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Gods Design For Heaven And Earth

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    ISBN: 9781626914421
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    ISBN: 9781626914438
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    ISBN: 9781626914360
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    ISBN: 9781626914377
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    ISBN: 9781626914483
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    ISBN: 9781626914506
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    ISBN: 9780890516690
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    Have you ever wondered how man became inspired to create such practical necessities as intermittent windshield wipers, Velcro©, and the technological advances made with computer chips and robotic hands? Would you be surprised to learn that many of these innovations are based on nature? Today's top scientists and engineers often begin their research by studying the natural world-God's Creation-in an effort to understand its complex, yet proven mechanics of design.

    Made in Heaven is authored by popular apologist Ray Comfort and engineer Jeffery Seto. These men recognize the simplicity—and complexity—of God's designs. They explore the inspiration this brings to engineers as they strive to discover better, faster, and more innovative products to improve our lives. This book surveys 32 innovations, all inspired by God's divine design. You will discover how scientists copied shark scales to help Olympic teams swim like a fish; how researchers are studying mussels to develop stronger and waterproof adhesives; and how cat's eyes were the inspiration behind road reflectors. Vivid close-up photos, captions, and illustrations let you see firsthand the beauty of nature and His work. 78 pgs, hc. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 020497
    ISBN: 9780758606815
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    A companion to 3 in 1 - A Picture of God (see above), this book tackles another hard-to-explain subject - Heaven. With the same kind of simple yet effective illustrations accompanying the minimal yet insightful text, this book helps kids understand God's plan for life on earth and life in Heaven. hc. - Melissa

  • Item #: 025418
    ISBN: 9781575672489
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    If I could have only one science resource in our school, this would be it. Moody Press has taken the creme de la creme from its science films in producing this excellent set. Each hour-long DVD features exceptional photography and intriguing subject matter, all to display the wisdom and power of our Creator. Part 1 explores the life support system designed into planet earth. Part 2 provides fascinating facts from the animal kingdom. Part 3 focuses on the marvelous design of the human body. (The DVDs in this set are the same as three of the DVDs found in the larger set, #035071, listed below.) Parts of this series have held visiting neighbor kids in rapt attention. Mark (then age 8), our science guy, particularly liked segments showing a lizard running on 2 legs, seed pods that "explode," and seeds that "walk." After viewing this set, you will see why "God saw that it was good."

  • Item #: 032711
    ISBN: 9780890519899
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    Use this planner with Discovery of Design, Made in Heaven, and Champions of Invention as you learn how discoveries and inventions throughout time are actually derived from the God-created natural world. The planner lays out a one-year course of study (one full high school credit) into 180 daily lessons. Each lesson tells you exactly what to read and do, and space is provided within the schedule for recording assignment due dates and grades. Worksheets are included in the planner along with quizzes, tests and an answer key. Worksheets are everything from writing out answers to questions to doing experiments and labs to doing a research paper or working on vocabulary.

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    ISBN: 9781600921544
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    ISBN: 9781600922947
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    ISBN: 9780825429415
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    At just about any home school convention in the 1980’s or 1990’s, you would be able to attend a workshop or main session on creation vs. evolution, and more specifically, why young earth creation (the universe being something less than 10,000 years old) was the correct belief. The home school market has been dominated by young earth speakers and books. While there is evidence to support this view, a young earth is not the only possibility for a created universe. Indeed, in centuries gone by, theologians from the Christian church tended to believe in old earth creationism. This book gives us a broad overview of some of the aspects of the debate and looks at evidence presented by various factions during different eras, with their relative strengths and weaknesses. Not even the co-authors agree. Mark Rooker is a young-earth creationist, while Kenneth Keathley leans toward old earth creationism.

    Part of the debate hinges on looking at scientific evidence in light of biblical and religious understanding. The first few chapters of the book are devoted to summarizing the primary beliefs and theories that are held, both scientific and religious, ancient and modern, Christian and non-Christian. I liked a couple of points that the authors made here. In the Genesis account of creation, God states several times that His creation “was good,” with the summary statement in Gen. 1:31 of “it was very good.” Compare this to Eastern religions that consider the physical world to be an illusion, or that the physical world is something to avoid or escape from. The authors also make the point that whether a person comes down on the side of creation or evolution depends on his view of design vs. age; if one believes that the universe is well-designed, he tends to believe in creation, but if one believes that the universe is very old, he tends to believe in evolution.

