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Grade 12

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    This kit contains the following items:
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  • Item #: 035996
    ISBN: 9781623412708
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    College-bound high school students are expected to write essays. Of the many, there are two (maybe three) essays that are "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences the ACT and/or SAT essay and the college entrance essay. These are very specific types of writing tasks and are quite different from a typical subject area essay and different from one another. One is a timed response to a prompt. It must be completed quickly and coherently. On the other hand, you can take as much time as you want writing the other. It must be as close to perfect as possible. You can prepare for both of these writing experiences. This video seminar from the Institute for Excellence in Writing and presented by Andrew Pudewa is a five DVD set two that cover/review general strategies for essay writing, one each for understanding and preparing for the New ACT Essay and the Redesigned SAT Essay, and, lastly, one covering strategies for the "personal essay."
    General strategies (Parts 1a and 1b) cover types of essays, possible ways to organize body paragraphs as well as possible essay structures, practice in the five canons of classical rhetoric, and stylistic elements. The TRIAC (topic, restriction, illustrations, analysis, clincher) outline is reviewed and practiced.
    The new ACT essay and the redesigned SAT essay have significant differences. The ACT essay is a prompt essay while the redesigned SAT essay is optional and is based on a source text. Parts 2 and 3 of this video seminar series provide techniques for producing quality essays in each of these situations in addition to thoroughly understanding what to expect and what is expected.
    Part 4 examines the personal essay, providing sample essay prompts/questions and typical questions including those that might be specific to Christian colleges as well as some wildcard questions.
    As expected, the most important preparation activity for these types of essays is to write a lot. Students are encouraged to complete one or more essays as a final practice assignment. Utilizing the strategies presented in this seminar and building in opportunities for many practice essays, you will make the best use of your preparation time.
    The HSEI Course includes a set of five DVDs and a course handout as well as an access code for the online streaming version of the seminar. The Handout (available as a separate purchase item as well) is the Portable Walls for the Essayist (a handy set-up-on-your-desk reference for everything pertaining to writing quality essays) plus extensive note-taking material from the seminar. Copyright 2017. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 029501
    ISBN: 9780544143357
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    This course, intended for high school students, has transitioned to a format which includes a hard copy textbook and an "Interactive Online Edition" which includes a digital textbook, videos, games, activities, student resources, teacher resources, assessments and more. Access is provided through a code which you will receive with the textbook, and access will remain active for one year. The subscription can be renewed through purchase of United States Premium Online Edition (#06252), .

  • Item #: 055737
    ISBN: 9781418283759
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    Close reading, literary analysis, composition, and grammar are scaffolded through this series which provides options for whole-class, small-group, and independent learning.  Bundles include a hardback Teachers Edition, soft cover Student Book(s) and one-year access to digital resources, assessments, and data.

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  • Item #: 007064
    ISBN: 9781596730854
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    Contains 10 individual book report forms, 16 individual book projects, and 5 group book report projects. In addition to skills listed above for Gr 1-2 book, focuses on the following literature skills: identifying facts in fiction, identifying story elements, recognizing figurative language, understanding fairy tales, and recommending and evaluating books. Projects include: puzzles, posters, trivia games, interviews, character trait maps, etc.

  • Item #: 028432
    ISBN: 9781581305524
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  • Item #: 011526
    ISBN: 9780740337833
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    Government and Economics. Units: International Governments; United States Government; American Party System; History of Governments; The Christian & His Government; Free Enterprise; Business & You; The Stock Market; Budget & Finance; Banking; and International Issues.

  • Item #: 007060
    ISBN: 9781596730847
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    Contains 20 individual book report forms and 18 individual book projects. Focuses on the following literature skills: identifying between stories that are real or make-believe, identifying main characters, re-telling stories, sequencing events, and identifying problems and solutions. Projects include mobiles, puppets, pop-ups, lift-the-flap books, etc.

  • Item #: 006143
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    Kit includes: bag of rocks, baking soda, blue food coloring, bran flakes, cardboard, corn seeds, cotton ball (2 pk), diluted iodine solution, dissecting pins (10 pk), eyedropper, forceps (tweezers), 12 oz glass jar w/ lid (2), graduated cylinder (plastic, 100ml), lancet, lima bean seeds, magnifier, large marble, small marble, match book, microscope slides & coverslips (10 pk), modeling clay, oblong baking pan, large paper clips, paper towel, plaster of paris, plastic container, plastic funnel, plastic spoon, primary pan balance, rubbing alcohol, sand, scalpel, sea shells, short board, small block of wood, soil, student thermometer, sugar, table salt, tea candle w/ holder, vinegar, white paper (2), and yellow construction paper.
  • Item #: SFPG11
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  • Item #: LOFTXT
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    This package is a subset of LOFCMP, including only the texts for each middle school and high school course that you would use through 12th grade.

  • Item #: LOFCMP
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    We have recently modified this package to include the texts and Zillions of Practice Problems books for the middle school and high school courses that you would use through 12th grade. More advanced college-level course texts can be found in the Life of Fred College Set (LOFCLG).

  • Item #: 068291
    ISBN: 9780544853614
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    Packages include both a Student Book and a Teacher's Guide. Student Books are appealingly colorful and consumable; providing writing space for all exercises leading up to the essay writing assignments. Reading material is also provided in the Student Book. Teacher's Guides are a necessary companion. They provide answers to all exercises, but more importantly, grading rubrics and talking points for all discussion questions. Student Books are 150-190 pgs, pb. Teacher's Guides are 40-50 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 068275
    ISBN: 9780030997075
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  • Item #: 061267
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    A Teacher Resource Pack is a set of double-sided, reproducible pages that come packaged in a manila accordion file with tabbed dividers and are used in conjunction with the Teacher Guide. Grades 1 and 2 include 9 activity sheets for 1st and 17 for 2nd. Grades 3 and 4 include 11 sheets for 3rd and 24 for 4th. The 5th through 8th grade Resource Pack includes activity sheets in different concept areas – 14 basic concepts, 13 equality, 15 inequality, 14 addition, 15 subtraction, 12 multiplication, 12 division, and 11 fractions/decimals/percents.

  • Item #: 060791
    ISBN: 9781452276588
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