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Imagination Magnets

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    You've seen similar sets, but not one with such happy colors, patterns, and shapes! It's a tried and true method for getting children comfortable with shapes and combining individual shapes to make new identifiable objects, developing visual spatial skills. The wood-framed carrying case opens to reveal two 13" x 10.5" magnetic white-boards. Quality, wood blocks include unusual shapes (arcs, semi-circles, irregular shaped multi-sided figures) along with the more common squares, circles, and triangles (two of most shapes and more of a few). All pieces are .25" thick. Joining solid, festive colors (ocean blue, purple, chartreuse, and tangerine) are blocks with pat-terns – stripes, swirls, stars, circles, etc. Sizes range from .75" circles to 1.25" squares to 1.5" x 3" for some of the largest pieces. There are 50 patterns (25 double-sided cards) to replicate. The result is whimsical renditions of familiar objects – vehicles, flowers, and animals – with a few crazy characters just to keep things interesting. The cord handles paired with the latching case means this toy can travel with you. Almost too much fun!
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  • Item #: 019305
    ISBN: 9781935305002
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    Like other Magnetic Poetry Kits, this one contains 240 little word magnets (each measures about 1.25" x .3") that can be moved around to create imaginative poetry. This set contains idyllic, nature-themed words so poets can fashion poems about the glorious outdoors and the beautiful natural world.

  • Item #: 062006
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    Drop the marbles and watch them tumble down your track design. Use any flat steel surface – refrigerator, file cabinet, magnetic white board, etc. - and arrange the magnetic track pieces in a pattern that will allow your marbles to reach the end. The activity cards offer some good starter ideas, but your imagination is the limit. Experiment with the arrangement of the pieces to see what works to make the marbles go faster or to keep the marbles from jumping your track. The set includes 14 magnetic track pieces, 4 plastic marbles, and 10 activity cards for hours of creative fun.
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  • Item #: 042679
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    Set of 10 thick vinyl, magnetic die-cut speech bubbles that can be used for academic purposes or just for FUN! Imagine pictures on the fridge that you caption yourself! Use them to teach students how to write dialogue in an essay. Teach interjections in a fun and different way. There are 5 different shapes, smooth, cloud-like, a thought bubble and the BOOM! POW! types, too. These are thicker than most magnetic sheets. Write with a dry-erase marker and use them over and over. Each is about 4" x 2-2.5". ~ Sara

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  • Item #: 007937
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    Includes 35 pieces and design guide. Pieces include: 2 red squares, 4 blue squares, 6 yellow squares, 8 green squares, 13 white octahedron pieces and one each of the black and taupe connector pieces.

  • Item #: 054254
    ISBN: 9781603573092
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    Thirty-five of the most well-known Greek myths have been collected and retold in this volume: stories of Prometheus, Jason and the Golden Fleece, King Midas, Hercules, Ganymede, and many more. It begins with an introduction to the Aryan peoples and their lively imaginations and tales, and to the Greek gods and goddesses. Every once in a while, a photo is included of a statue or a painting depicting the stories, and a pronunciation guide/glossary is included at the very end. Perfect for a general taste of Greek mythology for middle-grade students, the style and depth-level of this collection is highly readable. 229 pgs., pb. –Chad

  • Item #: 070207
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    Includes activity/story book, empathy magnet (wood plaque, plastic letters, magnet), feelings & faces game (foam "faces", google eyes, glue stick, markers), and bouquet of felt flowers (felt cutouts, chenille strips, buttons). Skills: artistic, cognitive, storytelling, language, create & explore, imaginative play, and connect & share.

  • Item #: 021455
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    Tazoo sets are themed, and include special pieces to create the suggested creatures – or to use; however, your imagination pleases!

  • Item #: 021464
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    Tazoo sets are themed, and include special pieces to create the suggested creatures – or to use; however, your imagination pleases!

  • Item #: 021465
    Retail: $54.99
    Rainbow Price: $49.49

    Tazoo sets are themed, and include special pieces to create the suggested creatures – or to use; however, your imagination pleases!

  • Item #: 014560
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    Expand your imaginative fun with the Expansion Pack! It includes 37 magnet-backed wood blocks and 20 patterns.
  • Item #: 064421
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    The ultimate MAGFORMERS set for girls! This set contains 13 different geometric shapes and 3 accessories in 6 pretty pastel colors: pinks, purples, aquas and blues. Squares, triangles, sectors, diamonds, arches and more provide hours of imaginative fun. Follow the step-by-step idea booklet for specific builds or create your own masterpiece - large fairytale castles, crowns and towers are all within the realm of possibility! The included rechargeable LED lights will illuminate your creations, allowing for even more fantastical fun.

  • Item #: 010270
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     Includes orange engine, 2 box cars and 2 cargo pcs.

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    42 colorful wooden blocks in a variety of shapes, backed with magnets, allow for endless imaginative play. The blocks are stored in a briefcase-like fold-open case with magnetic dry-erase bottoms, ideal for travel. If your child is fresh out of ideas about what to make, picture cards contain 50 patterns to replicate – animals, people, vehicles, etc.

  • Item #: 018817
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    Build your own remote-controlled custom vehicles with Magformers. Like other Magformers sets, the panels attach magnetically to each other so you can create any combination, limited only by your imagination and the pieces you have. This set has 52 pieces, including three sets of wheels, two single wheel pieces, a remote controller, two people figures, a bunch of panel pieces, and some traffic sign stickers. The RC body and controller each use 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.
  • Item #: 060991
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  • Item #: 014809
    ISBN: 9781593272791
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    Projects with LEGO bricks can be complex, but throw in LEGO Technic parts, and you have real engineering going on. These books are authored by Yoshihito Isogawa, a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering at the Tokyo University of Science. Other than a Table of Contents and a brief introduction, the books are wordless, relying on clear, colorful pictures to progressively show the construction of a project. Where larger parts are depicted, the relative size of the photo is indicated as a scaled ratio. Often the same part comes in a variety of colors; colors chosen for the photos are for artistic effect and contrast between parts. Fantastic Contraptions takes things to the next level, showing catapults, crawlers and bipedal walkers, powered by fans, propellers, springs, magnets and vibration. You can even add lights, pneumatics and solar panels. Although hundreds of models are shown in each book, the goal is to fire the imaginations of LEGO builders young and old. Each book is approximately 160 pages. ~ Bob

  • Item #: 069710
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $22.50

     Prepare to be WOW-ED! Probably the coolest (ahem, educational) introductory science kit! Designed for free exploration or parent/teacher led discovery, this kit contains 10 double-sided activity cards and supplies to discover primary and secondary colors, magnetism and bubble making. The larger-sized, durable components will last for years. You’ll receive glasses with slots for different colored lenses (included), two test tubes with lids, test tube rack, horseshoe magnet, bubble wand and tray, and a twisty dropper. Note: the components are larger for small hands. For example, the dropper measures nearly 6” long!

      Glossy, cardstock activity cards measure 9”x 6 1/4” pictures the kit’s tool needed for the activity. Cards also list additional needed household items and the key science concept. On the flip side is step-by-step activity instructions. Children are never too young to fall in love with science and this kit will inspire capture their imagination. 24 pc. set ~ Deanne