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High School Literature

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    Studies include suggestions for six writing assignments.

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    This complete, one-year literature course was designed for high school but would be great for a middle school study as well. The course uses classic novels that have been made into movies to introduce and study the elements of literary analysis. Student discussion and composition questions are provided for each of the seventeen movies featured. An extensive teacher's guide and answer key are included for the questions asked. A glossary of important literary terms is also given, as well as a final exam which tests literary elements learned from each movie. The course not only provides students the skills needed to dissect different literary aspects of books, it also teaches them to discern underlying messages in movies rather than simply absorbing them. Whether you want your students to read the novels first and then watch the movies and analyze them, or merely watch the movies alone, this book provides great guidelines and offers students the tools they need for prompting literary analysis. ~ Rachel S.
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    The literature of a time period is always one of our best sources of information. This is especially true about a long ago time period like the medieval centuries. These are the stories that have withstood the test of time – and translation – and appeal. This anthology – edited by Rebecca Berg Manor (daughter of Beautiful Feet author, Rea Berg) – provides us with an excellent (and manageable) cross-section of literature that traces medieval culture from the beginnings of Christendom to the Age of Exploration. Selections, organized by type of literature, include excerpts from Augustine's Confessions (Early Christian), Deeds of Charlemagne (Romanesque) Battle of Brunanburh (Old English), Song of Roland (Arthurian), Song of the Creatures (Late Latin), Divine Comedy (Dante). Used as a Senior High resource for Beautiful Feet's Medieval History: A Literature Approach, this is a good reference/resource book for any high school world history course. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781790525072
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    ISBN: 9781518659102
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     This Charlotte Mason approach to high school literature combines written narration and vocabulary study with author investigations and basic literary analysis. The book is largely a write-in journal and emphasizes personal thoughts recorded for various reading selections. For each literature selection, there is an author’s investigation page that encourages the student to conduct his own research on the author. Then follows a short literary analysis study that covers theme, characters, plot, setting, style, thesis statement, and summary. The heart of the study is the vocabulary study (word study cards) and written narrations that are expected for each reading assignment through the selection. Designed for students experienced in written narration. This course covers Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English, Tales from King Arthur, Phantom of the Opera, Around the World in 80 Days, Kon-Tiki, Hiding Place, Classic Poetry an Illustrated Collection. 200 pgs, pb ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781882514304
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    After being out of print for a while, it's a pleasure to have this study once again available. With an emphasis on interactive discussion and worldview, the guide provides a lesson-by-lesson framework for studying some of the major works of ancient literature – The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone. Using an inductive approach, the student is encouraged to use three steps – observation, interpretation, and application – in coming to an understanding of the literary piece. Only after spending some time reading, absorbing, and comprehending the selection does the student seek to discover what others have said about it. The goal is for the student to be able and prepared to evaluate the opinions of others because they have formed their own thoughts first as opposed to just internalizing what others have thought and written.

    The course is divided into 24 lessons, each one taking about a week to complete. This is just about right for the literature component of a high school English course. You could easily lengthen the course to encompass the entire school year (30 or 36 weeks) by inserting writing assignments between the sections. As an example, let's look at the study of Oedipus Rex, which starts with some background information on the Greek Theater. This is to bring the student "up to speed" so to speak and includes all the basic information that a Greek theater-goer would know – such things as the story of Oedipus, how the play is organized, and who appears in the play. There are five lessons covering this reading selection, each organized similarly. First is a list of People and Places along with vocabulary that the student is expected to be able to identify and define. Then follows some reading sections, each accompanied by a set of comprehension questions (i.e. who, what, describe, how, etc.) An early lesson in the series gives some instruction on a literary analysis device – Dramatic Irony – and subsequent lessons ask the student to look for examples. In the second lesson in the series, an Overview Chart is introduced. The student uses this graphic organizer to identify and organize the main events and characters from the play. The series of lessons concludes with an in-depth Essay Question. The course includes four lessons on biblical literature and the Epic of Gilgamesh, four on The Odyssey, five lessons on Oedipus, five on Antigone (please note that both Sophocles' Antigone and the twentieth century play by Jean Anouilh are studied), and a final summary lesson.

