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    ISBN: 9781893103412
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    Perhaps this text was part of my elementary education. The timing fits – and it would explain why the events lovingly memorialized in this publication are still firmly planted in my memory. First published in 1955 and now republished by Beautiful Feet, utilizing the historical accuracy and storytelling ability of Earl Schenck Miers and the amazing illustrations of James Daugherty (full-color, inked drawings), this book takes the reader through tales of adventure, heroism, and patriotism. From Leif's Viking boat explorations of the northeastern coastline to the atom bomb's close to the second World War, you will read about everything in between – explorers, founders, soldiers, adventurers, settlers, inventors, statesmen, educators, and many more – in the fifty stories that make up this 315 pg, paperback book. A worthy addition to your home library or ideal for any literature-based history course or unit study, the author himself sums up its scope: "…everywhere signs of the greatness of God. It is indeed the one truth in which we all believe. It is indeed our richest heritage." ~ Janice

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      Studying history is part of the core curriculum all kids learn. Your family history is another way to make your children connect with the past – their past. This is easier than ever to do with online resources, but talking with older generations is much more fun and interesting for all parties. Once you have the names of great-great-great-great-great Grandpa Joe and Grandma June, preserve your research on a beautiful document. This large family tree comes rolled up and measures 16” x 20” with a large antique-looking tree in the middle and lots of room to write family members’ names. Beginning with a married couple, there is space for 5 children, 5 siblings of the Mom and Dad, and 7 generations back of grandparents. The paper itself is crinkly it’s made to look and feel like real parchment. You can write on it with any type of pen/ink. It certainly has the look of the Declaration of Independence; your finished product will certainly be frame-worthy as well! What a great project to do together! Use your best handwriting and practice your spelling ahead of time, you won’t want to use white out on this elegant document. ~Sara

  • Item #: 061821
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  • Item #: 062313
    ISBN: 9780736713443
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    Quickly give your student feedback on their handwriting proficiency with a little checklist rubber stamp. Stamp it right onto their paper! The short list includes shape, size, spacing and straight up & down/slant. A small circle next to each requirement can be checked by both the teacher and student themselves. The stamp is made of dense foam that is easy to grip with a rubber surface attached to one side. Measures 2” x 2.75” x 75”, which will fit on most ink pads. ~ Sara

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     Pack includes two Visio ballpoint pens, both black.

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    Not only do these gel pens have each of the basic colors, but the ink sparkles and smells making writing more fun for all. Set of 12 pen scents include lime, banana, orange, cherry, strawberry, grape, apple, blackberry, blueberry, watermelon, coconut, and pineapple.

  • Item #: 041697
    Retail: $14.44
    Rainbow Price: $10.50

    How do they do this… it’s magic! For a mess free painting experience, this set does the trick. The 5 no drip painting pens (red, orange, yellow, green, blue) produce varied thick to thin brush strokes and contain special Color Wonder Paints that only show up on the included Color Wonder Paper, not on clothes, hands or furniture. The ink is fast drying and non-toxic. This set would be great to take on a road trip or keep the little ones entertained while at the restaurant for hours of clean, mess-free fun! Color Wonder Paper pad contains 24 sheets. ~ Emily

  • Item #: 034738
    ISBN: 9780974980812
    Retail: $39.95
    Rainbow Price: $33.82

    If you haven't done much art instruction in the early years, it's not too late for your highschoolers to become familiar with a wide variety of art media and skills. This book offers high school students a complete one-year art course. It was written directly for students, so teacher involvement is generally nonexistent or limited - your students should be able to pick this one up and go. Nevertheless, the lessons are extremely well done, appropriate for students with little or much art experience who are self-motivated to explore different media. The lessons are grouped into chapters, each focusing on a different medium. These chapters cover color and design, drawing, commercial art, cartooning, painting, and three dimensional arts and crafts. Each chapter includes close to or over twenty lessons. The first five or six lessons in each chapter are essential, and the students should complete these before moving on. Then the student can choose the number and order of other lessons in the chapter they want to complete. Besides representing a wide range of media, the lessons also offer a nice variety of projects, concepts, and difficulty. For an example of the scope of each chapter, here is an outline of the drawing unit. The essential lessons cover value, basic shapes, texture, still life drawing, perspective drawing, and cylinders - perspective and foreshortening. After completing these, the student may choose to complete any number of the following lessons: one point perspective, toned paper drawing, two + point perspective, fill in drawing, combination photo and drawing, pen and ink, scratchboard, contour line drawing, figure drawing, portraiture, and more. Each lesson introduces the student to the concepts and skills being taught and then outlines a simple, attractive project for them to complete. Many of the lessons can last as long as students want them to - just enough time to complete, or several hours to perfect. I predict this course will be enjoyed by most students, and devoured by students who have any interest in art, as the lessons can be repeated and varied to help sharpen students' skills. If you have multiple high school students, it would further enrich the course if they used it together (constructively) to compare and critique each other's work. The pages are glossy and in full color, with plenty of helpful pictures. Spiral hc, 373 pgs. - Melissa

  • Item #: 031217
    ISBN: 9781595231154
    Retail: $27.00
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    Although this book was written by a couple of university history professors, it is a refreshing change from the beat-up-on-America crowd. No anti-white-male, anti-Christian, anti-firearm, anti-capitalism stuff here. Instead, the authors speak of a nation to be proud of, a nation that loves public virtue, personal liberty, and private property.

    This 10th anniversary edition is the size of a textbook packed with 981 pages, including footnotes and an alphabetical index. However, the text is very readable and interesting, and no review questions are provided. Occasional sidebars delve deeper into a particular subject without detracting from the flow of the story. The book begins with the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus and ends with the war in Iraq and Iraq's liberation. Various eras in our history get about the same amount of ink, with the exception of the Civil War, which is covered in greater detail.

