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If You Were There

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    Read the story of William Tyndale's life told in story format. From his childhood to his death, William Tyndale was intrigued by history, fascinated by family stories, and was taught to love God. He translated the New Testament and part of the Old Testament before he was put to death in 1536 for his work. He wanted all people to be able to read and understand the Bible an admirable goal. This 160-page book tells his story as if you were there with him. Joyce McPherson, the author, engages the reader with people from William's life, their stories, and their influence. Get to know William Tyndale and his real-life story.

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    ISBN: 9781404823907
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    Players get to be fishermen in this game, complete with a bunch of rubbery worms and fish markets waiting to buy your catch. Players use their worms to catch fish from the "ocean" and have three things they can do with the fish: put it in one of their boats, throw it back, or sell it to the appropriate market. Each fish is also capable of granting a wish. So what do you do with your fish? Placing it in your boat means that you can not use the wish, but can save the fish for a time when the market will give the best price. Throwing the fish back is the only way to use the wish, which is pictured on the card. There are many kinds of wishes: bonus money, spoilage, extra boats, special fish sales, or moving one of the "buyers" to a different market. When fishing, players can see the available wishes and choose strategically. Players can also sell a fish right away. There are 7 markets that will always buy a fish for $2, though the markets which have one or more of the "buyers" mentioned above increase your profit - so keep track of them. Players with the majority of fish in a market that becomes full will score even more bonus money. Players keep track of their money on the outside of the board; the player with the most money at the end wins. 2-5 players, with game duration of about 40 minutes.

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    ISBN: 9780439567060
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    ISBN: 9781600220975
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    Over 350 creative writing prompts geared towards helping students read, think, and respond. Several writing prompts are included per page, and students can write as much as they wish about a topic or complete an assigned amount of words or pages. Prompts are broken up into eight sections. The All About Me section includes prompts like "Would you rather be a baby, a kid, a teenager, or an adult? Why?" and "If you could add a holiday that everyone in the country would celebrate, what would it be, when would it be, and how would everyone celebrate?" The Family Relationships section has prompts like "What have you learned about cooking from your parents? Do you think you'll be a good cook?" and "Describe a time when you and your siblings worked together." The Friendship section has questions like "How do you make a new friend?" and "If you could have anyone as your best friend, who would you choose and why?" The School section includes prompts like "What do you remember most about being in kindergarten?" and "What is your favorite subject in school and why? Is it the easiest subject for you? What is your least-favorite subject and why?" The Academics section has prompts like "If you could visit another planet, which one would you choose, and what do you think you might see?" and "What is one talent or skill that you have? How can you turn it into a career?" The Character Education and Safety section has prompts like "Some boys and girls choose to be mean to each other. What do you think causes them to be that way?" and "If you and a friend got lost in the woods while hiking, what would you do?" The Points to Ponder/Problem Solving section includes prompts like "If you were the leader of your country, what would you change about your country?" and "Would you rather be a famous movie star or a doctor? Why?" The last section is titled Story/Fiction Narrative and includes prompts like "You have been offered a round trip ride in a time machine and can travel any distance into the past. Where would you want to go? Describe the trip." Whether you work through the book and use all the prompts or just select the ones that appeal to you, this book is very useful at finding simple writing topics. Reproducible, 80 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 035331
    ISBN: 9780688170431
    Retail: $7.99
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    Authored by Joanna Cole of Magic School Bus fame, this short illustrated book explains to young readers how babies are made and born. The book doesn't go into any detail on conception, simply saying that the child began as one little cell. "Half of the cell came from your mommy, and the other half came from your daddy." The illustration shows a couple each holding half of a construction paper heart. The book ends with a list of suggestions for parents on how to answer children's questions on birth. All in all, it's a sweet, simple story that shares the very basics with young children. If you're looking for a religiously neutral introduction to the subject, this is a good one.
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    ISBN: 9781441307439
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    Marriage is the bedrock of our family and truly our nation, if we seriously consider the impact marriage has on culture. As I look back on 25 years of marriage to a fine man, I would be dishonest if I said that every day was like the first - respectful, dreamy-eyed, and always captivated. Yet reminding ourselves of that first love may very well be helpful for marital longevity. I think this is why I love this journal! Designed to preserve your personal love story together as a married couple, each section walks you through open-ended questions and includes a place for special photos. Questions include a look at your first meeting, activities you enjoy together, terms of endearment, ways you are similar and different, favorites together (television, historical figure, restaurants etc.), things you find romantic, relationship core values, pet peeves, and future aspirations. The authors also draw from astrological signs to determine how couples can complement one another. This is a small section that would be easy to skip if you would prefer. Overall this is a nicely done journal that will help couples deepen their appreciation for one another throughout their relationship. Padded HC with red ribbon. There is a pocket on the inside back cover for storing additional photos and mementoes. 95pgs. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 026169
    ISBN: 9780802312754
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    This classic text introduces students to all aspects of ancient Greek society. Each chapter covers a different topic, including the People and Land (geography), Homer, City-States, Sparta, Wars with Persia, Religion, Games, Education, Alexander, and more. Plenty of captioned black and white photos, maps, diagrams, and illustrations appear throughout the text. For example, there is an illustrated page explaining the names and functions of twenty-two different types of pottery that Greeks used in their everyday lives; a floor plan of a typical Greek house; and photographs of ancient coins. The text is engaging and readable, with excerpts from classic Greek literature and an anecdotal, "storytelling" quality that makes you feel like you are witnessing the events unfold. An index in the back of the book contains information on the Greek alphabet and language, a list of discussion questions for each chapter, a timeline/date chart, and a list of sources for further reading. Index included. By H.D. Amos & A.G.P. Lang. 224 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 008486
    ISBN: 9780394800813
    Retail: $16.99
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    Have you ever seen a ten-footed lion or an elephant-cat? Well if Gerald McGrew ran the zoo, you would see them and more. Gerald is bored with all the typical zoo animals and wants a zoo that would make everyone marvel. Follow Gerald as he travels to the mountains of "Zomba-ma-Tant" to bring to his zoo the bird called "Bustard," and join him in the "Desert of Zind" to hunt the "scraggle-foot Mulligatawny." When Gerald finishes gathering all his unusual creatures there won't be a person left in the world that doesn't want to see the "New McGrew Zoo." A Dr. Seuss classic. 56 pgs, hc.

