzzles on the go. Please note that there is no answer key. – Rachel
  • Item #: 056974
    ISBN: 9781601445803
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    If you add a puzzle or a riddle to a vocabulary exercise, what do you have? A jumble, of course, which just means that you have an engaging vocabulary exercise. There's just enough uncertainty to make these practice exercises a challenge. Each exercise has two parts – an instructional page covering either prefixes, suffixes, or compound words, and then there's the jumble – words to unscramble. If you apply just a bit of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and knowledge from the instructional segment, what seems impossible suddenly becomes do-able. Once the jumble is completed, you should have the answer to the riddle. A complete answer key is included. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780990439790
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  • Item #: 021618
    ISBN: 9780545195713
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    Let the antics of Molly Mouse, Squirmy Worm, Moovis the Cow and a whole slew of new animal friends inspire your child to do math! Each problem-solving activity in this book begins with a short comic-strip which is followed by 5-6 related math questions. This resource contains 80 reproducible student pages plus answers covering the following key content areas: Place Value & Rounding, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Mixed Operations, Fractions, Decimals, Time, Money, Measurement, Graphs, Geometry, Patterns, and Rate/Ratio/Probability & Statistics. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 037571
    ISBN: 9780545257800
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.25

    Welcome to the Effective Detective Agency! As the newest member, you will assist your fellow detectives in solving 20 case files. Along the way, you'll develop useful problem-solving skills and strategies such as: solving a code, understanding a problem, drawing a diagram, making an estimate, working backwards, finding patterns, making a table, guess and check, and more. Each case provides a detailed, yet engaging background story (2-3 pages long) to draw you into each scenario. The background story is followed by a "Now It's Your Turn" section, which provides a series of questions and problems to help you ultimately solve the case. There is also a "For the Teacher" page also provides helpful teaching notes for each case. A handy chart is also included to show how all 20 cases are aligned with NCTM Standards. 128 pages, reproducible, answer key included. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 018491
    ISBN: 9781930953444
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    This text is by the same author and follows the same standards and format as Traditional Logic. Basically, it is a guided tour through Aristotle's Rhetoric, and you will need a copy of that book to complete the course. It covers the first two books of Aristotle's thoughts on writing and oratory, basically concerning the speaker and the audience. Those familiar with Aristotle will know that he valued content and quality of writing more than technique, and this study reflects that philosophy. It should be noted that this is not an introductory course on writing, but is meant to refine those skills that students should already have, for the specific purpose of persuasion. The book is well laid out and is designed so that students can be taught even by those with little experience with this topic. The course is designed to be consumable and will lead students every step of the way through a study on rhetoric over the course of a year. Tips on how teachers can grade the work and keep students accountable are included in the book. The first part of the course covers Book One of Aristotle's Rhetoric: "Rhetoric as it Concerns the Speaker". It starts with lessons on the scope and purpose of rhetoric and the definition and division of rhetoric. The rest of the speaker section is then divided into political, ceremonial, and forensic rhetoric, with several lessons per topic. The second part of the book then covers Book Two of Aristotle's Rhetoric: "Rhetoric as it Concerns the Audience". It then gives a basic introduction to Aristotle's views on the subject and gives lessons covering Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. The text includes several ways to test students and helps them to thoroughly review and understand the content. Reading Comprehension Questions are the main part of the course and are designed to help students glean as much from Aristotle's Rhetoric as possible by completing short answer questions. Evaluating Writing Assignments require that the student not only know what Aristotle said, but assess it on the basis of their own assumptions, which may differ from Aristotle's. Weekly Research and Writing Assignments are designed to apply the lessons the student has learned. Reading Lessons are made up of questions based on Mortimer Adler's How to Read a Book, which are designed to help the student fully understand what, how, and why Aristotle says what he does. Logic and Latin Review Questions are review questions related to Traditional Logic. Though that book is not a prerequisite for this course and these questions can be skipped, the author does recommend completing that before beginning this. Finally, there are Case Study Analyses focusing on four speeches, which are classic examples of the three kinds of speeches discussed by Aristotle. Each case study is accompanied by questions relevant to the section of Aristotle just covered. These are designed as models for the students to imitate in their own persuasive discourse. The user-friendly format and multiple-aspects of reviewing make this a very complete review and guide for Aristotle's Rhetoric. A Teacher Key can be purchased separately and provides detailed answers for the lessons and exercises. ~ Rachel S.
  • Item #: 028020
    ISBN: 9780764126017
    Retail: $9.99
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    Like the other terrific books in the Painless series, this one endeavors to make learning easier and more enjoyable, without skipping out on any of the "meat." We begin with a description of government in general and a comparative look at the founding father's view of democracy versus how it actually operates in America today. We then learn about the Constitution and how it forms the basis for our government, civil liberties and civil rights, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government, our election system, political parties, and much more. The book also includes discussion questions and quizzes, to use either as self-evaluation, or for more formal assessment. Easy to use, and enjoyable to read, this would make an excellent supplement to an American history program, or a great introductory-level read before starting a heavier-weight government course in high school. Answer key included. - Jess

