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Hot Words For The Sat

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    Barron's does such a great job with test prep, and here is another example of that! They keep it simple: tell you what you need to know and how to apply it to an exam. The ACT tests vocabulary in a variety of contexts. Students will be making generalizations, drawing conclusions, comparing, interpreting, formulating & more within the three verbal portions: English, Reading & Writing.

    This vocabulary book is divided into 26 lessons. Each begins with a test-taker's anecdote – a few short paragraphs with snippets of common errors to avoid. Following is a word bank of 10 words, a manageable number for most students. There is a short definition followed by three sample sentences for each of the ten words and then memory tips, mnemonic tricks, and some matching practice with the vocab words and definitions. At the end of the lesson is a true/false exercise. Answers to the review exercises are in the back along with a glossary. The small format (6"x9") makes it handy to toss in a purse or backpack. 193 pp, pb. ~ Sara

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    The Student Packet contains Soar with Reading Activity Book (includes progress chart and Certificate of Completion), 76 Phonogram cards, 350 Word cards, 10 Syllable Tags, Prefix and Suffix tiles, Advanced Phonogram Tiles, magnets for tiles, and hot air balloon stickers.

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    Sounds ff/f, ph/f, gh/f, g and gg/g, gh/g, ch and ck and c/k, qu/kw, le endings, al endings, el endings, il endings, mn/m, mb/m, gn/n, rn/n rh/r, wr/r, st/s, sc/s, ce/s, ci and cy/s, ed/t, bt and pt/t, se/z, s and ss/z. Sight Words (SnapWords® List D & G) I'm, left, best, across, fall, full, bath, must, yet, hot, open, same, close, high, light, might, right, need, keep, clean, well, small, always, upon, animal, sleep, while, leave, near, mean, use, even, every, myself, been, only, today, draw, grow, turn, hurt, start, warm, short, round, buy, could, would, should, done, once, pretty, goes, their, laugh.

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      Practice learning the calendar with colorful, strong magnets. Kids love to wake up and change the date on their perpetual calendar! The large calendar is a single layer of magnet 12” x 14” that can stick to a refrigerator, file cabinet or magnetic white board. Store the various little magnets right on the board itself. There is a spot to show the day of the week, the numbers in the date, the month, the season, and the daily weather – even if the temperature feels hot or cold. All of these words are on separate flat magnets in cheerful colors. Four small holes in the corners let you attach it to a non-magnetic wall with pushpins or nails. The small calendars have a different format.  These come in a little magnetic folder (7” square) to store all of your wee magnet pieces. It stays shut with a hook and loop dot. On the front is a grid to place the day, the date numbers, the month, weather and even special events like holidays and birthdays. A sturdy cord is knotted through the top from which it can be carried or hung on a wall or even a doorknob. Pink is a two-tone pastel/bright pink. Blue is a two-tone aqua/pale blue. Not only are these calendars a great teaching tool, they are cute enough for gift giving! Think of one as a sibling gift or maybe in a spring Easter basket. ~Sara

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    Phonological Awareness cards are white with a hot pink border and practice blends, vowel sounds and syllables. One side has the colorful image with its word below that is missing some letters, which are revealed on the back: t_ _ th has oo on the back, c_ _ n has or on the back, and sh_ _ p has ee on the back.

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    Science is one of those subjects that you just want to get your hands into. 202 Science Investigations is a tremendous resource for activities you can add to your curriculum or use as a framework for science with younger children.

    There are 202 activities (investigations) categorized by of life science, physical science, and earth/space science. Activities don't require special equipment but can be done with items found around your home or that are easily accessible. Several reference pages are found in the front of the book, including a materials list and science safety page. Some activities are simple such as jump rope and check your heart rate or which freezes faster – hot or cold water? Other investigations might be to make goop or construct a can that will return to you. Some activities include a lab sheet with spaces to fill in information, and they are reproducible for family or classroom. A glossary will help you with science words and symbols. 239 pgs, pb. ~Donna