  • Item #: 003584
    ISBN: 9781887823388
    Retail: $22.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.75

    "For People Who Can't Even Draw a Straight Line," "No Talent Required" - hey, this woman knows me! From Sandra Angelo (Discover Art), comes this easy self study guide and workbook that, using a simple, four-step drawing system, transforms your skills from barely beginner to accomplished artist in a few easy lessons. I like the directions to "begin at the beginning and work your way through the book sequentially," nice and simple. It's full of irreverent pearls of wisdom, like "The race goes not to the hare but the tortoise" and "those who don't give up succeed," and (my personal favorite), "Talent is REALLY not necessary." Sandra gives us a short introduction that would give hope to even the most drawing-challenged person. If you draw for 45 minutes to one hour per day, you can finish this book in 60-90 days (if you're in a hurry to improve). Otherwise, plan on spending longer relative to the amount of time per day you can allocate to drawing. Next, a materials section acquaints us with the "tools of the trade" - some basic equipment we need to gather before jumping in. Then on to the instruction. Some of this book is reminiscent of the Draw Today program, especially the use of grids for beginning artists. As promised, the instruction is super-easy to follow and all the work can be done right in the book. Instruction progresses logically from seeing and drawing shapes, to lines, to shading, creating texture, gradation, hatching, and plenty of good practice in a lengthy additional exercise section. The methods and exercises look great, and, if I didn't have a lot to do..... But, someday, I'll actually have some time each day to use this! In the meantime, I'm hoping many aspiring artists out there will benefit from Sandra's instruction. 150 pgs. in all, with 130 black-and white photos and 25 line drawings - including plenty of "before" and "after" testimonials to show this method really works.

