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  • Item #: 003539
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    Yup, a butterfly garden! This kit includes a butterfly garden habitat (11" tall, 10" diameter) that pops up to stand on its own. You'll also get an Online Redemption Voucherfor five Painted Lady caterpillars, butterfly feeding kit, instructions for care, plus interesting butterfly facts. Please note that there is an additional shipping and handling fee for the caterpillars and food. Watch the caterpillar morph into chrysalises, then beautiful Painted Lady butterflies to keep in your butterfly habitat. Enough nutrient is included in the container for the caterpillars as they mature into butterflies, and after that you feed them with the aid of your butterfly feeding kit. When they're full grown, set them free! The sides of the butterfly garden habitat are made out of a see-through and breathable mesh for easy viewing. There is also a hook-and-loop fastener strap on top which will allow you to hang it from the ceiling or in front of a window (it also allows you to fold the habitat flat when not in use. Please note that butterfly larvae do not ship to Canada or HI and they will only be shipped during mild weather. - Stephanie

  • Item #: 018186
    ISBN: 9780064401883
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    ISBN: 9780689831416
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  • Item #: 004985
    ISBN: 9780312367497
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    This touching children's story is set in 1935-36. When Lydia Grace's parents fall on hard times, Lydia Grace is sent to live with her stoic uncle for a bit. Lydia Grace loves to garden, and although she knows she will be working in her uncle's bakery, she hopes to find some room and time for her plants as well. The sweet text is given in the form of short letters that Lydia Grace writes (first to her uncle and then back home to her parents and Grandma), and each spread of pages is beautifully illustrated. A Caldecott Honor book. ~ Melissa

  • Item #: 046794
    ISBN: 9781599152738
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  • Item #: 007996
    ISBN: 9781556522383
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    Your little gardeners are wearing their straw hats and gloves, holding their rakes and shovels, and clamoring for help with their gardens. Here you go! Every aspect of fun gardening is compiled in this book. "Getting Started" information helps them prepare, plant, and protect an indoor or outdoor garden. It leads them into making a mini-greenhouse, and preparing a compost pile to create healthy fertilizer for their plants. The "Grow Some Fun" section includes nifty garden ideas. Grow a garden in the shape of a name, grow a bean tent, make a catnip toy, and grow peanuts in a pot. In "Pesky Pests," kids learn to make homemade sprays and traps to keep pests at bay. Several pages are devoted to introducing children to garden friends (animals, birds and insects), and helping to attract them. Build ponds and bird houses, or grow certain plants that they like. This book also contains tasty ideas, like flower petal candy, carrot cake, and vegetable soup. Herbs can be grown for teas, seasoning, and flavoring. Besides edible uses, your garden can provide material for other activities. How about growing an Easter basket? Making dolls? Or sprouting a silly pet? A page of addresses for big seed and plant companies is provided so you can start planning right away. - Melissa

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     Includes vegetable bed with tunnel cover, watering can, bucket, trowel, pitchfork, rake, shovel, 2 carrots, 2 radishes, and 6 plants.

  • Item #: 068791
    ISBN: 9780375835292
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    ISBN: 9781944244484
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    ISBN: 9780544671690
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    ISBN: 9780192738271
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  • Item #: 056731
    ISBN: 9781591865940
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    Oh, the smell of rain, fresh dirt, and…spring! Doesn’t it make you want to get outside and start growing things? Square foot gardening is a great, easy way to have a garden with your kids. It starts with building a simple box to house the garden; for children they recommend a 3’ by 3’ box to allow kids to reach everything inside. The box sits on top of the ground, on top of a weed barrier, or you can put a plywood bottom on it if you want the garden to be portable! Wood strips divide your garden into 9 squares. Then in goes your special soil blend, which is full of plant nutrients and contains no weed seeds (unlike the soil in your yard!), so the only weeds you’ll be pulling out of there are whatever gets dropped inside, which is very minimal. The soil stays loose, so pulling those occasional weeds out is something a child can handle. Then kids get to decide what to plant in each square. The book is full of information, and talks about tons of different things you can plant, how many of each plant can be supported in a square foot, tips and tricks for making the small space work for growing almost anything, and how to care for and protect your garden. Easy-to-follow directions accompany each step and other fun activity ideas are included. After perusing this book, I couldn’t wait to go out and get my square foot garden started with my kids, and now we are enjoying the fruits (and vegetables!) of our efforts! By Mel Bartholomew, 192 pgs, pb. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 054239
    ISBN: 9781603572897
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  • Item #: 053028
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    ISBN: 9780448407364
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  • Item #: 049933
    ISBN: 9781402277290
    Retail: $16.99
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      What a delightful story and fascinating journey as a little girl named Linnea—who enthusiastically loves Monet’s paintings—gets to travel to Paris and then Giverney to visit Monet’s home, gardens and the setting for so many of his famous waterlily paintings. She even gets to visit one of his living relatives. Explore both Monet’s personal and professional life and the Impressionist movement in this charming adventure with colorful reproductions of his masterpieces and old family photos sprinkled throughout. The book is beautifully illustrated and has lists of resources (museums, books, things in Paris, Monet’s life timeline) to further your studies. 48 pgs, 7.5x10.75” hc. ~ Emily

  • Item #: 045271
    ISBN: 9780310750505
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