  • Item #: 019445
    ISBN: 9780825144912
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    Although I never had psychology in high school, at least one introductory psychology class is required at most every college or university. This product would have provided a solid foundation for those classes. Many different areas of psychology are touched upon with a general introduction to psychology, psychological methods, biology and behavior, basic mental processes, motivation, personality, human development, abnormal psychology, and psychotherapy. While there may be some controversial ideas and you may not agree with certain psychological theories, the purpose of this book is just to help students understand psychology as a field today, to see how it is accomplished, and to discover what different psychologists have thought and learned as the field has developed. Each chapter concludes with some question, activities, and a "Test Your Knowledge" section. An answer key and glossary of terms are provided in the back of the book. The material is presented in an interesting and understandable manner. ~ Megan

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    ISBN: 9780945466284
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    The Austrian school of economics is characterized by a strictly deductive approach (as opposed to the historical aspects of other schools of economic thought) and is grounded firmly in the idea that a sound economy depends on allowing people to act freely. Serving as an introduction to Austrian economics by presenting the logical reasoning behind the discipline, this book begins with the "action axiom" (men will act) and from it deduces powerful theorems – law of demand, how prices coordinate demand and supply, etc. The underlying fundamental lesson is that it is possible to think in a systematic way about economics. Written in understandable language with humorous touches, there are discussion/thought questions throughout (no answer key, though). 195 pgs, pb. ~ Janice
  • Item #: 058787
    ISBN: 9781595572035
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    Designed for the serious student of God, this awe-inspiring study focuses on the God-head and what it means to magnify His Majesty. Beginning with the knowledge of God, you will dig deep into the nature of God, the attributes of God, the History of Christ, the Person of Christ, and the Holy Spirit. A recommended reading list is included with aligned application activities to expose the student to the important works of great men of God, like A.W. Tozer, Thomas Watson, C.H. Spurgeon and many others.

    Consumable softcover Student Manual contains introductory reading assignments, charts/diagrams and outlines corresponding to the teacher's lecture, inductive study questions completed independent of class time, application activities, and a glossary. The Teacher Manual on CD contains 35 lessons, weekly schedules for three-, four-, or five- day per week Bible classes, learning objectives, teaching strategies, optional scripture memorization plan, weekly quizzes and unit tests (answer keys included), and reduced student pages with answers. Both components were updated in 2016 with the addition of new student exercises, discussion questions and expanded coverage of challenging topics. While designed for upper level students, I suspect many adults will be brought to their knees as they study the fathomless topic of the God-head. I personally was overwhelmed by the complexity of the One I call my Lord and Savior as I read through this book. ~ Deanne

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    Most of enter into marriage thinking we have found the person who perfectly complements us in all ways. Shortly we come to realize that often means they are opposite to us in some crucial ways. Approaching this realization biblically is a challenge. A challenge made easier by this Bible study manual. Each of eight chapters looks at a key ââ‚Å"marriageâ₝ or ââ‚Å"man-womanâ₝ Bible passage with the ninth and last chapter pulling all the verses and teaching together. Introductory comments define the relationship issues raised by the passage; then five lessons look carefully at specific verses. In these the author gives an explanation of the verses providing both context and historical background. The lesson ends with questions for introspection and discussion. Although there is space provided for writing out answers I think I would want to keep a parallel journal where I could also record my thoughts on the verses/teachings and my prayers. This study is subtitled ââ‚Å"a return to the Biblical concept of marriageâ₝. This is a lofty goal and one the author approaches by saying ââ‚Å"marriage is more than just headship and submission. Anyone who gets caught up in that one facet of a marriage to the exclusion of all the other facets has limited the beauty of what God intended for a lifelong companionship between two people of the opposite sex.â₝ 210 pgs, pb ~ Janice