  • Item #: 050171
    ISBN: 9780890515983
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    Have you ever stopped and wondered what it was like to have been a signer of the Declaration of Independence in Colonial America? We live in the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, one truly blessed by God from its inception. So what was the caliber of the men who shaped it? What did they think? What were their personal lives like? Now you have an opportunity to learn about the Founding Fathers in one of the most insightful and brilliantly crafted ways to date. Marilyn Boyer has written For You They Signed in such a way that it will leave you thinking you know the Founding Fathers personally. You will learn about some of their personal traits, life's events, and involvement in public service. The book is formatted in a unique way with the men grouped according to their respective states, just as the signatures were organized on the Declaration of Independence. At the end of each biography, there is also a list of questions for use in discussion groups. These would also make fine study questions in the classroom. Each signer has a portrait drawing and a box containing basic statistics on his life, such as where he was born, educated, and whether he was married and had children. In each biography is a chart of dates and descriptions of public service. Boyer has included many quotes from other writers, including comments from contemporaries of the Founding Fathers. At the beginning, you will find a brief description of the role Christianity played in the founding of the nation, along with quotes from famous people in our history and a typed version of the Declaration for your perusal. Included in the appendixes are character definitions, Patrick Henry's speech to the signers on July 4, 1776, "The Christian Nature of State Constitutions," and "The Christian Nature of America's Universities." Boyer crafted the book so that it can be used in five ways: a year's worth of character studies from a devotional perspective, a resource for a single mother, a program that the children can use on their own at their own pace, a group study, and for general reading. One of my regrets about this book is that I didn't have it when I was in school! 342 pgs, hc. – John

  • Item #: 052276
    ISBN: 9780967802008
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Do you have a minute to spare? If so, then you have plenty of time to enjoy a one minute mystery and brush up on your math skills at the same time! These short (no more than one page) mysteries were written by the father-daughter duo of Eric and Natalie Yoder. Simply read the mystery, grab a pencil and some scratch paper, and try to solve it before flipping the page to see the solution. Kids will definitely see the real-world application of math with this collection of everyday mysteries. This 176-page book also includes a bonus of 5 science mysteries from 65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Science! ~ Anh

  • Item #: 046331
    ISBN: 9781932662306
    Retail: $16.95
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    Just the thought of writing an SAT essay make you go cold all over? No worries! This book will warm you up and get the juices flowing. By taking the experience apart piece by piece, giving you strategies for conquering each, and the opportunity to practice, you will begin to feel empowered – or, at least like you can get through the experience without a meltdown. Each section provides helpful insight into the whole process from how scores are computed (and examples of each) to the writing process (brainstorm, outline, providing support, and polish) to avoiding grammar and punctuation pitfalls to managing your time. And, if you’ve been procrastinating on your training experience, there’s even sections on how to effectively cram (e.g. in a week; in 24 hours – yikes!). As always, practice is the biggest worry-soother and the book provides three complete practice tests with analytical (i.e. very helpful) answers.

  • Item #: 064233
    ISBN: 9781770854949
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       Do you ever wonder how things work? This book offers explanations, but in a visual and textual format. How do we get electricity in our homes? How does a letter travel through the mail? How does a 3D printer work?  Find out how 27 different things happen or work by following the numbered path around the page. Each topic covers a two-page spread and some of the pages fold out for an even bigger explanation. A large diagram or cross-section is in the middle of the explanation and little people are illustrated working inside of it. For example, the 3D printer shows all the parts on the inside and outside and little people make the parts move and do the work – kind of a humorous element to the explanation. There is so much to see and read on each page, you will see something different each time through. This book is 80 pages of illustrations, information, and new vocabulary. If you’re curious about where your trash goes, how your vacuum cleaner works, and of course how your cell phone functions, you will love this book. Age range is grades 3 through 7, but enjoyable by all ages. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780736955003
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    Bring Bible stories to life by cartooning through them, honing drawing skills while you illustrate what you read. This fun little book contains eighteen Bible stories, from both the Old and New Testaments. You'll start with Adam and Eve and end with the Resurrection. Each chapter begins with a "big idea" then starts into a retelling of the story. There are pauses in the story where the child is asked to draw a person, add to an existing drawing, or sketch some scenery. For example, in The Exodus, readers begin by following a step-by-step sequence to draw both Pharaoh and Moses. The story begins, and then there is a scene illustrated from Pharaoh's throne room, and the reader is asked to add some snakes to the ground. Then we read about the plagues, the wandering in the wilderness, and then the reader finishes the story by drawing a scene of Moses parting the Red Sea. Because the drawings are very cartoon-like, they can be sketched quickly as you read through the chapter. It's a nice way to keep active kids engaged during Bible time without spending time drawing an elaborate scene for each story. The book is in small, horizontal format, and you will likely be drawing right in the book, so you may need a couple of copies if using with several children. ~Sara

