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If You Lived 100 Years Ago

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    ISBN: 9780590960014
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    ISBN: 9780142300701
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    Whether or not you've read Long Way from Chicago, you're sure to love the sequel just as much. In A Year Down Yonder, Mary Alice isn't just visiting - she's going to live with Grandma Dowdel until her family can get on their feet again. It's 1937 and her father has lost his job, which means her family has had to move out of their apartment. Joey is now in the Civilian Conservation Corps out West, so for the first time, Mary Alice has to brave Grandma Dowdel by herself. She travels by train to Grandma's tiny town with her cat Bootsie, and her radio - her last link to civilization as she knows it. As soon as she hops off the train, Grandma marches her to the high school to get enrolled, where Mary Alice gets picked on and stared at because she's from the "big city." Although rough at first, Mary Alice soon makes friends and even finds love as she is dragged along on all kinds of crazy adventures with Grandma. She also comes to know and respect Grandma a little more. Winner of the 2001 Newbery Medal, I think this book is just as good - if not better than its precursor, and begs to be read out loud! By Richard Peck, 130 pgs, pb. - Jess

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    ISBN: 9781414385648
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    Have you ever decided that you were going to read the Bible, start to finish, only to be sidetracked because the task seemed so daunting? The Wayfinding Bible offers you alternatives to help you navigate through portions of Scripture. This Bible is the New Living Translation and offers you three different routes – flyover route, direct route, and scenic route. The flyover route is divided into 54 readings to help you get a chronological overview of the Bible. The direct route divides the readings into 215 sessions that help you get a complete perspective on the entire Bible and how it fits together (in less than a year). The scenic route is divided into 386 readings that will take you on a journey through passages that may or may not be familiar. Each route is marked with colored arrows at the top of the pages – blue for the flyover route, green for the direct route, and orange for the scenic route. Those arrows will tell the reader if they should continue reading on the next page (straight arrow), skip pages (arrow curved up), jump to a different book (dotted curved arrow), or go backward to read in a previous passage (arrow curved back).

    Along the way, readers will find written introductions for each book, historical markers that emphasize specific locations, scenic overlooks that will also help the reader understand the history and people of the Bible, and Side Trips that highlight passages on certain topics. Getting Your Bearings are found in 8 different places of the Bible to help you look back and look at where you are going next. Photos, maps, illustrations, and a timeline will help you keep on track as you travel through the Bible. An itinerary is found at the back of the Bible for each route, which allows you to keep track of your readings (stops) along the way. A fourth route is found at the very back of this Bible – "Thru-Hike." It takes you chronologically through every word of this Bible. This is the most intense of the reading schedules and you can check off as you read through your journey.

    Choose the route that fits your schedule and get familiar with the flow of the Bible. Enjoy the journey as you learn what God's Word has to offer. Read through as a family or read for personal devotion time – but get started finding your way through the Bible. p/b. ~ Donna

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    Since electronic media like tv, movies, videogames, websites, etc. weren't even an issue 100 years ago, you won't be able to find centuries-old Biblical teachings regarding electronic entertainment. However, that doesn't mean Christians are at a loss when deciding what kinds of entertainment are appropriate. This consumable workbook does an amazing job of drawing on Scripture and common sense to help people decide for themselves what kind of electronic entertainment is okay. The book is great for anyone to work through, but seems to be geared toward teenagers, who perhaps struggle with this issue more than other age groups. The book does a good job of describing media and its effects on society and individuals. It shows how all media has a message of some kind and often that message contradicts that of Jesus. Statistics, true stories about people and various entertainment, and Bible verses are shared to help people understand what the different aspects of media are really about. The book explains what media is, its impact, what a Biblical worldview should entail, how media spreads lies about immorality, violence, despair, drugs and alcohol, greed, rebellion, and family conflict, and how people can take steps to minimize their exposure to negative media. In the end, the book challenges readers to identify what media is unnecessary or evil and cut it out of their lives. The book is great because as it explains the different aspects, it provides exercises that correlate with the information and helps readers come to their own conclusions about entertainment. Students will fill in blanks of applicable Bible verses (using the New American Standard version), read a Bible passage and then answer questions about how it relates to modern media and entertainment, answer questions about details given in the book to ensure understanding and retention, and answer questions that will help them apply the supplied information and Scripture verses to their own lives. Whether you feel like you have media under control in your house or are worried you haven't addressed the issue enough, this workbook is very helpful in prompting students to analyze various forms of entertainment, analyze the impact of media in their own lives, develop their own convictions about media, and take steps in cutting out any pointless, wasteful, or simply evil forms of entertainment. 128 pgs, pb. ~Rachel

