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Intermediate Logic

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    Traffic jams have been called a great many things - inconveniences, frustrations, and major aggravations, just to name a few. How about fun? Yes, fun! In this thinking skills puzzle, your goal is to move all the other vehicles from the congested formation to get yours home free. 40 different puzzle cards are included, along with a multitude of little brightly-colored cars and trucks in a sturdy gray street-like base. This game was the winner of awards from several groups in 1997, including Parents Magazine, Parent's Choice, and Mensa. Four skill levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert - make it more enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age. Now everyone can know the joy of bumper-to-bumper traffic, while trying your sequential thinking skills - not your patience!

  • Item #: 015606
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    Combine logic and science for a fun, electrifying lesson in circuitry. Sixteen tokens snap into place in different combinations to complete the circuit and light the beacon. Challenge cards get you started by showing where to place your starter token, and then you figure out where to place the other tokens needed to complete the pattern (circuit). Three AAA batteries (not included) are placed in the battery receptacle, which is also your start token. The start and finish tokens are wired together and are the power supply for your circuit. You are to use only the tokens seen on the challenge card. There are 60 challenge cards divided into four levels beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. Light up your logical thinking with this twist on the Rush Hour game.▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 017152
    ISBN: 9781933054384
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    They're the Logic Link Puzzles kids love but a more game-like form! This set includes 166 puzzles at various levels and 32 small plastic, colored game chips. Each puzzle is presented on a 5" x 5" puzzle card and uses a series of clues to instruct a player where to place chips to solve the puzzle, requiring deductive reasoning and determination. The cards are double-sided, with a puzzle on both sides, and while outlines show where to place the game chips, instructions tell where to put specific colors (i.e. the green chip is adjacent to the yellow chip, the red chip touches only yellow chips, the topmost chip touches the blue chip, etc.). Beginner puzzles form a single row of chips and usually have two clues; intermediate puzzles form a rectangle and require 4-6 clues; advanced puzzles form a square of three rows and usually have 7-8 clues; and expert puzzles form a circle of chips, with 5-8 clues. Cards are color-coded by difficulty and the game is stored in a cardboard box.

  • Item #: 062316
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    Hex Hive – named because everything is shaped like a hexagon or the cells of a bee hive, including the playing board, challenge cards, and playing tiles. Practice adding to 7 while honing your visual-spatial reasoning. There are 40 challenge cards – 10 each of beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Place the challenge cards under the clear playing board and then place the tiles appropriately to cover the design on the card. The bottom of each challenge card offers a clue about the correct tiles to use, which helps a lot. I played all of the levels – they start out easy but get really challenging. This game isn't just for your kids!
  • Item #: 039667
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    This teetering logic maze will have you tilting the game board to slide pieces into place. The rectangular game board has a grid pattern with grooves for sliding pieces, and it's slightly elevated on a pedestal for easy tilting. Several round slider pieces (4 blue and 2 green), plus 6 gray square blocker pieces are included. To begin, select a challenge card and place the blocker and slider tokens on the grid as indicated on the card. Your goal is to tilt the board to get the green sliders through the hole in the center of the game grid while leaving the blue sliders on the grid. (It's harder than it looks!). You get 40 challenge cards with four levels of play (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert), and solutions are included in case you get stuck. A handy game-go bag is included for easy storage—and playing on the go. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 031056
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      This game takes logic play to a different level with a moving game board. Work your way through the sea of waves that changes as you play. There are 8 double-sided waves on the board. Arrange them as seen on your challenge card; then arrange your boats as well. Shift the waves side to side to make a path for your little red boat to get back to port. The idea is similar to that of Rush Hour. This game includes a 6”x 7” game board with sliding storage below, 8 reversible waves, 9 boats, 40 challenge cards with solutions (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert), and instructions. A good travel game that will challenge your thinking and logic skills. (1+ players)

  • Item #: 030927
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     Take logic fun on the road with Clue Master. Help Tippy the dog return to his dog house by following the visual clues to form a specific pattern with magnetic bones, tennis balls, and food bowls on the 3x3 grid. Each shape has one of each color – red, green, blue. From the makers of Chocolate Fix, this game uses the same type of deduction to solve the puzzles, but is more of a travel game. 40 puzzles (10 each of beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert) with solutions are in a spiral-bound book with a foldout magnetic board at the back. When you aren’t playing the game, just place the pieces on the board and fold it in to protect your playing pieces until next time. 1 player

  • Item #: 014830
    ISBN: 9781576904480
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    Whether it makes you want to stand up and cheer or tear out your hair, computers are here to stay. In keeping with the times, it's especially important that children become familiar with applications that are commonly used on these high-tech tools. The activities in this book are a great way to ease into the world of word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and the Internet. (Students with intermediate to advanced computer skills may not be challenged by these activities.)

    This book contains 57 activities, each with detailed instructions as well as extension ideas. Extension ideas are helpful since most activities seem to be written for the younger grade levels. Technical skill objectives are listed for each activity, but no technical guidance is provided in activity instructions. The teacher must be familiar with his software of choice, whether it's Windows or Macintosh, and be able to demonstrate how to use it. No software is provided with this activity book.

    Word processing activities usually entail writing poems, letters, or essays. The student will learn basic skills such as centering text, copying and pasting, setting page margins, inserting clip art, and spell checking. Spreadsheet activities include recording data, creating word searches, and calculating multiplication tables. Skills covered include adjusting column widths, highlighting cells, entering data, making and labeling bar, pie, and line graphs, and using formulas. Most of the Internet activities deal with research on topics such as Europe, the human body, and the White House. To complete these activities, you must have Internet access. The student will become familiar with basic Internet terminology and learn how to find a specific website, navigate a web page, use a search engine, and copy and paste pictures from the Internet into a different program. There are only two presentation activities, All About Me and PowerPoint Projects. Presentation software such as PowerPoint or Kid Pix is suggested. The student will learn how to make attractive slides, view a slide show, and practice presentation timing. Graphic skills activities involve creating travel brochures, advertisements, a cookbook, and a time line. Programs like PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Pagemaker can be used for the graphics activities. An extensive clip art gallery is also recommended. The student will learn how to insert pictures, create borders, format text, change page layouts, and how to use a tool bar. The 144 page book is reproducible. ~ Anh