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Grade 11

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  • Item #: 051626
    ISBN: 9780547898179
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  • Item #: 051449
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    Students learn to verify and clarify facts presented in expository texts by using a variety of consumer, workplace and public documents. Investigative Research paper elements are studied including finding sources for topic, gathering evidence to support a thesis and use of a rubric to evaluate thesis. Four styles of literature are studied: early American, Puritan, Southern Colonies and Middle Colonies. Practice continues in public speaking and multimedia presentation, as well as a study of narrative and persuasive essays. Students will also learn business communication, writing cover letters and resumes and understanding work place documents. Review of grammar usage and mechanics.

  • Item #: 052324
    ISBN: 9780133202717
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  • Item #: SFPG11
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  • Item #: 003012
    ISBN: 9780936981604
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  • Item #: 015621
    ISBN: 9780669471991
    Retail: $385.53
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    The Language Programs for these editions contain the Program Guide, Handbook, Skillsbook, and Skillsbook Teacher Edition. The Program Guide is a 3-ring binder containing daily lesson plans, teaching notes, assessment strategies, and blackline masters for student activities and writing assignments. Writing assignments coordinate with the Handbook and are referenced in the daily lesson plans in the Program Guide. The Program Guide also contains reference information, writing evaluation guides, guidance for directing student research, vocabulary building strategies, and more. Skillbooks focus on editing and proofreading, while Daily Language Workouts focus on mechanics, word usage, grammar, and sentence combining and are intended to be quick and fun. Please note that the Daily Language Workout books are NOT included in the Language Program.

  • Item #: 031217
    ISBN: 9781595231154
    Retail: $27.00
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

    Although this book was written by a couple of university history professors, it is a refreshing change from the beat-up-on-America crowd. No anti-white-male, anti-Christian, anti-firearm, anti-capitalism stuff here. Instead, the authors speak of a nation to be proud of, a nation that loves public virtue, personal liberty, and private property.

    This 10th anniversary edition is the size of a textbook packed with 981 pages, including footnotes and an alphabetical index. However, the text is very readable and interesting, and no review questions are provided. Occasional sidebars delve deeper into a particular subject without detracting from the flow of the story. The book begins with the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus and ends with the war in Iraq and Iraq's liberation. Various eras in our history get about the same amount of ink, with the exception of the Civil War, which is covered in greater detail.

    I can't say enough positive about the tone of the book. One of the sentences in the conclusion reads, "The fatal flaw of bin Laden - like Hitler, Stalin, and even the nearsighted Spaniards of 500 years ago - was that they fixed their gaze on the physical manifestations of the wealth of the West, failing to understand that wealth is a mere by-product of other, more important qualities: initiative, inventiveness, hope, optimism, and, above all, faith." Makes you proud to be an American. ~ Bob

  • Item #: 006189
    ISBN: 9781683440550
    Retail: $375.82
    Rainbow Price: $254.95

    Courses include: Biblical Archaeology; Intro to Economics; British Literature; British History; and ACT College Prep.

  • Item #: 002375
    ISBN: 9780740337819
    Retail: $99.95
    Rainbow Price: $79.96
    Chemistry. Units: Measurement & Analysis; Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures; Gases & Conservation of Mass; Atoms: Nature's Building Blocks; Molecular Structure; Semester Review & Test; Chemical Reactions, Rates, & Equilibrium, Equilibrium Systems; Carbon Chemistry: Hydrocarbons; Carbon Chemistry: Functional Groups; Chemistry Review; Semester Review & Test; and Final Exam.
  • Item #: WP11CA
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  • Item #: 000558
    ISBN: 9780838822296
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  • Item #: 020799
    ISBN: 9780838822302
    Retail: $11.80
    Rainbow Price: $8.85

    4 analogy quizzes, 8 vocabulary quizzes

  • Item #: 035855
    ISBN: 9780669009088
    Retail: $64.20
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  • Item #: 035856
    ISBN: 9780669006742
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  • Item #: 035854
    ISBN: 9780669531480
    Retail: $13.27
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  • Item #: 003203
    ISBN: 9780669464344
    Retail: $45.67
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  • Item #: 055440
    ISBN: 9781418283742
    Retail: $159.97
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  • Item #: 011515
    ISBN: 9780740337772
    Retail: $99.95
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    Units: The Faithfulness of God; Romans (1 & 2); The Doctrine of Jesus Christ; The Nation of Israel; The History of the Canon; Friendship, Dating, & Marriage; The Pursuit of Happiness; Apologetics; and Review.

