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Industrial Revolution

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    ISBN: 9781410924247
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    Plunge into a time period characterized by dramatic change! Unprecedented change, in fact, impacting every aspect of people's lives. Technically dating from the late 1700s (first thread-spinning mill) through the early 1900s (Henry Ford's assembly line) – at least for the purposes of this book – the Industrial Revolution brought sweeping changes to the ways people lived and worked, bringing whole new categories of amazement (talking to one another over distance, horseless carriages) and suffering (children working in factories; mine catastrophes). Each of the six chapters in this book traces an aspect of this revolution, introduced by the real-life experiences of ordinary people, detailing inventions and the men/women who were behind them. For instance, chapter 3 describes the way people lived: the growth of cities, tenement housing, electricity and its accompanying inventions, steel production (skyscrapers), photography, cars, and department stores (a new way of shopping). As you would expect, there are short biographical sketches on key "players" such as Edison, Rockefeller, and Eastman. But there's also Nettie Shea and Eliza Trainor's story of a runaway elevator as well as 11-year-old Francis Dwyer's experience with rats in a hospital. It's these personal anecdotes that make it all so real. This book, though, is more than just stories and text. There are easy-to-do activities using everyday materials such as modeling an elevator's pulley system using Chinese carry-out containers and ribbon. Whether you have a hands-on learner who needs to try something out or a curious kid who loves the story, this book will provide an eye-opening look at a startling time period and be a welcome addition to your history studies. Pictures are black and white. 144 pgs, pb. (11" x 8.5" horizontal orientation) ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781433934933
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    ISBN: 9780753466704
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    ISBN: 9781420632200
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    1600 - 1850 A.D. Seven timelines in one: Development of Countries, Expansion; Discovery, Inventions, Technology; Daily Life; Art, Architecture; Religion, Philosophy; War, Conflict, Politics; and Notable Men & Women. Includes some photos and illustrations along with some color highlighting. Laminated, 9.5"x45". Comes with 4 peel & stick squares for attaching to wall.
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    ISBN: 9780766061033
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    ISBN: 9780984204113
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    Covers Transcontinental Railroad, Indian Wars, Gilded Age, Innovations and Inventors, Immigration, Growth of our Nation, Progressive Era, World War I, The Roaring 20s, Stock Market Crash, the Dust Bowl and more.

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    ISBN: 9780989042444
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    ISBN: 9781929756643
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    ISBN: 9780890519820
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      The Teacher Guide is a combination book. It is part teacher book, with some course instructional information, detailed daily lesson plans, an overview of the activities built into the student worksheets, teaching tips for struggling learners, supply lists, suggestions for special projects, and answers for student worksheets. Information for the teacher (about 10% of the book) includes a section on the importance of narration and words of encouragement from the publisher. The remainder of the book is student worksheets (which are reproducible for your own homeschooling family). These worksheets provide the heart of a student’s journal to accompany the course. Very nicely designed and well-illustrated, there are daily front-and-back worksheets. These are similar but appropriately different for each age level between the two series. The whole TG is three-hole punched, and for the record, there are no tests in either series.

      America’s Story worksheets include Draw-Write pages (journaling lines, space for sketching, copywork), Mini-Project pages (cut & glue projects), Written Narration pages, Timeline pages (cards for each chapter with space for students to create their own timeline), a Special Prayer Book (a cut apart book for writing a weekly prayer for his/her country), and Artist Study (quick introduction to an artist with a variety of related art activities). Mapwork and vocabulary study are also a featured part of these pages.

  • Item #: 008667
    ISBN: 9781928860587
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    Includes all 4 Classical Education Timelines: Ancient World (our item # 027243), Medieval to Early Renaissance (027244), Renaissance to Industrial Revolution (027246), and Modern World (027245).

  • Item #: 010113
    ISBN: 9781626861565
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  • Item #: 015124
    ISBN: 9780865303720
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    Covers prehistory, ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Mediterranean, India, China, Americas, Greece, Rome), the feudal system, the Crusades, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, imperialism, slavery, WW I, WW II, the Holocaust, United Nations, the Cold War, communism, Vietnam War, and major world events.
  • Item #: 020368
    ISBN: 9780740338311
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    This elective course is made up of six units that examine the more recent history of the U.S. including the Industrial Revolution, progressivism, equal rights, the Roaring 20's, the Depression, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. Now in USB flash drive format. System requirements: Windows 7/ Windows 8 & 8.1 and Windows 10.

  • Item #: 039556
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    See inside the world of ants like never before with this 360-degree gel habitat. The semi-transparent green gel allows you to see tunnel behind tunnel – and also acts as a food source for your ants. For a different perspective or better view, simply rotate the entire break-resistant farm. Turn on the LED light feature to project giant ant shadows onto the ceiling. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) – Rachel
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  • Item #: 041955
    ISBN: 9780890519813
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    Full of colorful artwork and photos as well as black & white illustrations, vocabulary tidbits, maps, and biographical sketches, it is skillfully formatted into an appealing and engaging text. Each of the 28 chapters (i.e. weekly lessons) have text interspersed with Narration Breaks (place to stop and recount orally the information that has been covered) and questions: "Ready to Explore".Each chapter ends with a two-page photo montage (a feature I love) that pertains to the chapter's focus. For instance, there is a collection of Native American dwellings each with short informational captions inAmerica's Story.


