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Handwriting Kindergarten

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    Sometimes learning how to print can be a struggle for young students. This resource is designed to make handwriting a successful experience for a young child, offering an alternative method to learning to print in alphabetical sequence. Instead of teaching the student by letters, this handwriting book first works on controlling the pencil and teaches specific handwriting strokes. For example, students begin learning vertical, horizontal, and slanted lines. The letters that correspond with the strokes are then introduced. When students have accomplished this, they are able to print a variety of letters. Teaching then moves on to curves and circles. A picture of a birdhouse is used to help the children place their letters correctly on the lines. Also, when a new letter is introduced, children trace each letter several times using a different color. Using multi-sensory strategies to help children develop diverse abilities, there are also fun activity pages to help students master the different strokes. With this approach, children will undoubtedly feel successful and enjoy practicing their recently discovered handwriting skills. Gina

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    Handwriting practice with a picture study using the theme animals we love.

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    We try to be pragmatic at our house and in our business - whatever works well, whatever makes sense, that's what we try to do. I've not met Letz Farmer, the author of this book, but I'll bet she's a pragmatist also. Lots of practical, "that makes sense", ideas are included in this ball-and-stick method. For example, capital letters are taught first to minimize reversals that can occur in lower case letters (I thought Mark would never get "b" and "d" straight). Capital letters are taught according to "stroke families"; letters with only vertical and horizontal strokes are taught first; letters with slanted strokes are taught next; finally, letters which have a circular component are taught last, because these are the hardest. The first lower case letters taught are the ones that look exactly like their capital counterparts; next, the ones that look similar to their capital counterparts; and last, the ones that look nothing like their capital counterparts. Practice pages contain three lines for each letter; letters on the first line are thick and fully shaded, and show directional arrows for the starting point and direction of strokes; letters on the second line are thick outlines that allow for some "wiggle" as the child attempts to write his letter inside the outline; the third line is blank and allows the child to make his letters freeform. The book has a fold-flat plastic binding so that the student is not fighting a hump in the page as he attempts to print his letters. Each pair of pages is laid out so that the top of the pair is at the left-hand side as you open the book; when in its upright position, either right-handers or left-handers can use the book without disadvantage.

    Several other niceties are incorporated. A short story and cute illustrations help the child to remember each letter. The bottom of each practice page contains the alphabet, but missing some letters so the child can write them in the appropriate place. Phonics practice and (here's a first) sign language is incorporated if you want to use these along the way. Plus, Bible verses are used as part of each exercise.

    Where did Mrs. Farmer come up with all these good ideas? She credits her "child expert", daughter Laura. Nice job, Laura!

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    ISBN: 9781550358414
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    ISBN: 9781933052021
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    This is a complete "first" handwriting program for young and special learners. It takes a developmental approach to handwriting by teaching a child how to control the pencil and make various strokes before they print the letters. For example, the child practices making tall straight lines and then the letters l and i. The next stroke practiced is a long straight line for letters L, T, t, F, E, H and I. Up and down slanted lines precede the letters V, W, N, M, Z, X, A, Y, K, v, w, z, x, y and k. The child then practices drawing circles before attempting O, Q and o. Left and right "ear curves" are practiced before the letters C, G, c, a, d, e, g, q, D, P, B, R, b, p, S and s. The final strokes are "smiling" and "frowning" curves for the letters U, J, u, j, n, m, h, r and f. In order to practice, there are activity pages with cute blackline drawings on which the child traces the strokes. There are also block style manuscript letters for the child to trace, and space for them to make their own letters. Reproducible "touch and trace" letter cards in the back of the book provide yet another technique to practice letter formation. Use these cards to let your child finger trace the letters being presented. There are also suggestions for activities which help strengthen muscles used in the writing process. There are easy to use instructions in the front of the book. 64 pgs., pb, reproducible. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780838851272
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    Integral to IEW's Primary Arts of Language program, this pull-out Letter Stories portion provides letter introduction and beginning printing practice. Letters are presented by starting stroke so students learn a few strokes that are then used with many letters. The letter stories help the child remember both the sound and the shape of each letter with the focus being on the sound a letter makes instead of its name. Applying only to lowercase letters (no stories for capital letters), capitals are introduced as the way the lowercase letters look when they are dressed up at the beginning of a sentence or a proper noun. Pacing can be flexible in keeping with the child's ability.

    Progression of instruction is first a slanted or vertical surface (whiteboard) and using tactile materials (modeling dough or finger paint) with the first reproducible sheets being letter blocks (printing one letter in each square) before introducing the typical guidelines. Contrary to conventional wisdom, this program recommends using pens, gel pens and fine-tipped markers as writing instruments.

    The Printing w/ Letter Stories packet includes an overview of the program, a scope and sequence (45 lessons that show when to introduce what letters as well as when to incorporate practice and review), and detailed teacher notes for each lesson as well as the actual blackline masters (reproducible for home or classroom use). Letter Stories are provided, but the teacher is encouraged to be expressive and to embellish. The Blackline Masters include lesson handouts, additional practice pages, guideline paper, and matching game cards. Did I forget to mention games? An ongoing matching game with a growing number of playing cards is played at regular intervals for review. The cards can be printed (and cut out) from the Blackline masters or a pre-printed Card Deck (with rounded edges) is available.

    An enjoyable, thoroughly-prepped, multi-sensory program introducing handwriting (and phonics, and language arts) to your young student, the materials, since reproducible, are likewise cost effective. ~ Janice

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    Additional handwriting practice with a picture study on the theme Serving God.

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