  • Item #: 022090
    ISBN: 9781593375065
    Retail: $9.95
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    Yes! As hard to believe as that can be, Don Aslett is going to prove it to you. The thing I really appreciate about this book is that he truly understands the burden of housework and knows what a big job it is to keep a house clean, not to mention the amount of time it consumes. After addressing common issues and dispelling myths on things such as organization, junk, cleaning "secrets," lists, and other cleaning topics, he offers a list of supplies that work and where you can purchase them. Then he offers tips that really do work to make your cleaning easier. He addresses the correct way to wash windows, floors, carpets (even those tough stains!), furniture and appliances, bathrooms, walls and ceilings, and how to make rooms cleaner in only a few minutes. Every chapter is overloaded with suggestions for cleaning your home efficiently.And if after applying these methods to your own home you decide you want to go pro, Don has even provided a section on becoming a professional housecleaner! 214 pgs. ~ Steph

  • Item #: 036857
    ISBN: 9780738212418
    Retail: $19.00
    Rainbow Price: $13.75

    Mark Kistler, cartoonist and author of the ever-popular Draw Squad and Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler, has taught children to draw using his methods for years. In this book, he takes his fun, yet start-with-the-basics approach and offers it up to adults who think they can't even draw a straight line! He promises that yes, anyone can learn to draw if they set aside twenty minutes a day for a month. If you're game, you can grab any old pencil and sketchbook and embark on an adventure that will take you from drawing spheres to tackling the human face! I like the balance of simple form and more advanced skills he meshes together here. Although you begin by drawing a circle, you immediately turn it into a three-dimensional sphere by adding shading. So you skip that whole "drawing a straight line" thing and head straight into the world of 3-D. Lesson drawing subjects progress in difficulty, beginning with the basics: spheres and cubes. From there you build onto the cubes and spheres that you know, creating koalas, roses, cylinders, houses, rippling flags, pyramids, mugs, trees, rooms and cities in one-point perspective, buildings in two-point perspective, and the human eye and face. Each lesson goes step-by-step, with Mark's illustrations showing the student exactly what to add each time and his written instructions are clear, easy-to-follow and entertaining. Many of the lessons are reminiscent of those in Draw Squad, but the pace is a bit quicker, and the subject matter slightly more sophisticated. Lessons often end with a "Bonus Challenge" where you can take your new skill to the next level, and several examples from Mark's other adult students offer inspiration as well. Drawing supplies are minimal, although Mark makes suggestions and recommendations in several lessons. With its 30-day commitment and incremental lessons, I would recommend this one as an introductory drawing course for your high-schoolers, especially if they have not had much drawing instruction in the past.

  • Item #: 041383
    ISBN: 9781414333106
    Retail: $14.99
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    When my children were little we wore out three copies of Kenneth Taylor's Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. Also by Kenneth Taylor, this book is a combination ABC book, primer for Christian living, and fun picture book. I think we would have worn this one out, too. Each letter has a set of two pages which feature a short poem such as "P is for polite, Saying, 'Thank you,' and, 'Please.' It is not hard to do And puts others at ease." Topics covered include crying, forgiving, helping, obeying, visitors, yelling, and an alphabet of others. A short text reading asks thoughtful questions about the letter topic and provides gentle teaching on the subject. A full-page illustration, highly detailed and delightfully and artfully cluttered, includes multiple items associated with the letter. For instance, the 'P' page includes presents, popcorn, pie, porcupines, a parrot and a piñata. Three questions involve the child in the artwork (Point to the children in the picture who are being polite), require the student to make a personal application (Tell about some ways you can be polite) and help the child consider God's perspective (Does God want us to be polite? Why?). A Bible verse concludes the page. The artwork is the sort that children will spend a long time studying. In addition to the detail already mentioned, there are hidden ladybugs on each page. You and your child will love looking for them, and by the way, you will have to look. This book just begs to be a present to a child loved by you. 60 pgs. Hb. ~ Janice