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Growing With Grammar 7

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    ISBN: 9780553274295
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    Billy wants a pair of hunting dogs more than anything. After working and saving for two years, Billy's dream of owning two coon hounds comes true. But getting his dogs is only the beginning of his adventures hunting coons along the river bottoms of the Ozarks. Billy learns the value of hard work, patience, and persistence in this story and, eventually, understands how God can use all things - even a pair of hunting dogs - to answer the prayers of his family.

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    ISBN: 9781561372447
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    ISBN: 9780307281692
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    Narrated by Anthony Heald. 6 hrs, 54 min on 6 discs.

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    ISBN: 9780829401127
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    ISBN: 9780747595823
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    ISBN: 9781561374977
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    ISBN: 9780140363135
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    For centuries, corn has been a staple of Mayan life. Corn provides nourishment, and it can be sold to purchase necessities. This book tells the story of a Mayan family living in the Yucatan, struggling to plant and harvest the corn they need to survive. Twelve-year-old Tigre must shoulder the burden, because his father is badly injured and his mother and grandmother cannot do all the work on their own. This story is rich in Mayan folklore and customs, and is enhanced with beautiful charcoal illustrations. A glossary of Spanish, Maya, and Mexican words used in the text is located in the back. A Newbery Honor Book. By Dorothy Rhoads. 88 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 037848
    ISBN: 9780936981147
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    ISBN: 9781591663676
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  • Item #: 022200
    ISBN: 9781930820029
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    This book provides a straightforward approach to basic English grammar and how to apply that grammar to writing skills. There are 40 lessons, each with four pages featuring practice with four different skills: parts of speech, mechanics, diagramming and proofreading. In the first part of each lesson, students complete exercises such as identifying the parts of speech in sentences, choosing the correct parts of speech, and linking parts of speech with others, (i.e. - circling an adjective and then drawing an arrow to the word it describes, etc.). In the mechanics section of each lesson, students learn a rule or common error associated with the part of speech just learned. Examples of exercises include choosing the correct form of words, identifying incorrect usage of words, correcting punctuation, improving poorly written sentences, and more. The third section of each lesson focuses on diagramming. As students work through the book, they will begin by diagramming two or three word sentences and work their way up to very complicated ones. Sometimes students will have to correct the sentences before they diagram them. The final section on proofreading contains a passage that students must edit, with errors which typically correspond to topics covered in the featured lesson. At the beginning of the book the instructions tell students the number of errors in each sentence, later changing to the number of errors found in the whole passage, and by the end of the book students are expected to find all the errors without any tips. After every ten lessons in the book, there is a two-page review section. This section follows the same format as the lessons but includes content from the previous ten lessons to make sure students are retaining what they've learned. The end of the book holds a glossary of grammar terms and answer key. While the early exercises in the book are relatively simple and may be appropriate for older elementary students, later exercises are more complex - at more of a high school level. We've changed the recommended grade level to 7-12 due to some irreverent and slightly edgy content that is more appropriate for older students (slang like "barf" and other attention-getting "gross" content, humorous mentions of actresses with revealing dresses, etc.). Not reproducible. ~ Rachel S.

  • Item #: 034275
    ISBN: 9781483815589
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  • Item #: 051454
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    Sentence structure, diagramming subjects and predicates, helping verbs and verb phrases and irregular verbs. Nouns as subjects, direct objects and predicate nominatives are studied. Seventh grade students also study proper, possessive, and predicate adjectives and prepositions, interjections, and conjunctions and how to use them properly in sentence structure. Students learn to use colons, semicolons, apostrophes, quotation marks, parentheses, dashes and hyphens effectively in sentences. They read a chosen novel, write a daily journal as they read the novel and complete a final review of the novel. They complete this process several times throughout the year with different types of literary works: novels, short stories and poetry. Spelling, vocabulary and grammar are strengthened.

  • Item #: 064346
    ISBN: 9781338037494
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    Create 7 dazzling crystal products in your own fun colors: 2 pendants, 2 statements rings, a pair of earrings and a large decorative crystal. The effect looks like a slice of real geode or real quartz crystals! Kit includes: crystal growing powder, dye tablets, pipe cleaners, crystal glaze, necklace cord, nylon thread, 6 cord ends, 3 clasps, 20 jump rings, 2 earring wires, 2 ring blanks, craft wire, craft sticks & gold glitter. Use with adult supervision.