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    ISBN: 9780794528072
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    Clever, colorful wipe-off cards will make tricky words less of a chore to learn. Each card has 3 words at the bottom and 3 spaces to write at the top. A guide tells kids how to use the cards. Look at the word first, read it carefully. Say the word and try to remember how to spell it. Cover the word and write it in the box at the top of the card. Check your answer by revealing the word. More tips include learning words in groups with similar letter combinations. Think of an expression using the word to help you remember it. Picture the word in your head or break the word into smaller bits. Cards are color coded by spelling rules so you could cover one color per week. Examples of the words on the cards are: happiness, receive, Wednesday, knuckle, sphere, and lightning. You get 50 cards (300 words) and a wipe-off marker. ~ Sara

    Improve students' spelling and writing as they read jokes, cartoons and riddles. It's a fun and interactive way to practice lessons independently using a Hot Dots pen (#26290, not included in either set). Kids get instant feedback. As they press the pen to the right answer, they are rewarded with a green light. An incorrect answer makes the pen glow red. It also gives out encouraging phrases and fun sound effects. Each set has 100 grade level words. Grade 1-3 Set works on short/long vowels, r-controlled vowels, blends/digraphs, sight words, plurals, contractions, homophones, and more. Here is an example. (Riddle): "What animal is ___ all the time? Answer: A blue whale!" The dot choices are: a. sade, b. sadd, c. sad, d. sed. Grade 4-6 Set provides practice with special vowel combinations, contractions, plurals, suffixes, homophones, silent letters, and more. An example: "What does a caveman give his wife on her ___? Ughs and kisses!" Choose from: a. burthday, b. berthday, c. birfday, d. birthday. ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9781609050672
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    Did you know that if you draw a picture as you learn a new word that you will remember it more easily? The quicker your brain makes connections, the quicker you are able to memorize new material. This book will teach your children how doodles can connect new vocabulary words in their brains. Look at this example from the book. I chose the word "buoyant." You get the definition: (adjective) able to float in water or air; lightness in spirit. Students are directed to draw a hot air balloon with a happy little person inside made from the letter B. Here are your doodling directions: 1. draw a B, 2. add curves and a squared U, 3. raise two arms in the air, 4. add a happy face, 5. make a big horseshoe curve, 6. draw five curves and attach the balloon to the basket. Each step of the drawing is modeled for them. The next time your child reads the word "buoyant" in a novel or on a test, they will recall drawing the happy little person in the hot air balloon and remember that it means floating and lightness. The practical application of this exercise is when your student makes vocabulary note cards for any project and is able to doodle and memorize those new words easily. Once they complete this book (101 is a lot of practice doodles after all,) they will have a good handle on how to make their own system of doodles for making those important brain connections. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780843169997
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    Subtitled "Mastering Vocabulary with Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words," that pretty much sums it up! Students will deepen their understanding of the English language and expand their vocabulary through forty-one lessons. Each lesson is formatted with either a prefix(es), suffix(es), or root word(s) complete with the meaning and some sample words. New words built around these concepts follow, with definitions of each and a sample sentence that uses the word in context. Students are then asked to complete a practice section. These exercises vary in construct, including fill-in-the-blank, matching, identifying synonyms and antonyms, identifying the best context for the word, and more. Following every second lesson is a review page that tests students on the concepts and words they learned in the previous two lessons. Very doable and user friendly. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 022555
    ISBN: 9780965326353
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    An excellent resource! This book was designed especially for students before they begin high school. The subtitle is "Stuff You Need to Know, and Mistakes You Need to Stop Making, Before You Step Foot into High School." It's an awesome book designed to ensure students know some relatively basic facts before they hit high school. For example, they should know the order of the planets, most of the more familiar presidents (although if they want to learn them all, they can do that here too), a basic timeline of world and U.S. events, how to find the diameter, radius and circumference of a circle, how to make subjects and verbs agree in sentences, at least five major artists and musicians, and the most famous works of some of the most famous authors in history. It sounds like a lot of information - and it is - but this book is in no way overwhelming. It is very non-threatening, with only about 70 pages including the introduction and other informational pages. The size isn't the only thing that is non-threatening -the text is written in very personable, often entertaining style from an author who doesn't want to bore students or surround them with long definitions, but really wants them to learn the basics to create a good foundation for their more advanced schooling. He speaks not in a know-it-all tone, but in a this-is-great-stuff-to-know manner. The book starts at the very broadest of issues, the universe, and works its way down to the smaller things like individual topics and famous people. Each topic is usually presented on a two-page spread, although some (like World History) take up a little more space. Here is a sampling of the spread and type of knowledge given on each topic, using the universe pages as an example. A column on the left side of the pages gives a brief overview to what we can know about the universe, and then we move on to "stuff you should know about your universe." This section provides a basic yet in depth summary of the universe, with important terms in bold. These bolded terms are Earth, the Solar System, star, galaxy, Milky Way, cluster, and light year. Enough information is given to students about each of them to give them a basic knowledge and understanding, sufficient but not enough to write a research paper about. The right hand page covers constellations, good terms to know such as black holes, nebula, and supernova, and finally a small section titled "Don't Make These Mistakes Anymore!" which tells students the difference between astronomy and astrology, what exactly a light year is (it is not a measure of time, but a distance), that the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun, which moves with the entire galaxy as it turns and moves through space, and what exactly an astronomical unit is. This same format (although it varies by topic) is used throughout the book to provide students with an excellent base for further learning. I know this is kind of a long list, but I want you to be able to see how complete this book actually is, so here is the table of contents: the Universe, the Solar System, Earth, Continents and Oceans, Countries and Cities, Islands and Mountains, Lakes and Rivers, U.S. Geography, Canadian Geography, World History, American History, U.S. Presidents, Canadian History, Math, Science, Writing and Grammar, Art and Music History, Literature, Major Religions, Languages, People, and Life and Miscellaneous. I think every pre-highschooler should definitely have access to and read a copy of this book, as well as any high school student or even beyond who would enjoy keeping a copy of the basics around. By the same author as 500 Keywords for the SAT, and How to Remember Them Forever and 100 Math Tips for the SAT, and How to Master Them Now! - Melissa