    While the first part of the book lays out the basic beliefs, the rest of the book is divided into five parts that get into more specific issues. Part 2 delves more deeply into the creation account in Genesis 1 & 2. Part 3 discusses possible meanings of the days of creation. With that background, Part 4 delves into questions about the age of the earth and evidences for them. Next comes a section on the Fall and the Flood. The last section deals with evolution and intelligent design.

    I must say that parts of the book presented evidence that conflicted with my point of view. I believe this will be true no matter what your point of view may be, since the goal of the authors is to discuss the evidence for the various theories, not to promote any specific one. I applaud their ability to openly discuss evidence and to be honest about the fact that not all evidence supports any one theory. This reminded me of a presentation I attended some years ago by a woman who is an astrophysicist working for NASA on the Hubble Telescope project. She said of evolution/old earth creationism/new earth creationism debate that at one time or another, she had personally been in all three camps. This book will broaden your horizons to the scope of the debate and give you a good handle on its main ideas. 430 pgs, sc. ~ Bob

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    ISBN: 9780988512221
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    ISBN: 9780890518120
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    ISBN: 9780310433767
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    Fatherhood can seem a daunting task. You wish to leave your children a godly inheritance but there are so many things fighting against this. Ultimately, you need God’s Word and encouragement along the way. This devotional Bible is designed to help you pursue this goal. This full NIV Bible includes 260 daily devotions (one for each workday) accompanied with a daily reading passage and verse, guiding you through the Bible in one year. Seven articles entitled Building your Children are also included to keep you on track and engaged with your family and God. The Bible for Dads feature provides key points from each Bible book; Dads can use these in leading their families. An index entitled, Questions Kids Ask provides detailed answers (with references) to many common questions about key Biblical truths such as God’s character, sin, suffering and Heaven. Foreword by Kirk Cameron. Hardcover with dustjacket, 6” x 8 3/4", 1481 pp. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 027203
    ISBN: 9781944892043
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  • Item #: 040298
    ISBN: 9781400321032
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    Most bible story books are geared toward young readers, but children of all ages still enjoy being told a good story. Written for older elementary and middle school students, this book uses the International Children's Bible to provide an authentic retelling of God's message. Beginning with Genesis and ending with the new heaven and Earth described in Revelation, students will learn about the character and glory of God.

    Each of the stories begins with a short introduction and concludes with a concise prayer. Along with the stories are "Going Deeper" activities which incorporates a scriptural reading and "Do it" activity to reinforce the lesson. Let me share from "The Good Samaritan" from Luke 10:25-37. After the one page reading, the prayer focus is thankfulness for blessings we have and for open eyes to see the needs around us. In the Going Deeper section, children are encouraged to read Matthew 5: 43-48 and answer the question "How can you be a good neighbor?" The Do It activity is to "think of something you can do to help a 'neighbor' in need. Collect cans of food for the hungry or shampoo and soap for the homeless shelter."

    An abundance of graphics and a comprehensive index makes this a wonderful resource for pleasure reading or family read aloud. HC. 410 pgs. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 058464
    ISBN: 9781497422469
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    Maybe the term "relationship homeschooling" is new to you or maybe you have heard it tossed about on the internet, but just don't have a good sense of what it means and how it may affect your homeschooling or parenting journey. Before you read any further, I must share honestly, that this review may be biased. I say this from the heart as a veteran homeschool mom, whose homeschool journey was radically changed by the precepts within these pages. I stumbled upon a series of homeschool encouragement seminars in our area presented by the author, and my heart was greatly encouraged. But more than that, I went home a changed Momma. No longer focused on the externals, I began to look at the heart of my children.

    Now that is out in the open, let me step back and try to share why I feel this book should be in the hands of every homeschool mom. Is it because of the earth-shattering message or great writing style? No. Is it because of the cautions she presents about being Berean's in today's homeschooling and Evangelical Christian culture? No. While these are all valuable to the reader, the significance of this book is found in the essence of "One Anothering." What is "one anothering," you ask? One Anothering is the profoundly simple concept that as parents, we view our children as brothers and sisters in the Lord and treat them with the respect and dignity set forth in the New Testament "One Another" verses: love one another, forgive one another, encourage one another and so forth. In this book Karen weaves together scripture and stories of her personal journey in parenting and homeschooling along with questions for introspection and discussion, all designed to leave you flooded with a sense of relief that you can succeed at homeschooling with the joy God intends for us. Excellent for individual or a small group study. Scripture from various versions. 288 pgs, sc. ~Deanne