  • Item #: 048868
    ISBN: 9781414333236
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    This easy-to-use devotional Bible would be great to get your kids thinking about real situations they may face. Each devotion is less than a page in length and includes a story, scripture reading (for which you will need your own Bible, any translation), questions to think about, optional activity, prayer suggestion, memory verse (New Living Translation), and a truth to remember. The story is open-ended, so children or family can think about possible endings that would be appropriate and God glorifying. If coming up with a good solution is difficult, look in the back of the book for suggestions.

    This book has a theme for each month – getting along with family, serving others, God's Word, Creation, knowing Jesus, and others. The themes correspond to those of the Pioneer Clubs, which is a ministry that meets weekly to help children learn about God and his Word. Use this book as a daily devotional or as supplemental reinforcement for those who attend Pioneer Club. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 049348
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    From the author of Latin Centered Curriculum (Memoria Press), this comprehensive K-12 resource for memorization, copywork, and dictation provides a vast array of memorization material in all academic areas, as well as Latin and Greek. Weighing in at a hefty 450 plus pages, this book provides you ample choices for memory work, and has been designed for use with any classical curriculum or simply as a handy reference for home or school. At first glance, the sheer size of this book appears to be overwhelming. However, the author reminds us this book has been created to provide 13 years worth of memorization options and we simply integrate what we feel is the best selection.

    Beginning with the importance of memorizing, this detailed book takes you through the steps of how to memorize and includes general principles to make memory work easier; you are then set free to select memorization selections from a vast array of subject areas. Read on for more details! The Latin chapter is divided into six parts: Grammar and Vocabulary; Proverbs; Poetry and Prose; Scripture; Prayers; and Hymns and Carols. The first three sections contain mostly secular material, while the last three are religious. The Greek chapter is divided into five sections: Grammar and Vocabulary; Proverbs; Poetry and Prose; Scripture; and Prayers and Hymns. These selections are drawn from both classical and ecclesiastical Greek, and the author has also included some background information on Easter Christian traditions. Translations are provided throughout. The Arithmetic and Mathematics chapter includes an extensive resource selection, including (but not limited to): addition/subtraction fact families, properties and orders, prime numbers, multiplication table, Euclid's Definitions and Common Notions, and the Pythagorean Theorem. The Grammar and Composition chapter is designed to support the study of classical languages and to reinforce principles taught in your individual writing program. It includes grammar rhymes, grammar rules, and 100 commonly misspelled words. The Literature chapter contains five sections: Literary facts and lists; Sayings, Proverbs, and Famous Quotations, Teaching Rhymes, Poetry and dramatic speeches from Shakespeare's plays. The Religion chapter contains six sections: Scripture, Prayers, Catechism, Poetry, Hymns and Carols. Using the King James Version of the Bible, the religious selections include material drawn from the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions. The Geography chapter contains a large number of lists from both a World and US Geography perspective. The World History chapter covers events and personalities from around the globe, with the emphasis on those topics of enduring importance. Please note: dating encompasses an old earth perspective, dating back to 35,000 BC. The United States History and Civics chapter stresses key dates in American history, as well as the founding documents of our nation. Patriotic songs, verse and oratory are also included. The Natural Sciences chapter brings together lists and mnemonics for basic information in the natural sciences and is written primarily for elementary and middle school. It is best if the child memorizes material in this chapter, as it is encountered in their course of studies in the science curriculum of your choice. Extensive reference charts are found at the end of the book. These are meant for quick reference in Latin and Greek and are not meant to replace a Latin or Greek curriculum. They are, however, a good basis for Latin and Greek recitation.