  • Item #: 009318
    ISBN: 9781586093556
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  • Item #: 070868
    ISBN: 9781945841040
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       Eagerly anticipated for years, Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind is a sequel to Susan Wise Bauer’s First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind. For those wanting a definitive English grammar that will cover all aspects of this (troublesome) language and who are willing to devote the time and energy necessary for mastery, this program will not disappoint. It provides a user-friendly, comprehensive, and thorough roadmap through all the nooks and crannies of basic grammar, usage, and mechanics and into advanced English skills (detailed analysis of complex sentence structure). The author confidently states, “A student completing four years of this program will have all the skills needed for the study of advanced rhetoric – persuasive and sophisticated writing.” I believe it.

      The series is built on three guiding principles, the elements of classical language learning. First, students need to understand and memorize the rules of language. Next, they need meaningful and valuable examples of every rule and principle. And finally, they need to practice in order to incorporate these rules and principles deeply into their oral and written communication skills. In keeping with its classical roots, this program provides rules and definitions with lots of opportunity to memorize them along with excellent examples and plenteous exercises for mastery. For the first level in the series, there are four program components– the Comprehensive Handbook of Rules and Core Instructor Text (both non-consumable), Student Workbook 1 (consumable) and the Answer Key for Student Workbook 1 (non-consumable). We expect Student Workbooks and Answer Keys for each of three subsequent years.

      Serving as both a resource and a reference to be used each year of the four-year series, the small-ish (7” x 8.25”) Comprehensive Handbook of Rules is indeed both comprehensive and a rule book. It contains all the principles that govern the English language as well as examples of each. Included are parts of speech, sentences, parts of sentences, dialogue and quotations, capitalization (summary of rules), punctuations, documentation (Turabian method), and sample conjugations. To give you an idea of the scope, nouns are covered thus: types, capitalization rules, gender, plural formation, noun imposters, and nouns that serve as other parts of speech. Each is clearly illustrated by examples that come from great literature (often classic but sometimes contemporary). In the verb section, there is a helpful five-page verb summary chart that provides active and passive formation with examples for four verb tenses (indicative, modal, imperative, and subjunctive). An index is provided (thankfully). Although a key component of the Grammar for the WTM series, it could easily be used as a reference by anyone wanting a solid, definitive English grammar resource.

      The Core Instructor Text is the scripted teacher’s book for the entire four years. All rules and examples as well as teaching notes explaining the ambiguities and difficulties of each grammatical construct are built into student-teacher dialogues. There are question/answer dialogues for 130 lessons. Including reviews, the expectation is lessons on 4 days a week for 36 weeks. It helps to have an understanding of classical methodology to appreciate what is here. Essentially, each of the lessons contains a single theme that will be repeated in each of the program’s four years. The idea is that at first concepts will be imperfectly grasped but through repetition and through four years of exercises, mastery of both concept and applications will be perfected. The instruction is done through teacher-student dialogues. That means a significant time investment will need to be made by the teacher (I’m guessing 15-20 minutes per lesson) for each of the four years. While this may seem a bit daunting, remember that everything is scripted (i.e. provided for you) with little to no teacher prep and that you will also gain familiarity with the dialogues as you progress through the years.

      The Core Instructor Text interacts with the Student Workbook. Whenever a rule, definition, information, or a sample sentence is needed as part of the teacher-student dialogue, it is provided in the Student Workbook (SW). The SW also provides all the exercises that the student is expected to complete. There is variety in these exercises – some are underlining and labeling, some are diagramming, some require the student to construct his own new sentences. Answers to these exercises are provided in the Student Workbook Answer Key. The key contains reproduced exercises with answers as well as detailed notes that explain or clarify the answers. Students are encouraged to check their own work much of the time and to discuss any discrepancies they find between the answers and their own work.

      Review is built into the program in several ways. Routinely, as part of daily dialogues rule/definition content from previous dialogs is repeated/reviewed. Additionally, regular exercise reviews are built into the courses. Every three weeks the student lesson provides six exercises that review what was covered in the previous three weeks. Toward the end of each Workbook (i.e. Lesson 27), the reviews double (twelve exercises) and become cumulative (back to the beginning of the course). These reviews are completed over the course of the week with every fourth week as a review week. There are no other formal assessments.

