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How To Draw

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       Want to learn to draw? Then start now with this kit by General’s Pencil Co.—complete with a 30-page lesson book and all the tools needed to unleash your inner master artist! The lesson book has step-by-step drawing projects that cover elements of art (ex: line, texture, value) and design concepts (ex: rule of thirds, perspective), as well as basic drawing techniques and how to use the included tools. The kit includes a pad of 60 lb drawing paper, 2 graphite drawing pencils (hard 2H, soft 2B), 2 charcoal pencils (soft 4B, extra soft 6B), 1 Carbon Sketch pencil (graphite/charcoal blend), 1 Layout pencil (extra black) for outlining and sketching, Factis white vinyl eraser, Little Red pencil sharpener, and tortillion for blending graphite. From birds & animals, leaves & trees, to cityscapes & cartoon characters—and with a little practice too—create master pieces while learning to enjoy the world of drawing. Made in the USA. ~ Emily

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     Read a graphic novel and learn how to draw? It sounds unorthodox, but that’s exactly what Mark Crilley—drawing instructor and graphic novelist—has accomplished. The “story” itself is, appropriately enough, about a wannabe artist who meets a real artist and begins taking impromptu lessons from her. Each chapter is actually a lesson on drawing; the book covers every basic aspect of drawing (and a few advanced ones), from shapes, to light & shadow, to creating whole compositions. The artist in the story, Rebecca, offers numerous tips and practical advice akin to a real drawing class. Every chapter then ends with encouragement to practice and tips to help. The idea is to take it slowly, taking time to draw and utilize each lesson as you go, gradually becoming better through a mix of practice and practical knowledge. By the book’s end, the reader can put all the lessons together and become a real artist! My sister (who took several drawing classes) describes the book as the “important highlights” of a drawing class: a cost-effective way to learn everything you need to know to draw, as long as you practice diligently. Perfect for adults and young artists-in-development! 137 pgs, sc.

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    ISBN: 9780486462196
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    ISBN: 9781560100119
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    Uses methods detailed in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Mona Brooks. Here, she begins by advising us on providing an atmosphere for creativity, choosing supplies and using a variety of media. The lessons and method are based on training children to perceive their environments in terms of five elements of shape. By visualizing or "overlaying" objects with combinations of these basic shapes, children can quickly begin to draw impressively (or accurately?) and then go beyond this step to creating their own compositions. Lessons progress from learning and constructing the five elements to drawing "flat" pictures, then 3-D still lives. The course even teaches children to draw accurate representations of people. The book can be used by anyone able to read and understand it. However, younger children will probably need some guidance in putting the techniques and methods into practice, since there are few actual assigned exercises in the book. Because of the young age of the artists, the "before" and "after" pictures in the text are particularly striking. Newly revised and expanded, including two additional chapters explaining how to teach children with learning problems or special needs and how to implement drawing in the teaching of other subjects.

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    ISBN: 9781933407722
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  • Item #: 030165
    ISBN: 9781600583377
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    This is a comprehensive book that covers how to go from simple technique to almost photorealistic quality with enough practice. Four award winning artists (Pat Averill, Cynthia Knox, Eileen Sorg, and Debra Kauffman Yaun) lend their immense creative talents to this book and each provides detailed instructions on how best to emulate natural textures, lighting effects and decoration to achieve some truly awe-inspiring works. As an artist, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve my own skills through reading and study. Each artist is clearly an accomplished master of her medium and I found their lessons extremely valuable and readily applicable to future projects. This book is truly a must have for any aspiring illustrator. 144 pgs, pb. 11.75" x 9". ~ Nick