    As you can see, this extensive resource book provides ample opportunities for memorization success. I was impressed with the extensive selection in each academic area, and believe this truly will be a valuable resource for families who desire to incorporate memorization from the classical perspective. 450 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 016088
    ISBN: 9781609926304
    Retail: $18.99
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      Although it occurred 100 years ago, WWI is significant historically as the first “modern era” war and in the effects which led to WWII. How can you help your student digest all of these details? This book follows a graphic-based, bullet-point like structure, chronologically organizing 50 key points (transpiring over the 4 years of war). Graphs, period photographs, illustrations, and brief explanations join to become a thorough overview of the war’s causes, how modern inventions affected the war, how people responded, how the war was resolved and much more. Although there’s a lot of information here, I feel this book would be best for upper elementary through grade 6 and only serve as introduction for those in 7th and 8th grades. Includes an index and a short glossary that explains bolded terms in the text. A wonderful resource to explain a complicated and devastating subject. 7.5” x 10”, 80 pp, and reinforced soft cover. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 024271
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    Not only is this kit based around a well-insulated "power house" that you'll use to experiment with alternative energy sources, but it's also a "powerhouse" of a kit with a total of 100 experiments included. The well-illustrated, full-color, 64-page manual leads students through the experiments, starting with exploring the properties of polystyrene foam and assembling the foam house. Once the house is complete, students continue through the booklet, using the house as a basis for many of the experiments on heat, sunlight, solar energy, air, wind energy, water, plant energy collection and much more. Additional supplies used in the experiments are also included, such as a black bottle with cap, various printed cardboard pieces, a digital thermometer, fan, contact clips, sheets of plastic, a solar panel, wires, straws, a propeller and much more. If your family is interested in the practical aspects of alternative energy sources, or is just looking for a good physical science kit, this is one to check out. – Jess
  • Item #: 009569
    ISBN: 9780684839561
    Retail: $15.99
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    One thing homeschoolers may miss out on is career testing. The individual career counseling tests that I have seen tend to approach choosing a career on the basis of an individual's values, interests, and perceived aptitudes. I know this is true of one particular Christian organization's career placement service and was also true of the test that was previously supplied in College Majors and Careers (before revision removed it). However, Discover What You're Best At contends with this type of testing. Author Linda Gale points out that it doesn't matter how much you would like to do a certain job if you don't have the ability to do it. It's important that you first select a career that you have the aptitude for. You may not have the particular skills required today (you may have to learn or train for them), but you at least need the potential, or aptitude, for it. No amount of self-examination or self-evaluation can be as objective or realistic as aptitude testing. We tend to color our perception of our abilities according to our desires or, often, we just have a much higher (or lower) opinion of our abilities than is actually warranted. The author relays a story about a young man who was very determined to be a mechanical engineer. When he took this battery of aptitude tests, he scored extremely low on both the mechanical and numerical tests, indicating that pursuing a career in this field would be a struggle for him. As it turned out, his father was a mechanical engineer and both father and son strongly desired that this young man follow in his father's footsteps. Apparently, this was so ingrained in the young man that he never realized his abilities lay elsewhere. After testing and some additional career counseling, he decided to switch his career goals.

    The battery of six tests in this revised book are the National Career Aptitude System tests that have been administered for over twenty years, with apparent success. Only slight changes to the tests have been made over the years, mostly in response to changing technology. And, no, you don't have to pay a lot of money to send them off to be scored for you. The timed tests are self-scoring. Unlike those other career placement tests, this test actually helps you to identify clusters of careers that would fit your aptitudes. Once your tests are scored, you can determine which clusters best define your abilities; then you can scan the list of careers in those clusters. Over 1,100 specific careers are listed and described briefly, along with the clusters they belong in. If you see a career that interests you by cluster, you then look it up in the career listings. Often, these are followed by compatible clusters that you may want to refer back to for additional career choices. At this point, you should consider how well each career fits with your value system, since this will play a major factor in your job satisfaction. This book does provide a list of job-related values to help you identify what your priorities are. You will probably want to find out more about the specifics of each likely job to determine how well it will meet your needs. To this end, the book closes with information about job search and career information sites available on the web, so you can become better informed about your career choices and even apply for a job!

    This will be a very helpful tool for high schoolers unsure of a college major, for those seeking a job right out of high school, and for parents seeking to return to the job market or considering a change in their careers.

