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Grade 3

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        For those looking for extra practice specifically using the Singapore methodology, this series can be used to supplement any Singapore Math curriculum and is aligned to Singapore Math for US Standards. Each level includes five types of activities or exercises. Fact Builders offer practice with specific strategies for understanding concepts, Fact Strategy Practice helps students identify and apply strategies, Apply and Build Knowledge incorporates real-world problems, Writing About Math gives opportunity for students to discover and make connections, and Challenge Questions prepare for the next step in learning. These books are black and white with plenty of space for writing; instruction is minimal since these are intended for practice and reinforcement. Answer Keys aren’t included in the books; however, instructions are found in the front of each book for downloading a free answer key (PDF) at the publisher’s website (http://www.mceducation.us/resources). Help your students become fluent using the Singapore Math methodology. The books vary in length. pb. ~ Donna   

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     Adaptation, migration, plants and plant life cycle, earth formation and fossils, air and weather, and light.

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    The Grade 3 lessons concentrate on using contractions and homophones, building compound words, and recognizing sight words and common words. They also build on the previous lessons on long and short vowels.

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    This Grade 3 set includes student Workbook A and student Workbook B, the Answer Key and the Tests with Cumulative Review.

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    HWOTG3 includes: 3rd grade cursive teacher guide, Cursive Handwriting student workbook, regular double-line notebook paper (100sht), and a blackboard w/double lines.

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    Grade 3 emphasizes words with blends, diagraphs, variant vowel sounds, silent letters, and contractions. They also provide practice for prefixes and suffixes and homophones.

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    This consumable worktext covers mechanics (capitalization, punctuation), usage (subject/verb agreement, troublesome words, plurals, possessives, etc.), and grammar (parts of speech, types of sentences) in approximately 50 two-page lessons plus periodic reviews. Lessons include brief instructional material plus practice exercises. A Writer's Handbook section with ten writing lessons that cover the writing process and various forms of writing is also included. Answer key is found in the back. The colorful books have a visually appealing format, with wide lines, engaging graphics, and a good amount of white space. 198 pgs, pb.

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    This  consumable, black/white workbook provides more than 100 worksheets.The easy-to-follow format features one skill per page with varied exercises allowing the learner to practice each skill in different contexts. Lessons have specific instructions and examples and are designed for your student to complete independently. Covers parts of speech, sentences, mechanics, vocabulary/usage, writing, and research skills. Answers included.

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      Meeting resistance when it comes time for handwriting practice? These themed practice books can save the day. Each workbook has 40 reproducible practice pages with built-in motivation. There is a short review at the beginning on how to form the letters, but this is more for practice than initial instruction. The pages start with 3 target words from the quote/joke/fact for the student practices writing a few times. They then carefully copy the entire selection. At the end of the workbook, they can cut off the bottom of the pages to make into a stapled book of their handwriting practice and end up with a fun book of quotes/jokes/facts.

      Wacky Facts: includes things like world records, interesting trivia, cool animal facts and more. Available in print or cursive, depending on grade level. It can take only 5-10 minutes per day to get in some handwriting practice that your child won’t dread. They may even ask to do more than a page a day! 48 pb; reproducible for home/classroom use. Modern style ~ Lisa/Sara 

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