    The text is designed as a consumable student workbook providing space to write the short essay answers to the comprehension/discussion questions. It could easily be used as a non-consumable by having the student keep answers in a separate binder/notebook. There are no answers given or an answer key. The parent/teacher is encouraged to be a participant along with the student in completing the readings and discussions. Although I understand this rationale and even agree that this approach is optimum, nevertheless, speaking as a mom, I would have appreciated some talking points.

    Compared to some, this is a relaxed study. This should not be interpreted as "lightweight." There's plenty here – both in organization and in the literature selections and discussion – to provide a challenging examination of ancient literature. One of the best features of the entire course is the fact that it starts with a four-lesson study of Daniel (the literature and culture of the Babylonians) and Genesis (creation, flood, and Tower of Babel) in order to assure that the student is well-grounded in biblical events and principles. Another excellent feature is the final worldview lesson. Although most ancient literature is the literature of pagans, this study provides the biblical grounding to make certain the study is profitable.

    Although a specific book list is not provided, it's obvious that specific versions of these works are being referenced because of the page numbers given throughout the lessons. ~ Janice

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    This book should be on every homeschooler's desk (and I don't mean the bookshelf!). Rarely will you hear me be quite so emphatic, but this book is a treasure! Designed to be a companion to Teaching the Classics, a Socratic approach to teaching literature, and undoubtedly an amazing resource for those using that approach, it is also an incredible reference for anyone who wants flexibility in terms of teaching literature coupled with "just enough" structure.

    The authors identified 200 books for grades K-12 and then (in a wonderful spreadsheet format) annotated them with tons of information plot, conflict, theme, aids & devices, and alternate titles (other books that could be used). In short, it lists everything you need at your fingertips to supervise a comprehensive literary analysis of the book. As if that weren't enough, they further reworked that annotated information into six different curriculum models daily, weekly, monthly, six-week, quarterly, and seasonal. These different models mean that you can teach literature in whatever way you want. Want to focus on literature everyday? Want to conduct a short-term co-op course? Want to hit literature "hard" for a little while and then be done? This resource will help you plan and implement any of these scenarios.

    The usefulness doesn't end there, however. There are separate chapters on writing from literature, learning objectives by grade level, grading and assigning credits, and major historical periods in western literature. The writing from literature section gives a brief overview of writing assignments (what sort and how long) for the elementary, junior high, and senior high levels. On the other hand, the analytical essay is dissected very thoroughly and a helpful "tootsie-roll" diagram helps the student to see how the parts of the essay work together. Just as helpful is the model essay that illustrates the effective use of this diagram. The graded learning objectives for literature are quite specific and can be used as a scope and sequence or for developing lesson plans. I used high school literature texts as references when I wanted information about the history of literature, but to have that same information at my fingertips would have been a beautiful thing. 234 pgs. pb ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781512171310
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    The Quiz and Answer Manual is designed for those who prefer their students take quizzes and surveys on paper rather than online. For group classes, the author recommends completing quizzes, etc., by following online links through the publisher's website (link included in texts). It contains all quizzes and answers for each literature book studied: Yes, I Read It quiz, Literary Terms quiz, and Opinion Surveys. Each quiz utilizes a form of multiple choice. Don't let the term "survey" make you think these are optional. These encourage students to apply what they've read to their own situation with multiple choice and also some written "response to literature" questions. Permission to copy for personal use. 8.5" x 11", 101 pp, sc. If you select the free Online Quiz option (for the Yes I read It and Literary Term quizzes and Opinion Surveys) answers are graded automatically. For each quiz, students will receive an emailed report including the questions with their original answers, the correct answers and their final quiz score. The online quizzing and online grading option is interesting. Many colleges incorporate some online course component, so this would be a way to introduce your homeschooler to this method without a costly investment.
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    The Home School Kit includes Student Text, Teacher Edition w/ Toolkit CD (worksheets, visuals, maps, quizzes, rubrics), Student Activity Manual, Student Activity Manual Answer Key, Tests, and Tests Answer Key.

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