  • Item #: 053226
    ISBN: 9780981809342
    Retail: $28.00
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    Primary Language Lessons is one of those engaging programs first published long ago that many have used and loved and said "if only". If only the book would lay flat. If only the course had room for the student to write. If only I didn't have to explain why "tomorrow" has a hyphen after the "o". If only there were some information about the authors and artists. If only this art print were a little clearer – or a little bigger. This newest version will sweep away all your "if onlys". And, the really good news is that none of the well-loved features of the original have disappeared. Content – right down to all the high quality art and literature – is virtually the same, except for those few updates and edits done to provide more clarity. Each lesson still introduces principals of grammar and word use through question and answer dialogue, composition, memorization, oral presentation, and dictation. There's even a few added features you might not have thought to include in your litany of "if onlys." Cute little icons have been added to each segment of the lesson to designate its purpose – read, write, memorize, copy, tell/narrate, or study. Tear-out pages in the back provide copies of all the dictation passages. Lots of lined space for all written assignments is provided. My favorite feature is the fourteen pages of biographical notes on most of the authors and artists found in the back. 258 pgs, coil-bound ~ Janice

  • Item #: 010455
    ISBN: 9780786812400
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    Eight year old Annabelle Doll has lived in a doll house for over 100 years. She is so lonely, until one day when a new plastic toy friend moves in next door. The two of them find Annabelle's Aunt Sarah's old secret diary. Aunt Sarah went missing from the doll house about 45 years ago. The two embark on an adventure out into the world to try and unravel the mysterious disappearance of Annabelle's aunt. The outstanding pencil drawings by Brian Selznick have a way of drawing you into the story. This is an ALA Notable book by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, pb. 273 pgs.

  • Item #: 022555
    ISBN: 9780965326353
    Retail: $8.95
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    An excellent resource! This book was designed especially for students before they begin high school. The subtitle is "Stuff You Need to Know, and Mistakes You Need to Stop Making, Before You Step Foot into High School." It's an awesome book designed to ensure students know some relatively basic facts before they hit high school. For example, they should know the order of the planets, most of the more familiar presidents (although if they want to learn them all, they can do that here too), a basic timeline of world and U.S. events, how to find the diameter, radius and circumference of a circle, how to make subjects and verbs agree in sentences, at least five major artists and musicians, and the most famous works of some of the most famous authors in history. It sounds like a lot of information - and it is - but this book is in no way overwhelming. It is very non-threatening, with only about 70 pages including the introduction and other informational pages. The size isn't the only thing that is non-threatening -the text is written in very personable, often entertaining style from an author who doesn't want to bore students or surround them with long definitions, but really wants them to learn the basics to create a good foundation for their more advanced schooling. He speaks not in a know-it-all tone, but in a this-is-great-stuff-to-know manner. The book starts at the very broadest of issues, the universe, and works its way down to the smaller things like individual topics and famous people. Each topic is usually presented on a two-page spread, although some (like World History) take up a little more space. Here is a sampling of the spread and type of knowledge given on each topic, using the universe pages as an example. A column on the left side of the pages gives a brief overview to what we can know about the universe, and then we move on to "stuff you should know about your universe." This section provides a basic yet in depth summary of the universe, with important terms in bold. These bolded terms are Earth, the Solar System, star, galaxy, Milky Way, cluster, and light year. Enough information is given to students about each of them to give them a basic knowledge and understanding, sufficient but not enough to write a research paper about. The right hand page covers constellations, good terms to know such as black holes, nebula, and supernova, and finally a small section titled "Don't Make These Mistakes Anymore!" which tells students the difference between astronomy and astrology, what exactly a light year is (it is not a measure of time, but a distance), that the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun, which moves with the entire galaxy as it turns and moves through space, and what exactly an astronomical unit is. This same format (although it varies by topic) is used throughout the book to provide students with an excellent base for further learning. I know this is kind of a long list, but I want you to be able to see how complete this book actually is, so here is the table of contents: the Universe, the Solar System, Earth, Continents and Oceans, Countries and Cities, Islands and Mountains, Lakes and Rivers, U.S. Geography, Canadian Geography, World History, American History, U.S. Presidents, Canadian History, Math, Science, Writing and Grammar, Art and Music History, Literature, Major Religions, Languages, People, and Life and Miscellaneous. I think every pre-highschooler should definitely have access to and read a copy of this book, as well as any high school student or even beyond who would enjoy keeping a copy of the basics around. By the same author as 500 Keywords for the SAT, and How to Remember Them Forever and 100 Math Tips for the SAT, and How to Master Them Now! - Melissa

  • Item #: 005553
    ISBN: 9780882707549
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    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    125 years ago, Hannah Whitall Smith realized that there was a need to encourage believers who were having difficulty living the Christian life and were finding it unfulfilling. She confesses that this is not a theological book; however, she has a secret she wants to share. You will be blown away by the wisdom that you find on these pages that will truly refresh you in your Christian walk. Pb, 300 pgs.

