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    A favorite topic at our house, with at least two resident horse-lovers, and one difficult Arabian (Megan's pride and joy). Beginning in the 1700's with the Godolphin Arabian, this course studies breeds and their histories, using Marguerite Henry books and the classics Black Stallion and Black Beauty (among others). Well-written lesson plans involve the student in a chronological study of horses and breeds, including horse anatomy, identification, sketching horses, charting blood lines, and Bible memory verses regarding the horse. This would be a one-year study if you complete two lessons per week. Resources below include some excellent literature and reference books.

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    ISBN: 9780689717093
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    Twenty of the most common breeds, including the Arabian, Shetland pony, Thoroughbred, and Clydesdale, are highlighted through unusual and little-known facts, anecdotes, and illustrations.

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    ISBN: 9780880794299
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    These spectacular posters may not be horses you see in real life, but perhaps in your dreams (if you're lucky!). The horses featured are still from photographs, but the backgrounds (or in the case of the unicorn, the horn and wings) may be created. The pictures are beautiful – horses galloping through the clouds, rearing in the sunset, flying through the air, etc.

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    ISBN: 9781580175074
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    If you love specific breeds or want to learn more about them, these gorgeous posters are perfect. Each poster has a small oval near the bottom with the name of the breed on it (so you'll never get confused), and the back contains information about that breed telling what colors they are, height, temperament, what they are good at, where they originated, and more. A nice collection for any horse lover.

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    This fun-filled educational game teaches horse lovers of all ages how to recognize horses by breed, color, and marking. Three different adventures take players through a learning journey of 32 different breeds. The first is called Mustang Adventure, and players are Mustang ranch escapees trying to survive in the wild. Players compete to gather a large herd of mares and foals and keep them safe from danger. In the second adventure, Rancher's Roundup, players are on the other side of the fence as ranchers trying to recapture their horses by brand and be the first to herd them to Green Valley. The third adventure, Rancher's Revenge, is a strategy game as you round up horses by groupings including breed, color, and markings. Game contains rules for all 3 of these variations, 3 solitaire games, 55 horse cards in full color displaying the horse on the front (all have cool names like Bustin' Dust or Thunderbolt) and information about them on the back, 4 playing pieces, adventure cards, game board, die, and a booklet containing rules of play, horse information and a reading list. Whether players are ranchers or wild mustangs, they are sure to have lots of fun and learn a lot on the way! ~ Megan

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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    ISBN: 9781483836164
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    If your child just can't get enough horses to read about and color, this "big book" is the perfect gift! This 159-page coloring book includes pages from several other Dover coloring books, including Horses of the World, Ponies of the World, Favorite Horses, and Wonderful World of Horses (see the Coloring books section of General Supplemental Materials for individual horse titles). If you're familiar with Dover coloring books, you already know that the pages feature realistic, detailed pictures, and often some informational text as well.

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    ISBN: 9781580176507
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    Think of this handy little book as a pocket field guide to horses. The book contains 96 breeds, each with a two-page spread. One side features a beautiful photograph of an example of the breed and the other side gives information such as the name, a short synopsis, the type of horse it is (pony, light or heavy), average height range, a description of the breed, the special qualities of the breed, what disciplines it is best suited for, and its place of origin. A fascinating read with good solid information and perfectly sized to take along with you anywhere. Pb, 204 pgs. ~ Megan

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    ISBN: 9781580175838
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    Here we have been selling this book for a year, and I never looked at it or realized just how cool it was until now! I love this book (I guess that is why the grade level says "through adult!); it is just about the coolest thing since buttered bread. Maybe even better than that if you're a horse lover like myself. The basics of horse care and riding are all covered, divided into topics such as Grooming, Feeding, Mucking, Safety, Ground Work, Tacking Up, and Riding. Almost every section has a two-page spread with a lot of information, how-to's, and tips. And for all those horse lovers out there that don't have a real horse to practice on, they can do almost everything with this book using the horse play section which guides the reader to do some activity with the stickers. There are four different scenes: in the barn, outside the barn, the tack room, and an outside pasture/arena. Four pages of stickers (which are actually not real stickers, they are more like colorforms - very re-usable, won't rip, go on and come off easily) are included in the middle, and believe me, they thought of everything! There are horses, riders facing both directions, saddles (English and Western), bridles, halters, lead ropes, currycombs, feed and water buckets, cowboy boots, feed, you name it! Because of their stick- and stack-ability, you can combine a bunch of stickers into one very fine creation. The possibilities truly are endless with this activity book! ~ Megan
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    ISBN: 9780794537289
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    ISBN: 9780789489821
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    Honestly, of all the books about horses that I've ever seen, this is the one that I would consider the horse Bible. This was the first horse book that I ever owned and through it I got one of the most wonderful horses in the world - but more about that later. The lengthy introduction covers horse breeds, types, temperaments, relatives, conformation, life cycle, color patterns, markings, gaits, sporting and working events, saddles, bridles, bits, origins and more. These pages are packed full of information, pictures, illustrations, etc. The meat of the book is devoted to discussing over 100 individual horse breeds, divided into three sections: ponies, light horses, and heavy horses. Most breeds receive a two-page spread and a plethora of information about that breed including environment, origin, temperament, breeding, characteristics, colors, and uses. Pages also include a map section with a highlighted area of the region the horse originated from, a key showing the types of horses which influenced the breed and the traits that they passed to it, and a silhouette illustration of the horse standing next to a 6' tall man for size comparison along with size ranges. Front and center, of course, is a photograph of the horse which takes up the majority of the page with distinctive points of conformation marked out to assist with breed identification. The end pages include a glossary of equine lingo that not all are familiar with and an index so you can flip back to your favorite breed easily until you have the page memorized. This book was also my art inspiration (horses are the only thing I draw at all well), and I often took this book with me as a guide when I was drawing - my goal was to draw all the breeds, but I never got that accomplished! Besides educating me, this book did something else for me - it was in this book I saw my first picture of a Friesian (pg. 116!!) and then and there I decided that I had to have one at some point in my life (not knowing at the time how expensive they are). I had never even touched one before last spring where, because of this book, I decided that I would do my required internship (for the horse program I was in) at a Friesian breeding facility. I had never seen one up close, but they were still on my mind, so I located a farm up in Minnesota. After two weeks there my dreams came true - my bosses gifted me with an almost two-year old Friesian cross (that's right, he's only half Friesian, but he is gorgeous!) which I named Tonto. It was truly one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me and, of course, I owe it to God and this amazing book! ~ Megan

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    ISBN: 9781416927853
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    Story of the first known American-bred Morgan horse.

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    ISBN: 9780439796644
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    Read the book before seeing the film! Set during World War I, this novel is told from the perspective of Joey, a farm horse, who is sold to the Army. Joey learns about the war from both the English and the German side when he charges with the English in France, but is later captured by and works for the Germans. Animal lovers will enjoy Joey's yearning to reunite with his original young owner, Albert, who was too young to join the military. Written by Michael Morpurgo, pb, 165 pgs. Contains an interview with the author. ~ Alissa

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    This adorable plush animal measures 9” long, making it the perfect size for hugging and cuddling! Machine washable. 

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    28-pc set includes battery-powered engine, horse car, horse, rider, horse barn, 4 fences, gate, 2 trees, 4 rocks, 11 track pieces.

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