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  • Item #: GEOABC
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  • Item #: 041290
    ISBN: 9781596760868
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  • Item #: 000957
    ISBN: 9781600329760
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    The Geometry Homeschool Kit includes the textbook, solutions manual, and the tests and answers.

  • Item #: 011544
    ISBN: 9780740337758
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    Geometry. Units: Introduction; Logic; Angles & Parallels; Congruent Triangles & Quadrilaterals; Similar Polygons; Semester Review & Exam; Circles; Area & Volume; Coordinate Geometry; Transformations; Review; Semester Review & Exam; and Final Exam.
  • Item #: 013621
    ISBN: 9780867172331
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    Lifepac Set plus Teacher's Guide. Geometry - Mathematical System, Proof, Angles & Parallels, Congruency, Similar Polygons, Circles, Construction & Locus, Area & Volume, Coordinate Geometry, Review.
  • Item #: 049103
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    This kit includes the Level G/Geometric Approach lessons, worksheets, solutions, RightStart™ Geometry Panels (32 triangles, 25 squares, 12 pentagons, 20 hexagons), Casio Calculator FX-300MS, and the contents of the Geometry set – drawing board, 2 triangles, MM Arc Compass, 2 sets of tangrams, removable tape, T-square, 4 in 1 ruler, centimeter cubes, and Goniometer.

    While continuing to practice arithmetic, fractions, and decimals, students explore triangles, area, volume, ratios, Pythagorean Theorem, tiling, and other new concepts.

  • Item #: 051457
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    GEOMETRY: Covers Geometry basics: points and lines, line segments, rays, planes, and lines and points in planes. Students study definitions of angles, degrees, and measuring the size of angles. They are taught to classify angles by size and relation and how to bisect an angle. Students study parallelograms, properties of a trapezoid, ration and proportions, and the Pythagorean Theorem. Ninth grade students know, derive, and solve problems involving perimeter, circumference, area, volume, lateral area and surface area of common geometric features. Students know the definitions of basic trigonometric functions defined by the angles of a right triangle. They also know and are able to use elementary relationships between functions.

  • Item #: 047186
    ISBN: 9780984583249
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    Another uncluttered, fresh-looking math course from author Christy Walters. Again, I love that the book is addressed to the student, has plenty of workspace for problem-solving, and uses a no-nonsense approach. There is nothing "cute" here; just a direct, front-on approach to learning math. If you are not familiar with the Algebra courses, PLEASE READ description of Algebra: A Fresh Approach, as all of the same applies here. If you have used the Algebra I course above, you will equally enjoy Geometry.

    In the Geometry book, I like that she begins with a mini logic course (much like Jacobs). Instead of waiting until introducing geometric theorems to have the student begin doing proofs, she immediately introduces them in the context of what the student already knows (using algebraic principles). In this way, proofs are not a "new" thing used to prove just geometry theorems, but are familiar to the student as an extension and organization of logical thought. Although non-Euclidean geometry is an interesting topic in the Jacobs book, your math-reluctant student will appreciate not having to deal with such abstract concepts here. For a more complete idea of the scope and sequence of this course (and other geometry courses, for comparison), please visit our website to view the table of contents.

    The thirteen chapters are broken into parts (lessons) with direct instruction followed by problems. Again, I like the self-discovery incorporated into the exercises as well as the short-answer questions, which require the student to put principles into words. The last part of each chapter is a mixed review including material from previous sections and chapters of the book. While the book is thick (730 pages before the answers to odd-problems section), the larger typeset font is easy on the eye and the less bulky text per page helps the instruction seem less intimidating and overwhelming. Since this book is intended for use between Algebra I and Algebra II, there is an Appendix devoted to a review of algebraic concepts. This is a great mini-refresher course and I am glad to see it all in one place at the end of the book rather than parceled out in the middle of the geometry course. I found the latter approach to be unnecessarily distracting in the Jacobs book.

    Another notable feature of this series is the ability to work directly in the book or to photocopy the student problem pages rather than recopying the problems and working on a separate sheet of paper. In the geometry course, this goes a step further in the inclusion of blank coordinate graphs on problems that require them.

    I really like this math series and would recommend it to any student, but particularly for children who seem confused by other math courses and for children who are working grade-levels ahead. It is a good text for the easily-distracted and math-phobic student as well – who needs to see things organized clearly and appreciates the less-cluttered feel of the text. If your child has had difficulty using other math programs, don't throw in the towel until you've tried "A Fresh Approach".