  • Item #: 013645
    ISBN: 9781580957434
    Retail: $79.95
    Rainbow Price: $63.96
    Lifepac Set plus Teacher's Guide. Algebra II - Sets, Structure, & Function, Numbers, Sentences, & Problems, Linear Equations & Inequalties, Polynomials, Radical Expressions, Real Numbers, Quadratic Relations & Systems, Exponential Functions, Counting Principles, Review.
  • Item #: 023045
    ISBN: 9780547484662
    Retail: $162.27
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  • Item #: 050664
    Retail: $225.00
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    Contains 10 ml graduated glass cylinder, 100 ml graduated glass cylinder, 250 ml glass beaker, 250 ml glass Erlenmeyer flask, 600 ml glass beaker, acetate sheets, alcohol burner, ascorbic acid, borax, Boyles Law apparatus with instructions, bulb with socket, calcium chloride, D-cell battery with holder, economy magnifier, electrode set, glycerol, hydrochloric acid, ferrous sulfate, ferric chloride, granular iron, lead shot, lithium chloride, magnesium ribbon, Milk of Magnesia, modeling clay, Nichrome wire with handle, nylon casting line, paradichlorobenzene, pH Papers (1-14 range, 100 pack), pipette, plastic funnel, potassium chloride, potassium chromate, potassium permanganate, ring stand with base, 3" diameter ring support, safety goggles, silver nitrate, slinky, sodium hydroxide, spectroscope, stirring rod, strontium chloride, sulfur, sulfuric acid, test tube brush, test tube clamp, test tube rack, test tubes, thermometer, triangle, 12"-20mm glass tube, 3"-5mm glass tube, watch glass, wire gauze, and zinc. You will still need to gather some common items from around your home to use in some experiments. The curriculum for use with this kit is sold separately.
  • Item #: 051476
    Retail: $174.50
    Rainbow Price: $164.95

    US history is the focus of this year. Students will study the first Americans, early settlements and the Colonial Period. Early presidents and their effects on the US are shown. They will learn about state constitutions, the extension of slavery, and women's rights. The divided South, the Last Frontier and the plight of the Indians are covered as well. The booming 1920s, World War II, the Cold War, the culture of the 1950s, the Vietnam War and the Space Program are studied. Presidents through George W. Bush are covered.

  • Item #: 068290
    ISBN: 9780544853607
    Retail: $49.70
    Rainbow Price: $37.95

    Packages include both a Student Book and a Teacher's Guide. Student Books are appealingly colorful and consumable; providing writing space for all exercises leading up to the essay writing assignments. Reading material is also provided in the Student Book. Teacher's Guides are a necessary companion. They provide answers to all exercises, but more importantly, grading rubrics and talking points for all discussion questions. Student Books are 150-190 pgs, pb. Teacher's Guides are 40-50 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 059599
    Retail: $9.95
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  • Item #: 015625
    ISBN: 9780669471939
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  • Item #: 059610
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  • Item #: 064297
    ISBN: 9780544900578
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  • Item #: 035845
    ISBN: 9780669531640
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  • Item #: 011525
    ISBN: 9780740337789
    Retail: $99.95
    Rainbow Price: $79.96

    American History. Units: Foundations of the American Republic; Development of Constitutional Government; National Expansion; A Nation Divided; A Nation Divided & United; United States Involvment at Home & Abroad; The Search for Peace; A Nation at War; Contemporary America; and United States History Review.

  • Item #: 051025
    ISBN: 9781942192978
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