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    Many years ago during a unit study on the Middle Ages, we looked up our family's crest and had fun coloring it. Even if your family doesn't have its own herald (or if you can't find it), it's really fun to design your own! This set of 24 sturdy cardstock pieces includes four different crest/shield shapes already cut out for you. Just add colored pencils, crayons, or paint—the embellishments are up to you! –Chad
  • Item #: 296731
    ISBN: 9781606829936
    Retail: $8.99
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       I think everyone has wondered from time to time about their place here on earth – “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?” Many times we measure ourselves using the world’s standards, which can lead to a poor self-image and other negative effects. Natalie Dorso has written this thorough study based on realizations in her own life. She had spent her teen years trying to answer life questions using the world’s guidelines, forgetting that the important thing for her, and all of us, is who we are in Christ. This study is divided into three important areas: Who am I in Christ in Relation to Sin? Who am I in Christ in Relation to God? Who am I in Relation to Other People? Throughout the study, readers are asked to read passages of scripture (KJV), look at its meaning, and then do some thinking and writing. This book is more than just a read through; it offers practical study and application for the reader’s life and situation. Sections titled “Put Off,” “Renew Your Mind,” and “Put On” are your opportunity to answer questions and write out your thoughts – based on Ephesians 4:22-24. “Put Off” is an opportunity to confess and get rid of your sin, ask forgiveness of others (if needed), and cut it out of your life. “Renew Your Mind” is based in God’s Word – it is here that you memorize and meditate. The third section, “Put On,” is your opportunity to swap out bad behavior for good and be held accountable. For students in junior high and high school, this study might be very helpful as they strive to find where they fit and who they are… in Christ! 176 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 052136
    ISBN: 9780762780143
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    Boys' Life is a classic part of the Boy Scouts program – the magazine has been around for over 100 years now. As a Cub Scout, I always looked forward to it coming in the mail: getting to read stories of adventure, how-to and First Aid articles, and general guy-stuff (oh, and the comics of course). The Boys' Life Book of Outdoor Skills combines decades of Boys' Life content into a single volume, with fantastic articles on equipment, survival, how-to, and stories of Scouts in action. It's a literal treasure trove! This is one book that the Scouts in your family (or any other boys) will read over and over again. Not only is it just fun to read, it's fully illustrated (all of the full-color articles are left as they were originally published in magazine format) and super practical as well. There are articles about how to build your own canoe or snow cave (or indoor home rifle range, if you feel so inclined), how to treat heat exhaustion or hypothermia; stories about scouts surviving in the wilderness or climbing the Grand Teton, and of heroic rescues after bear attacks or fire accidents. There's always been something special about the Scouting program; it's had a huge impact in helping boys gain the skills they need in their lives as men. Plus, what boy doesn't like learning how to rough it in the wild and use knives and fire? 192 pgs., hc. – Chad

  • Item #: 000753
    ISBN: 9780156181921
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    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    "Many, many years ago, in Sorrento there lived a boy named Giovanni who had no mother and no father. He dressed in rags and begged for his food and slept in doorways. But he was happy, and he could do something wonderful. He could juggle." This is how the old French legend begins. This clown who made people smile his whole life is sure to make you smile as well! Your heart will be warmed with the miracle at the end of the story as Giovanni does his last performance before a statue of Our Lady and the Christ Child. Tomie dePaola is the author and illustrator, and he has painstakingly reproduced this old story as close to its original telling as possible. Accompanied by Renaissance-inspired watercolor paintings that are full of vibrant color and cartoon-like characters. – elise