  • Item #: GEOWKB
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  • Item #: GEOCMP
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  • Item #: 044789
    ISBN: 9781592578641
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    ISBN: 9780785471462
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    ISBN: 9780133322460
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  • Item #: 025777
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     An incredible product for a kinesthetic learner! Containing 1748 Zome pieces (500 Zome node balls and 1248 Zome struts) and a handy carrying case, this massive activity based program will allow you to build a plethora of geometric shapes. While the regular blue, yellow and red struts are included, you will also receive Green-lines, Half-Greens and Hypershort reds as well. Of the 500 balls, 400 are white and 100 are black. Several smaller instructional manuals are included, but to get all of the instructional material, you will want to download the various kit instructional book PDFs from the Zometool website. With enough parts for 4-8 children and every Zome part available, you can build any Zome model except one (the Hyperdo interior and exterior at the same time; although each one can be built separately). Please note that the Zome Geometry book is no longer included. 

  • Item #: 034839
    ISBN: 9781604400939
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    While able to be used with any geometry program, it is designed specifically for use with Discovering Geometry and Jacob's Geometry. It's very easy to make just about anything in Sketchpad: you can simply highlight points and make circles about them, draw line, bisect line and angles, and measure them with only a click of the button. You can type on your sketch, name points, lines, and angles, plot graphs and prove proofs. You can also import and transform images. One of the coolest things (my brother got a kick out of this) is that you can even do limited animation! Very simple to use, and an excellent aid for any geometry student, I highly recommend getting into it. Please note that it is a downloadable application, not a CD-ROM, so you will need internet access to enter the code enclosed and download the program. System requirements: Windows XP or later, Mac OS 10.4 or later (PowerPC-based system) 300 MB free disk space, internet access. ~ Mark

  • Item #: 023428
    ISBN: 9781619991095
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    ISBN: 9781619991163
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    ISBN: 9781619991156
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    ISBN: 9780825161193
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    ISBN: 9781419002700
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    ISBN: 9781419002762
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  • Item #: 019570
    ISBN: 9780071459020
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  • Item #: 060957
    ISBN: 9781419003738
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  • Item #: 046637
    ISBN: 9780395977279
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     The Student Edition begins with an explanation of the book and its content and a reference page for customary and metric measures. Each chapter begins by a statement of objectives, explanation of the concept being covered with examples, classroom exercises and written exercises. Self-tests are found mid-chapter, and algebra and mixed reviews prepare you for the next lesson or chapter. A chapter review and chapter test are found at the end of each chapter; these are different from those found in the Teacher Edition and are not reproducible. The chapter reviews have reference numbers for each section, for the lesson in which that concept was presented. Even numbered chapters are followed by a section titled, “Preparing for College Entrance Exams,” which is a multiple-choice test with questions like those found in some college entrance exams. Answers are provided for all mixed reviews, self-tests, “Preparing for College Entrance Exams,” odd-numbered problems for written exercises, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews. A section of reference pages is also found at the back of the book that includes multiple-choice chapter examinations, lists of postulates, theorems, constructions, glossary, Handbook for Integrating Coordinate and Transformational Geometry, and more. 740 pg, hc.

  • Item #: 067717
    ISBN: 9781683440369
    Retail: $164.97
    Rainbow Price: $117.95

  • Item #: 024434
    ISBN: 9781591413509
    Retail: $133.45
    Rainbow Price: $87.00

    This Homeschool Kit contains a non-consumable student edition textbook, consumable tests and worksheets for one student and a solutions manual. All three components are softbound. The Student Edition Text uses a two-color page layout. Tests and Worksheets include a significant amount of fact drill practice, course tests as well as various forms for recording student progress. The Solutions Manual contains solutions to all problems in the text and tests.

    Teaching covers fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, area, volume, ratio, proportion, exponents, scientific notation, signed numbers, algebraic terms, 2-step equations and inequalities, slope, graphing, the Pythagorean Theorem.

  • Item #: 027672
    Retail: $8.00
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    100 paper origami puzzles require you to transform each 3.5" sheet into a square shape so that only black shows on one side and only white on the other side. They start off simple and become more challenging. Great for an individual, or pass out a few around the table and see who finishes first! ~ Sara