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    ISBN: 9780932859860
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    ISBN: 9780486298092
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    ISBN: 9780545685870
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    ISBN: 9780062381828
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    ISBN: 9780448404776
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  • Item #: 049045
    ISBN: 9780679873037
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    Readers will learn all about the insect world, including many different types of insects and how insects affect our world.

  • Item #: 020007
    ISBN: 9780486279985
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    In terms of numbers, distribution and long-term survival, insects are probably the most successful of all animals. Entomologists estimate there are over two million living species, many unidentified. This volume captures the astonishing diversity of size, shape and coloration in the insect world in precise, carefully researched depictions of 44 species: elephant stag beetle, common earwig, giant desert scorpion, walkingstick, tiger beetle, giant desert tarantula, fiery searcher, locust, borer, black widow spider, bombadier beetle, human flea, silverfish, pleasing fungus beetle and 30 more. Enjoy hours of coloring while learning about insect anatomy, camouflage, habitat and life.

  • Item #: 002747
    ISBN: 9780486478302
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  • Item #: 055343
    ISBN: 9780763658168
    Retail: $7.99
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    Feed your child's curiosity about the natural world around them with this gentle and informative book. The book features lovely watercolor illustrations of insects and their habitats. Kids are encouraged to follow ants to see where they live and to listen to sounds like buzzing bees and watch their movements. Looking under rocks is another chance to be an insect detective! This book is full of good information that answers questions little ones may have about creepy crawlies, like what those wiggly marks are on leaves (leaf miners), and how dragonflies lay eggs in water before changing into flying creatures (metamorphosis). Good for kids' vocabulary! 30 pgs, pb.~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9781629383415
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    ISBN: 9780062289148
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    ISBN: 9781615380121
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    ISBN: 9780448490229
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    ISBN: 9781454906858
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  • Item #: 052948
    ISBN: 9781615380329
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  • Item #: 046513
    ISBN: 9780756651930
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    While I'm certainly not a fan of insects, I found this book intriguing. It's packed with close-up, colorful photographs of fascinating and disturbing insects. The photos are the highlight of the book, but the text is very informative as well. In an easy-to-follow question and answer format, it covers insect habitats, senses, survival skills, and helpful/harmful insects. Detailed captions point out unique parts on the insects' bodies and "More Facts" boxes add even more information. So, which insects live in dead wood? How does a hornet avoid the cold? Which insect can give you blisters? Get lost in this captivating book and you'll find the answer to these (and many other) questions. By Sally Tagholm, 62 pgs, hc. ~Rachel

  • Item #: 005818
    ISBN: 9780486295282
    Retail: $1.50
    Rainbow Price: $1.30

    The intriguing illustrations of 60 bugs will invite youngsters to color and learn about these common bugs. Includes the praying mantis, the walking stick, glowworm, dragonfly, and the carpenter ant, among others. - Stephanie

  • Item #: 052718
    ISBN: 9780811871402
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.50

    If you're looking for a simple, enjoyable electronics project with plenty of room for extra creativity, BlinkyBugs! is a great choice. This kit-in-a-book contains all of the supplies you need to create three BlinkyBugs, quiet little creatures with long antennae and flashing LED eyes. Illustrated just like a comic book, the instruction book is very well done! Each page features large, fully-illustrated panels with clear, step-by-step directions. Additional background on the simple circuitry involved, experiments for BlinkyBugs and possible design suggestions are also included. All supplies are included on the inside front cover: CR2032 lithium batteries, LEDs, guitar strings, pipe cleaners, plus feathers and pom poms for additional decorating. Other tools needed include scissors, tape, a ruler, needle-nose pliers and a permanent marker. It's a perfect project for the less electronically-inclined, or for those just dipping their toes in the water. – Jess

  • Item #: 035184
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  • Item #: 002179
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    This large poster classifies insects into three main categories: Prominent Wings, Wingless, and Modified Wings. The purpose of the chart is to introduce students to the various types of insects, learn the insect orders, and identify the characteristics that determine an insect's classification. For each of the three categories, colorful illustrations of several insects are displayed, listing their order with info that describes them and points out why they are classified the way they are. The bottom of the chart describes basic insect anatomy and defines some terms found on the poster. This provides a great way for students to visualize the organization of insect orders and learn how to classify insects themselves. 24" x 36". ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 065949
    ISBN: 9781554950577
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.76

       Children are fascinated by insects and wise parent teachers want to capitalize on natural curiosity! This excellent resource provides a perfect foundation for an insect unit study, your nature notebook or a fun, easy to use supplement for any science curriculum. Topically, children will learn how to identify insects and the identity and function of their parts, insect life cycles, as well as benefits received from insects and harm they cause. And it only gets better! Also included are a variety of language arts activities including non- fiction stories, vocabulary, creative writing, poetry, and research, along with grammar and phonics review for those who need practice. Teaching support also abounds with teacher notes outlining hands-on activities and teaching tips; and teacher and student rubrics. The reproducible student booklet makes this an inexpensive, quality resource for homeschool and classroom learning. Answer key in the back of the book. 96 pgs, SC. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 046793
    ISBN: 9781599152769
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    ISBN: 9780486279299
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    ISBN: 9781610673860
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    ISBN: 9781600585074
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