  • Item #: 015256
    ISBN: 9781942446033
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    Another fabulous art book by Visual Manna. My opinion is not biased by my bias on the subject covered, however. Drawing horses can be a challenge, especially drawing them realistically and/or in motion. This book distills the process into learnable portions – focusing on one piece on a time. Heads, legs, tails, shading, etc. are all covered separately with practice and tips given on each. Practice is even done on the anatomically correct horse – drawing bones and muscles. Many helpful tips are given on art materials and on how to simplify some of the exercises for younger artists. Encouragement and Biblical references are frequent throughout the book. As stated in the name, tips and lessons are not merely in how to draw horses, but also how to shade, paint, and sculpt horses. Lessons range from drawing serious realistic pictures to drawing a funny comic strip with comic strip horses. Interesting horse facts, cultural information, and many pictures are sprinkled throughout the book. A must for the horse lover in your family! 90 pp, sc. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 049411
    ISBN: 9780794529536
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  • Item #: 048859
    ISBN: 9780975494219
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    Fascinating facts about wildlife, coupled with drawing instruction for the beginning nature journalist, make this a perfect supplement to the Handbook of Nature Study or other nature instructional text. Each two- or four-page spread is devoted to a different animal and contains: a good amount of interesting information about the animal; one or more artist-rendered sketches; and step-by-step drawing instructions to sketch the animal yourself. The book was written and illustrated by a husband and wife team, Colleen and Michael Monroe. Colleen is the writer, and she has included interesting and sometimes surprising facts about each subject (did you know that newborn fawns are born with no scent to protect them from predators?). Michael is a nationally known, award-winning (and self-taught) wildlife artist who spends most of his year visiting schools around the country, encouraging children to never give up on their dreams. His love of nature and wildlife is reflected in the sketches which adorn each page. The drawing instruction is detailed, begins with simple shapes, includes written instruction for adding features through the illustrated progression of steps, and ends with a completed sketch that very closely resembles part of the artist's depiction. Two pages of drawing tips, including a mini-lesson on shading, precede the actual text. Subjects include: hummingbirds, birds, ducks, loons, turtles, herons, frogs, rabbits, white-tailed deer, white-tailed fawns, owls, bears, and wolves. The book ends with some simple things you can do to help wildlife like keeping dangerous litter contained, building birdhouses, and planting flowers. The book is about 36 pages in landscape format with a hard cover, making it a little more durable for outdoor use.

  • Item #: 011116
    ISBN: 9780971787407
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    Drawing live animals can often prove difficult for children (or anybody for that matter!). This art book is completely focused on helping children draw horses. It offers lots of practice, helpful tips, and critiques of other drawings, showing how to draw every piece to scale and shape. Activities range from some writing projects, mazes, complete-the-horse pictures, freehand drawing, to lessons and short exams. Interesting horse information is also included. Plus, the book comes from a Christian publisher and has Bible verses interspersed throughout.

    This book is a revised edition that is higher quality than the original. The same basic lessons and format are presented, but now there are 118 pages of lessons (instead of 102) and many additional pages of blank paper for students to practice drawing. These blank pages are prefaced with tips for keeping a sketchbook. This edition also comes with a set of five "marker cards" for additional assignments. With a new cover and a perfect instead of spiral binding, this edition will have students drawing horses in no time.

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    ISBN: 9780486472409
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    ISBN: 9781633226661
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  • Item #: 012527
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    Tanks, Aircraft & Armored Vehicles
  • Item #: 012505
    ISBN: 9781600582189
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    Planes, Choppers, & Watercraft
  • Item #: 012470
    ISBN: 9781600582134
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    Farm Animals
  • Item #: 007096
    ISBN: 9780823085811
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    Draw horses kicking, bucking, rearing, standing and in many other poses! All breeds, too! Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Broncos, and more. Introduced in a step-by-step way so you can draw these beautiful animals, in proportion, with ease. Meganââ‚â„¢s favorite drawing book!
  • Item #: 074363
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    Polish your drawing skills and learn the cute cartooning style of Manga with this 43-piece set from Royal & Langnickel®. The included, nice-quality art supplies are all stored in a clear, plastic-handled container making this a great gift for young cartoonists. Set includes 4 graphite pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), 8 colored pencils, 10 double-tipped markers, 10 oil pastels, 1 sharpener, 1 blending stump, 1 kneaded & 1 white vinyl eraser, 2 plastic Manga templates, 1 paper pad, and a learning guide with basic introductory lessons. For added learning, pair this set with a "How-to-Draw" book such as How to Draw Cute Stuff (#071430) for the young ones or Learn to Draw Manga (#038614) for the more advanced artists. Let's Manga! ~ Emily

  • Item #: 071485
    ISBN: 9781784282097
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    ISBN: 9781454925644
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