  • Item #: 001546
    ISBN: 9780449213940
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    "Won't you join up, Comrades?" Kantorek, a schoolteacher, addresses his class of young men. Those days seem long ago to Paul Bäumer and his classmates, all of whom enlisted in the German army of World War I. Although they are hardly twenty years of age, in a matter of time the fighting, death, and poor living conditions around them have aged them well beyond their years. Paul remains close to his classmates and they find a few other good friends in the army. Time after time, their unit is called up to the front, and they are forced to deal with the horrors of bombardments on their trenches, the shells, the gas, and the death of so many comrades. This book is a very vivid account of a war where young men of the same generation but different uniforms were forced to grow up early in the war. - Melissa

  • Item #: 038010
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    This year-long geography study begins the MFW "Investigate" curriculum series, which is followed up in subsequent years by a chronological history study. Designed for students of different levels to use together, this is an option if you are looking for a curriculum to use with both a second grader and an older student. (Please note that 7th and 8th graders may also use this program with the purchase of additional resources, but this package as assembled is intended for students between grades 3-6.) With a focus on world geography and missions, students will learn Bible, geography, reading, science, art and music. You will need to add math, language arts and foreign language (if desired). MFW has specific recommendations for resources for these at each grade level; see more details online. In Bible, students do an in-depth study of Matthew, read about missionaries and pray for different ethnic groups. Geography is explored through all the senses and a wide variety of activities including using maps and globes, making geographic vocabulary cards, playing geography games, cooking ethnic recipes, making flags, listening to cultural music and viewing art from around the world. In reading, students will enjoy a selection of living books recommended from an extensive list.

    Deluxe Package includes Teacher Manual; Parent-Teacher Supplement; Synergy Guide; student sheets; flags of the world sticker book; passport booklet; Exploring World Geography; A Trip Around the World/Another Trip...; Classroom Atlas; Children's Atlas of God's World; Maps & Globes; Geography From A to Z; World Wall Map; Usborne Living World Encyclopedia; Properties of Ecosystems (God's Design for Science); Hero Tales; God Speaks Numanggang; Fast Facts; Window on the World; Global Art; Wee Sing Around the World; Currency Kit; a set of six Christian Heroes Then & Now; Great Animal Search; Fun with Easy Origami; Kingdom Tales and inflatable globe.

  • Item #: 029200
    ISBN: 9781556524196
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    How would you like to live in a house that faced a dirt (or mud) road, had no electricity, and where it was commonplace to throw your sewage and garbage out of the window and into the street? Ewww… to most of us, that's disgusting, but if you lived in Paris or London hundreds of years ago, you and your neighbors would think this was pretty normal. We, on the other hand can almost take our comforts of life for granted, thanks to the intricate network of infrastructure that brings us fresh water, takes away waste water, gives us roads to drive on, and brings electricity to our homes. This fascinating book takes a look back through history at how each of these infrastructural components evolved, and how they are utilized today in cities and towns. Along the way, activities are included so students can see for themselves the scientific principles and properties that allow these systems to work and serve so many people. In ten chapters, readers will learn about water and its availability, water transportation, irrigation, roads, railroads, bridges, electrical and phone lines, water sanitation, garbage collection, and pollution. For example, in the chapter on water, students will learn about the different methods people have used to bring water to our homes, including wells, aqueducts, water towers, and water pipes. The experiments in this section include: finding a centerline to see how difficult it was for early engineers to build straight tunnels; seeing how water pressure shapes conduits, and discovering how a siphon works. Additional extension activities are include researching where your own water comes from, comparing our water systems with the workings of the human body and drawing a timeline to see the development of water availability systems. For anyone who's ever been curious about what a city looks like underground, or who's wondered where the water goes after it is sucked down the drain, this book offers some fascinating answers. - Jess

  • Item #: 024275
    ISBN: 9780970877055
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    A common marketing expression years ago was "Ask the man that owns one," the idea being that someone who has lived with something over time knows it pretty well. Who better then to share their experiences with you than Rick and Marilyn Boyer, parents of 12 children who began their home education experience in 1980. They have experienced the rewards and challenges, highs and lows, kudos and questions that arose from raising and educating a large family.

    This book offers encouragement. The first section deals with making the decision to home educate and opens with the chapter "Of Course You Can." Rick (the primary author) addresses teacher credentials, time constraints, financial limitations, and social pressures. Chapter 2 reviews the biblical principals involved concerning child training, with the third chapter focusing on clarifying your goals, motivation, and training methods for successfully educating your children.