  • Item #: 059992
    ISBN: 9780147512772
    Retail: $8.99
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    Yes, that kind of cod. It’s interesting to think about how something as simple as a fish is such a part of history; this book tells it all. Aside from explaining the scientific elements of the cod such as its lifecycle and environment, this book explains how the cod affected people. Learn such things as the Vikings who came to the North Atlantic while sustained by dried cod, the early American settlers who used the cod for food and farming, the slave trade with the Caribbean that was financed by the sale of cod, the industrial revolution allowing for better fishing, Clarence Birdseye discovering how to freeze cod for sale nationwide, and much more in between. The book comes to a close on a very important fact: the popularity of cod and the negative effects that it has on the oceans and its marine life. This book not only uses fish to discuss history with your kids, but also opens the door for important discussions on conservation and protecting our planet’s resources. An ALA Notable Children’s Book, 43 softcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 057753
    ISBN: 9780756676094
    Retail: $32.95
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    You have to wonder a bit at the brazenness of calling yourself the "definitive" guide to history, but this book makes good on the claim. With countless photos, artifacts, maps, timelines, artwork, and drawings, it's definitely a visual history. Divided into eight units – origins (yes, it does embrace an old earth perspective); rulers/hierarchies; thinkers/believers; warriors, travelers/inventors; renaissance/reformation; industry/revolution; population/power; and national histories, its 152 chapters and 40 special focus spreads are detailed enough to actually provide that definitive history it claims. A special (and very nice) feature is the individual timeline histories of the world's 195 countries (continent by continent). Pages are heavy, semi-glossy magazine stock. The last 15 pages are a complete index. 612 pgs, sc. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 049601
    ISBN: 9781893103580
    Retail: $28.95
    Rainbow Price: $24.25

    This recently revised one-year study guide covers more recent U.S. History - from the 1850s through the 2000s. It utilizes some of the best literature available to effectively study the Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrial Revolution, Turn of the Century, WWI, Communism, Socialism, Nazism, WWII, Korean War, Cold War, China's Cultural Revolution, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, modern technology and the War on Terror. Rea Berg and Jonathan Crabtree's study notes and lesson plans lead students through the resources, challenging them with discussion questions, vocabulary, writing assignments, web links and activities throughout. Reading, writing, and research combine to form a very interesting and in-depth look at an often-neglected part of U.S. history. Books used in the study are listed below.

  • Item #: 035965
    ISBN: 9780753473559
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.95
    From oceans to planets (and everything in between), this universe-in-a-book will delight curious readers. This colorful encyclopedia is arranged thematically into ten core subjects: Planet Earth, Space and the Stars, Living World, Animal Life, Body Science, Story of the Past, People and Society, Arts and Entertainment, Science and Technology, and Communication. The information is presented in an exciting, visually appealing way, with over 1000 illustrations and photographs. Short, simple-to-read sections highlight essential topics. Step-by-step sequences and diagrams help students understand structures and processes. For example, in the "Rocks and soil" chapter, clear diagrams demonstrate the Mohs scale (rating minerals from softest to hardest), the rock cycle (formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks), and soil composition. Other interesting topics covered include: types of seeds, nature classification, human anatomy, the Industrial Revolution, world religions, sports, decorative arts, the Globe Theater…and much more! Color-coded sections, a glossary, and index help students find relevant information quickly. This encyclopedia covers such a wide variety of disciplines that it will come in handy for many a unit study or research project. But your kids will likely enjoy browsing just for fun, too. (Please note: evolutionary content and human reproduction are covered; you may wish to preview before handing to younger students.) 320 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 070812
    ISBN: 9780890519653
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  • Item #: 064800
    ISBN: 9780972740104
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       To fully understand the future of mankind, we must examine our heritage. Or as one author has written, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” As one who had limited Western Civilization education, this introduction is one of the most straight forward and readable resources I have reviewed.

      Beginning with a foundational understanding of the definition of civilization, the book is divided into four sections. In the first, The Mediterranean World, we examine the need for transportation, diversity and plunder; the economic, religious, and political life of early civilizations; early empires (Assyrians, Babylon, Persian); Ancient Greece; the Roman Empire and Christianity. Section 2: The Middle Ages examines the fall of Rome, rise of Islam and Western Europe; Feudalism; the spread of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church, the Crusades; scholasticism of Thomas Aquinas and others; and the rise and growth of European cities: England, France and Spain. Section 3: The Early Modern Era surveys the Renaissance; the Protestant Reformation; the Advancement of Science; and exploration and trade. The final Section analyzes the ongoing battle between traditional Judeo-Christian faith and the new faith in naturalism. From the battle for human minds and hearts, he describes the momentous battle for political control with a historical look at the political catastrophes of Romanticism, from Rousseau to Marx to Hitler. Finally, he examines the battle for economic control from the Industrial Revolution to Socialist Mentality.

      The author takes seriously his predefined task, “to describe the institutions, politics, commerce, religion, and arts and sciences of past civilizations in an effort to discern the values, beliefs, and ideas which served to shape those societies” prior to examining the commonly held, yet erroneous viewpoints that contributed to the collapse of historic civilizations. The detailed index and chapter study questions (without answers) make this a valuable resource for teens and parents alike. 415pgs, HC. ~ Deanne