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Grade 4

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  • Item #: 031228
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  • Item #: 006493
    ISBN: 9781420680003
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    Help kids learn the states and capitals with this easy-to-follow workbook. The book teaches the states and capitals using regions and hints, then shows students how to do a report on the states they are studying. Handy reference pages, such as lists of state capitals and famous people from various states, are provided. States are divided into five regions: west, southwest, midwest, northeast and southeast. For example, with the Pacific coast states, students learn capitals and when the states joined the U.S. They are given hints like "COW" to remember California, Oregon, and Washington. Later there is a test which recalls these hints. All answers are in the back, and kids are encouraged to use these to check their work. You could remove them if you wanted to check their work yourself and assign a grade.

    When it comes to the State Report writing, a page of clear instruction steers kids in the right direction on these topics: gathering information, note cards, keeping track of sources, introducing your state, location map, history, geography, population, cities, natural resources, climate, government, education, economy, employment, points of interest, famous people, state quarter (money), personal recommendations and final touches. Sounds thorough, doesn't it? A checklist guides kids in their writing. All in all, this is a useful writing guide and review of U.S. geography. Reproducible. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 001918
    ISBN: 9781483811772
    Retail: $11.99
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    Grade 4 lessons look at making compound words, guarding against commonly misspelled words, using prefixes and suffixes, vowel sounds, identifying variant consonants, irregular and regular plural nouns, root words and diphthongs.

  • Item #: 068171
    ISBN: 9781453117996
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  • Item #: 072048
    ISBN: 9789814736374
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    ISBN: 9781483808727
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  • Item #: 002159
    ISBN: 9781483812076
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    This consumable worktext covers mechanics (capitalization, punctuation), usage (subject/verb agreement, troublesome words, plurals, possessives, etc.), and grammar (parts of speech, types of sentences) in approximately 50 two-page lessons plus periodic reviews. Lessons include brief instructional material plus practice exercises. A Writer's Handbook section with ten writing lessons that cover the writing process and various forms of writing is also included. Answer key is found in the back. The colorful books have a visually appealing format, with wide lines, engaging graphics, and a good amount of white space. 198 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 006984
    ISBN: 9781557996589
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    ISBN: 9780544267626
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  • Item #: MMSET4
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    This Grade 4 set includes student Workbook A and student Workbook B, the Answer Key and the Tests with Cumulative Review.

  • Item #: EG4SET
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  • Item #: 007057
    ISBN: 9781557998422
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    Grade 4 emphasizes words with blends, diagraphs, variant vowel sounds, silent letters, and contractions. They also provide practice for prefixes and suffixes and homophones.

  • Item #: 037807
    ISBN: 9780328212002
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  • Item #: 002833
    ISBN: 9781934732625
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  • Item #: 069217
    ISBN: 9781596739284
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     Interdependence of organisms and the environment; bacteria, mold and fungi; changing earth’s surface (volcanoes and earthquakes, etc.); rocks and minerals; and how electrical energy coverts to other forms.

  • Item #: 007502
    ISBN: 9781935000402
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  • Item #: 031111
    ISBN: 9780544267879
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    This  consumable, black/white workbook provides more than 100 worksheets.The easy-to-follow format features one skill per page with varied exercises allowing the learner to practice each skill in different contexts. Lessons have specific instructions and examples and are designed for your student to complete independently. Covers parts of speech, sentences, mechanics, vocabulary/usage, writing, and research skills. Answers included.

  • Item #: 025354
    ISBN: 9781568226811
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    ISBN: 9781411403857
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  • Item #: 021597
    ISBN: 9781580372275
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  • Item #: 001947
    ISBN: 9781483811918
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  • Item #: 027004
    ISBN: 9781629384771
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  • Item #: 001732
    ISBN: 9781483812175
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  • Item #: 028799
    ISBN: 9781935800606
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    Covers sentence construction (compound and complex), paragraph construction (topic, main idea, and supporting details), and three-paragraph essays.

  • Item #: 022872
    ISBN: 9781561750566
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.75

    Subtitled Step-by-Step Outlining Instruction and Practice, this is a complete resource for teaching basic outlining skills. After introducing what an outline is and its purpose, it thoroughly covers the four parts of an outline: title, main topic, subtopics, and details. Incorporated into the instruction is lots of practice on creating outlines from a paragraph, writing paragraphs from an outline, and even using outlines to help plan events. 44 reproducible pgs. - Anh

  • Item #: 021611
    ISBN: 9780887249549
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  • Item #: 007067
    ISBN: 9781596730861
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    Contains 16 individual book report forms, 18 individual book projects, and 10 group book projects. In addition to skills listed in the Gr 3-4 book, focuses on the following literature skills: defining character traits and relationships, identifying symbolism and themes, understanding pourquoi (French for "why") tales, and completing a reading interest survey. Projects include: graphic organizers, debates, drama, interviews, trivia, etc.