  • Item #: 018800
    ISBN: 9780078600197
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    ☼Street Law: A Course in Practical Law (7th Ed.) (9-AD) Street Law, Inc. is a non-profit organization with the mission of "empowering people through law-related education." This course strives to fulfill that mission by taking a practical approach to legal studies that shows how the law is relevant to the daily lives of teens (and their families). As it states in the book's introduction, "Students learn substantive information about law, democracy, and human rights through strategies that promote problem solving, critical thinking, cooperative learning, improved communication and conflict resolution skills, and the ability to participate effectively in society." Street Law is definitely not a course that wants you to just memorize legal terminology or learn the various steps of the legal process—it wants to teach you to think, too! This non-consumable student textbook is divided into six units: Introduction to Law and the Legal System; Criminal Law and Juvenile Justice; Torts; Consumer and Housing Law; Family Law; and Individual Rights and Liberties. Each unit is divided into several chapters that explain subtopics in more detail. For example, Unit 4, Consumer and Housing Law, has chapters on contracts, warranties, credit and other financial services, deceptive sales practices, becoming a smart consumer, cars, and housing. The pages follow a traditional textbook format, with bold vocabulary words, captioned photos, diagrams, informational text boxes, and questions after every few pages. The layout is appealing, though, and it includes helpful features in the margins like legal-themed quotes and links to relevant websites. The problems that appear throughout the chapters test the student's comprehension of the lessons; these tend to not be simple right or wrong answers, but instead require critical thinking or some justification for the response. For example, Chapter 12 (Criminal Justice Process: Investigation) describes six scenarios involving accused persons and the police. The student is asked to decide whether the search violates the Fourth Amendment, and then explain his decision. The course does not shy away from controversial issues; some of the questions ask the student to articulate their views on abortion, gay rights, divorce, and other "hot button" topics. (The text takes a neutral view of such issues, and many of the related discussion questions have no clear right or wrong answers.) Other features that appear throughout the text include "The Case of…" files (thought-provoking questions based on real court cases); "For Your Information" and "Steps to Take" (practical advice for the real world); "You Be the Judge" (hypothetical scenarios to analyze); and "Law in Action" (discussion and hands-on activities on contemporary topics). There are also a few "Human Rights USA" features that will get students thinking about what rights are so essential that to do without would violate one's human dignity. An appendix in the back of the book contains the text of the US Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, major federal civil rights laws, charts of state laws, a glossary, and an index. A website that complements the curriculum is www.streetlaw.glencoe.com. This includes chapter overviews, the text of legal cases, unit web extension activities (with lesson plans), and student self-assessment quizzes (multiple choice). Please note that we are only offering the student textbook at this time, and not the teacher's edition. 684 pgs, hc. ~ Lisa
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    This "Explosively Fun Word Game" will keep players on their toes! To begin each round, a player rolls the die which will land on a "tick," "tock," or "boom." That will determine whether the letters on the card have to appear at the beginning of words, at the end of words, or in the anywhere in words. Then the player presses the button on the "bomb" timer to begin the round and turns over a card. Cards contain a 2-3 letter combination. For example, you roll a "tick" which means the letters start the word and the card overturned displays "SOR". You may shout out "sorry" or "sorrow" or "sort." Play is similar to hot potato shout out your word and pass the timer to the next player; if the bomb "explodes" on your turn, you receive the card (and penalty points!). The bomb explodes randomly at 20-90 second intervals, so you never know when it's going to go off! For 2-12 players; requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. ~ Megan