    I can't say enough positive about the tone of the book. One of the sentences in the conclusion reads, "The fatal flaw of bin Laden - like Hitler, Stalin, and even the nearsighted Spaniards of 500 years ago - was that they fixed their gaze on the physical manifestations of the wealth of the West, failing to understand that wealth is a mere by-product of other, more important qualities: initiative, inventiveness, hope, optimism, and, above all, faith." Makes you proud to be an American. ~ Bob

  • Item #: 007995
    ISBN: 9781556523229
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Your kids can become colonial kids with a little help from the activities in this book. In Sailing and Settling, children build a sailing ship; tie knots, hitches and bends; make a compass, and more. They learn how to dress the part, then try their hands at some household projects like making rag rugs. Dinnertime! has them churning, baking corn bread, making trenchers and all sorts of yummy treats from gingersnaps to baked apples. Everyday life introduces homemade "remedies," candle dipping, weaving, knitting, making an almanac and learning manners. In Arts and Crafts they can learn quilting, do decoupage, and make pinch pots. They can make their own quill pens and ink, construct a horn book, and stitch a sampler as they learn about colonial schooling. And, finally, Fun and Games will have them making toys like tops, corn husk dolls, and poppets and playing ninepins, marbles, and hide the thimble. Although short on text, these hands-on activities would help dress up your Early American studies.

  • Item #: 000958
    Retail: $5.15
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

    For larger stamps (such as the X-Y Axis stamp above), this large 3" x 6" black ink pad gives you the surface area you need.

  • Item #: 052455
    Retail: $1.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.75

    Color a picture, take organized notes, or write colorful messages with these colored ink pens. These ballpoint pens look like colored pencils, and they come in a pack of 10 vibrant colors: red, orange, yellow, light green, green, light blue, blue, pink, purple, and black. The 1.0 mm point makes these pens ideal for precision drawing at a great price! ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 048412
    Retail: $3.99
    Rainbow Price: $1.95

    GX9 oil gel pens come in a pack of six vibrant colors: green, blue, purple, pink, orange, and brown. The medium 0.7 mm tip writes smoothly with smear-free ink, requiring minimal pressure from your hand. Each pen has a cap with a durable pocket clip. The body of the pen has a triangular shape with a textured grip for comfortable writing. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 048122
    Retail: $14.99
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  • Item #: 047339
    ISBN: 9781936266470
    Retail: $10.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    Designed to provide reinforcing activities for students learning the basic number bonds, these sets of 80 cards each are 5" squares with rounded corners; colored ink on white background. Each card depicts three numbers (in boxes) with lines showing the bond relationship – for instance, 7, 6, and 1. Cards are shown three ways; once with "7" missing; once with "6" missing, and once with "1" missing. The backside of each card supplies the "answer" or missing bond member. All bond combinations from 2 to 10 are depicted. Several blank cards, still showing bond relationships, can be used to make additional cards using dry-erase markers (cards are laminated). Ideas for using the cards are provided. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 046941
    ISBN: 9781591747482
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    This fingerprint art book is just for girls! After a quick intro to get artists going, the pages introduce fun fingerprint art projects like bugs, flowers, puppies and kittens, fashion design, princesses, cheerleaders and more. After showing how to complete the objects, the facing page sets the stage for you to fill in the scenery with your creations. Four tear-out postcards are included so you can send some of your unique artwork to friends and family. All of this is contained in a 40-page spiral bound book with 3 ink pads (pink, purple and green), a black marker, glitter glue and sequins. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 046457
    ISBN: 9781503710801
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    The Encyclopedia Britannica Kids Set contains four 64-page books about animals: Magnificent Mammals; Slither, Creep, and Leap; In the Sky; and In the Water, which are at an age 3+ level. Each of these sets contain 500 (or more) questions.

  • Item #: 043246
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  • Item #: 043186
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  • Item #: 039748
    ISBN: 9781929122127
    Retail: $0.00
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    Young Tia's feet were severely burned at a young age. Her family was too poor to call for a real doctor, so they tried herbal remedies and called a spirit doctor, but to no avail. Her feet and toes were damaged to the point that they were ugly and scarred. They caused her pain when she walked and made her the victim of other children's relentless teasing. Life seemed very dim and hopeless for little Tia, until farangs (foreigners) came to her village in Thailand. They spoke of a God called Prajow and all about what Prajow's son had done for them. Tia was excited when the farangs spoke of how Prajow was a God that could heal diseases. Could He help her? Simple ink and watercolor illustrations accompany the detailed text throughout this thirty-one page, paperback book. Based on a true story, your children are sure to enjoy this book that shows God's power to not only take care of people's physical needs, but their spiritual needs as well. – elise

  • Item #: 036084
    Retail: $7.20
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

      Rolling out paint evenly is easier with this soft synthetic black rubber roller. The 4” wide roller is latex free and snaps out from roller handle for quick cleaning. ~ Emily

  • Item #: 034910
    Retail: $5.76
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    Create icy-cool designs on any glass surface with colors that crystallize before your eyes. Draw with the markers in a warm, dry place (a window with sunlight, for example) and wait a few minutes for the ink to crystallize. You can speed up the process by fanning air on the design, but once it starts, it can change really quickly. Clean-up is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth, but you may want to use a little household window spray for any remaining streaks. Guests will be amazed at your winter window decorations, but these markers would be fun year-round!

  • Item #: 032920
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     Directed Writing Approach instructions to equip students to write all types of essays.

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