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    At the upper levels, there are two books available. Book II offers shorter quotations, larger font and slightly wider line spacing. (5/16"). This also includes ten additional lessons and review pages for each lesson. It is not necessary to begin with the original book at this level. If you feel your child needs larger font, shorter passages and more practice, the Book II at the Jr. and Sr. High levels may be the best place to begin

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    The grade 6 Enlarged Script edition contains the passages as the 6th grade book, but uses a larger font and slightly wider lines (5/16" compared to ¼"). Additionally, review pages are included and provide more practice for each lesson. 97 pgs.

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    Book 5 lines are ¼”.

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       Keep all your information in one book – grading, planning, calendars, addresses & phone numbers. This inexpensive tool includes 60 pages to record grades, 80 pages for weekly lesson planning, six student behavior forms, six blank monthly calendar pages, and one page for telephone numbers and addresses. Grade book pages have space for up to 36 students, 25 assignments per page and is designed to use with four quarters. Lesson plan pages are a bit different, each set of two pages is divided into three courses horizontally. Each course is then divided into days of the week, Monday-Friday. To the left of each course is a box for weekly notes & reminders. For each day, there is a shaded area for objective and curricular goal, homework line, and lined area for the assignment that day (instructional steps). Note that this format is limited to three planning periods per day.

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    ISBN: 9781600650130
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    Whether your child plans to attend college directly after high school or take time to determine his future aspirations, providing a quality homeschool high school experience is imperative. For my family, our oldest was college-motivated and incorporated dual-enrollment courses during her high school years, which paved (and eased!) the way for completing her BSN (Nursing) in less than four years. Our youngest is the complete opposite. A struggling learner, he was not sure college was right for him after graduation and is taking a slower path. As a homeschool mom, I am thankful I prepared them, to the best of their abilities, for college. Researching the ins and outs of what and how to teach a college preparatory high school was time consuming and dare I say, wearisome.

    If only I had read this book when my children were younger!

    Co-written by a college professor and his wife who have homeschooled their children from PK-12th grade, this book provides all the tools you need for a successful homeschool high school experience. Bringing together vision, practical tips and thorough course and transcript recommendations, this book is conveniently divided into the following four sections: Preparing Yourself (Getting the Answers You Need to Make the Choice to Homeschool through High school); Preparing Your Child (Developing skills for Success in College and Life); Preparing Your Program (Creating Your High School Curriculum) and Preparing for the End (Documenting for College).

    In the midst of all of this valuable counsel are personal stories and insights along with key points to "take away." We are carrying the 2nd edition of this excellent book. Within this new edition there have been organizational changes, expanded sections and added content. The author has also set up a website which contains additional support that will be beneficial to homeschooling parents. Included on this website are a wide range of college tips for our homeschool teens, Course descriptions/credits and schedules overviews as well as expanded core and elective subjects. Additionally a list of testing resources is listed. Personally, I found this to be one of the most helpful and compelling homeschool through high school books I have read in a long time. PB. 388 pgs. ~Deanne

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    Finally, a file to track your students' progress through your home school. This grayish, cardstock file folder has lots of great pre-printed features to help you record your student's academic progress from 1st through 12th grade. On the front of the folder, fill in the blanks with your student's information - date and place of birth, gender, social security number, mother's and father's names, address, and phone number. There is also space to attach a photo and list where the student attended each grade, which is helpful if your student attended another school in previous years. On the inside of the front cover, there are spaces to record graduation data, extracurricular activities, and testing records. The inside of the back cover is about an inch taller than the front and allows you to write your student's name so you can see it easily even if the file is in a drawer. Then, each grade is broken down into blank charts with spaces for eight subjects and their final grades. The charts for grades 1-8 are in the inside back cover, while the charts for high school are continued on the backside. Underneath the high school charts are places to record their cumulative GPA and total credits. This file helps you easily check your students records in a glance, keeps them all in one place, and can also hold relevant papers and documents.

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    ISBN: 9780195188851
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    So, you'd like your children to write or journal everyday, but you are a little short on topics. Have no fear! n this one, multi-grade book are 300 Quickwrite topics, 209 story starters & titles and 151 reproducible writing forms! All this, PLUS it's organized by month, so you can use seasonally-correct ideas (I just coined that word). For every month, there's a full-page, seasonal picture (which can be copied and colored by your younger children) along with a writing idea, a calendar-formatted page filled with one Quickwrite topic per day, a page full of story starters and Titles, and 10+ reproducible "write on" pages. These latter pages are especially good, with appropriate graphics, lines to write on, and well-conceived ideas. The authors took a lot of time and effort to come up with these, and it shows. This is an excellent resource you will use again and again.

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