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    Targeting 300+ key words for beginning readers, this set has 40 double-sided cards providing practice reading simple stories, jokes, poems and more. Each passage has 4 multiple choice questions. Kids use their Hot Dots pen (sold separately) to respond and receive instant feedback as the pen lets them know if they are correct. Here is an example: a letter from Mia to Noah reads, "Dear Noah, My family lives in the _1_. We live _2_ to a park. There is _3_ something fun to do here. Today I'm going to ride _4_ the bike path with some friends. Your Pen Pal, Mia." Students then choose the dot that corresponds to the word/number. The dot choices to complete the blank for "1" are: 1. a. cry, b. city, or c. close. As they press the pen to the right answer, they are rewarded with a green light. An incorrect answer makes the pen glow red. It also gives out encouraging phrases and fun sound effects. An answer key is included. Great for independent practice of reading skills. Comes in a slim purple box with lid for storage. ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9781593631291
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    Over 200 roots are presented in a series of 54 lessons. Each two-page lesson presents between two and five related roots (on average), along with their meanings and common words that use them. Then, ten vocabulary words are listed with part of speech, definition, and a sentence showing the word in context. The second page of the lesson is a student worksheet with a variety of exercises that give students practice defining and using the vocabulary words. Lesson by lesson notes are included for the teacher in the front of the book. These include suggestions for incorporating games and other extension activities (including reproducible student pages).

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    ISBN: 9780440412922
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    Gretchen's great-great-grandmother had a fascinating story to tell. This tale was passed on through Gretchen's grandmother to her mother, and now to her. It is the story of the White Stallion who saved her life. It was 1845 and three families were emigrating out west. They traveled in covered wagons drawn by four horses. Gretchen and her family were in the last wagon, and Mother and Father sat on the driver's seat. The children were inside with the household goods. Because it was so hot in the wagon, Gretchen asked to ride on their horse Anna for a while. Gretchen's father lifted her onto the mare and tied her securely so that she would not fall off. When Gretchen falls asleep and the wagon's axle breaks, she drifts off, far from her family. Only a miracle can save her from harm and reunite her to her family - the magic of the White Stallion.

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    ISBN: 9780756682699
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    This is a reference book with a twist--from page to page, topics are connected. First you see a satellite image of the earth; on that earth there is small boxed area. On the next page you see that the boxed area was the ocean and the two-page spread has information about elements of the ocean. Or you may see a two-page spread of hot air balloons with the flags of different countries on them. Turn the page to see information about the UN, and the hot air balloons are seen floating outside the window. Turn the page again to see the close-up of a background picture concerning religions in other countries. It's like looking for hidden things in the pictures as a clue for what will follow. I continue to go back to the pages to find the links between them. This 250-page hardcover book covers topics from science and history/geography – nature, human body, earth, people and places, art and culture, history, science and technology, and space. A glossary in the back of the book will help with new or unfamiliar words. Each two-page spread is a large photo surrounded by small photos, illustrations, and bits of information. This book offers more than just reference material as you zoom in and out of the scenes – your children will be encouraged to read and learn with this interactive format. ~ Donna