      The general idea of this series is unusual. Teacher dialogue is identical from year to year. Difficulty of the exercises increases over the course of the year (particularly after Week 20) and students may find it difficult to complete Workbook 1 in a single year. However, exercises from year to year are comparable in difficulty. Subsequent years can be completed more efficiently than Year 1 due to familiarity with the rules, definitions, and exercise expectations. This means that a student can start on Workbook 3 (if others in the class or your homeschool are in the third Workbook). However, they are strongly encouraged to go back and complete the first two workbooks. Mastery/proficiency is based on four years of interacting with the material.

      Many of us have wondered what Ms. Bauer’s approach to Grammar would be. Thoroughly classical and rigorous, yet user-friendly; this program steps into the void and will be welcomed. Comprehensive Handbook of Rules – 95 pgs, hb. Core Instructor Text – 387 pgs, pb. Workbook – 579 pgs, pb. Answer Key – 417 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 052327
    ISBN: 9780133202663
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  • Item #: 037846
    ISBN: 9780936981130
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    ISBN: 9781591663713
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    ISBN: 9780544044302
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    ISBN: 9780544044296
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    ISBN: 9780544044319
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  • Item #: 278440
    ISBN: 9781606821794
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  • Item #: MPC7CS
    Retail: $246.31
    Rainbow Price: $197.95

    This package includes:

    Horatius at Bridge(All-in-1 Poem Stdy Gd/Tst)

    Famous Men of Greece Student Guide

    Classical Comp IV: Refutatn/Confirmation Stdt

    Book of Trees Student Guide

    Spelling Workout 2001 Level H Student Edition

    Exploring World of Biology Suppl Stdt ?s 2ED

    Core Skills: Language Arts 2014 Grade 7

    Anne of Green Gables Literature Stdt Study Gd

    Bronze Bow Literature Student Study Guide

    Hobbit Literature Student Study Guide

    Trojan War History Student Study Guide

    Christian Studies Book IV Student

    200 Questions About American History Stdnt Gd

    Greek Alphabet Book

    Third Form Latin Student Workbook

    Third Form Latin Quizzes & Tests

    Story of 13 Colonies & Great Republic Stdt Gd

    Pre-Algebra Quizzes & Tests

    English Grammar Recitation Workbk IV Stdnt Bk

  • Item #: 218396
    ISBN: 9781591663706
    Retail: $0.00
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  • Item #: MPC7PK
    Retail: $869.05
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     This package includes:

    Horatius at Bridge(All-in-1 Poem Stdy Gd/Tst)

    Pre-Algebra Quizzes & Tests Answer Key

    Classical Comp IV: Refutatn/Confirmation Stdt

    Classical Comp IV: Refutatn/Confrmtn Tchr Gd

    Classical Comp IV: Refutation-Confirmatn DVD

    Exploring the World of Biology

    Third Form Latin Complete Set

    Spelling Workout 2001 Level H Student Edition

    Spelling Workout 2001 Level H Teacher Edition

    Book of Trees Package

    Exploring World of Biology Suppl Stdt ?s 2ED

    Exploring World of Biology Tchr Key/Tests 2ED

    Seventh Grade Curriculum Manual

    Core Skills: Language Arts 2014 Grade 7

    Story of the World Vol. 4: Modern Age sc

    Memoria Press Literature Seventh Grade Pkg

    Famous Men of Greece Set Book, Student, Tchr

    Christian Studies IV Reader

    Christian Studies Book IV Student

    Christian Studies Book IV Teacher Manual

    200 Questions About American History Stdnt Gd

    200 Questions About American History Tchr Gd

    Greek Alphabet Book

    Greek Alphabet Book Key

    Famous Men of Greece Flashcards

    Story of 13 Colonies & Great Republic Set

    Pre-Algebra Quizzes & Tests

    Pre-Algebra Textbook w/Answer Key

    Pre-Algebra Textbook Solutions Manual

    English Grammar Recitation Workbk IV Stdnt Bk

    English Grammar Recitation Workbk IV Tchr Gd

    200 Questions Abt American History Flashcards

  • Item #: 004665
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $94.95

    The Analytical Gramamr set includes a Student Workbook and Teacher Book. Please note that the set does not include any other materials, such as the Reinforcement and Review book, or the optional Companion DVD set.

  • Item #: 031911
    ISBN: 9781933055299
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    ISBN: 9780936981536
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