    Part 2 gets into the nuts of bolts of home education, starting with the curriculum and materials to be used. Next comes the structure of the training – when and where do we work with the student, what type of learner is each student, which subjects should I focus on and at what age, what testing is appropriate. And, how do I make learning fun and interesting, so that the student really wants to grow in wisdom and knowledge?

    The last 6 chapters address peripheral but important issues – spiritual training, appropriate discipline, where does Dad fit in if Mom is the primary instructor, socialization, preparing for a career and the advisability of college.

    Many books of this ilk are chock full of the author's personal experiences and cute stories about their kids. To their credit, the Boyers clearly present their beliefs and preferences without getting into a lot of family history. You will find many quotes from and references to the Bible, practical advice and a good summary of their home education experience, and the idea that ordinary parents can produce extraordinary children. 271 pg, pb. - Bob

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    When my daughter was young, she collected and stashed rocks of all types. We decided very quickly that storage was in quick demand. Twenty years ago we went to the local craft store and picked up an organizer box that allowed us to put the rocks in order - this Collector's Box fits exactly that same bill. It is a sturdy 7" by 10 ½" plastic box divided into 17 compartments. A brightly colored illustration of kids and rocks lies under the lid so there will be no confusion as to its contents. Specimen cards are included for each compartment, so you can label each of your rock, mineral, or fossil specimens.

    If you use this system for organization, I would also recommend that you have some type of rock & mineral field guide to help you identify your specimens. You might also try numbering your specimen cards and put the corresponding number on the specimen as well. If you happen to spill, this helps with reorganization. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 053305
    ISBN: 9781412798532
    Retail: $19.98
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    If a museum could be captured in print form, this book would come pretty close. It gives a brief but thorough introduction to each state, along with a summary of the different regions (i.e., the mountain states). But what makes it really unique is the electronic panel built in to the side of the book. There are three-digit codes scattered throughout—simply enter them using the number buttons, hit "Enter," and audio brings a whole new dimension in. Some codes will give you a narrator talking about an aspect of a state. Others will play sounds of a state bird. Still others let you take a simple multiple-choice quiz. To me it literally felt like the equivalent of a museum (without the artifacts or mannequins with frozen smiles, of course), because of the mixture of text, numerous pictures, and the built in interactivity. Note that there's a bit of evolutionary content scattered throughout in the form of placing the formation of different places at millions of years ago. 117 pgs., hc. - Chad

  • Item #: 000596
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.75

    What fits in a car or trunk, doesn't need a plug or battery, is usually unwanted, is used mostly by seniors, and usually has curves? A walker, perhaps? This creative game will really get you thinking! Each player starts out with fifteen description cards and draw a hand of five. On a turn, he can lay down as many of them as possible to describe the same object, then names the object. The next player plays crossword style with the first row of cards, using one of the previous player's cards to describe his object. As the crossword grows, more options emerge for places to play. Other players are free to challenge you if you try to take your descriptions too far! After each turn, refresh your hand of five; the first player to play all his cards, wins! Game contains 256 cards with lots of fun descriptions like "best held while wearing gloves" or "didn't exist 50 years ago" – so it will be a completely different game every time you play! 2+ players.

  • Item #: 023226
    ISBN: 9781596365346
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $20.21

    If you were looking for someone to author a Bible map atlas, why not someone like Dr. Paul Wright? President of Jerusalem University College, Institute of Holy Land Studies, Dr. Wright has lived in Jerusalem for years and has taken thousands of university students on field studies throughout Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Egypt, and the Sinai. In addition to the 120 full-color topographical maps with modern overlays typical of a Bible atlas, you also get Dr. Wright's insights into Bible stories from a geographic point of view. Brand new for 2013. hc, 272 pages. ~ Bob

  • Item #: 000905
    ISBN: 9780974218199
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

    This course would have been exactly what I was looking for several years ago when my own homeschoolers reached their teen years.  Instead of a comprehensive life skills preparation such as author Barbara Frank designed for her own children and now makes available to all homeschoolers, we had a hit and miss approach - a personal finance class here, some marriage and family reading there, with learning how to balance a checkbook thrown in for good measure.

      Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers is a curriculum that teaches the skills and values that teenagers need in the adult world.  Using a well-defined project approach, students research a place to live, figure out health insurance, come to understand credit and receive an introduction to basics like buying a car and setting up a budget. An attitude of prudence is encouraged with a stated goal of minimizing debt. The author also reviews concepts like getting along with family, friends, coworkers, and clients, finding a spouse, and living one's values - in other words applying the principles you've been teaching them since they were small. Now in its 3rd edition, this program features updates such as: new sections on borrowing money and bank accounts (each with three new projects), updates to the Financial Freedom Project and the Health Insurance Project (to reflect changes such as the Affordable Care Act), and a new section called "Work or College" to help you evaluate whether your teenager should pursue college and how to research potential careers.

      The book begins with the new "Work or College?" section to help you and your child evaluate the possibilities of each. Depending on which direction you are leaning, two different paths through the book's material are provided. Next is an excellent, annotated reading list, divided by topic. The Projects section follows. Starting with background information, each project continues with research and reading assignments.  These assignments are broken down into bite-sized pieces and often include the completion of various charts. Although the book is reproducible only for additional students in your family, they would be easy to replicate on any basic computer spreadsheet. Most projects include suggestions for further study and ways that parents can personalize the project by sharing from their own experience.

      Although a family could use one book for several children if each prepared his own notebook, the manual is so full of valuable information and checklists that around our house we would be much more comfortable with each student having his own copy. I think my "homeschooled" college students would profit from going through this course during summer break.  Revised and expanded; 160 pgs. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 040310
    ISBN: 9781884377136
    Retail: $4.50
    Rainbow Price: $4.25

    As a parent, you might find it hard at times to talk with your teenagers about "life." I'm not saying that a book can replace a heart-to-heart conversation with your teen, but it can help get the ball rolling. This simple book by Daniel Kauffman was first published over 100 years ago, but the message is still one that needs to be heard by this generation. The main focus is to "direct the minds of teenagers heavenwards and to give them a clearer view of life's pleasure and duties and responsibilities." It does just that through its conversational writing style and timeless topics. In fact, you feel like an older and wiser man is passing on the "secrets of life." Each of the twelve chapters address an important matter, such as: growth (physical, emotional and spiritual), life purpose, productivity vs. laziness, honesty, kindness, cheerfulness, humility, the difference between worldly and real pleasures, which companions to seek, peer pressure, the importance of small things, vengeance, idle words, pouting, dishonest dealings, and finally, salvation! This forty-six page, paperback book is small in size, but it sure packs a punch! I'd highly recommend it as a discussion guide to use with your teen. It is bound to challenge them and to get their young minds thinking about what's really important in life. – elise

  • Item #: 014744
    ISBN: 9780590599337
    Retail: $10.99
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    This book provides 350 thought-provoking questions specifically tailored to develop critical thinking skills while feeding the imagination. Writing prompts are organized into sixteen major categories, such as If You Could Change, Tough Decisions, The Future, Real World Responsibilities, and Quotations to Think About. Each of these sections includes twenty or so individual prompts that fit under that heading. Prompts are simple and straightforward and sometimes have a double question in them; for example, "Do you think cars will be used 100 years from now? If so, what features will they have? If not, describe your vehicle of the future." The book is simply composed of these prompts, broken up into sections and numbered. There's no space for writing in the book, and while it looks like a workbook, it's not intended to be reproducible. Most of the prompts encourage sharing opinions or self-reflection. A great resource for hundreds of ready-to-use, stimulating prompts. 48 pgs. pb. ~Enh

  • Item #: 062022
    ISBN: 9780787713980
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Fifty 4 x 8 flashcards help you dig into any book. Questions differ on each card but are in the categories of character, plot and setting. For instance in character: What gift would you give to the main character in your book? Why? For plot: Describe a way that your book could have ended sadly. If the ending is already sad, think of a new way. For setting: How would the plot and characters from your book be different if it were set 100 years earlier? On the back of each card is an extension activity such as Create a newspaper front page that features articles and pictures about one of your books main events. The beauty of these cards is that you can use them with any book; go through the set and then use them over and over again with books at a different grade level. As a thank you for using this product, the publisher has made bonus activities available for download from their website. Just use the item and pass code included with the flashcards. ~ Janice