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    Starline Press is a character-based, state standards aligned curriculum that is designed for independent study. This consumer math course is set up in 10 units, one year to complete, for one full high school credit. Topics covered in this series of workbooks are addition of whole numbers/decimals/percents, subtraction with whole numbers/negative numbers/decimals/percents, handling a checking account, multiplication, division, fractions, percents, units of measure, angles/triangles/quadrilaterals, planes & solid shapes, circle concepts, using variables, geometry & formulas, data analysis, mean/median/mode/range, tables & graphs, equations, writing expressions, order of operations, reasoning, relevant/irrelevant & missing information.

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    Not just a course in logic, but also in critical reading, reasoning, and problem solving as well. This is not a course designed for independent study, but is interesting enough to enjoy working through with your students. (With 4 children in the appropriate age range, weââ‚™ve taken to using the supper table for our discussion-type lessons. It sure beats some of our less educational dinnertime chit-chat! This series is broad in scope and topics covered (see contents below). The books contain interesting real-life situations. A ââ‚Å"logicalâ₝ follow-up to Building Thinking Skills from the same publisher.
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    An excellent unit to get children acquainted with a microscope - how to use it, and actual investigations with it. The World of the Microscope or the Complete Book of the Microscope (both by Usborne - see index) are highly recommended as basal resource books. Other resource books (list provided) should be obtained and available for reference. The unit requires a minimum of 42-48 days to complete. Activities look extremely interesting and the accompanying lab sheets are excellent - very thoughtfully constructed. Labs begin with the set up, use and clean up of the microscope. The next several labs teach children to make wet mounts, dry mounts, permanent mounts, and well mounts. Successive labs are spent using these skills to study a variety of things under the microscopic, from fibers to insect parts, with cells, plant parts, and simple cell animals in between. The book also contains vocabulary words, science supplier addresses and phone numbers, answers, and additional helpful tips about microscopes. Just looking through the unit makes me enthusiastic about using it - it looks like the best kind of learning - interesting and fun. I would guess that most children would thoroughly enjoy this adventure with a microscope - gaining invaluable skills for higher level science courses in the process. Children in the elementary grades would need some parental support to accomplish the study; older children could use it independently. Look into this one! 92 pages, paperback.
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    With the goal of being self-explanatory, self-paced and self-contained, this course was written for the homeschooled student in mind. Free pronunciation recordings are available online in an mp3 format and an answer key is in the back of the book itself. Tests can be done by backing up to the previous lesson and having your student translate the exercises there. A parent can use the answer key to grade these, or have the student correct their own work. Students are encouraged to do 30 minutes a day rather than a longer session once or twice a week, but many of the lessons might take only15-20 minutes. This is a stripped down way to introduce your students to French. Each lesson is only a page long for the first 21 lessons and not much longer after that (1-3 pgs). You will cover basics of how to learn French such as pronunciation, gender, formal vs. informal language, some pronouns, beginner vocabulary, expressions which have a cultural element and other useful basics. While there is not enough content here for a full high school credit, after completing this book, your student would be ready for a first year high school level program having never had any other language instruction. This would also be a good option for an older elementary student or a middleschooler interested in French. Both Getting Started with French and Getting Started with Spanish are good ways for a student (and their parents) to see if they are really interested in the further study of a language. Helpful glossary in the back, 281 pp, sc, 8” x 11” ~ Sara

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    Designed for independent studies, this new elective course from Starline Press may be exactly what you are looking for! Known for their ease of use, clarity of instruction and infused character traits, Starline Press provides a state aligned standards based option for homeschooling families. The Home Economics course contains 6 units covering vital topics such as nutrition, menu planning, common kitchen equipment, cooking terminology and techniques, grocery shopping, recipes, table setting, kitchen maintenance household cleaning, laundry care, household organization, survival sewing skill, home ownership, employment and budgeting. Learning assessment is via short answer questions, fill-in-the blank questions, multiple choice questions and varied related projects. Each unit concludes with a test to assess learning prior to moving on. SC. Pages vary 30-40 per unit. Available only in complete sets with answer/test keys. ~ Deanne

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    This fold-out timeline is visually appealing and full of interesting information. It starts with George Washington and ends with George W. Bush with photos and important details about each figure. Additional information is given on the White House, civil rights achievements, a map of the White House, presidential pets, job responsibilities, famous first ladies, and more.The timeline is made out of full color, durable cardstock, folding out to a whopping 63" x 11". One side features an actual timeline full of dates, full-color photos and illustrations with captions, and the other side includes additional facts and graphics. Folded up, the timelines measure 6.5" x 11". ~ Rachel

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    Sometimes you just need to take a break from the regular curriculum to do something special - this easy-to-use unit study CD gives you the resources you need to do just that. Each holiday will take anywhere from one to three days to complete, depending on how much of the activities you want to complete. You can do all of the holidays as one larger unit study, or do each holiday as they arrive on the calendar year – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Passover, Easter, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other not-so common holidays. Over 30 projects, games, and recipes along with interesting links will help you learn things you never knew before. Textual information is provided for each holiday along with instructions and patterns for projects. This CD-ROM is both Windows and Macintosh compatible and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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    Teaching young people the value of proper nutrition is a valuable endeavor that is often overlooked. If you have a desire to teach your sons and daughters proper, whole foods nutrition, meal planning and cooking, this one semester course may be perfect to meet your needs. And if you were never taught the benefits of and how to prepare whole, organic, or living foods, you might be interested in learning right along with them!

    Designed for independent study, your role as a parent/instructor is to assist the student as needed, teach them location (and proper use) of kitchen equipment, and record their grade. Instructor overview, grade sheets (divided into 2 nine-week charts), required equipment and supplies, optional equipment and supplies, along with pantry and refrigerator staple items are provided before the course is initiated. As a side note, required equipment and supplies typically are common kitchen items, although you may need to add a food processor, grain mill, and a powerful blender.

    Weekly lessons are well organized and easy to implement. Beginning with a shopping list for the week, the lessons are organized into a five days per week schedule. The first day incorporates a scripture memory verse and related reading, and weekly homework assignments. Consecutive days provide brief review and meal preparation activity, which includes an ingredient listing and step by step instructions. Each meal has a dedicated day-for example: Tuesday breakfast, Wednesday lunch, Thursday dinner, and Friday focused on healthy desserts or side dishes. Most days also include related dinner discussion questions or starters. Throughout the course of study, students will learn the rationale for eating healthy, economics of food choices and shopping, proper table etiquette, grinding wheat for bread, planting an herb garden, canning, and diverse palates for healthy eating. Appendix includes two exams to be completed, one at the end of 9 weeks and the other at 18 weeks. Answer key is also included. An excellent, introduction to home-economics for families striving to live nutritionally well. Considered one semester, I would pair it with Light Speed Nutrition (#051984) DVDs for more nutrition instruction at the high school level. Spiral Bound. 267 pgs. ~Deanne

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